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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.2a] - Rescue at Elysia Novus

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Under orders from Katae the Succubus and Ouroboros departed the Virgo Star Fortress and regrouped with the Aeon at Virginia.

Katae walked onto the bridge and took her station. She accessed the communications system, and queued internal speakers and the squadron frequency.
"We are heading out for Elysia Novus at best possible speed. We have been dispatched by 1XF Command to locate and assist the Eucharis NG-X1-408. After departing Veritas the Eucharis was heading for Elysia Novus. Command has been unable to raise her."
Landing with a slight, stumbling gait Santô Hei Hoshi Yukimura made it into the YSS Aeon's PA Bay/Hangar.

The Medic turned Footsoldier ran a quick diagnostic over his Power Armor while moving to where he could take it off. Satisfied that it wouldn't explode when he removed the helmet, he slipped out of the Armor.

Typical of him, he didn't speak aloud his questions about the 'Priority Mission'. He wondered to himself what it might mean; but he had a ways to go before he voiced his opinions more openly. So, instead of bothering the Juni or his crewmates with incessant questions, he fell back on his old training.

"Haruhi-Juni, when Ise-Taii is finished with us, may I perform physicals on the crew that took part in the Away Team to the Henry Chen?" He was a Medic, after all.

Any Away mission warranted a physical on the members that had taken part -- no matter if it was a friendly vessel. Besides, it would give him something to do on the wait to wherever they were going.
While waiting for her crew to take their stations aboard the Aeon, Katae began plotting the course to Elysia Novus, as tempted as she was to cut through Nepleslian space, she did not want to create an international incident while trying to rescue fellow soldiers. With Eternity's assistance she trimmed the flight plan to the most efficient possible, and relayed them to the other ships.

Katae then sent a communique to Haruhi, "Juni as of yet I do not know what we will encounter when we arrive at Elysia Novus, I am going to have the squadron on battle stations as a precaution. Depending on the Eucharis' condition we may have to send a boarding team to investigate keep that in mind."

Tomas upon returning to the Aeon, secured his power armor in the rack and made his way to the galley. Until he knew what the status was, he would wait at his normal duty station.
Asi landed in the bay moving very quickly, smoothly bringing himself around in a controlled turn to land himself safely in the bay. "Haruhi-Juni? What are my orders? Should I stay suited or not?" He ran a quick shakedown of his systems, despite the fact they had just moments ago left a simulation, to ensure that everything was in combat-readiness. Just in case, he switched all of his systems over to combat mode from training mode, though he also put a system lock on combat actions until he received further orders.
Once the last of the Away team was on the Aeon, Katae gave the command and the 7th Squadron streaked out of the system at best possible speed. Once the squadron was out of the gravity of the system, the group accelerated to the maximum speed the CDD could muster. She paced the bridge of the Aeon was the time passed.

"Toranaga-Hei, when we enter Elysia Novus, we need to ascertain the location and condition of the Eucharis quickly." She said to the Science officer, "Yamamoo-Hei, once Toranaga has the coordinates for the Eucharis, take us in a quickly as possible. The Succubus and Ouroboros will cover us while we assist the Eucharis."

Katae picked up the intercom and called down to the Power Armor bay. "All infantry should be suited up and ready to deploy. Haruhi-Juni I suggest you have the troops pack heavy. Yukimura-Hei be sure to bring a couple of Type 31 Medical Kits I have a feeling there will be casualties."

"Shina-Hei prepare the Diligent for flight, just in case we need to evacuate the Eucharis.
Trowa did a post-combat check on his power suit before stowing it away. He then headed for the bridge. Trowa bowed to the Taii as he entered and then took his seat. He spent a moment familiarizing himself with the ships controls. He made a few slight adjustments to the settings then turned to the Taii. "Aye, aye Ma'am." Acknowledged Trowa.
Haruhi burst into the power armour bay and barely slowed as she zeroed in on her armour's rack; her feet skimmed above the decking as she glided along a gentle arc after she cut her CFS – frying someone as they got out of their armour this early in her tour wouldn't go down well, not that it ever would. Her armoured shoes impacted the deck a few meters away from her target, but momentum and a practised stance had her slide – with a small amount of disagreement between her boots and the deck in the form of some harsh noise – most of the distance that remained, and only a small shift in balance that propelled her into two steps forward took care of the rest.

