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RP: YSS Aeon Mission [6.4 Changes....]

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Location: YSS Aeon, Captain's Cabin

Katae sat at the work desk in her cabin. She was looking at the star charts for space between the Empire's core and the Ketsurui Military Sector. She was looking for a likely candidate to deploy an OGP to do initial survey of a planet.

But what really had her attention was the visitor that the crew had acquired, the Aeon was going to try to take their guest back to her home.

Meanwhile, just outside the cabin, a certain neko with rose-alabaster hair stood, holding an uncertain hand up to knock. It wasn't a matter of resolve for Kyoka, it was just a matter of coming at the right time. This small hurdle posed the minorest of threats to here - at least, given the current questions that plagued her mind.

She found the will to knock a minute later, rapping lightly on the door. She greeted, "Taisa, it is Tsubei-juni."

Katae put down her cup of coffee and signaled for Eternity to open the cabin door, "Come in Kyoka-Juni." she said. Her curiosity piqued it was rare that she had crew members come to her in her cabin.

Kyoka entered, bowed, and moved to the front of the desk. Her face looked worried - not the sort of, "I just killed a man and I don't know where to put the body" worried, but the other kind about making life choices.

"Taisa, an. . . opportunity just came up. For my career, I mean. My military career. I mean, of course you know it's my military career," she stumbled, struggling with the words.

"Please take a seat," She said gesturing to the chair that was to the side of the small desk. "I am always willing to talk to my crew, especially dealing with matters of their career."

"Thank you, Taisa," Kyoka sighed, pulling herself down into the chair with a smooth decline. "There's. . . well. . . you know of the Byakuren?"

"I have heard the name, It is supposed to be the ship of Ketsurui Kotori-Taisa. However, beyond that I have not heard much. I have not even heard of what class of ship she is supposed to be."

"Well, apparently my name is on a list of suggested candidates. And what I know about it is that every single candidate was handpicked by SAINT itself for the mission. . ."

Kyoka's eyes drifted downwards at this, staring straight into the desk.
"But. . . I don't know what to do. I want to serve the Empress in the best way that I can, but I just don't know what's the best choice. If I stay here, I know exactly how I'm making the difference in the Empire's efforts. If I move to the Byakuren, I know that I could possibly help to shape the Empire's future."

Katae took a moment to consider Kyoka's words, and steepled her fingers as she did. She then looked at Kyoka.

"SAINT... hmmm... I find that a bit odd to say the least. Assignments come through Personnel Management and typically it is the ship commander who chooses which candidates they want to accept. If SAINT is picking the candidates, then I suspect there is a political aspect to the mission that is not being made public.

Unfortunately that makes deciding to take it difficult, because SAINT will not tell you what is going on until you have decided.

You have been a valuable member of the crew, one who has grown since you came aboard. In your role as Squad Leader you have been doing a very good job. As evidenced by your promotions.

We each serve the Empire in our own way. To my way of thinking. The real question is from my perspective, is the opposite in a situation like this. Do you feel your skills are being put the the best use here, or not.
I want everyone of my crew members to feel that they are valuable and making a difference to the crew. If a crew member feels the need to move on, I will not stand in their way. But I will ask them to carefully consider before they decide."

Kyoka thought. She thought a little longer. When she was done thinking then, she thought a little more. And when she was finally done thinking, she looked the Taisa in the eyes with a gaze that could only be summed up as one that spoke volumes for the respect the Juni held for Katae. And finally, she spoke.

"Three years ago, I met you at Kyoten. I still remember the whole embarrassing thing, these digital minds be damned. I was coming for a war. I was a soldier. And I guess I still am. Now that the war's pretty much over, what good am I to the Empire here? Teaching the rookies about war when we're moving towards exploration and new horizons? I-"
She froze mid-sentence, an outstretched finger halted in mid-point. Kyoka turned her hand over to look at her palm, uncurling all her digits, then clenching them back together.

"I. . . guess that means I've already decided, huh?"

"Soldiers always need training, because we never know when we are going to be called. If we do not train we lose our edge. Exploration means we are going to be out on the edge of known space, with only ourselves to depend on. You are an experienced soldier Kyoka-San you have a responsibility to pass on that experience to the newer soldiers.To help them to prepare for what they will face if a war does come our way.
So you have decided, I just need to know what your plans are." Katae smiled,

"When that day comes, I'll be sure to return to the Aeon. In the meantime, I think I've got to go send a letter to SAINT. Or somebody. I'll figure that one out," Kyoka said, standing up and bowing. Her right hand fiddled with her ring on her left as she began speaking again.

"Thank you for this talk. You've always got the right things to say, and I just want you to know that I'll always remember my time here."

"Then I will wish you good fortune in your next venture. The Byakuren is getting a fine soldier, and the Aeon will miss you." Katae said extending her hand to Kyoka.

Location: YSS Aeon, Captain's Cabin

Katae sat at the work desk in her cabin. She was still thinking about the discussion with Kyoka. It was highly irregular for a Captain of a ship to actively recruit soldiers off their current posting. Unless they had submitted a request. Kyoka had not. The young Nekovalkyrja had grown since she had come onboard, and she was doing well as the Squad Leader for the Infantry. Now the ship would have a new SL which would mean a learning curve and a loss of efficiency.

Katae realized that the whole situation was more than just a little frustrating, but what could she do. She was just a Taisa from a minor clan. The Byakuren was under the command of a Ketsurui. Ketsurui obviously got what they wanted despite normal procedures.

Yoshiro had gotten up and ready for his meeting with Ise-Taisa early. He had plenty to think about after their last mission and he wanted to do more than just fighting as an infantry soldier. He didn't think that he had many skills that he could offer. He had to talk to the Taisa about what he could do to help the Aeon. He arrived at the Captain's Cabin after some time alone with his thoughts. "Ise-Taisa, Tanaka-Hei reporting." He said after a few seconds.

Katae looked up from the information on her desk, she was actually rather excited about the chance to get back to exploration. Although this was an even tricker situation, exploration with the aim of locating a new species homeworld.

"Come in Tanaka-Hei, kindly take a seat. What brings you here?" Katae asked watching her crew member enter.

Tanaka bowed to his Taisa, took a seat and started to speak,"I was wondering if I do enough on the Aeon. I feel like I am not doing enough, Taisa. I know what I do is important but I just feel like there is more that I could be doing more than what I am." He said and sighed. He really felt out of sorts about this whole thing and he needed to do something about it. He thought about being a scout for the infantry but he knew that wouldn't work with him not having experience in that field.

