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RP [Monarchy of Dovania] Rat City


🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
===== Xuno | Fang City | 13:00 =====

It was a moderate afternoon in Fang City, ex-Ichiko. The city has had a crime issue for 15 years. Now, a small detachment of 001 Soldiers have been sent to inspect on the situation, as it has gotten worse over the past two weeks, making the city almost completely unworkable.

Damadian 72 looks around the decrepit city, then turns to Blade and whispers in a scratchy and tinny voice, “So, do you know what we’re supposed to do here?”

Mark Tazar lead the small group to deal with this issue at the request of the general. He quite frankly wasn't a big fan of cities, but this one, He was even less fond of. The signs of criminal elements were evident, and the fact that all the signs were in Xunok.

“I don't suppose either of you know the local language do ya?”, He asked turning back to the two men immediately behind him. It was Blade and the freespacer known as Damadian 72.

Blade shakes his head. “I don’t. Does anyone have a dictionary handy?”

72 looks back at Blade. “I can speak Xunok.” He then turns to Tazar and repeats this phrase.

Mark gave a nod to the spacer, “Good, you're our designated translator then. We need to find a bar called The Sour Kraut. Read the signs and maybe ask the locals for directions.”

There were numerous signs around, as well as a few of the residents of the city around. Most ignored the group and went about their business. However, there were three who watched the soldiers, curious to see their presence here.

The first was a man in work man overalls, a laborer by appearance, as his clothes were covered in dirt and dust. He was a bit darker of skin, a slight tab from working in the sun. He was middle age with a stubble covered chin of brown hair, a hat covering the hair on top of his head.

The second was a woman in a bit more nicer clothes, leaning against the street lamp on the corner. She looked uninterested in most, but she however had a veiled interest in the military men. It wasn't hard to tell what she did for a living.

Third and finally, the last of the three bystanders. A young man by the looks, only having just entered his pre-teens. He had blonde hair, and clothes worn from play. He was curious as well, maybe thinking of family also in the service like them. He was the most innocent of the bunch.

Blade asks all three of the bystanders: “Any of you speak trade?”

72 takes a knee in front of the prepubescent boy. He says in a calm tone, “Have you heard of a place called the ‘Sour Kraut.’ Perhaps your mommy or daddy go there?”

Some of the citizens gave Blade odd looks as he asked his question. The man in overalls scoffed, “Damn young people. If you outsiders are gonna come here, then learn the language!”, He shouted back in Xunok, before giving a dismissive wave of the hands.

The child looked at the man who was part machine in awe. “Aye, he used to mister. But he don't no more, not since he was called off to service. But I know where the place be roughly. It's in the district where most adults go at night. That woman over by the pole. The one that smells funny, like alcohol and cheap perfume. She would work out of that place. You should ask her mister.”, The young man said in rough Xunok.

Blade looks intrigued by the man's yelling and waving. Blade gave the man a curious look, then resumed scanning the visible part of town, playing lookout.

72 walks up to the woman of certain ‘expertise’ leaning on the pole and starts talking to her. “Sorry for my furry friend here ma’am, as you can see he caused quite a ruckus. We were just on leave and were wondering if you know where the Sour Kraut is. We’ve heard it is quite ‘famous’ for people such as yourself.”

“Yeah, and what's it to you? Got a problem with my manager? As long as it don't involve me, I'll tell ya where it is. It's built on the corner of Xanctries and Hurom St. Can't miss it. Now get away from me, I don't sleep with tin cans, you're ruining my rep.”, The woman said with a rather venomous tone.

“Please tell me you have directions 72.”, Mark groaned from his spot standing next to Blade.

72 turns towards Mark. “Yeah, it’s on the corner of Xanctries and Hurom St. Do you know where that is?” 72 asks the rest.

“I can find out with that. One moment while I connect to the network.”, Mark said with a nod. His eyes began to rapidly shift behind closed eye lids. He searched through GPS databases through his Geist, looking through mapping data from the fleet's last visit. And he checked it against what amounted to a phonebook for this planet. With the information he was able to place a GPS marker on his HUD.

