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RP Mission 13: New Connections (YE 46.4)


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RP Date
YE 46.4
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Grakkaflarl Kla Venushhurl
YE 46.4

After the bustle of the International Relations Conference and the fun of the Hanami Festival, the crew of the mighty YSS Resurgence returned to duty, and the ship was ready to head out again in YE 46.4 for some sort of major operation. As the gunship slowly hovered out of the hangar, it seemed like every nearby ship was also heading out to space at the same time.

After breakfast, Captain Aoba had everyone meet in the Recreation Room for a briefing.

"Good morning everyone," Aoba said, facing the gathered crew. "I hope everyone enjoyed their time on planet Yamatai. Now is the time to get back into battle mode. The Resurgence will be joining the greater First Fleet and other Star Army forces shortly for one of the largest operations we have done in while. In the last year, the YSS Kaiyō II has been cooperating with the Star Army of Uesureya to assist their efforts in the Uesu Sector in fighting our shared enemy, the NMX."

"As you know," Aoba continued, "we recently discovered a network of wormholes used by the NMX to travel the Kagami Galaxy to places such as the Concordia Sector and beyond. One of these wormholes actually connects the Uesu Sector and the Kikyo Sector, and would make travel between the two take days instead of months. It is called Grakkaflarl Kla Venushhurl, named after the nearby Venushhurl star system in the Uesu Sector. This highly strategic wormhole has been controlled by a large fleet of NMX ships and a powerful star fortress. The Star Army of Yamatai sent the Kaiyō II to disable the station, giving us an opportunity to attack and seize control of Grakkaflarl. Now the time has come to strike. We'll bring the ship's weapons to bear in battle while all of our power armor forces fend off the Mishhuvurthyar battle pods and boarding parties. Questions?"

Sanda took a sip from her coffee cup as she processed the Captain's briefing. Big fleet operations, not Sanda's favorite type of fight. Too many moving parts to keep track of.

Cassie raised her hand, "You said the NMX star fortress is in the Venushhurl system, are there planets in the Venushhurl system that need invading after the fleet battle?"

"Yes, but I think that's probably a job for the Rikugun or Uesu's forces," Aoba answered Cassie.

This bothered Yoshiro a lot, if it meant what he thought it did. "when do we get a chance to mash these bugs and teach them a lesson about messing with Yamatai. I don't like sitting around while they use this tech to attack us and our allies." Yoshiro said with a bit of a growl.

"In approximately three hours, we'll enter the wormhole," Aoba said, "We'll come out blasting. It will be a target-rich environment."

"Good." Yoshiro said and grinned. "The Mishhu really need to stop messing with us and our people. The only thing I need to know is what our ship's goal is and how many enemies are out there trying to kill us." Yoshiro's trigger finger was getting itchy and he wanted to pay them back for taking his hand.

Yayoi silently munched on a treat of some kind, as she listened to the briefing. At the mention of the starship, YSS Kaiyō II, she remembered her sister Kiyo used to serve on board the ship. She refocused on the briefing agian, but she couldnt help momentarily think of Kiyo and wondered if she was still serving on a ship. She knew they could use her help as much as Yayoi's own.

"What kind of numbers are we looking at? Not only our enemies but the First Fleet's strength as well. Are we looking at another Glimmergold sized fight?" Sanda asked.

"To put it in the most simplified of terms," Aoba told Sanda, "The First Fleet has 5,343 starships, the Mishhuvurthyar Fleet has about 4,000, and we will be joined by some elements of other fleets and by a fleet from the Star Army of Uesureya so we have a numerical advantage. If we faced them with even numbers the NMX would simply send more ships to unbalance the fight so Taisho Yui wants this to be decisive. The first objective is to permanently take and hold the wormhole for Yamatai, and the secondary objective is to destroy as many NMX ships as possible. As for our role, that means trying to rack up the most kills and survive what is probably going to be a nasty fight."

"Oh this is going to be fun." Yoshiro said with a glee that was usually reserved for serial killers and psychopaths. "Time for the Mishhu to taste the fucking rainbow!"

Sanda smiled as Aoba used 'simplified terms'. She was a simple soldier after all. But as she heard the numbers she let out a soft whistle. "Sí, gran pelea."

Yayoi actually smiled a little as she listened to her captain. She silently nodded her head, understanding of her orders. Then glanced over to Sanda. 'Si, Hermana" She said to her.

"We need to keep in mind that the Mishhuvurthyar have in some cases been able to turn our own ships against us," Euikoshi pointed out from the back. "Just because we have the numbers doesn't mean it will be necessarily go as planned or be easy."

From her place listening, Mineko looked over the green-haired scientist with a sharp nod and a widening smile. Euikoshi always made a point of saying what others weren't thinking and Mineko liked that about her.

"Mmm," Aoba said. "Yamatai expects every soldier to do their fullest. Good enthusiasm, Yoshiro."

With that, Julia meadows offered everyone on the crew a small dish of sake from the Ice Queen Mountains as a battle blessing.

Yoshiro smiled at Aoba. "Thank you, Captain." He takes the sake from Julia and saluted the the captain with it before drinking it.

"Dismissed! Get ready," Aoba said, freeing them to prepare for the coming carnage.

"Well I know the music so now it's time to start the dancing." Yoshiro and went to get into his armor.

Yayoi glanced towards Yoshiro as he was commended for his enthusiasm. Indeed, he was very enthusiastic, and in some cases crazy as far as she was concerned.

"Mineko? I got something for you to analyze, you mind checking it out?" Yoshiro said "if not now some other time?"

"Oh, really?" The SAINT agent said, getting up to go over to their passionate team commander. "I don't know if I'll have time before the battle. Would you help me out with it later today or tomorrow? Provided you survive," she added cheekily.

"Me not survive? Not when I can have fun ripping the guts out of the rippers and using them for jump ropes." Yoshiro said "If I make it through I can help you out with it today." He left to get ready for the mission.


The combined armada's destination was off to the far southeast from Yamatai. Once gathered there some two hours later, the Star Army of Yamatai's mighty First Fleet stood arrayed in the vast inky blackness of space, prepared to undertake a massive strategic operation against the Mishhuvurthyar. There were no enemies in sight before Taisho Irim's ships, however, only an empty void that held the coordinates of a wormhole's terminus that reached across the stars and provided transit to Yamatai's sister nation called the Uesureyan Star Empire. It was a backdoor right into the Kikyo Sector that gave the Mishhu an ability to quickly connect their disparate forces while denying the twin Star Armies of Yamatai and Uesureya the same.

Far-off in that Uesureyan region, the mission was already underway. A power armor team from the YSS Kaiyō II had infiltrated a vast Mishhuvurthyar space station that enabled Yamatai's archenemy to open and close the wormhole by way of some wicked science. Intelligence indicated that the starbase was defended by nearly 4,000 Mishhu warships. But, should the Kaiyō's soldiers prove successful, the Star Army would be able to rush through the opened wormhole and take the advantage the Mishhu had wanted to use against them.

Yamatai's ships on the Kikyo Sector side had staged at the proper coordinates well in advance, the YSS Resurgence among them, and they lay there in wait for whatever signal told them they could invade. More than just the First Fleet had sent their ships, with Rikugun-laden transports from Task Force 282 ready to storm the Mishhu star fortress and secure it by strength of arms. Allies from the Nepleslian Star Navy were among the vessels there, too, including the NSS Fang and its escort contingent that carried ID-SOL marines who served on exchange with the aforementioned task force.

The tense hour spent on standby immediately ceased when the wormhole's apparition bloomed in the empty space in front of the First Fleet. Where there was once nothing filled quickly with a vast teal cloud, almost nebula-like in appearance, with the darkened circle of the wormhole's event horizon at its center.

