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RP [Monarchy of Dovania] Fresh Batch PART 1


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RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
Xuno | Ex-Reeves
===== Winter | 06:00 | Xuno, Reever =====

Within the Ex-Territory of The United Republic of the Reeves, the city of Reever, once the most profound military installation and the Williams National Officer's Academy. There, Dovania had made it the main recruitment centre. The newest ones are loaded up in the truck, on transport over to the Reever Military Boot Camp.

Elisys had just stepped onto the truck and looked around. She saw a few other recruits in the truck, just enough for a small group. She sat down next to one of them and said “Heya, name’s Elisys, what’s yours?”

Katarina was already in the back of the truck. Tinkering with her cybernetic arm, making the settings just right. Looking up, to Elisys when she got on, "I'm Katarina." She stated in a stale tone, getting back to tinkering her arm.

The truck's engine began to rumble as the vehicle rolled forward. Within a minute it was on the road and on its way.

It wouldn't take long for the truck loaded with fresh boots to reach the training camp. It rolled to a stop by the main field, and as the new troops dismounted, they would find a man waiting.

Mark Tazar stood in the field waiting for his new charges. The Warrant Officer, despite the two fools he had to train last time, was looking forward to this. To long had he been stuck aboard the fleet. The dirt was familiar, and the gravity real.

"Welcome recruits, this is the first day of the process that will make you worthy soldiers.", He declared, standing there in his boots, black cargo pants, plate carrier vest, and Revenant under suit.

Elisys stands to attention, ready for what will be her best decision. Elisys steps forward and ask, “Excuse me, but when are we getting assigned our position, or do we have to do some training first?”

Katarina stood at attention awaiting orders from any higher ups near by her.

"First you must be evaluated recruit, and trust in when I say, I will not go easy on you because you whine. It's time to get your shit in gear people, first to note. Never step out of line miss Amare. If you wish to address me, you will refer to me as Sir, or Warrant Officer Tazar. Do I make myself clear!", Mark said sternly, barking the last question.

Elisys stands back to attention and responds, “Sorry Sir! I apologize for overstepping my bounds! I am awaiting excitedly for orientation Sir!” Elisys awaits with extreme excitement for what is coming.

Katarina stood at attention without looking anywhere but straight ahead, not saying a word.

Mark scanned the gathered group with an intense gaze, sizing his new recruits up, measuring how much of a Hell he needed to put them through.

"Your first trial begins now. I suggest that you stay quick on your feet, because your life.....May very well depend on it.", Mark said with a grin.

Heavy mechanized steps could be heard behind him, as large foot prints appeared in the dirt. There was a dim light as particles of light dissipated, and a large mech approximately 9 meters in height appeared. It shown itself as if burst into existence by some unseen force. its armor was all black, with red markings.

Mark's eyes began to glow as he spoke one word, "run."

Elisys immediately turns and grabs Katrina by the arm and sprints away as quick as she can. Elisys has seen some of the destruction those mech can do from the footage she has seen, and knew if they get caught, time to kiss life goodbye. “You know how explode stuff?” she says to Katrina as they run like hell.

"I do know how to make explosives but i dont have any of the supplies on me to make one." Katarina runs faster then Elisys and starts to drag her towards the tree.

The rest of the recruits scattered in every which way, some into some of the trenches in the training field and some into the woods along with Elisys and Katarina. One of them shouting "SCATTER, THAT BITCH WILL LIGHT YOU UP!!!"

The mech simply watched at first, then it began to run after the closest prey. Mark simply stayed where he was, his glowing irises looking over the recruits. He willed the machine to do what he wanted, watching through its optics in a small window that was in the bottom right of his HUD.

The Kirin fired its smaller shoulder guns, the rotary weapons began to spin up. With a whir rounds began to stream at the fleeing humans.

Elisys stumbles behinds Katrina as they near the tree. "We should go deeper into the woods for safety!" She shouted trying to catch up.