“Alright, I got it marked on the map. Not far from here actually, just a mile down that street, a left , then just another quarter of a mile. Follow me gentlemen, and good work 72.”, He said after he opened his eyes and began walking in the specified direction.

Blade follows Mark, still keeping an eye out for trouble.

72 continues to follow Mark behind Blade, keeping an eye on the woman behind them.

The woman would be seen moving over to the boy, who she handed something to. He then ran off, following the sidewalk, and headed in the same direction as the men. From the other side of the street, he ran past the three with a smile.

The woman however, moved off to an alley, the shadowed figures of two men waiting there. Their stance read to anyone with the knowledge to understand, as hostile.

Two more men would be on the opposite corner ahead, both watching the trio intensely.

“I'm starting to like this place less guys.”, Mark commented quietly from the front, only loud enough for those just around him to hear.

Blade whispers to Mark & 72, “Keep walking like normal, but don’t go to the location they are sending us to.” Blade continues walking as normal for him, like a predator ready for action, because he is an anthro-ocelot.

72 understands Blade, and keeps close behind him. 72 whispers to Mark “I think we should listen to Blade and follow his lead.”

They were nearing their turn, but neither of the men were following. Mark looked about to see if there were more ahead, but he didn't see any.

“Not my first clusterfuck kids. Blade, think you can slip into the alleys and run recon? There's a small cafe looks like ahead, we can stop in as cover.”, Mark whispered back.

Blade doesn’t break stride. “No,” he whispered back. “The cafe is also guarded. They know we are military, and are trying to trap us. Find something further away, and with many busy streets nearby.”

“I could perhaps use my medic cover to try and act as if I’m helping an orphan. Should be plenty of those around” 72 whispers to the rest of the group.

“The kids are probably working as messengers. Give a kid some money, and they're likely to do most given tasks without realizing what they're actually doing. Cafe is open and public, and most likely has a back door. I say it's better than some of our other options.”, Mark bit back in a whisper, still heading towards the cafe.

“Would that make a kid smile? Or make several men and a woman stare at you? I say we should at the very least find another cafe or inn that we know for certain has at least three doors.” Blade insistently whispers back. It is possible to see his tail twitching a bit.

72 whispers to the rest of the group. “It seems that Blade is worried about this, and felines do normally have trustworthy instincts. I’d say that Blade should skirt around the cafe to look for guards or traps, and me and Mark can go into the cafe. This would make our intentions obvious, but we could find if it’s rigged with traps. I personally would go with Mark though, the cafe does seem safe.”

“See, He gets it. Trust me, I'm used to how things work in the city. Funky City on Nepleslia was no different. When the Black Syndicate, there was an order to things under the veil of normal.”, He reassured as they finally came up on the front door to the cafe. Inside were a few elderly people, as well as a couple of parents with their daughter. Everything seemed fine as Mark figured it would.

The tanned skinned man opened the door for an older woman leaving as they arrived, and opened the door for her. He waved the others to enter if they wanted to after she left. It gave him an opportunity to look back down the street to see the two watchers were now gone.

Blade began to whisper quickly, “Alright, but you two better keep an eye on everyone in there, and I will join you shortly. 72, look for a spot where we can become secure, and Mark, I’d suggest keeping watch out the sides of the cafe.” With that, Blade began meandering down the street, not obviously aiming for any one spot.

With this, 72 nods in Blade’s direction and quietly hums as he searches for a secure location. He sits down near a back door and keeps watch, waiting for Blade to come back. He then says to Mark, moderately loudly, “Grab me a burger or something. I’ll pay you back.”

“Aye, just make sure you do this time.”, Mark said back, playing his part as he walks up to the counter. He pays for two burgers, and two coffees, before joining 72 at the table. “So far, it looks like we'll probably have to deal with a fire fight soon. These guys have eyes on us, so they will be expecting. Hopefully we can figure some way to case the building and find another entry point. Maybe the roof, or a window.”, Mark said lowly to where it would seem like normal conversation, and that only they could hear.

Blade slowly wanders around that section of town, looking slightly drunk, before stumbling behind the alleyway behind the cafe. When Blade see’s the two guys from before, he quickly pulls out his swords and charges at them.

