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RP: YSS Aeon II [Mission 2.0] Changes and challenges

The soldiers were silent at first. They hadn't seen this kind of fire in the Heisho before. A few of them groaned inwardly when they heard about the intense training ahead but they all understood why. If you wanted to be the best, then you had to train like the best.

Naturally McBruntel was the first to speak up. "Well I'm in." Several others joined in, agreeing with him. Carlier asked, "So when do we start?"

Katae left her office. She had been checking on various numbers of reports in the AX-01 system. She wanted to compare the data from the Aeon's first visit to what had been reported. She took her station on the bridge.

"Eternity, please interface the original data from the first AX-01 mission. Then also sync with the latest data from the new drones."

Eternity responded "Connection to the two data sources has been made Taisa. There are significant geological differences. Multiple sites that appear to be excavating. Some are rather large, and several appear to be weaponry, possibly missiles."

Katae opened the ship's intercom. "Chui Yamamoto, secure the training and come to the bridge."

Trowa had come up with a list of scenarios he intended to run the infantry through and was on his way to the Mech Bay when he got the message from Katae. "Aye, aye Ma'am." he responded quickly. Wonder what's going on? He thought. The XO sent a quick message to Tanaka. "Heisho, this is Yamamoto. I've been called to the bridge, simulations will have to wait." He paused a moment then added. "Go ahead and have your team suit up. Can't ever practice enough getting into PA quickly and efficiently."

Trowa moved rapidly to the Bridge. Along the way he took pulled up the ships readouts through his cybernetic interface. Everything looked good as far as the ship went so it wasn't an emergency regarding the ship. Must be some new intel about their destination. The XO entered the bridge and moved to join his captain by her command station. "What have we got Ma'am?" Trowa asked as he began to examine the data before him.

Katae looked up from her tactical displays. "There is a significant amount of activity in the site that we left. It looks like the mercenaries used by the Kuvexians were probing into the debris left when we destroyed the Animus and the Anima. We know that the enemy was able to use types of equipment that we were not present for. The amount of energy that is present at one of the sites, could be a problem."
Mech bay-

"All right. Training is going to have to wait. We just got orders for a mission" Yoshiro said. "Kit up and suit up then meet me back down here. Dismissed!" He walked toward his armor and got in to it. He had hoped for some training but he had to make due with what he had.

"Well that can't be good." Trowa remembered the first time the Aeon had been to this planet and the fight they had there. He frowned looking at the map. "I thought that when we destroyed that computer complex the resulting explosion created a volcano, destroying all traces of what had once been there? What could they possibly be looking for?" Trowa shook his head. He didn't like what he was seeing. It was almost amusing, thinking about how different he had been when he had first headed to Genus. Go in guns blazing and figure things out after the dust had settled. Now older, and hopefully wiser, he wanted as much intel as he could before heading into potential trouble. "How resent is the latest intel?" He asked.

Mech Bay

As McBruntel suited up he asked Tanaka, "Heisho, the new XO said we were heading to a place the original Aeon had been to before. Were you onboard for that mission?"
Mech Bay

"No but there was a battle there if I remember what I read about it. I do believe that it was before I joined up so I don't have all the details," Yoshiro said as he put on his armor. He didn't say anything more about the battle since he didn't want to mess up any details and dishonor the memories of the people that fought there. "I did join right after that battle because I was in accelerated training and got to the Aeon after they came back from that battle. I was a green santo hei back then."
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Katae looked at Trowa, then put an image on the bridge backup screen. "It is not the original site that I am concerned for. We original site will be checked out. I want to confirm that the site is dead. The drones have shown that the Kuvexians were excavating on the planet. It is possible that the creators of the Animus and the Anima may have left a cache for their work. We need to know what is there. We need to know if there is a way to control the Animus and Anima, or destroy them. I do not want to destroy a possible sentient unnecessarily."

Trowa nodded slowly as he began to understand his captain's fears. If the Kuvexians could find and somehow control the Animus and Anima then they could cause some serious damage. "So what is your plan of attack when we arrive in system?" Trowa asked. "Are we going to just take readings from Space or will you want boots on the ground?" Trowa remembered the last time he set foot on that planet. "I would like to brief Tanaka-Heisho and his away team of the dangers of the Animus and Anima. They should be warned of what danger these things possess if they happen to run into them."

"We will send down a fully loaded Infantry. We will use Diligent to enter the atmosphere. Once they reach the deployment range, the Infantry will launch. Standard dispersal pattern with constant check-ins." Katae replied.

"The Aeon II will do a deep scan to see if there are dangerous. Go ahead and brief Tanaka and his team."