“If you can get it done before we arrive and the crew you need aren't busy then yes, otherwise it'll have to wait,” she replied to Hoshi as she spun in preparation to disembark from her Mindy. “'After the Taii is done with us' may be a fair while though, so don't hold your breath.” To the Taii herself - who had ironically just sent her a message – she returned a simple “Copy that.” She was just about to get out when the captain's announcement came across the PA bay speakers, and forced her to rethink her move.

“You heard the Taii,” she addressed the infantry, “Toys for all, and the big ones at that, so gather 'round ladies.” She stomped over to the armoury lift as she called up the items that she wanted and let the armoury take care of having them sent down. “Kit will be as follows: Barrier Shield Module, Gauss Cannons times two, paired Countermeasure Augmentation Pods, an Aether or Plasma rifle - whichever you feel happier with. If you have a pressing reason for different equipment, speak up.” To be honest she wished she had more to work with, the armoury lacked a few items that she would rather have included in the loadout and she had ended up with something that was a bit too defensive for her liking.

There was no point crying about it now however and so she worked with what she had and erred on the side of caution with her recently-met crewmates. She herself stuck with the Leader Support Pack and filled out the rest of her hard points with a missile pod and gauss cannon for her shoulders, offensive augmentation pods for her lower legs and an aether beam sabre-rifle.

The lift to the armoury lowered, and on it in neat racks was all the equipment the infantry would need to outfit their armours.
"Kuso!" Hoshi mumbled under his breath.

Casualties was the last thing he needed in his first combat situation. It wasn't that he couldn't do it -- he knew he could. He could deal with the blood, and the pressure of someone's life in his hands. But he didn't want to.

The Medic moved quickly to the Medical Bay to retrieve the extra kits he had been ordered to take, and then came back just as quickly (if not faster) to put them onto his power armor.

After that task was finished, he jumped into the Armour quickly, running a quick diagnostic out of habit, and then began to equip everything else he needed -- including the Plasma Rifle.
The Aeon, Succubus and Ouroboros plunged into Elysia Novus. The sensors showed significant activity in the area of space around the Elysian home world. She brought the Squadron out of FTL.

“All ships to Battlestations,” she sent over the squadron channel. “Toranaga-Hei, commence your scans for the Eucharis and bring up secondary weapons. Yamamoo-Hei bring up primary weapons and prepare to lay in a course to the coordinates that Toranaga provides.”
Trowa had covered his cybernetic eye once again with his eye patch. He brought the Aeon's primary weapons online and read over the data screen. "Ship's weapons are online Ma'am." He glanced at the Taii and then asked. "Ma'am, are we expecting trouble as soon as we exit hyperspace?" He took another look over the weapons board and added. "Because if we are, would you like me to remove weapon safeties before we enter hyperspace?"
Katae gave Trowa an incredulous look, "Elysia Novus is under attack by the Mishhuvurthyar. The Eucharis went into the system and command lost contact with her. So yes, we are expecting trouble. I want all weapons hot and ready to fire on my command." Katae held off a rebuke be reminding herself that the Hei was green and only just out of training.
"Removing final weapon safeties." Trowa announced. He wasn't very conferrable with the whole situation. Trowa had hoped to have some time to get better acquainted with the ship and how she handled. He also would have liked a little more information about what exactly they were in for. But he kept his thoughts to himself. "The Aeon is ready to fire on your command, Ma'am."
Katae at her station picked up the handset and dialed the ship wide channel, "It is going to get very busy so everyone take advantage of this lull to double check your station. Bridge personnel go ahead and suit up in an AMES."