And out from it tumbled a single Kirie Thought Armor. The mini mecha's IFF transponder lit up every ship's sensors, revealing the soldier within to be the famed Chusa Ketsurui Aiko.

"My hohei have taken command of the station, please hurry through!" Aiko said, signaling to the waiting vessels what was already obvious. After that she said no more and jetted off to land on the YSS Battle Of Yamatai's hull, from where the Ketsurui warrior would hitch a ride back to the fight that waited for them on the other side.

Among the cluster of friendly sensor pings, was a group of ships that flagged as Nepleslian. Of the five ships there were the NSS Fang, NSS Phantom, NSS Maelstrom, NSS Typhoon, and NSS Hurricane. The ships of Battegroup Havoc began to split away from the other Yamataian ships. The Fang, a Carnivore class heavy cruiser led the charge. Waiting in the wings, the Maelstrom, Typhoon, and Hurricane all of which were Longsword class frigates escorted the heart of the battlegroup. The Phantom was a Specter class stealth carrier. Already, it was dropping off the radar becoming a void in space.

The Resurgence rushed forward with the fleet, coordinating its fire with other gunships to "alpha strike" selected targets by hitting them with enough guns at once that their shields were overwhelmed. Aboard the ship everyone was at their battle stations and suited up for combat. Even the cooks were in their firefighting gear and the caretakers were on duty as standby medics. For the away team, they were in the armor bay ready to launch as the armored bay door came open.

The Mishhuvurthyar fleet's formation around the Venushhurl wormhole was spread wide around the station, and seemed to stretch out far past visual range. When the first Star Army ships emerged through the Mishhu were only just beginning to react, having been taken by complete surprise following the Kaiyō's initial strike. Some small number of Mishhu vessels even flashed away from the battle straightaway, apparently abandoning their stronghold without a fight. Unbeknownst to the Star Army attackers, these runaways were shepherding off abominable members of the Mishhuvurthyar Council who'd been caught by the Kaiyō crew's whirlwind interruption.

But what the enemy lacked in preparedness and force concentration was somewhat mitigated by the Star Army fleet's need to trickle in through the wormhole rather than appear as a unified front out of hyperspace fold.

"This is Joto Heisho Yoshiro Tanaka, callsign Poet. Heard you need assistance." Yoshiro said over comms to the teams on the star fortress "We are on the way to help." He turned to his team and smiled. "Time to show these slugs what we are made of! Head'em up and move'em out!" He suited up and got ready to lead. He had his weapons loaded and ready to go after suiting up.

Getting a call from one of the team leads coming through the wormhole was a welcome suprise to the Kaiyō's captain on the space fortress. She had just regrouped with her own team after battling on her own to avoid complete capture by the Mishhuvurthyar and her voice was out of breath but full of fervor.

"Give them your all," Captain Hoshi responded to Yoshiro and the Resurgence crew. "They know we're here now, so their starships are scrambling."

Sanda stood suited up in her Mindy in the Hangar Bay. She untied her hair for the fourth time and retied it before putting on her helmet. Rock'n Roll music was blasting out of the helmet as she placed it on her head and sealed it.

Yayoi stood in her own Mindy beside Sanda, as she mentally prepared herself for battle like she'd always had. She focused on the Mishhu, like they were Kuvexians, only worse. However, she was distracted by Hoshi's voice for a second, recognizing it from her bar, but she didnt let it distract her for long.

Chiheisen clipped her helmet onto her Mindy, the sapphire winged Elysian just finishing up with her preparations. She took her place next to Yayoi as she preformed some system checks out of habit, and also verifying that her weapons were good to go.

Sanda looked over at Chiheisen. "You good to go Nightingale?" The Ranger had been impressed with their resident bird the last few missions. She had proven to be dependable and level headed.

Chiheisen glanced towards the Mindy clad Nepleslian as she flicked her LATR's safety off with a satisfying little click. "Hai, Thunder" Whether she gave Sanda a small smirk or not was completely shielded by her helmet.

"Let's go get'em Resurgence!" He said as he jumped out of the hangar bay. "Time to have some fun! Let's go hunting for bugs! WOOOHOOO!"

"Berserker Actual to Fang Tac-ops" Came the voice of Nepleslian Marine Captain William Sanders. "Fang Tac-ops, reading you 4-5. Send your traffic." Came the terse reply of the Nepleslian ship's tactical officer. "Tac-ops, I am uploading my senor data. Hope it helps." "Copy that Berserker Actual, keep your head down. Fang Tac-ops, out." The data was displayed on the Fang's CIC holo display. "Captain Adler, we have Berserker's tactical data. Updating the plot." The map updated to display the multitude of NMX ships speeding their way. "Understood, send the data to the rest of the battlegroup." Came the reply of the Fang's CO. Captain Adler was a short woman, with crimson hair and hard hazel eyes. "CAG, deploy the 555th."

As the Fang burned through space, launch tubes began opening on the port and starboard sides of the ship. Soon a flight of 20 Na-F/A-6(b) "Sabres" launched out into space. The fighters quickly fanned out, heading straight into the path of the oncoming battlepods.

The NMX ships were still trying to figure out what to do for a moment but then they started to return fire and dump thousands and thousands of battle pods, drones, and torpedoes, flooding the Star Army's targeting displays with red dots as the enemies missiles and small craft raced towards them in anger. The Resurgence rolled and zigzagged evasively around the burning wreckage of an NMX Escort it had just destroyed. As the cloud of death launched by the NMX fleet closed in, the Resurgence's quad AA gun turrets came to life, prioritizing the enemy torpedoes as they unleashed a flurry of sun-yellow beams.

"Time to get some! Callsign Poet engaging the enemy." Yoshiro said as he dodged enemy fire and launched missiles of his own.

Yayoi moved forward and began her attack, sending missiles like Yoshiro was, to keep enemy pods off of the ship. She also aimed with the Aetheric Pulse Cannon and fired as well on the pods.

"I hate this," Cassie said, "This is too much like the fall of Ketsurui Military Sector," she shuddered, shooting at one of the approaching pods. She hit it in the big orange sensor eye and it spun out of control. "That was the worst day of my life," she said, recalling how her entire unit was killed and she was left stranded in space thinking she would run out of air and die.

"I lost my father to these bastards, never again will I lose friends or loved ones to these bugs!" Yoshiro said and kept firing his weapons and missiles at targets. "It won't be the fall of any more people that we love Cassie, fight and kill them all and we will be better for the enemy's destruction." He had his mother and siblings to protect too, he thought to himself. He would honor his family with his victory.

Chiheisen was keeping close to the resurgence for the time being, using her rather long ranged rifle to begin to pick off incoming battle pods and whatever else dared to approach the Fuji-Class. Her eyes darted about her holographic HUD, this being likely her largest space battle to date.

Sanda was also sticking close to the Resurgence at the moment. The time that the ship was boarded by that advanced type Mishhu and the Captain killed was still fresh in her mind so she wanted to be able to get into the ship fast if something managed to get through their sheilds again.

The tattooed Ranger was maglocked to the Resurgence outer hull and had two shoulder mounted 50 cal gauss cannons blasting away.

Ahead they could see hundreds of starships, all firing their weapons. It was weirdly beautiful in a way but also they knew that all of the burning ships were full of people...below their feet the Resurgence shifted and shuddered as it was struck by enemy fire, which seemed to have a special attention for the Resurgence because of its reputation.

Suddenly, out of the darkness came a large Mishhuvurthyar mecha that landed on the Resurgence's hull as soon as the shields had flickered for a moment. It began shooting the ship's rollbar, damaging the ship's torpedo launchers, then began to try to disable the ship's turrets, which had a hard time hitting something on the hull.

Yayoi stood at Sandas back, firing her Aetheric Pulse Cannons, and Shoulder-Mounted Scalar Machine Guns at her enemies that dared approach. "We need something bigger, say didn't Trowa get a mech?' she asked Sanda as she fired.her eyes widening at the Mishhuvurthyar mecha that dared dirty the hull. She turned her focus on the Mecha.