He also thought about being the ship's cook but he had no idea how to cook food for so many people. "I know that I could do more Taisa but I am not sure what it is I could be doing. " He said . "What can I do to help you and the ship Taisa? Being infantry is one thing but I want to branch out and do something with my life."

Katae listened to Yoshiro it was clear he was wanting a larger role on the ship than that of Infantry. She went over the current roster and considered what positions were currently unfilled. She took a sip of water from the glass on her desk, placed it back down and then looked at
"Well, this is actually a good time for this discussion. We do have a number of positions currently unfilled. We have some bridge positions that are unfilled, as well as technical positions. I am looking for Starship Operators, a Science Adviser. We also can need technicians, and an IT specialist. With our next mission being 'exploration' I see no reason that we can not have you working as regular crew and once on the ground still working with Infantry as needed.

So do you have any idea what you would like to do?" she inquired.
"I would love to be a Starship Operator. I was wondering about what being a Starship operator would entail and if I would need additional training for it." Yoshiro said with a bit of excitement. He caught himself and settled down. "If I could be of some help there, I would be happy. "
He was a bit more excited at the prospect of being a Starship operator and he wondered if it showed. He decided to apologize to Ise and spoke. "I am sorry Taisa. I am just more than a bit excited at the prospect of help the crew of the ship out more than I have." Yoshiro said.

Katae smiled at Yoshiro's enthusiasm. "Well, of course new responsibilities means more training. You can have Eternity download the basic training to an ICP to read, or if you are up to it, to you can download it into your brain.If we were going to be here for awhile I would schedule you for some simulator time. But I can arrange for you to run some simulations with Eternity on the second station to help you get familiar. Starship operators navigate, fly the ship, and of course fight, controlling the weapons.So for now you will train, and I will handle the majority of the flying, until you have a chance to get familiar with the controls and systems.Plus once you get some practice I may give you some scenarios.

Eternity will give you access to the bridge so you can come up to the #2 Station on the bridge. "

Yoshiro nodded and got serious. He wasn't about to let the Taisa or the rest of the crew down. He would practice as diligently and hard as he could. "I will do my best to honor you and the ship. No matter how hard it gets I will do my best." He said and smiled. "I better get to work and start on my reading Taisa. Before I do is there anything that I need to know?"

"Just that flying the Aeon is not like driving a car, or flying a shuttle. She is a precision war machine, and you need to learn to work with her not against her. Unless you decide to upgrade to the Minkan body with SPINE, you will have to anticipate things because you will not have the ability to link with the ship and interface directly. You will also be working with Eternity more so you may want to take some time to get to know her and she you." Katae answered.

Yoshiro stood up and made ready to leave. He had a lot of work to do and he needed to get on it as soon as he was able."Thanks for the info Taisa. I shall do my best." he said "Would it be a good idea to upgrade to the Minkan or should I stay the way I am? If it is somewhat easier to pilot in a Minkan...I think I should but I need your advice." He was going to study as hard and as much as he could.

"The Minkan form has advantages, beyond the SPINE capability. It offers greater strength, security access. While having the SPINE is not a necessity to operate the ship, but in the heat of battle being able to access sensor data and the controls without having to use the consoles can help. But I am not going to require you to upgrade. It is your decision. But the SPINE will also help you when you are in power armor as well." Katae replied.

"I see. Well seeing as how I have a lot to do, I shall take my leave. Thanks for this opportunity." He said and bowed. He waited to be dismissed however, not wanting to be rude but anyone could see that he was excited about his new job.

"You are dismissed Hei. I look forward to having you on the bridge. It will notify our XO of your change in position as well. If you decide you want the body transfer just go to medical. I will have the authorization recorded." Katae said with a warm smile.

Yoshiro left the room after he was dismissed and decided that he wanted to upgrade to a Minkan so that he could help the ship better but for now he was hungry and he decided to go grab a bite to eat before upgrading to a new body.

Saki walked through the hallways of the ship. Her destination was the captain's office. She did wonder what Ise-taisa wanted of her, but she had something else to talk about as well. She felt it important. Only Ise-taise could approve of what she asked and she was even willing to pay for it if needed. It did not take long and Saki stood before the captain's door. This time she made sure to look presentable. Normally she would wear her legend Jacket, but this time she felt she needed to look just right. So she had her Duty-uniform on.

Her hand went to the doors and she almost knocking. Saki remembered first time, she came to Ise-taisa's doors and how silly it was of her to knock. It was just something she liked to do. They did in movies and some books of old. Of course on ship doors that were made to seal itself if needed the knock was not heard. Instead Saki pushed a buzzer at the side of the doors.

"Arai-hei reporting as instructed ma'am!" She said into the intercom and waited for the door to open.

Katae was standing in front of her desk in her cabin. She had a volumetric image in front of her when the door buzzer went off. She pressed a button on the desk, "Come in "

The doors slid to the side and Saki walked inside. She bowed deeply to the captain and then smiled politely. It was not often she got to meet face-to-face with the captain herself. She was just a lowly trooper after all.

Katae returned the bow with a lesser one according to her status. "Kindly take a seat Arai-Hei"

"You called for me ma'am?" Saki said, just to say something after she sat herself into the chair before the table. She felt a bit of uneasiness coursing through her body, but she repressed it.

"There are some changes coming up for the ship and crew here in the future, especially with some of the personnel changes. And with the NMX withdrawing in most systems, the war is winding down.

So I am looking to give some of the crew who have been with me for a while a chance at additional responsibility."

"So this is about additional training ma'am?" Saki asked the captain with raised eyebrow. "I am always happy to gain new experience and learn more."

"Some training I am sure will be needed, but its more about responsibility. We have no dedicated armorer. We are going to be heading out for a while and I need someone who can keep our Power Armor's operational, and properly configured for missions. Having people choose for themselves is problematic to say the least. Plus we will be adding a ground vehicle."

"I would be happy to do that ma'am, though I would need to refresh my knowledge. I did not do any armoury-work since basic and equipment got upgraded. Plust my speciality were weapons and not power-armours. I went through basic maintenance and repair course though. With just some training I will be able to keep our Power Armours working as well."

