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Approved Submission Misha-Class Explorer


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A Yamataian Unarmed Civilian Ship built for adventure. It uses chopped up parts of older Motoyoshi Fleet Yards and salvaged UOC ships and is produced by the Yugumo Corporation.

No new technology or sub-systems are introduced in this article.

Note -
This ship will be utilized in RP once it is approved.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I want to know if limited production makes sense as it seemed to be designed and at least field enough to say 100, which is still pretty low. It just seems like it was designed to be something built from scrap, yeah, but also it was designed rather than being cobbled together as a one off. Attaching a number to it would help clear that up for me.

I went in and edited in a header's text between it and another sub-header- it was the compartments section iirc.

Otherwise, writing up a checklist now.
There are a lot of old UOC and MFY ships to gut and cut and remix.
The ship uses parts mainly from the Ayana-Class Escort and other MFY ships, of which there is 20 in storage at the Jiyuu Depot and numerous stockpiles of parts and components at MFY facilities in the former UOC. The Yugumo Corporation also owns all MFY assets so if the model became more popular they'd likely produce parts for it. So I found it hard to determine the number of how many would actually be produced...

I've added a production note stating that 20 are planned, and that if it became popular new models could be produced.
Thank you for adding that!

Let's see if this submission meets the requirements for inclusion in Star Army's lore...

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