72 then slowly eats his burger and slowly, slowly drinks his coffee. He then starts talking to Mark in the same tone of voice as before. “What do you think the cat’s up to?”

“Sneaky things I assume. Let's hope curiosity killed the cat doesn't relate to him...hmm this burger isn't bad. I'll have to come here again some time.”, He replied keeping with the fake casual conversation.

Blade rams his right hand sword into the guy on the right, and kicks the leg out from under the second.

A siren could be heard going off, as a Jeep with a red flash was visible driving down the road, it was Dovanian Law Enforcement, the FCPD. They were geared in much higher gear than people would expect law enforcement to be in. Equipped with Mavericks and in combat armour, having a Green colouration to them green being the Law Enforcement’s colour. They spotted the party of Regiment 001 when they took the turn into the alley.

A Human man stepped out, being about 6’5” and having a large bushy black beard and short black hair. He had the badge of a Sergeant with his badge on his left chest plate. Accompanying him were two more officers with helmets covering up. One was a woman and the other a man based on the armour’s model. “Halt! Fang City Law Enforcement!” He shouted in Xunok and raised his weapon.

72, hearing the siren and the man yell, he immediately gets up without throwing away his trash and approaches the door, opening it and looking querily at the bearded man.

Mark got up and brought the burger in a wrapper, glad he had already paid in advance. He steps up to 72’s side, “Oh great, law enforcement. I’ll need you to translate, but follow my lead.” he grumbles. Stepping outside, Mark approaches the police from the alley’s entrance, his hands raised. “Excuse me gentlemen, but I believe we have a misunderstanding here. If you would be willing to take us to the station so I can explain. I believe we can sort this out. I’m Warrant Officer Mark Tazar of the SSAF detachment here on Xuno.”

Blade keeps an eye on the man he kicked down, and somewhat recognizing what the officer wants, sheaths his swords then puts his hands on his head.

After hearing Mark speak Trade he knew these were Regiment 001, “Ah, Warrant Officer, I’ve heard stories of you.” He stated in Trade, with a very thick Reevean accent. “I do ask that you inform us of your arrival before jumping into alleyways and beating up my informants. Would you kindly present the documents that will prove of your business here?” He asked

72, unaware of what Blade has done, realizes that this was not just a hypothetical situation. He immediately says out loud “OH *Six Cog Swear Word*” and runs to the alley that Blade had entered, repeating said phrase over and over, stopping at the entrance to the alley.

“I hope not terrible ones.”, Mark chuckled as he pulled out a pad and a paper printed with their orders in a plastic sleeve. He handed them over to the officer, “These should put everything in order. Also terribly sorry about your agent, given the job, men following us can be a concern.”

Blade begins walking toward the officers. “Good day, officers! I have just one question for you. Were they acting on their own, or were they being told where to go and what to do?” Blade asks this in a very respectful tone.

The Sergeant handed the pad and paper back, “Shitty ones. Everyone here works for the Mob Boss. Everyone except for Fang City Police Department. We remain loyal. After all, if we don’t, the military will steamroll our town.” He looked at them all discouragingly, “It seems as if it’s becoming noticeably bad.” As the realization of military personnel now getting involved.

“Please try to work with us as. We would prefer to fix this city, rather than tear it down and build a new one.” He asked Mark Tazar.

72 walks past Blade with a disappointed glint in his eye and heads for the injured agent. He picks him up as not to hurt his fracture and starts for the jeep. “So, do you guys have any idea with how we can deal with the aggros at the Sour Kraut?” he asks the Sergeant.

“As long as we get our target, I’m perfectly fine with it. Chances of success would be far greater with your support, and I have a feeling that just the three of us might not be enough. Shall we head to the station then and formulate a strategy with your assistance then?”, Mark stated after the man expressed his concern.

Blade, realising that he can’t help the situation in the least, remained silent, but still kept an eye out for anyone who shouldn’t be listening.

“We shall be conducting our own private investigations with the help of the locals and undercover officers. As for you, just don’t shoot an of my men. Oh, and call if you need handcuffs. We will be detaining anyone we have right to.” The sergeant explained, “Call 999 if you need us.” He stated as they loaded up after grabbing the live informant and driving off.

