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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.0] - Prologue Southern Encounters

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Veronica Star System, Orbit above Ronica, 0700 hrs

The Aeon was sitting in its Starbase the Kyoten, provisioning was underway and repair team personnel were packing up and leaving.

Katae stood on the cargo ramp by the right side, watching the work progress. She had received their orders and she was delighted.

The crew had received orders report at 0900 hrs in their new Type 35 uniforms in the wardroom.
Garret entered the warroom with haste. "Dang it. First day of service and I am already late." According to his watch, the time was 0930 hours.

"Santô Hei Garret Vostok reporting for duty, ma'am!" He made an energic salute which did little to hide his anxiety.
At this particular point in time, Kyoka was passing by the wardroom, in workout clothing with a towel around her neck. She heard one or two new recruits had come in to replace their transfers, and read their files as soon as they came in. Being infantry leader had small perks like that.

She heard Garrett's voice as he saluted somebody, presumably the Taisa, so she decided to drop in to say hello.

"Are you. . . Votosk-hei? I'm Tsubei-juni, the squad commander for the infantry team. You might want to reset your watch, because there's still a good two hours before you need to be here," She greeted with pleasant smile. The neko's bubblegum-pink hair was tied into a ponytail for now, it seemed, which left her face and ears fully uncovered.
"B-..." Garret blushed lightly as a realization suddenly hit him. "Dang it. First day of service and I am already making tremendously stupid mistakes." Indeed, he was early and it was not entirely unintentional - he always kept his clocks one or half an hour ahead from everyone elses'. It was his way to make sure he was always in time. "But yesterday I forgot about it, and when I woke up today my clock was two hours ahead from everyone elses'. Dang. It."

"I... Apologize." He was aware of the ridiculous situation he was in, he was just not very good dealing with such kind of situations.
"Ah, no need to apologize. Everybody makes mistakes on their first day. You should have seen mine!" Kyoka laughed, waving off his nervous demeanor with another smile and wave. "I'm heading over to the exercise room, but feel free to tag along if you want to talk!"
"Thank you but... I am not feeling very well..." He replied in a low voice. He did not want to appear unpolite, but he wanted some time alone now. Afterwards, he turned to face his superior and realized that she was, in fact, not there. "Fool, there are two hours ahead before you have to report in."

When he first arrived he was so worried about ruining his record that he paid little attention to what was actually happening around him. Now that he actually had a moment to think things through, he realized that he had seen nobody but Tsubei-juni.

"This first-day anxiety is really getting to me. Perhaps a moment of solace will do me some good." He left the room and proceeded to explore the ship. He had only seen a small portion of it, and he wondered how big it actually was.
Yoshiro got up and put his type 35 uniform on after taking a shower. He had called his mother the night before to see if his father got a proper burial, which was the case. "MEGAMI, what time is it right now?" He asked as he headed toward the wardroom.
Cargo Ramp
Katae accepted a small parcel from the courier who approached her. She then went into the ship and made her way to the wardroom.

"Ship time is 7:45 hours."

Sachi a brown haired neko brought out several trays of food and put them on the buffet. The smell of fresh biscuits, french toast, scrambled eggs, ham, sausage filled the air. She then brought out three carafes of juice and put them at the end. This meant there was coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice, and grape juice.

"Taisa said feel free to eat. She will be here in a little bit." She said with a smile.
Yoshiro arrived at the wardroom to the delightful smells of breakfast and he walked in to see what was on the menu. He was told that he could eat so that was what he did. Yoshiro grabbed some eggs and sausage and some french toast and sat down. He took a glass and filled it with some orange juice and saluted his father before taking a sip.

He remembered all the times with his father, good and bad. Like when he was a teen he would get into fights with his father all of the time and just storm out.

When his brother and sister were born he knew he had to better himself and set a better example and to do that he had to join the Star Army Of Yamatai. He was no longer a rebel but a person serving something more than himself and he knew that his father would be proud of him.

He continued to eat and sip his OJ, not knowing what his future would hold but he knew that he could make something of himself and protect those that he loved.
Vostok explored the ship without fear. He knew - or at least, suspected - that cameras were all over the ship. Thus, so long as he did not actually meddle with equipment or annoy or other members of the crew nobody should complain about his presence.

He made his way to the Armory, and visually examined the weapons stored therein. "I hope we get to board and capture an enemy ship someday." The thought was perhaps naive, but not entirely unrelated - for if boarding actually ocurred, these would be the weapons used by the infantry.

He contemplated paying a quick visit to the medical center, but he did not dwell too much in it. "Needles and stimpatches were never my forte." Besides, he would have to spent time here later on so he had no hurry to see it.

He continued to the Power Armor Bay. "Impressive... Even moreso than in the Holomovies." The Power Armor suits were imposing, their technology one of the Imperial marvels. Then again, the very ship he was standing on was an Imperial marvel as well. With that line of thought, the Power Armor suits sounded less impressive and more ubiquitous. "It boils down to who has the better ships."

Garret finally reached the Shuttle Bay, and inspected the 'small ships' stationed there. "It is likely that these are little more than glorified passenger vessels." The thought amused him a little - in part because of how probable it's truth was. Larger ships such as the YSS Aeon were, after all, the workhorse and lifeline of the Imperial Star Army - small ships like these were in contrast mere transportation aids.
"Nevertheless, they have their own beauty. In a world of behemots, these little animals carry on with their duty. Perhaps one day I and others will owe our lives to them." He indulged that line of thought and imagined a great battle with the Aeon at the forefront, all the while staring at those simple shuttles.
Kyoka, by this point, had made it to the workout room and was stacking weights on a lifting machine. 50 pounds, 100 pounds, 200 pounds, she stacked, preparing for something new. The neko moved between the two L shaped poles, sitting on a bench and placing her hands onto the lifting devices. With a groan, she began pushing.

