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Art Mini-Comic

hi hi

It's been a little while, but I had an idea for another little vignette from the melancholy life of Komatsu Elena. This time in mini-comic format.

Komatsu is a private investigator now, a step up from hard labor to be sure, but still not quite the same as piloting a starship.


I'm still getting used to using Clipstudio instead of Photoshop. I'm starting to get the hang of brushes again, but getting a good variable line width continues to be difficult.
It's really professional looking in style, coloring, and lettering. I'm super impressed and I really like this! I'm also very stoked to see some new art in the Star Army universe and it thrills me to see SARP still inspiring you. Basically 5 of 5 stars from me.
hi hi

Thank you! I'm glad it turned out, since I'm pushing myself to work faster with multiple panels. I'd been using the paint brushes a lot lately, but I mostly went with an airbrush on this one, which was definitely faster, though I had to switch things up whenever I wanted a sharp edge.

When I read the little news bits about the various big events happening in the universe at large, it makes me wonder how different people view their place in such a vast universe filled with colossal powers. Do they shrink away and busy themselves in their own lives, do they ignore it as though it were something far away that doesn't concern them, or maybe they follow the broadcasts diligently while cheering and fretting the ups and downs?
The reflected light in that first panel and again in the display on her vehicle has me in love. I went back to look at those frames specifically, good job~
hi hi

Thank you! Coloring things in is always a lot of fun. The first and the last panel were the ones I had the strongest image of what I wanted at the start, but I'm happy with the way the others turned out as I went along.
Uhhh...i am speechless as to how good this is. (Obviously not speechless but it sounds cool.😁) All kidding aside, you did a great job. Love how she seems to be jaded and seems to hate her life. She either wants to get away from her mundane and stressful life or at least wants a vacation from it.
hi hi

Here we go again, with more of Komatsu's hard boiled theater. In today's episode, we see Komatsu decide whether or not to finally replace her aging Jiyuuian body with something more socially acceptable.


I started this a few months ago, but had to set it down when life got busy. Thankfully I was able to pick it back up before too many months had passed... :oops:
Layfolk may gasp over the art, but people who know what's up are also gasping over the typesetting.
hi hi

Layfolk may gasp over the art, but people who know what's up are also gasping over the typesetting.
After getting through this one, I'm thinking maybe what I need to do to step up my game is make some custom speech bubbles that aren't completely perfect ovals. Might add a bit of irregularity to break things up a little.
Are you hand drawing them and their tails? Guess from what you said you aren't using a comic/manga layout program that does it for you.
hi hi

I'm using Clipstudio, but if it has something that does the layout automatically, I don't know it. I'm making the bubbles using a vector ellipse (or rectangle), and the tail out of a little vector triangle. Then I add the text, resize things to fit, and move them around the page, trying to keep a flow going.