"Enemy contact, large enemy mech on the hull of the Resurgence!" Yoshiro said and opened fire at the mech. "Come at me you sluggy looking slimy bastard! This line and no further! You have taken a part of me already, you will not take more!!! YAHHHHH!!!" He fired at the Mishhu mech, taking the time to reload his GP12 when it needed fresh ammo.

Sanda ran across the hull to the opposite side of the ship. She couldn't miss the enemy Mech standing there blasting away at the ship. She locked her suit into place and began to shoot everything she had at the Mech, wishing see had something bigger. There was a flash on her HUD as something big was approching. She turned in time to see another Mech come flying towards the one of the Res.

Shosa Trowa Yamamoto flew his Mech at the Mishhu one and slashed at it with his sword. The one eyed Nepleslian had aquired the prototype mech in a last chance salvage and this was the first time he had had a chance to use it in a real fight against an enemy mech.

Chiehisen spotted a group of pods heading right for the ship. The middle had a torpedo on it, which it was lining up, and the others had racks of mini-missiles, which they began to spray in excess, trying to hit the ship's defenders.

"Seems like the kitties need a hand." Came a feminine voice over their comms. "Valkyrie flight at your service. Point us at a target." With this, a flight of five Nepleslian fighter passed over the Resurgence, firing missiles into the incoming battlepods.

Chiheisen gritted her teeth as she turned away from the mech, and facing towards the incoming assault. "Incoming, Ive got it, focus on that mech!" She grunted into comms as she lined up her rifle and took a shot, aimed straight at the lead battle pod, specifically attempting to hit the torpedo. She deployed her NSB's opting to use them to fire at the rest of the battle pods. The Elysian was hoping the formation was close enough together that the torpedo's detonation could affect the others, if not take them out entirely.

"Valkyrie flight, Callsign Poet requesting attack on large enemy mech on the Resurgence, on the hull near the torpedo launchers." Yoshiro said to the Flight and then switched the comms to Sanda. "Sanda, get out of there! Strike on the Mishuu Mecha incoming!"

"Valkyrie 1, copy that. Targeting the big ugly on your hull. Keep your heads down." The five fighters broke off, and lined up an attack run. "Stick to guns people. Don't want to scratch the hull." The four remaining members of Valkyrie flight sent their acknowledgement, and sent a burst of cannon rounds into the mech.
As another mech arrived to battle the enemy Mishhuvurthyar mech, Yayoi turned her attention towards it, recognizing it as her crewmate Trowa’s Mech, acquired through a Second Chance salvage giveaway. She couldn’t help but feel a pang of envy, wishing she too had been granted such a formidable machine. Instead, she was confined to her smaller, standard Power Armor as a soldier of the Yamatai Star Empire’s Star Army.

As another voice broke through the chaos of battle, Yayoi's focus remained sharp. "Valkyrie Flight, callsign Blade, thanks for the assist," she replied swiftly, her tone conveying gratitude amidst the urgency of combat. With practiced precision, she maneuvered her Power Armor away from the looming threat of the enemy mech, ensuring she was in a strategic position to retaliate.

With quick reflexes, Yayoi targeted another enemy pod, preempting its attempt to make contact with the ship. Her weapon discharged with a resolute determination, the energy blasts lancing out towards the hostile vessel with deadly accuracy. In the heart of battle, Yayoi remained a steadfast defender, determined to protect her comrades and the Resurgence at all costs.
Yoshiro was still shooting at the Mishuu mech on the hull. "Valkyrie Flight, callsign Poet, requesting one last run at the Mishhu mech. Same location as last time." He said to the flight leader then asked Sanda about her status. "Sanda, you good? That mech couldn't have gotten a tough ranger like you, right?" He said this part teasingly and continued firing at the Mishhu mech and any pods that got close.
"No problem, Blade. Happy to kill some Mishu." Came Valkyrie 1's reply as the fighters soared pass the ship. The fighters split into two separate groups. "Nomad and Whiskey, start thinning the herd. We got too many battlepods clogging the AO. Pain and Prowler on me. Let's get that mech off the hull."

The other four members of Valkyrie flight acknowledged the orders, Nomad and Whiskey breaking away to play flyswatter while the remaining three fighters lined up another gun run on the mech. "Keep your head down, Poet, unless you wanna lose it." Valkyrie 1 cautioned as the three Sabers sent another salvo from their heavy pulse cannons into the Mishu mech.
YE 46.4

The tapered diamond shaped Urufu ships of Task Force 282 had spilled out thousands of soldiers from Legion 777 to take up the mantle of keeping control of the station from within. Now relinquished from holding the CIC of the Mishhuvurthyar station, the Kaiyō's team teleported out, readily assisting the First Fleet in the uncertain task of stamping out the thousands-strong Mishhuvurthyar fleet. Through the chaos that had unfolded, several hundred enemy ships had already fled the battlefield, liking shepherding the Mishhu Warlords and Council Members that Taiyou Hoshi and Molli Byrne had overheard entrenched in bitter arguments about the SMX and NMX's futures just minutes earlier.

Pulling her helmet off of her powered-down Mindy made Taiyou Hoshi's bundled blue and white hair spill over the armor's shoulder before sitting at her captain’s seat on the YSS Kaiyō II. The Taisa looked to her sensors operator as the redhead looked to Hoshi and spoke.

“Xianthrafruglu gunship bearing down on our position,” Deio Asuka said snappily. Hoshi took a deep breath even as she opened a comms channel out to the nearest Fuji-class.

“You did good holding down the ship without us. You, too, Boss. Thank you both,” the captain said in the interim before piping up to speak to the other Taisa that her MEGAMI had just connected her to.

“Aoba-taisa of the YSS Resurgence,” Hoshi began. “This is Kaiyō's Taiyou Hoshi. We are about to make contact with a fierce enemy gunship, that Xianthrafruglu-class. We’ve danced with this class before with another Fuji and its shielding is incredibly difficult to penetrate. Can your people take down its energy dispersal and absorption field or, at least, its weapon from the inside? Together, our ships can distract it from targeting our smaller vessels in the area."

"If not, we’ll need to call up the chain and ask them to point an Izanagi at tha—“ Hoshi trailed off momentarily as her bridge crew called out condition reports. The Kaiyō had already been struck by a glancing blow from the enemy gunship. “Able to put on your dancing shoes, Taisa?”

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

"Understood, Captain Hoshi. We are moving to assist the Kaiyō," Aoba replied. "Gabriela, move us into firing range to fire on that old gunship. It looks like the NMX is really pulling out everything from the attic for this fight."

"While it's nearly 20 years old technology, it still has a legacy cannon that can create black holes. I recommend plenty of caution, captain," Kalena advised.

"It's possible that the old ship might have an old Mishhuvurthyar captaining it," Aoba rubbed his chin. "I wonder what information a ship serving so long could provide about the NMX and SMX's relationship. Do you think it might be worth trying to board with our armor team to gather intelligence, Mineko?"

"Perhaps at a more opportune time, yes," Mineko said. "But not while our sister ship is actively being targeted. Priorizing intelligence gathering may waste crucial time."

"We'll hit it until it cannot shoot, then," Aoba nodded to Mineko. "Gabriela, engage."

Meanwhile, Kalena asked the infantry team, "How's pest control going out there? Please keep them off my turrets! I need to keep firing!"

Over the two ships' comms came an older, gruffer voice. "YSS Kaiyō and Resurgence. This is Rear Admiral Greyson of the NSS Specter. I'm tasking the NSS Fang to assist you. Let Captain Adler know where you need her. Havoc Actual, out."