"That sounds good, I will authorize your training requirements. So that you can get the skills we'll need. The ATV I am planning on getting is a EM-K5 "Sagasu". I am purchasing it with my own money, but we will need to upgrade some of its systems to be able to connect into our communications systems. So that is what I wanted to speak to you about. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"There is one thing ma'am, before I ask. About this vehicle," Saki paused, her eyes blank for several seconds. She was obviously checking with the network to check this vehicle. "I see a nimble amphibious APC. I assume you do not plan to use it during combat mission. It apparently has no weaponry."

"Our next mission is 'exploration', so we do not need a tank. But I do want it modified so that if we have a need we can mount some guns like the Type 30 35mm MG or equivalent. Even peaceful planets can have threats. So I want contingencies." Katae replied.

"Ma'am if I may be so bold," Saki started, looking at the captain. Katae once said, she did not mind her people talk freely, if they had something good to say. "This vehicle looks very nice, but why don't we ask for one of those Troll Tanks? They are only 4 years old and apart from the fact they allow transport of troops, they offer safety and firepower if needed. Not to mention they can be equipped with watchdog system. They do not float, but they can be sealed and you can drive under the water if needed though. It is jsut an idea. SAoY should have a lot of them so we might just get one issued. Maybe have both Troll and the APC?"

"Trolls are tanks, if we need to approach some aliens, I would rather we have something that does not look like a war machine come rolling up to them. In the past we had an ESTV which could fill that role, but they have been withdrawn."

"I am not professional, but I think it won't matter much if we have large machinegun or a cannon on top. And should aliens start being dangerous, cannon will provide us with better mean of protecting ourselves." Saki tried to explain what she meant.

"If we encounter aliens, I plan to make sure we handle things smart. We have a variety of drones to recon from above. The advantage of the ATV is it does not look 'high tech. We will have a Yusou Type 33 Grav-APC for other occasions."

"Roger that ma'am. Also ma'am are we going to keep Ich-, I mean are we going to keep those two Tasha's we used on last mission? They were very useful."

"Sadly the TASHA were destroyed when the prison blew. But I can put in a request for one, to help augment the Infantry." she said making a note.

"Thank you madam," Saka replied with a slight bow. She was sad Ichigo got destroyed, but in the end she really was just a self-shooting weapon. Not a person. Well at least there might be Ichigo-niban now. "As for what I wanted to ask you madam. I would like a downgrade. This type of body has certainly a lot of advantages, but I felt my overall capabilities lower from when I was NH-29. Downgrade can only be done after your approval though madam."

"hmmm... it is a strange request. I personally do not feel that the NH-33 is inferior to the NH-29. I appreciate that unlike the NH-29, I can keep this body when I leave the military some day. But it is not a big matter at this time. Your request for a body transfer to an NH-29 is approved."

"Thank you very much ma'am!" Saki said happily, but then she get serious again. "Though I do agree with you ma'am. NH-33 is not inferior to the NH-29. Just a bit different. I really appreciate you approving this request ma'am!"

"Okay, then unless there is some other business you are free to go."

"May I ask a question ma'am?" Saki said, not standing up yet.

"Certainly, questions are the start of learning. Fire away." Katae said with a smile.

"Since it was mentioned. Have you really though about leaving the SAoY? I personally cannot imagine at the moment." Saki said with a bit of a frown. "I also watched few of senate seatings and it seems to me as if Yamataian people won't accept us Nekovalkyrja the way we are. I am scared a bit. Of leaving the army."

"Well, first Saki-san, I was a civilian before I joined the military. So, I have always known that at sometime I will leave it. I do not have any immediate plans for leaving. But there is more to life than war. That's why I am glad we are going back to the mission the Aeon was originally given. Exploring, going to worlds no one in the Empire has set foot on before. And there is the fact that some day I may wish to have a family of my own. If I decide it is time for one, I do not want to be far away on some planet fighting. And I would be careful about reading too much into the Senate discussions. There are some people who are afraid. But their fears are baseless. We who have served, be it because one was manufactured or enlisted, we have shown that we can put our personal goals aside for the good of the Empire. After all even if every Neko were to change to a 'civilian' body. That does not change who they are, how they think. It is my hope that with the war passing, that folks will see things in a more realistic view." Katae answered.

"That is the thing ma'am," Saki replied with a worried expression on her face. "We did fight for them. Some of us willingly, some of us did not get a chance. But we were still all happy to do that. To fight and lay our lives for the empire. We do not even ask for anything and yet, they were not willing to recognize us as what we are. Our bodies are still just an equipment and we are not allowed to keep them. It is as if they were afraid of us, but there is not reason for that!"

"And that will change in time. Remember, the Senate is filled with politicians. And most of those operate based on exploiting the 'concerns' or 'fears' of their constituents, real or imagined. I can say that I plan challenging that ruling in the future."

"Well you can count on me with any support you might need ma'am!" Saki said and she looked much happier. If anyone could pull this off it would be Ise Taise. She was wise and knowledgeable. Unlike other Yamatians and geshrins and whoever else she did know what it is like to be a nekovalkyrja. "Madam, one last thing. I just want to mention that Tsubei-juni did superb job on both last two missions. I would be wiling to go anywhere with her as my squad-leader. If anyone deserves any kind of medal it should be her. Just wanted to say this madam!"

"Well she is getting a promotion and a commendation. Most of the team will be. You folks did good. I will see you in the Wardroom later."

"Indeed ma'am!" Saki replied and stood up. "Thank you for your time. I will go straight to medical. Once again thank you for everything. You can always count on me with whatever you need!"

"Thank you Saki, you are a valued member of the crew. Make sure to take a little down time before we leave. Some shopping or such, no telling how long we will be away from stores."

"I will make sure to do that ma'am!" Saki bowed to excuse herself and left the room with smile on her face.
Location: Veronica Star System
YSS Aeon Docked to Kyoten Starbase


Katae was in the lounge of the Aeon. The ship was waiting to enter the squadron's starbase for repairs, so at the moment most of the crew was off ship. That left Katae with the visitor they had picked up on the last mission. She was waiting for Josea to come on board, she truly needed the SSS Liaison's skills. The visitor they picked up was from an unknown race, and did not speak Trade. While one of her crew members had tried to make progress, it was not Freyja's expertise.

There was a pitcher of water on the small table, and a number of glasses.

"Taisa, Gustav-San has entered the docking arm. He will be here shortly." Eternity said through the lounge speakers.

Kata'nova looked around the lounge, curiously taking in everything she was seeing. Her helmet was off and tucked under her arms, her ears were flat yet forward. There were some strange sounds she hadn't heard before, a few of which had made her a bit jumpy and it showed by how she did appear nervous despite her curiousity.

