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RP Melisson's exit

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Shortly after the disappearance of the Mishhuvurthyar representative known as Melisson, long range sensors detected a massive spike of inter-dimensional fatigue being centered around all the systems bearing the Mishhuvurthyar flag.

Investigation from the IPG would reveal that - to all appearances - the entirety of the Mishhuvurthyar space military had vacated all the star systems they had previously held. Communication probes left in each systems announced to those who came in-system that the star system was part of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and thus subject to its rules and laws in a similar fashion to how the defense grid worked in core DiON territory.

There was little left - even on the worlds once thought the homes of the Dark Ones - of the Mishhuvurthyar. Formerly conquered worlds showed populaces bewildered with the surprise of their occupation coming to a sudden end. Most of the SMX installations and dwellings had been fired upon from orbit to leave but little left - some Mishhuvurthyar cities were but glassy craters.

In effect, the SMX had entirely left the area to parts unknown - the YE 28 to 30 Mishhuvurthyar war looked like it had come to an abrupt conclusion. Most of the worlds formerly having SMX flags now had their allegiance to their 'liberators', the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


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...Melisson frowned. "Sacrifices could have salvaged much." She slowly stood up and looked to Isuzu - her wine-red eyes bored into the other's. "Will you relay a message for me?"

"I believe that may be within my authority," the diminutive Neko replied, not looking away.

"Tell them that it is not too late to surrender, but that it is too late to harm the Mishhuvurthyar. They will be forevermore beyond your reach," Melisson said. "Your empire now enjoys the calm before the storm. I was the one beacon of hope you had before Reiaz' whims would be unleashed. If my demands are met before the appointed time, I will intercede."

Melisson left a silence and then asked: "Do you have any questions for me?"

Isuzu just shook her head. "If I asked you them, I'd never hear the end of it," she reasoned aloud, her voice slightly ironic. "I can deliver this message, however; I'll probably be made to deliver it many times before I'm done..."

…or so she'd assumed. Staring through the darkness at the bottom of the bunk above her, Isuzu opened the reply from SAINT once more.

Above documentation is now identified as SAINT jurisdiction. Your PANTHEON level system has erased the document and all copies. It us under suggestion you forget the above. We will be watching.
And so it ended; she'd delivered Melisson's message, as promised- but only once, and probably not to whom the sender had intended. The weight of Melisson's words sat like a lead ball in Isuzu's stomach, resisting her attempts to push them aside. She didn't understand everything, but if what Melisson had said was true... she could only hope that SAINT would know what to do about it.

She wasn't particularly encouraged by their 'suggestion' that she 'forget' about the entire incident- or else. How did that expression go? 'Don't shoot the messenger?' Technically, Isuzu was still the property of the Star Army of Yamatai; they were probably well within their rights to 'dispose' of her if she displeased them. For the first time ever, this thought troubled her.

Accessing her personal mail account, Isuzu checked to see if the royalty paperwork had been completed for the scanner she'd designed MFY. Eight years compulsory service suddenly seemed like a very long time indeed...

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