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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.1] Response in position


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YSS Aeon

Neshaten Contact Holding Point

The Seventh Squadron dropped from FTL and switched to full stealth mode. Each of the ships was positioned to afford them the optimum field of fire.

Katae stood next to her station on the bridge. The greater FTL capability of the Plumeria-Class Gunship allowed her squadron to position themselves long before the Tanoshimi was due to arrive. It felt weird for her to be on her ship while a significant portion of the crew was on another ship.

She glanced at the Systems and Safety Monitoring Station. All ship systems were nominal.

She turned to Aoiko, "Okay, since we are in position this is a good time to discuss possible tactics for a response in case the Neshaten take a hostile approach to the Tanoshimi."
Aoiko took a serious face for a moment and leaned back stroking her chin a bit in thought, the Neko had been dead a long time so she wasn't a hundred percent sure what these Neshaten were capable of... She however looked towards her superior and sits up a bit placing her arms in a crossed formation beneath her bosom. "Are there any limitations on what we can do in response to a hostile situation involving these unknown Neshaten?" She asked curiously, she knew of basic military protocol, but she was curious if her superior had any limitations of her own involving the situation.
Katae gave a slight smile at Aoiko's response. She had been concerned that the Intelligence Officer would advocate a shock and awe approach.

"Well, bottom line we do not want to create a major incident. So any tactic we go with should be defensive primarily. The priority in that strategy is to protect the Tanoshimi and our crew members aboard. So let's start with going over options on how we can accomplish that goal." She replied.
Aoiko nods to herself for a moment then looks down again for a few minuets as if going into thought. "Well if we assume that we have better technology then them, the ships shields might be enough to overtake their weaponry... however assumptions lead to downfalls... If the goal is to protect the Tanoshimi and the crew members then I believe we should probably take point. Place the Tanoshimi behind the Aeon, and place auxiliary power to the shields around our ship, that way if we get attacked the Tanoshimi will have time to retreat while we take the brunt of the force... thats of course assuming that we get attacked from the front... What are our Fighters like?"
Katae listened to Aoiko, she was pleased with the proposal. "That would be a variant on what we did back in UX-25. I like the idea, but I would prefer that we not be in front of the Tanoshimi. But we can move up so that the squadron is parallel to the ship. Our shields can extend far enough and with four ships, we should be able to give the Tanoshimi time to jump away if necessary.

We do not have any fighters, the only armed small craft we have is a SAOY Tenba-Class.

In the event that the locals act hostilely I want to keep weapon exchange to a minimum. If possible, I would prefer to avoid killing any of Kata'nova's people. So we should probably work on preparing for pinpoint targeting. They fire, I want us to be be able to target their weapons. Enough to disable but not to destroy their vessel. Start running some simulations."
Aoiko bowed to Katae after her order and then nodded before turning around and beginning to start up some simulations which appeared on screen for the Captain to see. The first simulation ran flawlessly, the ideal situation that they didn't have to engage with the people, and everything was peaceful. After that, it was the defense simulation where they would use their own ship to defend the Tanoshimi, which ended with their ship getting damaged, but the Tanoshimi escaping. The third simulation was a simulation of a battle where they attempted to only focus on damaging crippling parts of the enemy ship, which would end with both of the ships pretty damaged, but them getting away. Finally, the all out battle ended with a possible destruction of the Aeon. She leaned back a bit and tapped her finger on the console for a moment. "It seems the best choice of these would be a mixture between the defense simulation and the crippling simulation."
Katae had monitored Aoiko's simulations. They were good. "Question when you ran the simulations, did you consider that the Neshaten in a hostile move might opt for an attempt at stealth to put a ship behind the Tanoshimi. Its a possibility. " she looked away for a moment. "Eternity, I want passive scans on all bands." "Intitiating Taisa."