Her eyes soon fell upon Katae, where she stared at her curiously. She was about to say something, her mouth open half-way, but then she closed it and looked away rather nervously.

"My name is Ise Katae, you may call me Katae." the commander of the Aeon said from her seated position, placing her hand on her chest as she said her name. She hoped the concept might get through, but wasn't hopeful. "Would you like some water?" she asked. Katae leaned forward picked up the pitcher and poured herself a glass and took a sip.

Kata'nova watched and listened, observing Katae closely. She then looked at the pitcher, waited a few moments to see if anything would happen, and decided to do what she had seen Katae do. She poured herself some water into a glass, then looked at the water and took a tiny sip and waited again for a moment to see if anything would happen - when nothing did, she smiled and took another sip.

Katae smiled, good, we have established that water is okay. she thought.

At that moment Josea came in with his ICP under his arm. He entered slowly and approached Katae from the site. "Ise Taisa, I got here as quickly as possible. Eternity has apprised me of the situation and uploaded the data from the Tenba to help me." he said.

Josea then turned to Kata, "Hello, my name is Josea." He said then took a seat and placed his ICP on the table in front of him.

The young Kit glanced at the two, Josea's entry kind of startled her a bit as she jumped but quickly settled down when she noticed the man wasn't heading for her. She stared over at Josea and pointed at the man, and then at Katae, curiously wondering if the two were the same.

Josea looked at Kata, and sent a command to his ICP, it projected an image of Kata and Freyja from the Transporter. He focused on the attempts to work on an understanding by drawing pictures on a table with a grease pencil.

Once the playback was complete. He pulled up his analysis, showing the images that they got a response from Kata on. When the image came up, it was followed by Kata's voice saying what it was, and then the computer saying the Yamataian word. Josea watched Kata's body language to see her take on it.

Kata'nova blinked at the sounding of the word, she was at first confused, then she nodded.

"Okay, I'm going to try a sequence of common stellar objects. Since she's was a pilot, she should hopefully understand them." Josea said to Katae. He entered a command and the computer displayed a series of different types of planets, followed by word Planet. It then did the same with a number of stellar bodies. After that it repeated the planets and but instead of saying planet it waited for Kata.

Kata'nova watched the sequence as it went, curiously thinking to herself as time went on. When the sequence stoppped, and then repeated, she stared at the planets and began to name them in her own language. Planets that were more rocky, those that were gas giants, and those that were livable - at least to her people anyway.

Josea smiled as the translation program captured Kata's words and relationship to the images. He then switched to the next sequence, this was of people. It cycled between Nekovalkyrja and Minkan, with the addition of male and female for the that species.It also included images of Neko and Yamataian children. Infants, etc. As before it went through the sequence twice, but at the end of the second sequence, it added an image of Kata. Followed by the earlier images of male and female.

This was something that Kata'nova didn't understand, as she stared at the images as they went through in sequence she merely looked at them with confusion and then as Josea. She looked back at the sequence, the one's known as Neko's had strange looking tails and ears, but they bore a slight resemblance to an animal on her world. The others, Yamataians, she had an easier time recognizing thanks to her encounter with Freyja. She stared at the Neko image, and then looked at Josea and Katae, then back at the image and folded her arm over her chest in what could be confused ponderance or perhaps just confusion.

Josea frowned in frustration. So he reset the parameters, showing the Yamataians only, he would tackle the Neko issue separately. He set the program to repeat.

The second time around did it, Kata'nova watched and repeated what was being said, she had to think a few times in order to figure out 'how' to properly pronounce the name and the genders. Mmm... she thought with a curious stare.

Josea then played the image of Kata. With no voice.

Kata'nova stared at the image, at first wondering why the image of herself was being shown, then she wondered if perhaps it was asking about her species; so she spoke her species name.

Josea smiled as the system recorded Kata'nova's response. To confirm manually, he pointed to each of them and used the appropriate term for their species. Next he decided to work on some very basic verbs. He stood up, and as he did said stand. Then he would sit, he said the word. He repeated this a couple of times. Then had the computer create an image of Kata'nova standing, and sitting, saying the Yamataian word, then with no word and Josea pointed to their visitor.

Kata'nova watched the image for a few moments, then uttered the words that she felt the image was trying to convey in her own language. But, after a few, she stopped and stretched her arms. A few 'pops' could be heard and she let out a painful moan, her muscles were hurting right now and her tail was feeling quite stiff, she was used to wearing the body-suit for so long but the breach in her suit was causing her some discomfort.

She pondered a few things for a moment, then looked at Josea questionably. She wondered if she should go ahead and remove her suit, to allow her fur and body to breath a bit, plus so that she could more easily address the breach and repair it.

Josea looked at Kata, it was apparent she needed a break. He switched off the projector. Stood up and stretched. He took another drink of water. He then walked to the restroom. He motioned for Kata to come to where he was.

An eye-brow raised, Kata'nova walked over to where Josea was and looked at him curious, pondering what it is he wanted.

He stepped in and demonstrated the workings of the sink and the toilet. He poured the rest of his glass of water into the commode to emphasize its purpose. He then stepped out of the room and let Kata decide if she wished to make use of it.

The girl watched, the process seemed pretty basic and similar to the systems her own people used and thus wasn't at all difficult to grasp. She looked up at Josea and smiled weakly and closed the door. She didn't really need to use the facilities right now, but the privacy would do her well when she changed.

Kata stared into the mirror, noticing that her face was a bit dirty. She turned on the water and washed the dirt off, and then looked back up and looked at her face from side to side and nodded. She then got out of her suit, disengaged the suits conforming system, causing it to go loose.

"There," she muttered as she pulled the suit off and folded it. She set it down on the ground and looked back into the mirror to resume cleaning her face and also her hands, there was a light smell of oil that came from them and she wanted to get that smell off.

Her fur was flat against her skin, a side-effect of having to wear the suit for long periods of time, and it'd take some time for her fur to return to it's natural state. Her tail moved from side to side, she brought it around and forward so that she could inspect it, looking for any dead fur that she could take out.

When she was done she resumed cleaning and once finished picked up her folded suit and looked at the surroundings with a nod. She opened the door, and stepped out, revealing her tail and that she had been wearing something 'else' beneath that body suit, she had light red sweats on with a blue t-shirt.

"Nvdi cfuufs.." she smiled approvingly.

