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Meeting Arrangements


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RP Date
Start YE 42
To: Nepleslian Senate or International Relations

Greetings to who ever this is dispatched to, This is Riccard Black of Galactic Horizon. I’m making contact with your office on behalf of our generous host the Kingdom of Neshaten who are largely uninvolved with other nations at this time. However they have expressed a desire to meet with your representatives in order to discuss a diplomatic agreement and asked me to handle initial contact in order to overcome current cultural boundaries.

On behalf of the Neshaten people we patiently await your decision, all replies or further questions may be directed to Horizon as we currently act as their translators as well.

Riccard Black
CEO Galactic Horizon

@Charmaylarg Dufrain

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🎖️ Game Master
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CEO Riccard Black
From: Rear Admiral Panther

Greetings and a most grand Lewis Pasco Day to you, Mr.Black.
My Name is Launce Panther, CENTRAL appointee to foreign affairs and senate appointee to diplomatic relations regarding first contact protocols.
It is with some surprise but not at all an unwelcome one to find your message this day.

I admit we(The Democratic Imperium Of Nepleslia) have been aware of the kingdom of neshetans existence within the kikyo sector but were made aware of their staunch isolationist views by our jiyuu friends of the former united outer colonies.

The democratic imperium of nepleslia respects the sovereignty and isolationist tendencies of the kingdoms borders however and have chosen to this point to respect their borders and most importantly their sovereignty even with the late annexation of the united outer colonies territories and the departure of the Lorath from the kikyo sector. The imperium takes it diplomacy stance towards first contact serious, however. Such laws within the kikyo sector require first contact with foreign governments be made by either representatives of either the Yamatain Star Empire or that of the Democratic Imperium to avoid the possibility hostile first impressions.

As a servant of the senate and its laws I am required to inform you that I have made a formal inquiry into your corporation because of this and its previous ties with anti-nepleslian groups like the former dictatorship over the planet Osman and its splinter groups. Your corporation from the consensus of myself and my colleagues however is held in high regard by distancing yourself from these subversive elements and can be overlooked in the, for lack of a better word; Meddling in the affairs of the sectors governments. And through this and past events such the humanitarian stance of surveying uncharted worlds and patronage towards nepleslian government entities such as the National Police Force' YE-40 modernization and above all else continuing your business with a nepleslian charter for sale has cleared any possible transgression that could be brought against yourself of your company in a question of legalities.

With that being said we are most honored and humbled that through all the troubles and hurdles you must have gone through to this point you have chosen to approach the imperium first above all others, Including the kingdoms close neighbors; The yamatain star empire. We hope to continue our track record among the other entities of the kikyo sector as an honorable and trustworthy beacon of freedom and Independence will gladly accept your offer for a rendezvous but have concerns towards the safety of both parties involved with the current conflict between the kingdom of kuvexia, yamatai, and the imperium.

With this we would be required to transport a number of ships beyond what would normally be considered a diplomatic engagement. If this is unsatisfactory we would understand the kingdoms reluctance to charter an imposing taskforce on its borders and are willing to offer safe transport via the ships of the venerable and respected 2nd Assault Fleet to any of you, or the kingdoms representatives to a neutral location in either the matriarchs gift or possibly within the friendly territories of the Abwehran Star Empire.

I look forward to hearing your response and will return it with the same profession gravity in which you have show the imperium today.

-Rear Admiral Launce Panther, Central corps liaison to foreign and diplomatic affairs.



Everything Is Magical
Admiral Panther

I must say I'm glad your colleagues decided our little old company wasn't trouble simply by association with our previous residence government, I fear the Kingdom would not have had the ability to reach out had we not been acceptable due to large language barries and virtually no translators other than other Neshaten who've left the kingdom in the past.

I relayed your earlier message to the Royal Family, they have decided that special arrangements call for special circumstances and have approved a diplomatic party and adequate military escort from your nation to cross into their borders further than usual however have asked that I inform you that any military escorts will be required to wait away from the diplomatic meeting. They understand in the time of war for your nation you have an interest in protecting assets and political figures but hope you will still respect their desire to keep combat personnel away from talks and their home planet, they will have a small set of ships to guide your people but will also be moving military assets away from the proceedings, if these terms are acceptable your representatives may have up to 3 members of security to accompany them to the surface.

To be completely clear on the matter, they are willing and prepared to host any proceedings within their capital as a show of faith and willingness, regretfully I am not well versed in such conversations of diplomacy between nations, I apologise if I cannot reply with certain standards of these sort of events, if any of what I have relayed seems odd or you desire extra clarification please ask, the staff and myself at Horizon have no desire to interfere with the relationship of the involved parties and would like to make sure every message is relayed perfectly between the Imperium and the Kingdom.

Riccard Black, CEO Galactic Horizon

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🎖️ Game Master
Mr. Black.

It is with some counsel with my peers to have found your terms and those of the kingdoms to be acceptable. I will be departing shortly for our Lorath protected territories where i will adjoin my flagship, the Savage High Heels; A most humble Orca class battlecruiser with those ships under the guidance of the 2nd Assault fleet under Grand Admiral De'Luca.

With the charge of the 2nd assault fleet we will anchor to no less than ten standard lightyears north of the kingdoms known territory and dispatch my flagship with two Atlas class destroyer escorts who will remain at the border of the kingdoms territory while we receive a pilot unto their worlds as we are well aware of the kingdoms coveted ability to shroud their worlds most magnificently from the prying eyes of the sector.

Of course the three members of my security team will be most adequate for myself and my delegation; Such will naturally included a number of individuals on call for any information the kingdom desires that I personally can not broach the knowledge to. I will naturally be speaking for all of them and their interests and that of my people but will include such individuals from my own central corps, the NSMC and NSN who may inquire or offer their expertise in their fields, An officer from the Intelligence And Pacification group to naturally cover any intelligence concerns, A team from the NYRDS who will cover most of the humanitarian concerns and are of course well above my expertise in the medical and biological fields to which our people and the kingdoms varies and finally a representative of NAM (Nepleslian Arms and Munitions) who will concede most of the technical aspects and babble we all find so drole!

Such a mob naturally wont be swarming you, have no doubt. And are simply there to be called upon either from my ship or from afar as we please for the sake of keeping any disinformation from forming and to allow the kingdoms experts to call on knowledge and information above my understanding as we seek to be as clear and open with our government and its capabilities as possible.

With all this in mind i seek to be within the kingdoms borders within the fortnight and look forwards to our first meeting with the most humble and magnanimous kingdom of neshetan and its sponsors in Galactic Horizon. Please look for us and be not alarmed by the size or numbers of our ships as im sure you, Mr.Black, Are aware of our penchant for how we build our vessels and know that they mean the kingdom no harm in the least but the opposite in fact.

-Rear Admiral Panther.