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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 26 pt. III: Haru Kaze

Redan City
Mishhuvurthyar Chamber

Hoshi's heart sank, falling in her chest as rapidly as the shards of her sword did. Captain Taiyou Hoshi was not above loving an object. She loved her sword, symbolic of the ship she had captained for the past six years. After all this time it had been a constant in many Kaiyō crew's lives and to see it broken —to see hers broken— felt like something in her was being fragmented as well.

When William called his appeal to end the enemy, his words went beyond the fleshy chamber. It rang out like a decree in the captain's mind as she felt the snap of her teleportation module. She had burst her body forth, onto the beast directly, reciting intently in her mind the words, "Kill this thing!" Even through her mindy, she could already feel warmth where her hand and inner thighs pressed against the foul woman. Despite it, she gripped the shoulder with a heartless squeeze, maliciously wanting to break skin with her grasp alone. Her gun was drawn, muzzle against the fiery plates that protected the Nightmare's torso. Hoshi angled her shoulder so that the muzzle slid down, gliding off of the chitin and onto the soft pale skin of the thing, pointing it upward and into the cavity behind the plating. The heavy cartridge unloaded and Hoshi pushed against the recoil enough to keep the muzzle pressed against the Nightmare's chalk white skin as she clung with her other hand onto her shoulder, releasing another cartridge into the nightmare.

Rei's sensors took in the scene unfolding above. Her swelling pride at watching Aiko throw the human-like Mishhuvurthyar as if it were nothing but a sack of vegetables was replaced by the alarm at what it was doing to William. She was fed up with fighting imitations only to be distracted by them. Slicing her aether projected sword into the masses and their constant onslaught on them, Rei began directing her Sarah's energy into the particle cannon near her armor's head.

"Let them rest at the tip of your blade!" Rei said with her voice directed to Mao.