Josea took a moment to look at Kata, he smiled seeing that she had taken steps to make herself more comfortable. Need to see what we can do about clothing. probably can adapt some of our stuff.
He presumed that she was thanking him, so on the off chance she was, he replied. "You are welcome."

He turned to Taisa, "Would it be permitted to take her up to the wardroom so she can look out the window?"

"Standard visitor policy for now Josea. Public areas with an escort. A change of scenery and a break from the language work will probably do her and us some good. I am going to the bridge for few to report to Command. Call me if you need me."

Katae stood up, "I will see you later." she said to Kata'nova. Josea gave a polite bow the the Captain, and she turned and walked out.

"Walk?" He asked, taking a few steps. Then stopping to look at her. He then brought two fingers up near his eyes then brought them away and pointed around the room. "Look around." He pointed towards the staircase that lead to the wardroom.

She understood that and stretched her arms one last time before watching Katae leave and cocked her head curiously for a moment, then followed Josea up to the Wardroom. She was amazed at how large the room looked, compared to the size of the ship she had seen when coming here. The place smelled funny to her though, her nose wrinkling slightly at a burnt smell and looking around until her eyes fell upon some soot marks on the ground.

Curiously she walked over and knelt down, playing her hand on the marks for a moment, then looking up when her eyes noticed the windows. Her eyes flew backwards and she ran up to them and looked outside, placing her hands on the glass and looking rather amazed.

Josea let Kata'nova explore as he stood back and observed. It was unfortunate to Josea's way of thinking that she was seeing the Aeon in battle damage state. Soon the Gunship would be brought into the Ikoi and the technicians would repair the damage.

He casually looked walked up and looked out the window. "The stars are impressive. Puts things in perspective." he said, knowing that their guest probably only understood a few of the words. Below the ship the planet Ronica rotated like a blue green gem. Off in the distance the massive Chiharu Star Fortress was visible.

Kata'nova stared out, but shook her head to what Josea said. She didn't say anything to the man, but instead looked up at him and then pointed at the planet and then toward the starbase, before closing her eyes and then looking back toward the planet itself. It's odd, until a little bit ago, I thought the same as my people - that no other race existed but our own. Yet, here I am, standing on a foriegn vessel with people who are different from my own. My superior stated that any foreign race would be hostile, yet these people aren't... but who were those that attacked me? the girl blinked for a moment, her expression full of puzzlement.

She wondered if it were possible to ask, she couldn't really do it in words, but maybe should could find a picture of it? She thought about that.

Josea watched the young person beside him. It was clear that there was much she wanted to ask, but they were still very early in the translation process. He put his hand on his chest. "Called Josea." He pointed to the planet, "Planet called Ronica". He pointed to Chiharu, "Starbase, called Chiharu.". He swept one arm in a wide arc to encompass the Aeon. "Starship, called Aeon".

How are we to get this one back to her people, when we are still struggling to handle basic concepts. As my mentor always said, with time and patience. he thought.

Kata'nova blinked and listened, she sounded the name out in her mind, mimicing the words as best she could based off how Josea said them. Thinking aloud to herself, she placed a finger on the side of her chin. "J...jusia?" she tried to say in the mans language but it came out very crud.

Josea listend to Kata'nova, he figured she was trying to say his name, so he repeatedly it slower and emphasizing the syllables. "J-o s-e a." He repeated it a second time and waited for Kata'nova. He also wondered if part of the problem was physiological, what if there are certain phonetics that the alien could not make.

"Jusia?" Kata'nova repeated, unable to get the 'o' and 'e' part of the name to properly roll off her tongue.

Josea nodded it was close enough, but as he feared there seemed to be some sort of vocal imediment at work. "Yes."

Kata'nova smiled and looked back out the window at the planet, station, and other objects that she could see with her eyes. She didn't say much more after this though and just watched things, then she pushed off the window and looked around the room for anything that might be of interest to her, although the grumbling of her stomach made her blink from embarrassment.

From behind the food buffet Sachi was cleaning the counters, she then placed a bowl on the end of the counter with an assortment of fruits. She looked briefly at Kata'nova smiled, pointed to the fruits and walked back into the kitchen. The bowl was filled with a mixture of oranges and two kinds of apples.

She looked at the fruit with curious eyes, and picked one up and turned it about in her hand. She wondered just what it was, it wasn't something she'd seen on her world so perhaps this was something these people ate? She pondered, staring at the piece of fruit for a moment, then took a small nibble out of the side.

Josea watched Kata from where he was, giving her a chance to explore on her own. He saw her select a piece of fruit. He could also hear the sound of cooking coming from the galley. There was a small crew onboard at the moment, so he was sure that Sachi would be bringing more stuff out for consuming.

She chewed on the little piece that she had taken off the fruit and after a moment her eyes brightened and she began to take much bigger bites out of it and quickly devoured it. Kata'nova then picked out another fruit, different looking from the one she had just finished and took a bite out of it.

Her people loved all kinds of food, sour, spicy, plain, it didn't matter; but in this case the fruit she had bitten into instantly gave her a very bad taste that caused her to cast it aside and set it down on the table. She wondered what it was that was in this piece of fruit that her body didn't like.

Josea walked over, "Are you okay?" He looked at the piece of fruit that she had put down on the table. He could clearly see the bite mark into the rine. "No no, you need to peel this fruit." he said, and then picked it up. He quickly peeled the fruit, then pulled out two slices. "This is an orange." he said pointing to the fruit. He then put one slice into his mouth and held the other to Kata.

Kata'nova took the slice and looked it over, then looked up at Josea, and put the piece into her mouth and began to chew. It did taste better without the peel, but she still tasted something rather odd about the peel. It had a sort of sour-like taste to it to her but it also has another taste that was burning her tongue a bit.

When she was through, she looked over to see if there was anything more.

Sachi had come and placed some more on the buffet. One was a small dish with a variety of nuts. Next to it she had several slices of bread, bannana bread, pumpkin bread, raisin bread. She was carrying out some small kabobs, with a mixture of peppers, onions and chicken, beef or pork.

Curiously Kata'nova out a nut and looked it over as if analyzing it, then tossed it into her mouth and chewed. It tasted good, she then took some of the bread along with a kabob and started to eat it.

Sachi watched their strange visitor, she smiled warmly as Kata'nova tried some of the various food items she had laid out. "I hope you enjoy the food." she said wondering if the alien even understood her. "Good evening Josea-San, if you or your guest require anything else just call out. I will be in the kitchen planning tomorrows menu." she said giving a bow and walking out.