Trowa nodded. He agreed with Katae's plan. "Aye, aye Ma'am." As he prepared to go, Trowa paused and asked a question. "Ma'am, would you like me to go with the Away Team, or would you prefer for me to remain on the ship as backup?" After receiving his answer, Trowa saluted and headed for the Mech bay.

Mech Bay

Jennifer "Red Hot" Carlier had already suited up and was waiting for further orders when she saw the XO enter the Mech Bay. She automatically stood straighter and yelled out. "Officer on deck!" Trowa hid a smile. That was the first time that had ever happened. "Gather round troops, I've got an update from the Taisa." When the infantry gathered around him, Trowa activated his volumetrics and showed an image of a planet. "AX-01, Genus. The original Aeon explored this planet many years ago."

Trowa quickly gave a brief history on the Aeon's original visit. How the planet was infested with synthetic insects known as the Animus and the Anima under the control of a massive computer called Intellicus. How the Aeon's crew fought and destroyed Intellicus.

"Now, years later the Kuvexians are interested in the planet and have begun several excavation sights on the planet. They also seemed to have quite a very heavy defenses at some of these sights. We need to know why they are so interested in this planet and what they are looking for." Trowa paused and looked around the room. "Any questions so far?"
"Are the Kuvexians using or going to use proxies to mine or excavate? I need to know so that we can make rules of engagement to make sure that innocents aren't harmed." Yoshiro said. "Also if there is any resistance, what can we expect?" He wanted to make damn sure that no one, innocents or soldiers under his command, got hurt.

Josea. the Aeon II's SSS Liaison entered the discussion. "Taisa, the probe shows no sign of active Kuvexian forces. There are several sites that the Kuvesians explored. The probe has identified some of the metallic objects as equipment left behind. There are other people on the surface. Most likely prisoners that the Kuvexians left behind."
Mech Bay

Trowa shook his head. "Unknown." He wished he could give the crew more details. But they wouldn't know for sure what was down there until they reached the surface. "Be prepared for anything. Heisho." Trowa looked at Tanaka, "Chose two of your members remain behind as backup. If you need further assistance planet side, I will lead them down as back up." He smiled at the crew, "Besides, 6 of the Aeon's finest should have no trouble dealing with the Kuvexinans." He hoped to instill some confidence in the away team.

Before asking for more questions Trowa received the update from Josea. He frowned. That didn't make much sense. Why would they just pull up like that?
"Garnet, your with me. Pick 4 other people and get ready to deploy. Jennifer you are on standby until we need you." Yoshiro said. "Monitor comms and make sure that we aren't in any trouble. If we are though, I'll call you but barring that one of us will call." he said with seriousness. "Do we have any more questions for the XO right now?"
Mech Bay

Garnet smiled, "Yes Heisho." She quickly listed off four names: "McBruntil, Fossman, Alers, Jirai." Jennifer frowned slightly but didn't say anything. She didn't like being put on second string but she was a good enough soldier not to complain. No one else seemed to have any questions. There all seemed pretty confident and in good spirits.

Katae looked at her Trowa. "Have the maintainers get the Diligent ready for take-off. You can use it as a command and control for the soldiers on the surface. I will take the Aeon to the original site to see if anything is active."
Mech Bay

Trowa acknowledged Katae's orders and turned to the infantry. "Alright people. The word has been given. Grab your weapons and head to the Diligent." Trowa then quickly put on his own Daisy suit. It would be better if they ground team needed backup that he was prepared for a fight instead of just looking fancy. In no time he was in his Daisy armor and had checked out a plasma rifle from the Armory. He chuckled a moment, this was the same loadout he had had his first visit here. Hopefully they weren't heading to the same desperate situation they had before.

"Diligent is ready to deploy." Eternity stated to the Captain.

Katae watched the system statuses. She thought good luck to her soldiers. She sent a message to her XO. "Good searching Trowa."


There were rain clouds were above the ship. Along with lightning.

Trowa stood in the door way between the Diligent's cockpit and the troop area. He had his Daisy suit's legs magnetized to the floor and one arm holding a roll bar. This allowed him to see what was happening outside the shuttle and to watch the away team. He hadn't fought with them yet and it would be good to see how they handle the pre-action jitters.

The lighting flashing outside the ship caused him to smile as it reminded him of his sister in law, Sanda. She had a beautifully intricate lighting tattoo ran down her whole body. She loved lighting storms. He hoped she was doing well. He also hoped his wife and daughter were doing ok. But now really wasn't the time to be thinking of them. He had a job to do.