Since Greyson had already ended the call, Aoba replied by blinking a large volumetric blue thumbs up emoji projected above the Resurgence to react.

YSS Resurgence's Hull Exterior

Yoshiro ducked as the fighters strafed the mech on the hull and laughed as Trowa hit the mech with his mech and laughed "Taste the rainbow you slug looking son of a bitch!" Yoshiro said with a maniacall grin on his face. I need my own mech thought Yoshiro and continnued to fire at battle pods getting too close to the Resurgence.

Yayoi watched as the rather disturbing Mishhu Mech was shot at not only with her own weapons, but those of her new favorite people from the Valkyrie group attacked it. She watched as Trowa's Mech arrived. and mentally she couldnt help but wonder why couldnt i have a mech? Her focus went back to the battle, and she shot her Aetheric Pulse Cannon's at the pods.

Trowa's large mecha's appearance surprised the Mishhuvurthyar mecha, and it pushed off the Resurgence's hull to go into a dogfight with the sleek experimental Yamataian mecha, and the new disappeared into the battlefield, fighting each other in an epic duel.

The team heard an update from the bridge: "Resurgence away team this is Kalena, new priority target is a Xianthrafruglu gunship. I will be firing to disable shields and weapons. When its main weapon is offline, you should be safe to board."

Yoshiro recieved the message and sent an acknowledgement to Kalena. "Roger that, Kalena. We will be ready to board as soon as you disable shields and weapons." Yoshiro said and got prepared to move out. He continued to fire at pods that got in range with his GP-12 and his missiles.

"Copy" Chiheisen aknowledged Kalena's orders, the Elysian continuing to pick off incoming battlepods that dared stray to close to the Resurgence.

"Copy That" Yayoi said simply, then nodded to Sanda, ready for when they recieved the order to move out to attach the other monstrocity abomination of a ship the Mishhu had.

The Resurgence arrived in range of the enemy gunship and began firing the main cannon on single target mode at it, spewing a deadly beam of pink aetheric energy at the smaller Mishhuvurthyar ship. The Xianthrafruglu was one of the only ships in the battle that had a sickly green hull color with pink accents, unlike the pinks and reds of the newer NMX ships.

Yoshiro watched the Resurgence fire at the enemy ship and was awed at the firepower that he was looking at. He waited for the order to move to the disabled enemy ship.

Yayoi watched with an almost satisfying almost smile hidden under her helment as the Resurgence fired at the cannons ahead of her. She was only barely paying a attention, though.

A new group of 3 battle pods rushed after Yoshiro, strafing at him with their aether cannons, and and trying to tear him a new one. The GP-12 rifle didn't seem to phase them at all, unable to damage their armor.

"Oh you bastards. Time for you to pay the piper!" Yoshiro said as he fired missiles at the three battlepods. "I will tear you all a superfluous new bunch of assholes, you slug looking freaks!"

Yayoi returned her focus, and fired her Aetheric Pulse cannon at the pods, in addition to Yoshiro's missiles as an extra damage measure.

Suddenly things got really weird as the enemy gunship fired its main cannon, creating a black hole in front of the Resurgence, light was bending into it and making it hard to aim, and the ship had to max out its CFS system. Battle pods and Cassie's aether rifle flew into the completely black void as she held onto the ship's rollbar for dear life. "Ohhhh fuuuuuck!"

"Oh shit! Is that a black hole weapon of some kind? Resurgence are you seeing this?" Yoshiro shouted in to his comms. "This fucking thing has to be disabled before we can do anything. Anyone have any ideas?"

Chiheisen gritted her teeth as her rifle threatened to join Cassie's into the black hole fired by the rather ancient Mishhuvurthyar vessel. The Elysian figuratively glued herself to the Resurgence's hull with her armor, trying to look away from the black hole as it bent light around them.

"Team, hold on, we are evading the anomaly," Gabriela said, as the ship basically warped out of the situation with its FTL.

Yayoi watched as the enemy ship fired its weapon, and having expected a beam. She was surprised to see what she could only describe as a black hole appeared. "Are you absolutely shitting with me?" Yayoi mumbled to herself as she saw this, and found herself incredibly glade that the Mindy had magboots. "copy that" She said in response to Gabriela's words

Yoshiro turned on his magboots right before the ship went into warp. "Shitshitshit!" Yoshiro swore as the ship went in to warp. "They are going to pay for trying to harm our ship and I am going to roast these motherfucking bugs for dinner for that!"

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

"NSS Fang, this is Captain Aoba of the YSS Resurgence, Captain Alder, can you help me destroy that ship? It's too dangerous. It could destroy the planet or the space station firing that black hole gun. Just dump everything you have on it, and we will too," Aoba said.

"Kalena, forget trying to disable it, just take it out," Aoba ordered. "That was too close!"

"Aye aye, captain," Kalena said, firing all weapons on the smaller Mishhuvurthyar gunship.

"Resurgence, this is Fang Actual. We copy." Came Adler's reply. On the bridge, Adler looked over to her tactical officer. "TacOps, get me a firing solution on that gunship."

"Aye captain." Came the tactical officer's reply. The cruiser burned through space, her point defense constantly firing at incoming battlepods. All around her, fighters from the 555th defended their home ship. "I've got it cap. Ready on your signal."

"Good. Snapshot tubes 1 through 5. Full salvo from the missiles, and get those railguns firing. Show them what a NSN ship is capable of!"

The hull of the Fang was quickly illuminated with contrails as missile and torpedo tubes disgorged their payloads. The ship shook as the powerful railguns added their shells to the fusilade. "Keep firing until there is nothing but scrap!"

"You know," Gabriela remarked, "If we blow something up together it means the crews should have a party together afterward to celebrate the victory."

With the combined efforts of the Resurgence and the NSS Fang, the Mishhuvurthyar gunship was quickly reduced to a blackened hulk burning with orange glowing embers of molten metal. It was then slowly sucked towards the fading black hold it had previously produced.

"Ma'am target destroyed." The tactical officer reported. "Good, helm bring us in above the two Yamataian ships. TacOps, have the point defense cover both ships. CAG, i want the 555 to secure the space around the ship. I want an NMX no fly zone. Get it done people!" Came the diminutive red heads reply. "Aye aye!"

YSS Resurgence - Exterior

As the team defended the ship they could see the ghostly outlines of Mishhuvurthyar arriving on the ship's hull, phased.

"We got boarders! Stand by to repel boarders team!" Yoshiro said seeing the outlines of the ghost type Mishhu. "These little shits do not play fair do they?"

"Yuri would agree with you, but then she likes partying." Yayoi sent to Gabriela, before she took note of the enemy ships. "No they do not, how rude and disrespectful." Yayoi commented to Yoshiro, as she preparec for another battle this time with the Mishhuvurthyar.

"They are more than likely going to salughter the bridge crew. so we do not let them go any further than where we stand." Yoshiro said.

"Hai. Do we have a way to force them to fight us instead of continuing to phase?" Chiheisen asked after she fired a round at one of the outlines, gritting her teeth as she watched it just phase through them.

The Mishhuvurthyar invaders began heading to the open door of the ship's power armor bay, looking to make an entrance to the ship's interior.

"If you Mishhu think you can defeat us, do it without your cloaks you slime licking children!" Yoshiro shouted.

The lead Mishhuvurthyar laughed so hard at Yoshiro's words, then slipped into the ship, heading for the engineering area.

Yayoi moved to stand in between the open doors of the power armor bay and the Mishhuvurthyar. She pointed her Aetheric Pulse Cannon at the enemy.

The Mishhuvurthyar passed through Yayoi's body on their way in, and she had an incredibly dark and painful sensation as they did.

The Sapphire winged Elysian followed Yayoi back towards the doors of the PA bay to aid in the defense, her NSBs deploying for extra firepower. Her eyes widened under her helmet as she saw one of them just phase through Yayoi, keeping her rifle aimed at one. They'd need to stop phasing to actually attack regardless...