Kyoka's hands traced the cover of one of her silly novels. Two duffel bags sat on the bed before her, one filled partially with books and the other with clothes. There wasn't that much to pack, but she couldn't rush it. She tossed the novel in her hands on the stack with all the others.

Saki opened the doors and walked inside the room. She saw Kyoka packing and could not help but to feel sad. "So this it?" She asked. The blue haired neko could not believe Kyoka wanted her to lead the squad on the ground. It was great honour and she wanted to never betray Kyoka's trust. She would still be happier if Kyoka stayed.

The Juni jumped, a little surprised at the sudden entry and question of her roommate.

"Ah, Saki. . ." She greeted, turning around and dropping onto her bed. "I'm almost done here. Most everything I've got is packed up."

One of her hands snaked behind one of the duffels, feeling up a package that lay there. It was a gift, of course, one she felt Saki would appreciate. But she didn't pull it out, not quite yet.

"I am going to miss you you know," Saki smiled and move forward pulling a chair and sitting down, looking at the other girl. "How much time do you have?" She then asked, looking at the packed things. She noticed the books. Sometimes when Kyoka was gone, Saki sneakily borrowed few and read them. They were silly, but kind of nice and relaxing.

"I've got a day, I just want to make sure I don't miss anything."

Kyoka withdrew her hand from the package and stood up. She made her way to the dresser, piling the remainder of her clothing into her arms.

Saki leaned closer to get a better view. "Well, do you need help?" Saki asked with a smile. She had something to give to Kyoka later, but she wanted to wait a bit first. Just talk and get things sorted out.

"This is actually the last of it here. Not much to pack, I guess," The elder of the two sighed, setting the pile down in the free space between the two duffels. Once she started refolding them neatly, she continued, "Kind of funny, I think. Three years of my life leads up to two duffel bags."

But there was more to it than that. She had reached the highest non-officer rank in those three years, been on several missions which changed the face of the war, and grew as a commander. And all of it is in two duffel bags.

Saki reached out and put her hand on Kyoka's shoulder. "See how great you are? Mine would not fill even one duffel," she joked with a smile. "What is your next assignment exactly? Anything funny?"

"It's something SAINT related, but beyond that, I don't have a clue," Kyoka replied with a shrug, rolling up a pair of socks. She returned Saki's smile bittersweetly, and tossed the socks into the clothes-duffel.

She stopped her process to fully face Saki and asked, "I bet you're wondering why I picked you, huh?"

Saki scratched herself behind an ear with soft grunt. "Well kind off," Saki replied with a bit of worry. "I am of course happy and honored. Just a bit worried... hoping you did not do it because we were... well-"

"-N-no, nothing like that," Kyoka interrupted. "Tanaka-heisho is too. . . hot-headed. And he never seems to remember my rank. He's gone a little wild on multiple missions now, and he still can't remember my rank. But you. . ."

Kyoka paused.

"You strive to achieve what you can on the field, all while maintaining a cool head."

"Well..." Saki started with her reply. "I am really happy for you. But I do get hot-headed sometimes as well you know.. remember that Render? Up to this day I am not super sure what I was thinking back there. But I promise I will do my best if Taisa will pick me!"

Saki then stood up and went and sit next to Kyoka on the bed. She leant a bit closer, blinking few times. "I am going to miss you," she then whispered.

Kyoka blinked once. Then again. Then, a blush spread across her face like wildfire.
"Uh-ThisIsForYou!" she blurted, pulling out the package she had wrapped only a short while ago.

Saki looked at the wrapping and took it in her hands. "Oh.. I uh... I have something for you as well." Saki said, setiing the wrapping next to her nad jumping to her locker and opening it. "Sorry I did not wrap it or anything, there is no box big enough." She said and got out with her Katana. Holding it with both hands and offering it to Kyoka ceremonialy.

Words fell out of a jumble in the elder Neko's mouth.

"Wha-but-this-Now I feel kind of cheap. . ." She mumbled, taking the sword gingerly, as if she would dirty it from the faintest touches. "D-don't you need this to train with the Chusa?"

Saki smiled and sat back taking the gift from Kyoka. "Don't worry about anything. It served me well and now I want it to serve you." She said and unwrapped the package. She found a book. Not a book. The book. The one that made Kyoka and Saki get...closer that one faithful night. "Wow. This is amazing. Thank you! I shall cherish it!"

"I'm glad you like it. . ." The juni smiled, setting the katana down on top of the folded clothes.

Saki held the book and leant against Kyoka, propping herself against the pink-haired neko. "So tomorrow it will be a goodbye eh?" She said with a sigh. "I hope the fact that it is SAINT mission won't mean you won't be able to talk with me."

"I hope so too. . ." Kyoka sighed. "I really don't know much about this mission, aside from the fact that it's important for the sake of the Empire. Probably."

Saki smiled and put a warning finger up. "Every taks is important for the sake of Empire Kyoka!" She said with patronizing voice, but the giggle following it showed she was not serious. "Even peeling potatoes and stuff." She joked some more.

"I don't see how potatoes will stop the remaining Mishuu. 'Oh no, we're out of Aether power! I know, let's shoot Nep-fries at them! That'll do it!'" Kyoka joked in return, taking a more playful than sarcastic approach to the humour.

"Maybe they would find nep-fires delicious and we could exchange a recipe of them for the peace." Saki added with a smile. Her hand went meanwhil behind Kyoka's back and grabbed her other shoudler, pulling her closer into a hug.

Kyoka did nothing to resist, letting the younger neko pull her into a hug. No words were said for the next several minutes as she just enjoyed Saki's presence.

Saki looked aside at Kyoka, she used her hand to shove some of the stray hair away from Kyoka's face. "You know, maybe you will meet some nice guy over there too. You always said, that you want a boyfriend. Tell me about him when you do."

"Y-yeah. . ." Kyoka somberly replied, biting her lip. It was a depressing chain of thought for the time being. She did love Saki, but at the same time, this opportunity was too big to go to waste. "Saki, I. . ."
She interrupted the thought process by kissing Saki full-on.

Saki did not hold back and kissed Kyoka back, huggin the girl with her both arms. She enjoyed the passion, because she knew this was the last time for a long time, if not forever. Who knows, maybe next time she will see Kyoka, the pink haired neko will already have someone else. But it did not matter. What mattered was now and here.