"That's the plan Elisys." Katarina continued to drag her without any sign of slowing down.

The recruits in the trenches started to make a rendezvous and made it through the foxholes trying to throw him off his trail. While the ones in the woods started to run deeper into the woods, into an area with a creek and ducked under a overhang. "Hey! Over here!" They shouted to Elisys and Katarina.

["Switch to IR mode, parameters are search and destroy. Nonlethal secondaries only."]


The Kirin switched to hover mode, jumping up as its thruster ignited and let it glide through the air. It moved over the woods, scanning the greenery below with its singular eye. It watched the humanoid red blotches in its vision scurry about. The mech began picking targets and hosing them down in shock gel rounds.

Elisys yelled, “We’re going in deeper, further out means lower chances of getting killed. You’re welcome to come with us.” Elisys tries to keep her balance as she gets dragged along by her new friend.

Suddenly, large shock rounds hit the ground behind her, about 10 feet away. “DON’T STOP RUNNING!!!!!” Elisys screams as hell comes from the heavens.

Katarina saw the shock rounds and started to run even faster now dragging Elisys across the ground "I DON'T PLAN ON STOPPING" her Reevean accent was quiet obvious.

The recurits that remained under were covered by debris, the rest ran out. Running in erratic movements. For they didn't want to be predictable in their movements. One ran up to a tree and dove underneath the bottom and took cover beneath it.

The tree would shake as the mech landed through the trees. The mechanized unit grabbed the tree and uprooted it with both hands. ["Dead."], came Mark's voice from its speakers as the soldier was sprayed. With one more counted amongst the casualties, Mark sent new orders.

The two wings which also acted as binders released its feather drones. There were 8 in total of the flying drones with bodies that doubled as blades. They darted out of the woods and spread out to hunt down targets. The next was to let loose its leg equipped missiles, sending warheads full of shock gel, to detonate over targets. They also spread out, locking onto larger groups.

As Elisys was being dragged, now quite literally, she heard a slight fluttering in the back ground. What she saw behind her had her heart plummeting into her stomach.

In the distance, a drone was following behind, slowly catching up to Elisys and Katrina. She turns her body to grab a rock as she is scraping her legs on the ground. She managed to get her hand on a decently sized rock, not heavy enough that she can’t easily carry it but can still do some damage. She gets Katarina’s attention and says, “Got a drone tailing us!” while trying to give her the rock.

Katarina kept running, essentially ignoring her, "Then throw the damn thing! get it off our tail!" She shouted as she jumped over a log. "I'm busy running!"

Most of the Recruits that were tagged by the shock rounds were laying in the creek or deep in the fox holes of the fenses. The few that remained had run deep enough in the foxhole or were deep in the woods, being alone and not with each other.

Mark grinned as the two girls were the last ones out in the open. With a wave of the hand, he sent the unit new orders. Those now dug in else where, had passed the trial to him. But he found interest in how the two girls would deal with the situation.

The mech took off from the woods, at a full burn. Elisys if she, or Katarina looked back would see the black metal titan flying after then now too. It's single optic began to glow as its mono eye laser charged up. A bright red beam of light fired, striking the ground ahead of them and carved a flaming crescent into the earth to cut them off.

The drone would shrug off the rock, the plating designed to cut through heavy armor.

Elisys desperately tries to hold onto the rock she grabbed earlier, and just barely glimpse the mech finishing firing its laser “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Elisys laments. She launches her rock at the gun portion of the drone, hoping to at leave some damage to the machinery.

She yells at Katrina, “We need to change course! The mech after us as well! We gotta find a way to lose it!” She takes her left boot off and throws it at the drone as well.

Katarina stopped dead then turned dead around and charged right at the mech, throwing Elisys to the left, "RUN!" She then dashed right.

"I think that this is going quite well wouldn't you agree?" General McDavis said to Lora, over looking the event from cameras in the tower back at base, able to see the event from the upper windows, "Seems like they're having fun." He followed up with.