"Poet to Aoba, we have Ghost type Mishhu infiltrating the ship. Be prepared for a fight." Yoshiro said through his comms while he followed his team back to the ship.

Yayoi winced and gritted her teeth as she felt the incredibly dark and painful sensation as she was helpless against the monster.

"All infantry units come back aboard to deal with the intruders," Aoba ordered, grabbing his katana and NSP.

"Roger that captain. Heading aboard now." Yoshiro said and cut comms. He was going to make the Mishhu pay for invading their home and teach them the meaning of fuck around and find out.

YSS Resurgence - Interior

Aboard the YSS Resurgence, knowing there were Mishhuvurthyar somewhere in the ship made their normally comfortable home feel like a haunted house.

"Damn those slug bastards to the hell that they came from! Thye have invaded my home and they will pay for this with their lives!" Yoshiro shouted as grabbed a the hilt of his katana and drew it. " Oh they are going to learn the lesson of fuck around and find out slowly and painfully, I promise you!"

Yayoi pushed through the feelings and pain she felt as she hurried back to the ship, and this time she prepared to fire her Aetheric Pulse Cannons at the Mishhuvurthyar but this time, making sure that the sensitive equipment was behind her and the Mishhuvurthyar was ahead.

"Crap, where did they go??" Cassie said, flying into the armor bay and sliding to a halt on her feet as she landed. She switched to a plasma rifle and head it up and slowly began pacing around searching for them. "Everyone stay with battle buddies. And watch for signs of Mishhu conversion of crew members like that one time."

Chiheisen gripped her LATR tightly as she scanned the room throughtly, squinting. She took a moment to glance at her weapon, before quickly switching out for something more appropriate for fighting inside the resurgence, a plasma rifle mirroring the one Cassie had grabbed moments prior. She didnt want to accidentally hurt anyone with power armor grade firepower. "Priority targets could be the bridge and engineering, perhaps we should secure those areas first?" The Elysian suggested, thinking back to her first mission, and the infected Cheilith's targets.

Yoshiro used his scanners to scan for movement inside the ship that were not Nekos or human lifesigns. Yoshiro stayed by Cassie to protect her and Chiheisen.

I swear on Yui's name, if those creatures, so much as touch Yuri, their entire species will become extinct, even if i have to leave the ship to do it. Yayoi silently thought as she held her arm mounted Aetheric Pulse Cannon. :"Agreed, Lightning and I will head to the bridge." Yayoi said out loud as she awaited instructions.

"Cassie, you okay?" Yoshiro asked and turned to make sure that Chiheisen was okay. He was angry that he let the enemy on board the Resurgence and they were going to hurt the crew.

"Yeah, just trying not to use the litterbox in my Mindy. I hate Mishhu..." Cassie said, sounding a little small. "I think I counted 2 or 3 total. I think we should check the obvious targets first like Chiheisen said."

"You and me both, Cassie. Just do your best and we'll get through this. The Mishhu will not get away with this. But yeah we should follow Chiheisen's advice" Yoshiro said "Let's head to engineering. Chiheisen you holding up okay?"

Chiheisen glanced towards Yoshiro and offered him a sharp nod. She didnt really dwelve further into her state, appart from an. "I'm fine. We should move.". The Elysian promptly began making her way towards the engineering department.

(to be continued...)
YSS Resurgence - Interior

"Arm everyone," Captain Aoba ordered, and Norita opened the armory, passing out rifles and grenades to the crew.

As the Mishhuvurthyar came out of phase, the bridge crew and the armor team were able to coordinate and find some of them - the first one was attempting to hotwire one of the ship's shuttle craft. The second was outside the main computer room, and the third one was outside the bridge, stopped by an isolation door that was blocking access.
Engineering Section

Yoshiro kept his scanning going and thought about the Mishhu. How are they getting this tech? There is no way they can do these things on their own. He thought to himself. "Poet to bridge, status?" He said over encrypted comms. He wanted to make sure that they were safe for the moment and kept tracking the Mishhu in engineering while he waited for the response.
YE 46.4

Resurgence: Deck 3 - Near Bridge and Upper Engineering

Sanda was doing what she loved best, hunting. There was an intruder on the ship and she and Yayoi were going to find it and kill it, Ranger style. The Nepleslian had her plasma rifle with bayonet attachment held up in front of her. The two Rangers had picked up the trail of one of the intruders, it looked like it was heading for the bridge.

"Thunder to defense crews. Be advised that firing Aether aboard the ship is not a good idea." Remembering the engineering crew whose flesh got melted because some of the away team used Aether weapons when Cheilith had been turned.

Yayoi hurried beside Sanda, rather than powering her Aetheric weapons, she instead focused on her hidden blades, or NSPs. The Mishhu weren't going to win, not today or this time, of that she can be sure.

Sanda came to an intersection and stopped. She carefully peaked around the corner and saw a Mishhu trying to get through the door into the Bridge. She glanced at Yayoi behind her and made some quick hand motions, then held up three fingers... Then two... Then one...

Yayoi nodded her head silently, and entered her batch's battle trance, as she focused herself to attack her enemy.

Sanda dove across the corridor and took cover on the other side. She immediately began firing her plasma rifle at the Mishhu.

The Mishhuvurthyar turned to look at Sanda, looked around, and then liquefied, squeezing itself into one of the bridge level escape pods. There was a loud bang as it launched out of the ship, "LATEEEEER," it cackled.

Sanda pounded on the escape pod doorway in frustration as it was ejected. "¡En serio! ¿No hay pelea por mí?"

Yayoi growled in annoyance. then a thought occured to her. "Blade, to the Bridge, Parasite had escaped in a escape pod..would you mind doing us a favor and shooting it for us if possible?" Yayoi innocently asked of her superiors.

Still anoyied that her prey had gotten away, Sanda checked the status of the rest of her team. There was a fight going on down in engineering. But there was a report of another Mishhu attempting to breach the MEGAMI. "Blade. We've got a contact of Deck 2. Vamamos!"

"Aye, Hermana, lets go say hello, and give them a proper Ranger Escort" Yayoi said as she turned on her Mindy's heels and ran as fast as she was able to do so.

Resurgence Deck 4: Near Lower Engineering

Yoshiro was on his way to the engineering section as he scanned the area for Mishhu. He saw the Mishhu outside of the computer room and drew his sword and his pistol to engage the Mishhu. Yoshiro looked at the Mishhu and smiled evilly. "You sure picked the wrong day to fuck around, because now you are about to find out!" Yoshiro said angrily He slashed at the Mishhu Ghost with his sword while he fired a couple of shots from his NSP.

Pidole tried her best to barricade herself and her staff inside the main engineering space by closing all the blast shutters at the entrances and activating forcefields outside of them. Everyone was already in their explorer uniforms and armed with NSPs, and they had them ready in case.

Kokoro Hayashi peeked from behind a random supply crate providing cover in engineering. Holding an NSP, she propped her arm on the crate and aimed towards the nearest entrance. A little FARS drone peered up from behind the cover next to her, digital eyes glued to the blast door. "...If they can phase I don't think this'll stop them, Pidole Heisho..." She glanced towards the chief engineer, wide-eyed.

The Mishhuvurthyar surged towards Yoshiro as a tidal wave, briefly becoming a liquid as it rapidly rushed at him and then enveloped him. As it solidified again, he was being chewed on and surrounded by its digestive acids.

"Ahhhhh!" Yoshiro shouted in surprise. He set his pistol to stun as he was being digested and chewed on. "Oh no you didn't just try to eat me you mashed potato brained slug!" He shouted as he stabbed the Mishhu with the sword "You are going to see that we can bite back as well." He said as he pulled the trigger on his NSP hoping that he had hurt the SOB with the stun setting and the stabbing the Mishhu.