"Kyoka," Saki said as their lips finally parted for a bit. "I know. Do not worry, go on and enjoy yourself. But do it tomorrow. For now we will be together." With that she kissed Kyoka again.
Location: YSS Aeon, Bridge

The Aeon was still undergoing repairs, but the bridge was fully operational. Katae sat at her station engaged in a conversation with Eternity. They were discussing the training for their fledgling starship operator. They settled on a scenario that would give Yoshiro an opportunity to get used the controls and basic operation. All that remained now was for the Hei to arrive.

Yoshiro woke up and stretched himself out. He had a long day ahead of him and he was planning on doing his best to help the crew. He was showered and ready to go with a nicely pressed uniform. He wanted to make a good impression so he made sure that the ship patch and rank insignia were all in the right spots on his uniform. He then made his way to the bridge and reported to the Taisa. "Ise-Taisa, Yoshiro Tanaka reporting for training as ordered." He said and bowed. He was a bit nervous as this was a new thing for him but he was willing to do whatever it took to help the ship.

"Welcome to the bridge Tanaka-Hei." Katae said returning his bow with one less shallow given her rank. "Eternity and I have worked out a few challenges for you. After we go through a few basic procedures. Kindly take your place at the #2 operations station." she said without indicating which of the stations on the bridge she meant. She wanted to see if he had done any research, especially with regards to modifications on the Aeon from the standard configuration Plumeria.

Yoshiro took his seat at the 2nd Starship Operations seat. He had been studying about the ship but had forgotten a bit of it when he fell asleep so this was a bit of a lucky guess at that. But he had a lot to go through and he had read the manual once and it was a lot to remember. "Science and Sensors. Sensor control and secondary weapons are used from here." He said, trying hard to remember what he had read.

"Very good, although remember that technically any of the stations can be configured to fulfill any role. For the purposes of today's exercise, station #2 has been configured for helm and navigation. The station has been set to simulation mode." At Katae's words the console in front of Yoshiro reconfigured itself to flight control and navigational screens.
"First part of the the training is undocking, and launching. I would suggest for these maneuvers that you use manual interface. We will cover SPINE control in a later part of today's lesson. Eternity will provide all data and responses from other stations and of course dock control" she said entering a series of commands into her console.

"Roger that. " He said and took a seat at the second console and prepared for his first simulation. He was thinking about how his family would feel about his new job but then pushed all other thoughts out of his head to concentrate on his new job. "Ready for my first lesson, Taisa." He said and stretched a bit knowing that he may be a while.
"Pull up the pre-launch checklist, and follow it, Eternity will provide it for you. It is important to follow it in order or you could damage the ship or the station." Katae said.

In front of Yoshiro a volumetric display appeared.

Advise Engineering to bring internal power up, and switch to internal power.

Contact station control for departure clearance, wait for response.

When engineering reports vessel on internal power, request that station remove external power connection.

Once external power is removed, Advise Engineering to bring the drives online.

Once drives are powered, exit dock via path instructed. Warning thrusters should be used while inside the dock, Engaging primary STL drives will cause damage to station.

Once clear request departure vector and engage Aether drives.

Yoshiro read the checklist and did the first thing on the list. "Engineering, bring internal power up and switch to internal power." He said and then keyed the radio for station control. "Station control, this YSS Aeon requesting departure clearance." He was reading the rest of the checklist as he waited for responses to what he had said.

"Engineering to bridge. Bringing the mains online. Will advise when generators are spun up." came a voice from the speakers.

"YSS Aeon, this is station control. You are clear for departure. Leave through the forward doors as we have traffic waiting astern. Once clear your departure vector is 345 relative." came from the speakers in a male voice.

The bridge lights flickered briefly. And additional displays came up on all the consoles.

"Bridge Engineering, generators are at 80%. We are operating on internal power at the moment. Power to maneuvering thrusters at your command. Aether engines will be available once we are clear of the starbase." Came the voice of Hisa the ships engineer.

"Roger, vector once clear is 345 relative. Remove external power connections." Yoshiro said and he checked to make sure that nothing was wrong and that things were going well. He stayed alert as anything could happen.

An audible thunk reverberated through the hull, and the view screen showed the arm with the power connection swinging away. Once the arm was fully retracted, "YSS Aeon, Station Control. You are cleared for departure. Be advised we have inbound heavy traffic so keep alert." came across the speakers.

"Roger station control." He said and looked at the display to confirm that external power had been disconnected. "Engineering, bring the drives online." He said after confirming that and made sure that the coast was clear for the moment and prepared to activate the thrusters to maneuver.

"Drives are standing by already Bridge." came Hisa's voice. The sensors showed that there was nothing in their path on the departure vector they were supplied.

"Setting course 345. Thrusters engaged, no traffic." he said and used said thrusters to maneuver the ship out of the dock. He made sure to take a look at the sensors to make sure that there were no obstacles to move around or traffic to slow down for.

The Aeon glided gracefully out of the bay, the view screen showing the walls passing the ship. Sensors showed no traffic near their departure vector. Katae adjusted her seat restraints and waited.

When the Aeon was 100 meters out of the bay, Blaring klaxons sounded. "Proximity alert, sound for collision." Eternity's voice sounded cutting off the klaxons.Sensors now showed a Nozomi-Class scout ship on a collision course, it was coming over the top of the Ikoi starbase and closing at high speed.

Yoshiro saw that the Nozomi was coming and adjusted the course of the ship to the right trying to give the Nozomi some room to pass and not hit the wall but just in case he thought that he should warn the crew about the impact if it were to come. "All hands brace for impact!" He said over the simulated PA and hoped that what he did was not going to kill them. He had bad luck at simulations, like the combat sims at Fort Ready and such so he did not want to fail this one at all.

The Nozomi continued to close as the Aeon moved to starboard on thrusters. The console showed that the at the rate of closures the Nozomi was going to impact the Aeon port side about midship.

"Recommend Engaging STL Engines." flashed on the screen in yellow.
Yoshiro continued to move to starboard with the thrusters and ignored the warning about the STL. Since he would damage the station if he did activate it, he wanted to use it as a last resort and not right away. He looked at the distance between the Nozomi and the Aeon and kept using the thrusters to move the ship out of the way. "Eternity what is the distance between the Nozomi and the Aeon?" He asked.

"Distance to the other ship, 500 meters, rate of closure 125 meters a second." Eternity replied.