Mark began to stroll towards where the current chaos was, "Well they aren't dead yet at least." He said to no one in particular

The drone would take the rock to the lens of its optical sensor, having to fall back to telemetry, and footage from the mech. It tracked off towards Elisys, who registered more as a threat. It's nose gun opened up with shock rounds kicking up dirt as they chased after the woman.

The mech began to charge up its laser again, as it diverted towards Katarina, its shoulder mounted rotary guns began to spin up. Streams of shock rounds began to strafe towards her.

As soon as Elisys was thrown to the left, she immediately started running as close to the fire as she could, running zig-zag so as to not get hit by the shock rounds. She bobbed and weave through the wilderness and stray fire, grabbing and throwing another rock at the drone when she could to mess with the sensors some more.

As she just barely dodged a shot from the ever persistent drone, she grabbed a nearby fallen tree branch and yelled at no one in particular, “Who the hell was the person that designed this hellscape?” She turned around and threw the branch like a javelin right into the gun barrel of the drone, hoping for something to stop it.

”I wonder if Katarina is fairing any better than me.” She thought as she hears a boom behind her, feeling splinters hit her back.

Katarina dodged as many as she could before she got nicked and hit a tree face first. The impact knocking her unconscious.

"Ouch, that has to hurt." Lora said looking at the camera that was tracking Katarina. "Though, she did manage to dodge some..."

General McDavis shook his head, "If you get shot you're dead. You can't afford to only 'dodge a few'. However, I like this girl. She's a pro, being able to weave through, I want information on her Sergeant." He said ordering a Sergeant to fetch information on the recruit.

The mech switched directions as its target neutralized herself. It wouldn't take long to catch up to Elisys, its laser would tear through the woods ahead of her, burning trees, and breaking rock. It landed before the line of Hell fire, a backdrop for its imposing black frame.

The drone had no other exposed optics, and it flew through the branch. With the mech in front, the drone hovered behind, both ready to bring the defeating blow.

Elisys bursted through the trees and came upon the seen before her, the mech in front of a wall of fire."Well, either she got away or she got shot, hopefully it's the latter." She hoped as Elisys enters the clearing. She has a full understanding that she is probably going to get hit and lose, but at least she wants to go out in style.

Elisys ran right towards the mech and tries to grab on. She only makes it halfway before she gets hit by a round square in the chest by one of the rounds coming out of the rotary guns. The pain caused her body to freeze up and fall directly face down. Before she passed out, a barely understandable "Fuck you" came out of her mouth

Katarina was next to a tree unconscious from a shock round her cybernetics where spazing out

Lora walked up behind mark with her wooden cooking spoon. "Hey! We need some functional for next round so... General's orders." And swings to hit in in the back of the head.

Mark grunted quietly before rubbing the back of his head, "Okay, fair enough."

["Unit, stand down. Operation complete, RTO."]

"The trial is over, all units return to the field.", Mark's voice called out across the battlefield from the mech's speakers as it flew back towards Mark's position.

General McDavis Had arrived outside and waited for everyone else to return back to formation, either perfectly standing, or limping. "Warrant Officer." He gestures to Hyde, "He's a new recruit. Recruit Jangle. Hyde Jangle. Your responsibility. I wish to observe the second training, personally."

Mark gestured to the mech to have a crate brought over, then took the contents an had the mech kneel. The cockpit opened up to reveal an empty pilot seat. Mark scaled up and climbed into the cockpit, and it closed. A few moments later the cockpit reopened and Mark leapt out in a suit of Revenant Mk II power armor. The shoulders were both equipped with carbines, and he had an LMG in his hands. "Time for round two kiddos, and now I'll be dogging you the whole way.", Mark announced before putting on his helmet with a hiss and click. Three armored plates shinned into place over the red visor of the black armor, leaving a narrow Y shaped swath of crimson visor.

"Well this should fun." he shoulders his equipment bag and starts heading toward the playing game ground, he takes a sniper out of his bag and starts to load red tipped rounds into the clip.