Unloading the man right before the jeep departs, 72 then immediately turns to Mark and Blade. “So, should we head on our way to the Sour Kraut?” he asks the two. 72 then solely faces Blade, “and” he starts, “I’ve read your report, but try no to kill everyone you see if you can help it.”

After the police had driven off, Mark grumbled again, “And the police were no help at all.” *sigh*

“I have to agree with 72, especially now that we know they have agents out here. I want loadouts now, what are we packing here? I have a P2 and 8 mags, as well as a long knife.”, He said ushering around the corner deeper into the shade of the alley.

Blade turns to 72 first. “If someone gives me a reason to kill them, I do.” He then turns to Mark, “I have my two swords, 5 and a half feet long, a Maverick, a small pistol, lifted from the dead guy, and a knife.” He states this matter of factly. “Now, we should plan how we go about getting information from the place we are going to. First of all, what is it called? Second, who guards where? 72 will obviously be asking the questions.”

72 points to the Maverick in pistol form attached to his hip. “I’ve got this,” he then takes a Trike compact assault shotgun from his back, “This beauty with a hundred shells reserve, and” he takes out a small laser scalpel from his med bag, “this little guy, because,” he smirks and looks at Blade’s katanas, “I don’t have to compensate.”

“Well aren’t you both opposite extremes on the spectrum. Alright, so we have decent loadouts here, but let’s stick to the alleys and stay off the streets for a bit. We’ll be less out in the open, and it will force any pursuers to follow a closer path.”, Mark commented before unholstering his P2 Wraith and checking to find a round ready and chambered. “Let’s get going.”

He holstered the pistol and walked a few steps to get a better look down the alley, which for the time being looked clear. He waved the other two to follow after him. The alley was the culmination of the backsides of brick buildings, dumpster and such providing abundant cover if needed.

Blade looks pointedly at 72’s pants. “Better too little then none at all.” He then proceeds to follow Mark down the alleyway. “I don’t care what any of you say, I will kill someone who is a threat or follows us without giving a reason first.” He then gives an apologetic look. “However, I’ll keep my swords sheathed for longer next time.

72 chuckles at Blade’s biting words, remembering a time that was supposed to be forgotten when he used to know people like him. He carefully follows Blade closely, looking ahead for what could be awaken by Mark at the lead. Then, after a couple seconds, he says “Well, if I had genitalia like yours, I wouldn’t be too proud.”

“You two remind me of a couple buddies I used to know in the old days. Always tossing barbs and quips at each other.”, Mark mused as they walked for a while, “You’re both good soldiers, but Blade….maybe have a bit more control. You like to rush in for someone who claims to be the sneaky type.” He added this with a small chuckle, as they drew closer to where they needed to be.

Eventually they reached a branching alley that headed back to the street, and across from it was the building they had been given directions for. Sure enough the lit up sign hung outside said “The Sour Kraut”. “Alright, that’s the place, now we need to formulate a plan. I doubt the front door is the wisest choice.”

“You’re probably right,” Blade said in a quiet voice, obviously ignoring 72, “We should probably scan the outside of the building, and look for ways to get in through the roof, maybe?” Blade began walking down the street to the right, walking at a slightly slower pace then normal, acting like he is enjoying the disgusting view.

72 speaks up to the rest of the group. “For once, I agree with Blade. Personally, I think that we should have a scout going into the bar while the others look for the target through the roof. I volunteer myself. If any of you got extra clothes, I could use it as a disguise to cover up my face and body and find the guy. Then I could say where he is to you and you can… do whatever you need to.”

There was a rustling from further back in the alley from where they came.

“No I don’t and we have company. Cover me with shotgun.”. Mark said quickly unholstering his pistol and sticking close to the wall as he took slow steps towards the corner the sound had came from.

Blade kept walking forward like he was before. “You deal with that… issue, and I will get on to the roof. I will message you when I’m up there.”

“Huh?” 72 took his shotgun from his back and pointed it at the corner. “It was a good plan, right?” he whispers to Mark. He then says, “just know that I can’t fire on someone unless they fire at you, okay.”

