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Art Mindy 4 pledges

So as many of you fine writers may know the M2-4 has a nice illustration, but the image doesn't portray very much room for a man. I thought it would be really cool to see Yamataian PA's in both male and female variants.

So, I have contacted the original artist for a quote.
$120 for the front view plus $90 to add rear view for a grand total of $210.

I do not have $210 to invest in art but I could part with 10 or 20 and still pay the bills. So I would like to gauge interest and count pledges. If 20 members, plus myself, give $10 to this project it'll happen. I would ask @Wes to handle the financial aspect of this to ensure that it is handled correctly.


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I'd only be willing to try and find some of my wallet for this if it was the Separa'Shan PA variant. Because of spess sneks.

Hope this goes well, though.


I donate 10 dollars every month already. Could I request for 10 dollars to be used for this @Wes?


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Just wanted to bump this, I am still thinking about it.