"GET EATEN, PLEBE," the Mishhuvurthyar responded. "LOL." It was able to tank the damage for the time being.

Chiheisen began to lay down plasma fire on the Mishhuvurthyar to attempt to draw its attention, or scare it into phasing again to release Yoshiro from its... can you even call that a mouth? She gritted her teeth, shouting over her comms. "A Mishhuvurthyar is attempting to.. eat Tanaka-Heisho!"

"The only plebe here is you...." Yoshiro said but he was running out of fight but kept stabbing with the sword. "Poet to anyone....Need help....At main computer...." Yoshiro called over comms and the line went dead.

The plasma fire was met with an orange flash as it collided with the Mishhuvurthyar's personal energy shield. Suddenly it rushed her and she was surrounded by tentacles which were simultaneously pinning each limb and also grabbing for her weapon, since the Mishhuvurthyar hadn't been able to bring weapons aboard.

The Elysian grunted as the Mishhuvurthyar grappled onto her, somewhat restraining her movement. She attempted to force her plasma weapon further at the Mishhuvurthyar, continuing to fire into it once it was pointing at its flesh once more. Chiheisen simultaneously attempted to move her wings violently, attempting to use the Mindy's sharp wing sheath to cut at the tentacles attempting to restrain her.

Just then Yoshiro saw Cassie's hands forcing open the Mishhuvurthyar's jaws. "Get out of there!" the catgirl ordered, struggling against its massive bite as she it from the back while it was busy with Chiheisen. Cassie's armored feet slid and tore into the corridor flooring as she desperately tried to keep her leverage. Meanwhile, the Mishhuvurthyar banged Chiheisen into the wall repeatedly trying to knock her out. Its tentacles were damaged and bleeding . "JUST DIE!" it shouted in telepathy, sounding a little frustrated and in pain.

Seeing Cassie fighting to save him from the Mishhu Yoshiro fought with all of his might . He climbed out of the Mishhu and caught his breath. He slashed with his sword and fired his NSP on full charge. "Taste the rainbow, mother fucker!!!" Yoshiro and kept slashing and shooting at the Mishhu that attacked him.

Chiheisen let out a yell as she was repeatedly slammed into the wall, her armor bending the panel behind. She kept up her attacks, her plasma rifle eventually stopping its fire from overheating, as her wings kept slamming at its tentacles, noting how it was working. She groaned a little as out of the corner of her eye, she saw a red warning appear on her hud, notifying her that she likely had a concussion.

Unexpectedly, Chef Rossa appeared near the fighting, carrying a laundry bag full of something. She partially hid herself, waiting for an opportune moment. Eventually the Mishhuvurthyar took enough damage and liquefied again...that's when she tossed the bag to Chiheisen. It was full of gelatin powders and xanthan gum from the food storage...enough to turn liquid into a sludge. "See if that helps."

Yoshiro saw Rossa and waved to her in thanks for helping them. He took a bottle of gelatin and xanthan gum from the bag and opened them. He walked over to the Mishhu and stuffed the bottles in to the mouth of the Mishhu. "Hope you're hungry, dumbass." He said to the Mishhu. "Get wrecked, noob."

Chiheisen winced as she slowly began to fall out of the now liquified Mishhuvurthyar's grip, before noticing the bag and nabbing it. She squinted under her helmet, before opening some of the gelatin powder and throwing it into the enemy.

As the powder mixed into the liquid Mishhuvurthyar, making it way thicker, its body became more slime-like and thrashed around in frustration. Instead of a puddle of death it was temporarily more of a silly putty and Cassie reached for it and started trying to roll it like dough into a ball they could move to the airlock that was nearby.

"Cassie, eject that slimy bastard out in to space! Let it feel the cold vacuum of space and die!" He ordered and laughed at the Mishhu's misfortune. He said to the Mishhu before he was ejected. "Get good, rookie. Don't know why they chose a noob like you to be a Ghost."

Chiheisen huffed as she watched the slightly humorous scene of Cassie rolling away a complaining Mishhuvurthyar to the airlock. She winced once again, putting a hand to her head. She'd likely need to suck up the headache for now. "We should keep moving.."

"That's the power of food science!" Rossa clapped. Cassie nodded to Yoshiro and pushed the Mishhu-ball into the airlock before it could get reformed into a nightmarish creature. She leapt back into the ship. "Hit the button!" she said as the inner door shut behind her.

Yoshiro hit the button and watched it eject out in to space. "Taste the rainbow, mother fucker! How does it feel to be the plaything of your enemy before you died?" Yoshiro asked, laughing so hard he got dizzy from all of the blood rushing to his head. That is the way you handle that. Yoshiro thought to himself."

"THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY SETBAahhhhhh" the Mishhuvurthyar growled as it was tossed into space.

"I hope you come back rookie! I'll destroy you again!" Yoshiro said to the Mishuu. "Remember me as you float to oblivion you sluggy looking bastard child of a maggot! I am not afraid of you! I will line you up right next to your brothers and sisters." He laughed as he closed the outer door to the airlock.

"There were more of them, where did they go..." Chiheisen grumbled at Yoshiro's antics, which were only making her headache worse. She looked at her hud, the Elysian asking over communications. "Nightingale here, one of the Mishhuvurthyar is handled, where are the others?"

Resurgence: Deck 2- MEGAMI

Sanda and Yayoi moved from the Bridge up one deck to the MEGAMI.

There was a blood-like liquid around the door to the MEGAMI trying to ooze into the computer room. When they encountered it, it reached out for them like a 2D shadow and a tentacle reached out of the shadow behind them.

Yayoi eyed the blood-like liquid, with a raised eyebrow. But remembering that Mishhu can liquefy, she shot it with her NSP, just to be safe, before her sensors picked up on the Mishhu tentacles.

"Here, use this," Infantry soldier Colby Wando suggested, handing Yayoi his flamethrower.

"thank you" Yayoi said as she grabbed the flamethrower and fired on the blood-like liquid again just to be sure.

Plum stood by with a fire hose ready to put out the remnants.

Sanda smiled at Yayoi and Wando. "What are you waiting for Hermana? Let's cook us some Calamari."

Yayoi nodded her head and fired on the Mishhu tentacle.

The flames obliterated it, frying it to a blackened crisp. After it was obviously charcoal, Plum put out the fire with the emergency firefighting foam.

"Two down..." Sanda checked the rest of the crew's status. "Three down. Is that all of them?" Sanda paused as she received an update. "Contact in the shuttle bay. Vamonos Blade!"

Yayoi turned and once more she ran as fast as her Mindy legs allowed her to run.

Resurgence - Medical Bay

Yuri tried to compose herself as she made sure that the Medical Bay was Secure.

Poppy looked at Yuri. "We need to check the ship for contamination after the Mishhuvurthyar are killed. They could have left behind any kind of virus or bugs or small or liquid mini Mishhu of themselves. Even eggs in unsuspecting crew members. It wouldn't be a bad idea to check everyone afterwards. What do you think?" she asked the young Nekovalkyrja.

Yuri nodded her head in agreement. 'Indeed, if we leave even a small trace of them, it will be bad. Incidences like what happened to poor Cheilith could happen en-masse. I think..we should don protective wear, to try and prevent ourselves even, to make sure that we don't get contaminated.." Yuri said then added.

"As a extra precaution.. should we ask everyone to remain where they are standing and not move until we can rule them out as being affected possibly?" Yuri added a little more confidently.

Poppy nodded, "I think we should do it on a compartment by compartment basis. There's some places the Mishhu touched, and others they didn't, so we'll focus on where they were."

Yuri nodded her head in agreement, "Hai, I think that would be a good idea" She said and immediately she mentally goes through the reported sightings of the Mishhu on the ship.

Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

One of the Resurgence's shuttles was up and running with a Mishhuvurthyar at the controls. It hovered towards the exit but then had to stop because captain Aoba had gotten Beryl to quietly close the bay doors. The shuttle's door opened and the hulking, pink-and-red, wet-looking Mishhuvurthyar lurched out to examine the door controls, touching them with its tentacles. It quickly found an emergency manual release and began removing the door from the ship's central control and then started opening it.

Computer room

"Shuttle bay security to Joto heisho Tanaka. We have a problem! The Ghost here stole a shuttle and escaped." A security guard called him. "We need to pursue or intercept!" Yoshiro called the bridge. "Poet to bridge, recommend that we track the shuttle and find out where it is going."

"Roger, tracking set up," Kalena's voice came back from the bridge. "I have it programmed to phone home every minute now."

"Roger that. Keep me informed." Yoshiro radioed the bridge back. He was happy that he was possibly going to get more kills and fight more Mishhu. He owed the one that he ejected out to space a rematch and wanted to kill that one so badly he could taste it like a fine wine in the mouth.


Outside, the Mishhuvurthyar fleet, outnumbered from the start, was now so beleaguered by the amassed Star Army forces that it was no longer effective. Rather than be slaughtered for no reason, the enemy wisely began a general retreat from the wormhole Grakkaflarl, the Venushhurl star system, and the space station. Without it, their access to the Uesu sector would be severely restricted, and it could turn the tide of the long stalemate in the Uesureyan War.

Just before the Mishhu got out of dodge, the Resurgence's shuttle crash landed in the back of a battered NMX Escort Cruiser as it shimmered into a hyperspace fold. Perhaps it would never be seen again...but maybe...

- - -

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

"Good work everyone," Aoba told the crew. "I never want a Mishhuvurthyar on the bridge again. Excellent teamwork." Next, he called their Nepleslian allies to thank them.

"NSS Fang, thanks for the assist, it was a pleasure working with you."

"Resurgence Actual, Fang Actual. No problem. Now we need to help clean up. Fang Actual out." Captain Adler replied as the cruiser followed after the retreating NMX, joining the rest of Battlegroup Havoc.

= = =
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The battle might have ended, but the the work. This was a dangerous moment for the ship. The enemy had been beaten back and they had won but the ship had been infiltrated. The temptation to relax and let your guard down was high. Sanda made a shipwide call to the rest of the crew. "Thunder to Away team. Stay focused. Our ship was infiltrated so consider it still a hostile field until every inch of the ship has been checked out. No one is to stand down at this time."

"Poet. Take your team and start at the bottom of deck 5. Check every inch of the ship for any signs of tampering or intrusion. Report everything you see no matter how small. I'll take Blade and Wando and start at the top in the roll bar and work my way down to you." Sanda let our her breath, the adenain was starting to wear off. "I know you guys are tired, but now is not the time to slack off and make mistakes. I don't want to let the Mishhu win because we slacked off and missed a surprise they left for us."
Engineering Section

"Roger that Thunder. Moving to the bottom of Deck 5. No way I am letting those slime lickers win either." Yoshiro said and moved his team to secure the deck. "All right team, let's get this place checked out and cleared." He radioed Thunder one laste time. "You be careful Thunder. Those ghosts are evil, I mean one tried to eat me and I do not think that they are done with me." He said and started to check for any sabotage or related issues.
YE 46.4

With the Mishhuvurthyar Fleet defeated and the wormhole secure, the First Fleet's operation was complete and the Resurgence, a bit scuffed from battle, set course for home with her brave crew warily checking the ship for any leftover presents the Mishhuvurthyar intruders might have left behind. Perhaps it was their previous experiences with Mishhuvurthyar boarders, or the team's 2 years of hard fights, but they had managed to kick the monsters off this time before they had done too much damage. The bridge hadn't been penetrated, the anti-phasing systems had more or less worked, keeping the Mishhu from passing through doors, and the crew had responded with efficiency. After checking the ship from top to bottom, and even in the tiniest crevices accessible only by Euikoshi's nanobot swarms and Bidole the Beetle, they were about to return to normal operations.

Engineering Section

Yoshiro and his team had just finished clearing Deck and went to check on the crew that worked there.

Pidole thanked Yoshiro, flashing him a rare smile. Typically she just sort of stared at people, but she looked visibly relieved the threat of the Mishhuvurthyar had passed for now. "Thanks, Yoshiro," she told him, deactivating the forcefields on her Explorer Uniform and taking a deep breath.

"You are welcome, Pidole. I am glad that the Mishuu didn't get to you guys." Yoshiro said with a smile. He let them do their work and left the engineering section to go to his quarters to take a breather.

Pidole nodded and turned to Kokoro. "Okay, it looks like we are going to be doing some hyperspace folds, so do the pre-fold checks on the main fold generator and the aether power systems. We want to give Captain Aoba top speed and accuracy."

"Hai!" The navy haired engineer popped up from behind the console she had been hiding in, holstering her NSP. Thankfully, she didnt have to use it, atleast not this time. Kokoro hunched over the console she was hiding behind to check the status of said equipment she had been ordered to verify, scanning for any anomalies in their performance possibly caused by damage from the big scuffle they had just partaken in.

Things looked good! Ketsurui Fleet Yards had a well-deserved reputation for making reliable starship systems and the Fuji Class gunship was no exception, with systems developed with experience from the Plumeria and Sakura class gunships before it.

"If everything looks good, feel free to take a break and have a walk around the ship and de-stress," Pidole told Kokoro. "I can watch over things here."

"Systems reading no damage from the fight!" Kokoro smiled as she gave Pidole a thumbs up. Her little FARS drone buddy floated down and rested on her hair, the nekovalkrja nodding in response to the Chiefs orders. "Alright! Im gonna grab some food.. stressing about Mishhu makes me hungry for some reason..."

Medical Bay

Yuri returned to the Medical Bay silently, wanting to refill on bandages, and other medical supplies, she had used when treating those personnel who had gotten injured during the last battle. She'd also reminded them to get their ST backed up, as well including her mother of course.

Dr. Poppy gave Yuri a wave. "Everyone I scanned seems more or less normal, meaning no signs of a Mishhuvurthyar virus, eggs, or parasites. Hopefully there won't be any hidden effects from exposure to the Mishhu. In the future, I'd just as soon keep them off the ship in the first place if possible. I want to go back to us invading them, not them invading us," Poppy told Yuri with a grin, patting her NSP in its holster.

Chiheisen sat somewhere inside the medical bay after having been cleared of possible Mishhu influence. The birb held a cooling pack to her head, which was a little bruise. Nothing she couldnt simply tough over, she preferred allowing the medical crew to handle those actually injured in the fight they had just toughed through.

Yuri nodded her head as her mentor, her sempai spoke to her. "same for those i scanned as well, especially my mother which pleased me. I am positive that aunt Sanda, i mean Hoshi-Heisho, has not yet been infected but I have yet to confirm that." Yuri said to her, and nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah i'd prefer that the Mishhu stay off the ship myself, I.. I dont think i'd trust them, even if they suddenly become our allies for what ever reason." she said trying to be upbeat.

"They're exploitative manipulators who only use other species and people for labor and food, I don't see how that type of mentality is compatible with our society at all. They're murderers...I don't pretend to know what motivates the Mishhuvurthyar beyond a sort of sense of survival all living creatures possess," Poppy frowned, looking at a microscope. "But where animals operate on instinct, Mishhu are the way they are by choice, and that is what makes them evil."

Yuri nodded her head in agreement to Poppy's words. Poppy was right of course. "Pure Evil of the highest caliber i'd say." Yuri commented to poppy, verbally then looked at the list and marked down those she'd checked. "ok, just need to check this lot, and i'd say we have everyone checked. I've also made sure to remind them to get backed up." Yuri added.