“Oh well that’s real comforting.”, Mark said sarcastically as he peeked around the corner. There was a shuffling behind a nearby dumpster, the lid propped up. The top of a head was visible next to said lid. Mark slid his LCK out from it’s sheath under the back of the vest, and cocked his arm. Thumbing on the vibro function, he threw the knife, the blade stabbing through the sheet of metal with relative ease before the handle stopped it’s progress. The blade still cut with a small whine as the knife slid down.

A man dressed similarly like the two before scrambled out from behind the dumpster, startled by the close call. He then saw Mark standing there with a pistol trained on him. “Wait wait wait! I’m not enemy offworlder! Policia!”, He pleaded in very rough Trade, clearly not as fluent as the officer had been.

“72, check him for weapons real quick and keep him held up until this can be confirmed.”, Mark commanded.

Blade walks down the alley, then climbs up the pipe to the gutter, finishing the climb by unprofessionally heaving himself over the edge of the roof. Blade then pulls out his communication device, and texts 72: I’m on the roof. There is a pipe and a fire escape.

72 then points his shotgun at the ground and searches the man, finding a badge and a pistol, dropping the pistol on the ground and tossing over the badge to Mark. “See if it’s official” he says. Then, a buzzing comes from his bag from a device he didn’t notice he had. “Huh, ‘Pipe and a fire escape.’ Hey Mark, Blade’s on the roof, and he sees a pipe and fire a escape. What should I say?”

“Tell him to see if he can find a skylight, or other way in from the roof. Keep track of any hostiles spotted, but wait there for us to rendezvous. Now let’s check our friend here.”, Mark replied before running an optical over the badge with his enhanced eyes, the irises glowing as he looked it over. The serial number matched a name in the database, and the picture matched that of the man who had almost pissed himself. “Lucky day kid, your story checks out, woah what’s this?”

Mark tosses the man the badge before picking up the pistol. It was a Maverick like the others, but it had some detailing done, and was loaded with .455 Slags. “Well that’s not standard issue. Care to explain that?”

“It’s custom. Placed under boss. Undercover.”, The man tried to clarify with trade, “I work undercover for the crime boss in that place. 30 men, armed with assorted illegal arms, some from off world.” He reiterated in Xunok this time.

“What’s he saying 72?”

Blade begins exploring the roof, starting with where he is at, and moving along the back half only, to lower the risk of being seen. When Blade finds the roof access, he tries the door, but it stays shut. On closer inspection, it has been chained and welded shut. When Blade came to the middle of the roof, he saw a skylight to a suite. Blade returned to the roof access,and began to saw through the chain with his blade, dulling the sound by pressing his weight on the section of chain he is cutting.

72 listened to the Xunok and translated it for Mark. “He says there’s about 30 of them, all with illegal arms, some from offworld.” He then messages Blade over the device: ‘Mark says that if you can find a skylight, then you should stay there and use it as a rendezvous and check for hostiles. BTW, there’s like 30 guys with powerful guns in the building.’

“Just great, and there are only three of us. Guess I should have been expecting that. Alright, you’re good, but i’m borrowing your pistol, so hand me the other mags. Void knows we’re going to need it.”, Mark says sighing, before handing the badge back.

The cop handed him two more 30 rounders, and stood up. “Go now? Yes?”, he said before dashing of with a wave from Mark.

“Well this complicates things. Come on, Blade is waiting. Just hope he has better luck then we do right now.”, He added sliding the Maverick under his jacket and against his vest.

Blade muffles a scream of pain as agony seared up from where the knife cut him, just above the hip. He uses his communicator to send a message: Cut above hip. Need stitches. Come quick. After sending the message, Blade presses his hands to the cut and waits...

72 receives the new message from Blade. “Hey, Mark. Blade’s been cut and needs us to get up there. I don’t think there’s a firefight but we should get up there quick.” He looks at the message over and over, sizing up the possibilities. “Hey, do you think we’ll need 999 for this one?” 72 asks Mark with genuine worry on his face and the electric hum of anxiety coming from his mouth.

A message was just sent from the General to Mark, [New Mission update, Capture mission has changed. It is now a kill on site. I repeat kill on site.]

