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SYNC Mercenary Scientist for Hire, mission history follows


RP Date
March YE 40
Broadcas from MECHA, advertising expanded mercenary services.

"After almost a year of minimal activity, and our own thinking that she had retired, our flagship scientist, Thorn Ironhart, has returned to duty and is accepting new contracts. Her company, Ironhart Research accepts mid to high risk data ventures including, but not limited to, close surface scans of spatial anomalies, black holes, or stars, alongside intelligence gathering missions, tracking pirate or slaver activity, and reconnaisance. The person behind the company also accepts archaeological, First Contact, and extrasector exploration missions."

The image cut to a green eye'd brunette, hair floating around her in the null gravity of her ship. "My company has expressed interest in a wish to expand. I have three new pilots lined up, and a contract with Iemegochi Innovations and Sales for three new Eye III class reconnaisance ships. But we need contracts and income before the credit applications can process. Thank you for your time.

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
To: Thorn Ironhart
From: [error]

The New Dusk Conclave would like to offer you a contract. Currently there are plans to explore two new star systems left to the nation by the empire. One includes a now abandoned base, and the other, a habitable planet with pre-empire ruins noted in the dossier. We would very much appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor as we search and settle these systems. In return, a substantial monetary reward along with several medical procedures of existential import will be yours for collection when the job is complete. We look forward to hearing from you.

S.P. <3


To:NETWORK/C/departments/S.Cerullius/projects/unclassified-misc/[email protected]/

Access:T.Ironhart encrypt.infom

From: Ironhart Research Association

Message follows.

Our CEO had taken great personal interest in a rumored archaeology and star system exploration contract from the New Dusk Conclave's upper echelon government.

In response, hull 2274-8DS7D has been dispatched on flight 22841 to refuel at ASE-006 before joining the exploration group at Sanctum. The pilot is Thorn Ironhart, and there will be IRA support assets available as necessary. We look forward to a lasting and profitable venture.

Lisa Pine, research associate book keeper, Ironhart Research
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