Katarina made her way from the medbay to the canteen and started to eat a banana for a quick snack as all the male new recruits watched katarina eat the banana.

Elisys sees the armor and gets very suspicious. She takes a medium size rock and throws it at the small section between one of the guns and the armor

She turns to the right, seeing that Hyde has a gun, she ask "Ey, got any good bits and bobs in there? Might be useful right now."

A couple soldiers came rolling out with Mavericks, "Such as these? Take one and some ammunition." General McDavis stated.

"You've now faced what its like to face an enemy who out guns, and an example of the kind of technologies you'll face. In this universe, your only advantage is your mind. Most governments have far more advanced technologies, but that doesn't make them invincible. With the right tactics, and quick thinking, you can topple even those who claim to be gods. You now have weapons, but I'm going to add another layer of difficulty. I expect your best."

Mark stepped back as his armor was momentarily surrounded by particles of light, before disappearing. The mech did the same, disappearing in a similar manner as it had revealed itself before. The feathers which had been deployed before spread out into the air also disappearing, one of which began to broadcast Mark's voice from the air, "Let's play a game."

Hyde turns to Elysis and says " Well I got c4 smoke grenades and in my sniper I got explosive rounds so this should be fun." He says as the robot disappears.

Hyde pulls out a smoke grenade and throws it to where the mech was and watches as the smoke envelopes around where the mech and moving as the mech moves.

Katarina finished eating her banana walking over grabbing a maverick "Are there any explosive components I can use? if not i can try and make due with this."

Elisys grabbed a gun and said, "Hey Hyde, Katarina, how about we work together? Three is better than one after all right? The only thing that came after me and Katarina was the drone, and from what I heard, there were shock rounds missiles as well. I'll deal with the Drones, and we can work together to deal with the mech"

As she says this, she grabs Katarina's and Hyde's arms and makes a break for the woods. "We make a plan as we go!"

The General watches as the operations commence, observation of training first hand was useful for him. Seeing how Power Armor works would help him greatly, as he will be in command of the Armored Divisions.

Mark's voice once again was broadcast over the field from an unseen source, "I'm waiting recruits, do not disappoint."

The drones and mech now lay in wait, watching it's their various prey begin to scurry about below. They waited for a signal to hunt, to put these souls through the ringer.

Elisys draws her gun "Alright, there are about 8 or so drones buzzing around, depending on where my shots land, I can take down at least 2, maybe more." She thought as travels into the woods.

As she moves through the woods she comes along a small crack in the ground, not big enough to be really noticeable, but just enough for her to move easily. "Not bad, I could probably duck in here if I hear a drone or something coming, and blast the underside as they go above!" Elisys mumbles to herself as she tests the hole out. Seeing the opportunity, she devises a sort of 'bait' strategy to get through this exercise.

Earlier on, She, Katarina, and Hyde agreed to go into two separate groups; Katarina and Hyde would go hunting together while she went alone, as there would be a somewhat higher chance of succeeding if they were not clustered together. Bigger groups were bigger targets after all.

The other recruits teamed up in squads of 4 and separated up in groups with Mavericks, Heading for cover in the trenches and starting to combat the Drones.

[Targets adapted to search and destroy protocol. Action?]

["Switch to Stalker protocol"]


{6/8 drones remaining, protocol set.}

Mark crept through the woods, careful to avoid excessive noise, and to stick near the foliage. He'd keep low for the most part, picking off recruits if he had a opening. Two drones represented by markers on his HUD flew overhead unseen. The mech stuck to the field, hiding in the open, no objects to knock over to give it away, and it could track most of the recruits fairly easily.

Elisys waited in her little hiding spot, waiting for something to fly overhead. The hole was quite uncomfortable, as she had to contort her body so she would be relatively unseen. Nothing had exactly gone by the hole aside from a few bugs and birds.

As she laid waiting she heard some quiet foot steps coming her way. There seemed to be only one set, and whoever it was clearly did not want to be heard. She raised her weapon and shot whoever walked in front of the hole.