Katae walked then walked over to the storage locker on the bridge and pulled out a AMES. As she donned the suit she said, "Yamamoo-Hei, keep a sharp eye out for any NMX vessels that start approaching us. Also watch the main starboard STL booster. It has a tendency to run hot. Above all else communicate, make sure that I and the other persons on the bridge hear you."
Toranaga commenced scanning for the missing gunship. The area of space around Elysia Novus was cluttered with ships, debris and battle pods. However after working with Eternity to expedite sorting through the sensor clutter, Toranaga was able to locate the Eucharis. “Ise-Taii, I’ve located the Eucharis, providing coordinates to Yamamoo-Hei. Sensors show she’s taken quite a beating. Also Taii, we have detected another Star Army craft in the system. A shuttle craft it appears to be heading for a group of Mishhuvurthyar Destroyers.” He glanced at his sensor panel again, “Taii, the Destroyers have fired torpedoes at the Eucharis.

Ise glanced at her displays on her console, “Yamamoo-Hei make for the Eucharis best possible speed. Interpose us between the Eucharis and the NMX.” She picked up the handset and contacted the Succubus and Ouroboros. “Take out those inbound torpedoes that are targeting the Eucharis.” She instructed Eternity to relay the sensor data to the other ships in the squadron.

YSS Eucharis, this is YSS Aeon, actual. 7th Squadron has arrived to render assistance. Have dispatched two of the squadron to attempt to neutralize inbound torpedoes, we are attempting to interpose our ship between you and the hostiles. What is your status?” Katae transmitted over the 1XF fleet frequency.
Trowa's hands tightened on his controls. "Aye, aye Ma'am." As they moved towards the Eucharis, Trowa kept an eye open for any other NMX ships near the downed ship. He also kept one hand close to the weapon's incase a NMX decided to show its ugly head. "ETA to Eucharis, 45 seconds." Trowa reported.
Hanako said:
"Aeon, I need you to jump over to our shuttle and retri..." Hanako started, just as the lovely Golden Apple was annihilated. There was a long pause. "I request you retrieve my power armors as I currently do not have a shuttle available. We will then need you to bring us back to our Ikoi at Yamatai."

The Succubus and Ouroboros made short work of the two inbound missiles. They also moved into a position above the Aeon and Eucharis keeping an eye on a group of NMX Destroyers that were taking interest in the gathering of gunships.

Katae contacted Sachi, "Nami-Hei, take the Vigilant out to these quarters and retrieve the two power armor personnel disabled there."

Switching to the fleet channel, Katae transmitted, "Eucharis, I have dispatched a team to retrieve your missing power armors. We can transfer you to the Aeon for the return trip to Yamatai and two the Eucharis if you wish. I have a shuttle standing by to handle the transfer."
"Aye Ise-Taii, I'm on it" Sachi replied and then made her way quickly down to the shuttle bay, and preflighted the new shuttle quickly and exited the Aeon.

"Very well, send the shuttle over," Hanako replied to the Aeon.

Seeing the Vigilant heading out, Katae sent a telepathic message to Kim, "Shina-Hei, launch the Diligent, launch and proceed to the Eucharis to take on her crew."

"Right away Taii." Kim replied, she launched the shuttle and flew over to the Eucharis.
The Aeon moved in position between the Eucharis and the enemy fleet. "Ma'am, we are in position. Calculating ranges of enemy ships." Trowa informed the Taii. He calculated the ranges for the Aeon's weapons so that he could turn their ships into molten hunks of metal. He also calculated several escape vectors incase he had to move the ship in a hurry. Without removing his eyes from the view screen Trowa said, "I have a lock on the targets at maximum range. Permission to fire, Ma'am?"
Katae said to Trowa, "Hold your fire, unless they start to move towards us. We are in the middle of two rescue operations. I do not want our shuttles get caught in the cross fire."
Trowa took his hand off the weapon fire control and balled it into a fist. He felt very vulnerable. He was sure that the NMX would not take kindly to the Aeon's interference. From what he had been taught back in basic, the NMX loved to capture enemy ships, and the Eucharis would be a fine prize.

Trowa did a second scan of the surrounding area. Another trick of the NMX that Trowa had been taught was that they liked to send a small force to disable a ship's defense then overwhelm the ship with a sudden attack from a larger fleet. Trowa was not about to let something like that happen to him. He glanced over at Toranaga and asked. "Are you getting any strange readings or picking up any communication besides are own?"
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