She turned back to Aoiko, "Kindly find an optimum arrangement of the squadron around the Tanoshimi. So that we can cover her with shields from all sides, but ensure that no ship of the squadron is directly in front of her. Also notify the Tanoshimi by quantum communications."
YSS Aeon, Bridge

Nagato Maki, ship's resident spook, well one of, had been incredibly busy since they had gone down for shore leave. It was the fate of operatives such as herself to not have any free time off and she had not had any time off while the rest of the crew was off vacationing. She had been off doing something classified, which if she ever told anyone, she would probably then have to shoot them. That said though, 'officially' she had gone off to visit family that lived non to far from where Aeon had gone for shore leave. She had returned to the ship before it had taken off for the new mission, but mountains of required paperwork that followed up her mission had kept her bogged down for some time.

Now though, Maki had emerged from the inky shadows of office paperwork and now sat on the Aeon's bridge auxiliary station, monitoring the ships sensors. Observation and surveillance was well within her skill set and experience, though Maki was more of the get one's hands dirty wetworks type operatives when it really boiled down to it. But here she sat watching a screen, listening to comm traffic and sensor reports. Not her ideal task, but one was needed. Captain needed a set of eyes and ears on sensors and she was that set.
YSS Aeon, Bridge

Aoiko sent the Taisa's orders to the remaining ships of the squadron. She then sent a brief quantum signal to the Tanoshimi.

Aeon-actual reports squadron is in position to render protective measures if necessary."

Maki would see a small EM spike on one of the sensors. It was close from the perspective of space travel. It had a relatively low power level.
Aoiko spent her time watching the sensors and stuff after sending the orders. She's more than happy to have such a relaxed job at the moment, but that doesn't stop her from being alert.

Nagato Maki leaned closer to her screen as she spotted the spike in EM energy close to them. "What was that?" she murmured and brought up a new window, replaying that moment of sensor data and starting the computer on a full analysis of whatever it was. The also focused the sensors on the area the spike had come from.

"Captain" she said, opening a channel to the commanding officer. "This is the bridge, I am detecting a low power EM signal of unknown origin close aboard to us, trying to determine what it is"
Katae monitoring the updates coming from the Tanoshimi turned to Nagato. "Do so but with caution. We do not want to spook the locals, although we may have to amend our plans. Seems the Neshaten want to meet face to face on a nearby planet."

The Aeon's passive array was providing data. Which added to the data stream from the Tanoshimi would give Nagato a fairly good set of results about the object.

Meanwhile the Tanoshimi sensors were providing more data on the new object. Self-contained power, propulsion were definitely present. No indication of high energy systems such as weapons.

"So, Aoiko-San. I think it would be prudent to get you and Nagato to the discussions. Though the methodology, will be problematic." She said.
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Aoiko looked at the Taisa and nodded her head. "Yes Taisa-Ise. How would we get there however, you say the methodology will be problematic... What did you have in mind?"

It had been a long time since Aoiko had been alive, quite a number of years even, she was still getting used to all the advances of technology that she had missed.
Katae smiled at Aoiko, "Report to the Power Armor bay, and equip your armor with a Ke-M2-P3000 Teleportation Module. I'll notify the Tanoshimi that I am sending you folks over to the cargo hold. Eternity and Hakken will provide precise coordinates for the transfer. That way you will be on the Tanoshimi when they touch down and you can observing the Neshaten with the others of the Away team. I want both of you in addition to studying the Neshaten and their culture. Discretely observe and see what you can learn about this rogue element they have, and also explore this practice they have of using young people for soldiers."

"Understood, localizing scan, discreetly" Maki replied, a slight smile touching her lips. She had no intention of upsetting the locals. She just wanted to be sure they were not lobbing giant rocks at them or sneaking in an attack force of some kind to wipe them out of the universe. A little paranoia was healthy, especially in a spy such as herself.

Aoiko nodded her head. "Yes Taisa." She stood up and moved to the power armor bay after giving Katae a bow. She was a woman with a mission! So she didn't really talk much on her way down there. She equipped her armor with the teleportation module and stripped naked getting inside the machine and situating herself as the armor closed. She began looking over diagnostics and such in preparation for departure when Ise said they were green lighted.