The was a shout of pain then grunted cursing, as the recruit hit the ground. "Fuck, shit balls!", The man said clutching the torn flesh across his thigh, "You shot me?!"

"Sorry! I thought you were the Warrant Officer!" Elisys whispered. While she was panicking, she almost didn't here the muted buzzing coming from the left. She clambered out of the hole and fired at the source. She turns to the recruit "My hole's big enough for two, wanna hide in here?"

The Recruits were holding out, other than the one just shot. Holding their positions and composure, after being humiliated in the previous one, not holding back at all. Firing how they were taught by their parents.

Mark sat perched in a tree leaned back against the trunk as he watched through the feeds, "That's right, you've pulled it together. Fine soldering all around.", He quietly said to himself even though his exterior audio was off.

A drone edged out from around a tree before hitting the recruit she had just downed with a shock round before ducking back behind the tree.

"Shit!" Elisys nearly yelled while she was about to bring the guy down into the hole was hit with a shock round. She pushed herself into the cranny as far as she could so that the only way she could be hit was if the shooter was standing directly in front of the hole. She readied her gun and waited for whoever came next, this time waiting for a second to see if it is a recruit or not.

"First drone that pops in, I'm blasting it's cap off." She silently declared.

One group of the Recruits shouted out to Elisys, "Over here! Join the front line in the trenches!!! We'll provide cover fire for you!" They said giving Just that.

the drone turned it's attention on the those that had called out. Like an animal it immediately set it's sights on the source of the sound. The drone backed off and began to go around.

"What will you do next?", Mark asked again to no one who could hear.

The mech turned towards the trenches, finding it a more optimal course to turn it's heavier weapons on the entrenched force.

[targets marked for bombardment.]

With the others recruits calling her, she climbs out and makes her way to them slowly but efficiently as possible. Elisys knows there is a drone somewhere, but she doesn't know where it is now. She keeps her eyes and ears open in case she gets the chance to blast it.

Once she crosses over to the group, Elisys ask "You guys know how many are left? The only thing I know about them is that they have a weird buzzing noise." As she says this, she thinks she hears it behind her and shoots a round in that direction.

"Get over here! We're taking the tunnels to Outpost Alpha 1!" As they entered down through the hatches and dived down, rushing through to the outpost underground.

The mech began to arm it's missiles, but halted as Mark waved a hand dismissively, "Don't waste the ordinance, they probably took the tunnels. They're learning. Keep distance, but follow."

Mark scaled down the tree and began to carefully make his way around towards the same direction.

The drone kept to the edge of the woods around the trench filled field, looking for any stragglers. It's companions continued to comb the woods themselves, picking off strays, or in case of groups, call for assistance. Two more fell as ground units were picked off through out the woods.

"Alright, let's hurry up and get to the tunnels. If you here any soft buzzing. Shoot first, question your choice later and run." Elisys says as she reloads her Maverick. She stays in the middle of the group, so less chance of being shot fro the sides by one of the drones.

The group makes it to the tunnels and make it inside, but not without more shots being fired. "Alright, who are we tunneling to?"

They headed deeper into the tunnels till they were 300 feet below the ground and concrete. single filled. They marched their way to Alpha 1. "Just stay quiet." The head Recruit said quietly.

The drones that were left began to follow the direction the trench recruits had been heading in, slowly advancing unseen just at altitude of the canopy of the woods. They held fire as they approached where ever this destination was.

As the day turned to night, they turned to rest in the tunnels. After successful day of training. They finally were able to sleep.

"Well that was a fun day of doing nothing." Hyde says sarcastically, "I didnt even get to fight the mec."

"Hey, cheer up Hyde!" Elisys lightly shoves him. "We now have time to find a way to blow that thing sky high!"

Elisys keeps eyeing the direction of the guns. Those guns sound so cool! The second there is an excuse, she calls dibs!

The day comes to a close as they all go to sleep.