And now, to begin, She thought, focusing her gravity control. It was a more focused force than what she was used to, but it was an ability worth honing.
Vergil stepped towards the ship, his uniform was fitted perfect and in his left hand he carried his bag of some personal belongings. He knew being early was key to success so he had to meet everyone and make a good impression. He stepped onto the ship and let out a gasp. It was more beautiful than he thought. He decided now would be a good time to look around and find the rest of the crew and his commanding officer. He brushed his white hair and smiles handsomely as he walked through the ship.
A message pinged in Kyoka's mind. It wasn't so much a message, however, as it was a notification of sorts. And the contents frightened her.

"W-WHAT?!" she yipped, dropping the weights with a loud CLANG. Luckily for her shoulders, the machine had just enough clearance to not hit her. The neko ignored this, instead standing up and projecting her uniform onto her body. "O-oh my. This is. . ."

This sort of thing, she thought, could only be resolved with the help of one person. She made a beeline for the Taisa's cabin.
Vergil heard the loud clang from down the hall. He jumped as the noise startled him, he wouldn't admit that he had been thrown off edge for a second. He then heard someone yelling, he decided that it would be best to investigate the situation. He slowly started to make his way down the hall, slowing the pacing of his footsteps to an almost silent walking pace. He focused his mind on the task at hand, he felt his feet slowly stepping on the clear floor, his breathing, decelerating to a monotone breathing pace. He moved ever closer to the source of the noise.

"Hello?" he called out, hoping to get a friendly response, "is everything alright in there?" He hoped no one was hurt, that would be horrible, if on his first glorious day someone got hurt, it would look bad for the crew and hopefully wouldn't effect his own record.
Vergil would see the weights in place and catch a glimpse of pink hair leaving the room.

Josea walked into the wardroom, took a look around noting several new faces, and a number of missing ones. He brushed his sandy hair away from his face, and unzipped the jacket of his uniform. Josea walked over to the buffet. He got himself a glass of juice, "Hello Nami-San. Your cooking smells as good as ever."

The brown haired Neko smiled back at Josea, "Thank you Gustav-San. I have missed having you onboard. Perhaps sometime you will bring your keyboard to the wardroom or lounge and entertain us."

"Only if you promise to dance Nami-San." He snagged a piece of bacon and walked over to the main table. Stopped and looked at Garret. "Hello Santô Hei, I am Josea Gustav with the Scientific Studies Service. Assigned as liaison on the Aeon."
Garret was distracted, still thinking about theorical battles. This did not prevent him from hearing the greeting directed at him, though, and he replied quickly: "Good day, Gustav-san. This is my first day on duty."

Excitement got the better of him, and for this reason he was not going to eat much. In almost literal terms, his hunger for adventure was beating his hunger for food - he was too eager to receive new orders and see where the ship would be deploy.

"I hope we do see some action. Maybe fighting pirates or something at the very least. A ship with this gunpower should not be sitting idle in safe space." Nevertheless, even as he thought this he kept taking bites now and then to avoid drawing attention.
"Well, I can say that since I came on board, life has been anything but boring. The first mission I was on we flew into the start of the Second Mishhu War. Since then we have visited a variety of places, a few missions I had to stay behind, but now I am looking forward to exploration. Of course even exploration has its risks." Josea replied to Garret.

"Right now I am very curious about our newest visitor. On the last mission I was on, we encountered a new alien species. Which representatives of which are now meeting with the Premier. I got to assist the Ketsurui Yuumi while she was meeting with the one we rescued.

Now I find that one of our other new crew members found another alien. One who is posing quite the challenge."
Garret's thoughts grind to a halt. "Aliens..." Images of the monstruous Mishhuvurthyar came to his mind. He had never seen one in person, but the holograms were realistic enough for him. "Monsters, which deserve only death. Their very existence is an afront to nature, and to the Empire itself."

He finally replied to Gustav, recalling on his other words. "I agree, Gustav-san. The YSS Aeon is a beautiful ship, I am sure I will see many wondrous things in it's travels."

Garret had thought about speaking in a more heartened way, but the though of aliens always soured his mood. He tried his best to hide such emotions, however; no sense in starting one's first day of service with a frown.
Josea listened to Garret, "Would that everything thing we encounter be wondrous. I have seen soldiers die aboard the Aeon. Ones that could not be restored because there was no back. Since we were heading out on a peaceful exploration. Although it was quite a sight to see the Seventh Squadron flying in formation with four of the SSS's Tansaku-Class Research Ships. I am certain that we only survived because of he combined capabilities of the ships. Team work.

So what are you hoping to find out in the void?" he asked.
"Of course, this magnificent ship is still a warship and I have no expectations of it performing otherwise. As to what I hope to find..." Garret replied, trying to fight his more darker thoughts. "...I am certain that we will see many things, both of the good nature, and the bad. As there are ships like the YSS Aeon, so there are ships of scourge like pirates and enemies of the Empire. While I may or may not survive the journey, I am certain that the Aeon is able to deal with such threats in a swiftly and efficient manner." "An elegant way of avoiding the... Topic." He though, and managed to keep his relatively amicable disposition.
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