Realizing he had misjudged the situation he went about trying to reclaim the situation. "Activating STL drives." Yoshiro said and maneuvered the ship out of the way of the Nozomi. He was inwardly upset at himself for making this mistake, as he had wanted to make a good impression on the Taisa but outwardly he was all business and focused on the task at hand

Katae watched the instruments showing the Aeon accelerating, and the rogue Nozomi missing it by ten meters. "Nicely done, Tanaka-Hei. That is a real enough event at some of the more busy spaceports. Okay, proceed on course, we have set up a slalom course for you to fly the Aeon through. This exercise will help you to get used to the speed and agility of the Aeon while executing precision flying."

On the projected course, there was a marker for the start of the slalom. "The first pass through the slalom is a speed and accuracy pass. The next time we run this scenario, it will include targets." Katae said.
Yoshiro flew to the designated waypoint and prepared for the next part of his test. He was getting a bit more nervous now that things were getting serious. He made sure that everything was in order before taking the slalom and took a look at the course. He was as ready as he could ever be. "Taisa, I am ready for the next part of the test." He said and took a deep breath to calm himself.

"The slalom is a three dimensional course, so you will have to pay attention to changes along all three axis. There will be digital targets that you must fly through, and you have to fly through them in the right direction. Also you will be using thrusters and and the STL engines at low power. No CFS, so you have to take into account the Aeon's mass and momentum. You might want to use your SPINE interface to allow you to access the sensors but leave control to manual. This is your first time through so there is no 'time to beat.' Your time through the course the first time will be you target to do better on future ones. There are twenty targets for this run." Katae said wanting to make sure Yoshiro had a clear understanding of his objectives.

"Your time will start when you fly through the first target." She said with a slight smile.The course was a standard training one that all operators had to learn, so she was interesting to see how Yoshiro fared.

Yoshiro nodded and interfaced with the ship so he could use the sensor data but left the controls on manual so that he could adjust for any problems that may come up . He closed his eyes for a few seconds and he maneuvered the ship to the first part of the slalom. He maneuvered the ship through the first pylon using bursts of the thrusters and the STL going 5 km forward and 5 km starboard.

Yoshiro then turned the ship 270 degrees and moved 5km forward using the same trick he used for the first gate. He dipped 5km and then turned 5km to port to get through the gate. He just made it into this gate and he felt good at that.

The third gate he had a bit of trouble with. He went a little too far ahead and had to reverse a bit before going up 10km and turning again 270 degrees and making through the gate. He had to take a bit of a break as he was not used to getting so much information at once due to his SPINE interface. He took a deep breath and continued.

The fourth was a bit trickier and he was trying his best to get there. he went 10 km forward and 10km starboard turning 90 degrees to target and going through the ring but he was a bit slower in this one by about 5 seconds.

The final gate was the easiest as he had to to go 10 km higher and went through the gate. He had hoped that despite his mistakes that he had done well enough to warrant the Taisa's faith in him.

Katae watched Yoshiro's progress, given the limited amount of time he had for training and experience. He was doing fine by her reckoning. The next part of the course was tricker, it was all moving forward, but the targets were moving side to side or up and down, so it was a matter of timing the ship's speed.

"Doing good Hei, now we will see how you handle this stretch."
"Roger that." He said, inwardly smiling at himself but he had to be careful and not let it go to his head. He was ready for the next part of the test to begin and waited for the Taisa to start the test so that he would not do anything wrong.

"Proceed when ready Hei. This is a matter of timing and speed. The targets move in a very specific method. So you need to observe and figure how to best go through them. If you can time your approach, you should be able to go through two or three at at time. However, one of the targets will as you approach deviate from its normal path.
Good luck."

Yoshiro nodded and moved out toward the targets. He was getting tired as he was not used to his SPINE but he toiled through it. He was watching the targets and waiting for the right moment to move. The first two were moving up and down at different speeds and when they met together to form a tunnel Yoshiro made his move. He made it through before the targets moved and he studied the next one.
Three and four were swinging like pendulums and he watched as they swung and met in the middle. When they did the next time he used the thrusters to edge through them. Five and six were a bit tricky as they moved separately and at different speeds.

Yoshiro made it through the fifth target by moving toward the target as it came down and he made it through and the Aeon passed through the center without incident. The sixth target was a bit tricky as it randomized the speed at which it moved. Sometimes it would suddenly move up and down fast and then it would be slow all of a sudden.

He waited and moved slowly toward the target as it changed speed so he could time it to arrive when it was at its slower speed. He made it through the target and proceeded to the seventh target.

The seventh target was moving diagonally across the flight path from high starboard to low on port, the one behind it was moving diagonally as well its points were reversed.

Yoshiro watched as the targets moved and made sure to note the timing of the targets. He made his decision to approach the targets and when he did they suddenly moved in vertical fashion. Yoshiro slowed the ship down and watched again.

Katae watched with interest. She wanted to see how Yoshiro would deal with the target altering its trajectory when the Aeon drew close. She wondered if he was going to use pure speed to get past it or avail himself of the resources the Aeon had aboard her. Sometimes the best method was not the obvious one. she thought.

Yoshiro used his SPINE to get information on how the target was moving and waited for some info to come before he made his move. He did not want to make any mistakes so he waited.

The sensor data showed that the objects were holding their new pattern, but also that they were equipped with LADAR and monitoring the Aeon's proximity to them.

Yoshiro decided to move closer to see how the target would move and how he should react. He watched and waited to plot his move. He waited and then made his move. The target moved side to side as he approached and he used the thrusters to maneuver the ship into the target as he moved side to side with the target. He made it through and moved on to the next target.

The final targets moved in a simple manner giving Yoshiro a chance to shoot through them at the same time if he flew fast enough.
Yoshiro monitored the final targets and he flew fast through them so that he could make it through the rings at the same time. "There we are..." He said visibly exhausted from using the SPINE and not being used to it. "How did I do Taisa?"

Katae looked at the analysis of the training simulation. The results were not unexpected, and gave indications of areas that Yoshiro could work on improving.

"You made an acceptable grade for the first attempt. There are obviously a number of areas where you need improvement. But that is expected, this was your first try. We will see about setting up another session for you with weapons next time.

You are dismissed.Tanaka-Hei." She said with a smile.

"Thank you. I am glad that I did so well but I am going to study up on the stuff I need to work on." Yoshiro said. "Thank you for this opportunity to help the Aeon." He bowed after disconnecting the SPINE interface and bowed to the Taisa. After he stood up and left the bridge he went to his room to rest and have Eternity download what he needed to work on to his datapad.

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