"Right," Poppy said. "Feel free to grab lunch if you're hungry."

Yuri nods "oki dokie! and you make sure to, Sempai!" Yuri said before she skips out of the Medical Bay.

Yoshiro's quarters

Yoshiro arrived at his quarters to take a bit of a break before heading to the wardroom to get some food. After working on one of his power armor models, he decided to report to captain Aoba and go to the wardroom to get something to eat.


Down in the wardroom, Chef Rossa and Julix were getting things back to normal and started by making sub sandwiches. The whole wardroom smelled amazing because they were baking the bread loaves from scratch using dough they'd made the day before, so when the subs came out they had cold meats and hot buns covered in melted cheese, with a oiled and vinegar greens mix almost like a salad. A serving line offered add-ons like olives, pickled peppers, and so on.

Yoshiro walked into the wardroom and smelled something wonderful. He smelled fresh baked bread and such and decided to go all out in making his sandwiches. He picked his sandwiches with ham, salami, cappicola, pepperoni, lettuce, olives and pickled peppers. He also grabbed a glass of water and sat down to eat. he took a bite of his sandwich with the melted cheese and almost cried out of happiness. "Great job as usual chef.Rossa." Yoshiro said as he ate with gusto

Yayoi silently stepped into the wardroom, feeling her belly growling loudly in hunger something fierce. Yayoi was in good spirits, her dauugter wasnt harmed by the Mishhu, which pleased her. She grabbed her hot buns with melted cheese with ham in it, and grabbed two of them before grabbing apple juice, and glanced at it. She almost smiled when she remembered how Yuri used to call it happy juice when she was really little.

"Agreed," Yayoi said then added "especially during the boarding, i heard you handled Misshhu well.' Yayoi finished.

Yoshiro was thinking about the Ghost Mishhu and was scared about them. "I am not going to let those things hurt the people I care about on this ship. Speaking of which I need to see Mineko about the thing that I found last mission. It may have intel that we can use and I think that she would definitely know about that." Yoshiro said to himself. He finished eating and decided to go see Mineko after taking a nap.

Cassie wandered into the wardroom and stretched out, back in her Type 42 blues but with the jacket left hanging open instead of zipped, so the AR AR in the middle of STAR ARMY showed on her dark blue sports bra. She made a beeline for the meat. "Hey," she said to the others in the wardroom, still thinking about what had just happened. "Hopefully our next encounter is a little less large-scale. Big battles freak me out because it's hard to feel like you're in control. You know what I mean? I don't want to vanish in a wave of aether, I want to go down fighting like a boss, you know??"

Mineko had been pushing her food around on her plate and was happy for the reprieve in doing so when Cassie huffed out her words. "Not mutually exclusive. At least you didn't die this one. At least nobody did."

"Hey Mineko. I need to talk to you about something that I found in our last mission before this one, it is something electronic and might have intel on what the Mishhu are trying to do here." Yoshiro

Yayoi glanced to Cassie, then back to her food as she munched. As she did so, they heard her voice in their heads. "she has a point, admittedly, and Mineko is correct." she sent and remembered how she'd gotten severely injured during one mission when she was eatten by a Mishhu.

"Show it here," Mineko said, pushing her plate away happily. "Unless the science lab is better fit for it."

Yoshiro showed Mineko the datapad he had found on the last mission to Mineko. "I don't know if it has any data on it but since you, I assume, know how to deal with these kind of things, I thought you might be able to pry the intel out of it." Yoshiro said.

"Quite a find," Mineko said, turning her head slightly to look at the other side of the datapad Yoshiro was showing her. "I'll probably take it to HQ when we touch down in Yamatai and see what we can do with it. Good going!"

"Thanks Mineko. Just doing my job." Yoshiro said with a grin. He was really proud that he had done something that wasn't beating killer space slugs to death or hunting Ghost Mishhu with only a sword and a bad attitude, not that he didn't enjoy it, but he felt like he could do more than that.

"Whatcha got there?" Cassie asked, being nosy. She leaned forward into the space between Mineko and Yoshiro.

Yayoi glanced over towards Mineko and Yoshiro, finding her curiosity peaked.

"Just Yoshiro's latest find. He picked up a Mishhu datapad," Mineko offered.

"My only find but it may be important." Yoshiro said as he got up after finishing his water. "She knows more about breaking firewalls and such so I let her have it." He turned to put his dishes away. "I am only good for breaking ear drums and faces." Yoshiro said with a laugh as he left the wardroom to go to his quarters.

"I think my old communicator is still out there too, phoning home from that Mishhu ship. Man those guys could really use an interior design consultant."

= = =

= = =
OOC: JP by Wes, Charaa, Liza, Yoshiro, Ametheliana, Yuuki
Yoshiro's Quarters

Yoshiro had just woken up from his nap and took a hot shower and put on a new duty uniform. He walked over to his model that he was building and started working on it. It looked like the PA that he was piloting but with a few embellishments that you would not see on a real power armor. He made a shield out of a model shell of a Mishuu Ripper and the PA that he was building had an Aether blade Submachine gun with the blade painted to look as if it were glowing. The helmet looked as if it were wearing an oni mask and the shoulder armor was made with segments of Mishuu shell or at least it appeared like it. After a while he started to get fidgety and decided to call Mineko and see how the data analysis was going on the tablet that he found. "Megami please send this message to Mineko." He said and Megami did as ordered.

From Yoshiro: Hey Mineko. It's your friendly neighborhood joto heisho calling. Just wondering how the data analysis is going on that tablet and wanted to see how you were doing in general. I will come down to check out the data from the tablet if you got any thing from it at the moment. see you soon

Mineko got the message, but didn't respond. Instead, she got up and made her way to pull on her boots and took a jaunt a door down to Yoshiro's cabin. Entering after a brief knock, she took stock of the embellished and expressive armor he was working on while she leaned against the doorway.

"We'll have to wait until we get to Yamatai to know anything of substance or anything that can be shared, really. It's a big find, like I said, so it's important to let headquarters handle it. I'm still an enlisted, remember? I can't go toying with something a more experienced and better qualified analyst could do without at least a bit of their guidance. It is on my mind, though. I'm excited to feel like we're..."

She trailed off and having not found the right words to express herself, kept peering at the pauldrons Yoshiro was working around.

"What is that?" Mineko asked.
Yoshiro nodded at Mineko and let her in, surprised she came to see
him. "Oh, that's a Mindy model my younger brother got me. I am currently working on customizing it with armor and weapons made with Mishhu parts from models based on our enemies." Yoshiro said. He had been working on from time to time and he was rather proud of his work.

"You're doing a great job and i am glad you are on the Resurgence on our team."Yoshiro said with a smile. "If you want though, I can trade jobs with you."
"Being a team leader seems stressful and demanding. Not just that, but we have a lot of great fighters on the away team, but nobody that has the innate knack for leadership like you. No, I don't think anyone should switch positions with you, especially not me. We're lucky to have you where you are."

Mineko tucked her hands into the crook of her elbows and leaned her head back as if to get a better look of Yoshiro. Her dark blue eyes squinted so that the red irises glinted when her lashes cut into them and her expression was theatrically scrutinizing, almost comically so.

"Maybe you'd even do a better job at my job than me. I haven't really contributed in a meaningful way since we rescued the Concordians and before that, the Seelie. Having the intel guy and team leader in one package does seem like it'll cut down on expenses." Her tone was light and casual, a contrast to the turmoil that she had been encountering lately over the feeling she had shared. "Hmmm, I'll ask around about it for you at HQ."
"You are definitely good at what you do. I am not able to do the things that I do without the Intel you provide." Yoshiro said. "I may be a great team leader but I am only as good as the Intel I get. I couldn't do what I do if I didn't have a good intel officer." He meant everything he had said and if he could he would recommend her for a promotion.