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RP (non-canon): D&D Mission 1: Getting "Acquainted"

Sorri watched the two down their pills, her eyes more on Aurelus than Denkou (even though the roguelike was acting more capable than the mender thought. Maybe the effects of the light were short-term?), before turning back to her kits. "Thank you," she murmured, then nodded to Den.

"Sounds good. I will try to hurry, but I will need to find a water source before we leave. Unless one of you remember seeing a river or stream on the way here." The journey to the mansion had not been fun for Sorri. Being small and having not-quite-a-night's sleep before being called into action hadn't done much for her attentiveness outside of trying to keep up with the others yesterday. "Actually...if you all don't mind, I think I'll search the area myself. I'll stay within sight of that tower, okay?" She pointed at the roof of the house's top floor, then paused. "Unless one of you brought some water that you'd be alright with sharing?" she asked, glancing at each of the others.
Ghira watched as the monkey returned to him, gesturing that it was unfruitful in its search. Moments later, it disappated in what one would presume to be a planar shift effect. But the special effects budget for this post isn't important. What is, however, was Sorri's asking if they still had water. Suddenly, the wizard recalled what he still had in his posession.

With a palm to his forehead, he groaned, "How could I have forgotten? I still have some water left in my bag. Would this suffice?"

He held up the somewhat filled waterskin.
Aurelus looked at the waterskin and grabbed it from Ghira's hand. "Aye! I'll just have meself a couple a' gulpfuls, if ye don mind!" The water went down his throat in three slow gulps, and then he retrieved the waterskin from his mouth.

"Ahhh...! Much better!" Aurelus stood up.

His mood had done almost a complete 180. "I'm good as new, full an' quenched! I'll go along with you guys inside, but expect me ta be on the rear guard. I'm no good searchin' fer traps."
Sorri stared at the place where Ghira's hand had been holding up the water skin, her own hand hanging in mid-action to take the water, then stared at Aurelus in disbelief.

"Why did you do that?" she asked after a couple seconds, her tone measured and even as her hand returned to her side. "He wasn't offering it to you. I needed that water to make the things that keep you alive. Without it, I cannot help you." He was a fighter, nothing she did would hurt him badly. And besides, hurting him would only mean more work for her.

The corner of Sorri's right eye twitched.
Denkou sighed, reaching around behind her back. She pulled out a waterskin of her own, and held it out to Sorri. "Here, I have one too. I was trying to save it for the walk back, but oh well." She stood up, dusting her pants off as she did so. "I'm going to head back in soon though."
Ghira sighed at the antics that followed, sitting down against the wall of the house. Taking off his traveler's jacket, he rolled that up and used it as a pillow.

To Denkou, he informed, "Well, just give a shout to call me if you need me. I shall be getting rest I have lost as of late. I'm not quite as young as some of you, you know."
Talarin watched them all through their antics. "So are we going to head back or stay here and loot?" he asked. "because I'm good with either option. I just want to get a plan of action straightened out first."
Aendri said:
Denkou sighed, reaching around behind her back. She pulled out a waterskin of her own, and held it out to Sorri. "Here, I have one too. I was trying to save it for the walk back, but oh well." She stood up, dusting her pants off as she did so. "I'm going to head back in soon though."
"Oh...thank you." Accepting Denkou's water, Sorri went back to replenishing her supply of tablets.

Making them was easy, but mixing the ingredients and waiting for them to dry were quite time-consuming. The combinations had to be right, and water was...well, water, and took time to evaporate sufficently. Sorri tried to keep the usage as low as possible, though, so there would be some left for that walk back for at least one of the party. As far as she was concerned, though, Aurelus had just maxed out his ration for the day.

"If he wanted water, why didn't he bring any of his own?" she muttered to herself while mixing the first batch. Even with Denkou's generosity, that still meant Sorri would be without water herself for that return trip. On the other hand, at least people of her size didn't have the requirement for it that larger humanoids did, she thought. It could be worse.
Aurelus looked to Sorri and shrugged. "Don' worry lass, ain' nothin goin ta happen ta me again. I'll give ye some of my water when we get back, alrite?" He turned to the wizard. "Same goes to you, ye hear?"

Then he turned to look at Talarin and nodded. "We're goin in, lad. Get yer magicks ready. We may need 'em." Then Aurelus turned to Ghira one more time and warned him. "Wizerd, if ye're goin' ta sick this one out, ye best go up ta the roof and wait fer us there. Stayin' here is inviting death ta creep up on ye."

Finally Aurelus took a few steps to Denkou and asked her with vibrant energy. "Alright lass, where're we headed? In through th' door up at the balc'ny'r in through the first floor? Lead the way."
Sorri just mumbled to herself as the others moved off to do whatever they had decided to do...she still had her own stuff to do. While the tablets were drying, she organized the rest of her bag from the chaos it had become. It wouldn't be orderly when she finished, but at least she would know where everything was.
Denkou shrugged, glancing up at the rope. "Well, I'm thinking we go back up to the top, and work our way down. In theory, the traps should be designed to keep people out, not in, so it should be a bit easier that way."