“Yeah, I might have an idea on that one. Let’s get to Blade first.”, Mark replied before yanking his knife from the dumpster lid, and switching of the vibro function. With a wave to follow, the Warrant Officer lead the way across to the other side of the street from the bar, then to the alley behind it. He was careful to watch for patrolling goons as he did. Once they reached the alley, he looked at the fire escape and then to the pipe. “72, don’t take this the wrong way, but how much do you weigh?”

The informant had received a call on their phone, they answered, “Hello?” They stood there for a moment before hanging up. “Something happened at the Station, it’s a siege.” Their face went pale as they shook, scared for what would happen.

Blade sat on the ground, feeling useless at hurting himself cutting a piece of chain. He decided that, to be of some use, he should at least look for anything suspicious, so he looked through the scope of the Maverik at other rooftops and any ground he could see.

72, understanding what Mark means by this question replies “182 lbs, so I’m pretty sure I can make it. If it’s too loose, I’ve got this.” 72 lifts up his right, robotic leg to show that at the bottom there are electromagnetic grips. He then loads his shotgun up fully so that there are 24 shells and 76 reserve.

Mark looked at the spacer, finding it hard to believe that, but knew they didn’t have time to mess around. “Alright then you’re heading up first, Blade needs you. I’ll cover.”

As Mark and Damadian (72) were down below busy talking. Blade dealing with his injury up top, he was the first to see the massive explosion happen, the entire FCPD blew up, sending a column of smoke and fire straight into the air. A sight to see, as there were older model cars pulling up and a firefight took place. “FOR THE REEVES!!!” They shouted in Xunok. The Reevian Rebel Cell members shouted in their military uniforms. Some in full plate armor with massive guns. A war had sparked between the Rebels and the outnumbered remaining Law enforcement officers.

Mark and Damadian (72) could hear the gunfire and the ground shake beneath them. As the war unraveled just outside and down the street.

Only moments later, they heard boots behind them, as civilians donned their badges again and took to give aid, on their shoulders it read on their patches, {309th Militia}.

72 is startled by the explosion and the men yelling, but he starts for the fire escape as Mark covers him, scaling it one stair at a time with his shotgun loaded and pumped just in case Blade is attacked.

“Get moving 72!”, Mark urged from below as the freespacer climbed, before Mark turned his attention on the militia. “Identify!”

Blade, hearing someone climb the fire escape, aims his pistol at the upper portion. “Identify!” Blade orders.

They ran by Mark ignoring him, as they didn’t understand what he was saying. They raised up Mavericks and their own older firearms. Firing and setting up defences and firing at the Reeve Rebels. “Dovania cannot be beat!” The militia men and women shouted as they charged in. One of the militia was medical and stopped for Mark, “Oh… I sp-speak some Trade…” She said to Mark, “We’re 309th Militia company… uh… Dovanian approved…?” She didn’t know what else to say as she spoke broken Trade.

72 reached the level right before the roof when he heard the word ‘Identify’ from a familiar voice. “Calm down, Blade, it’s me, 72,” he said, slowly walking up the steps as his shotgun was in both hands above his head. “Did you hear those explosions? Mark’s down there dealing with some people who I think are militia. I’ thinking that we should hold of the miss-” 72 then notices a deep 4 inch cut in Blade’s abdomen and remembers the message. “Oh, that doesn’t look good. I can deal with it, somewhat.” 72 pulls a 3 in liquid bandage tube that looks pretty cheap and starts going toward Blade to apply it.

Mark nodded, “S6 military.”, and then points up to 72 before he had disappeared onto the roof, “Dovania military, both here on mission. Reeve rebel leader is shoot to kill. We’re here to eliminate.” he said before holstering the Maverick and beginning to quickly scale the pipe.

“Any support will be helpful, especially if you can run interference for us.”, He added as he climbed.

Blade begins to answer 72’s questions. “The explosions are from destroying the police department, at the riot over there. At this point, the mission is our top priority like it was before, and we certainly aren't going to put it on hold. No, this cut doesn’t look good, or feel good. Please stop the blood from entirely leaving me.” Blade’s voice started out as calm, but became more panicked at the end.

The Militia and Reeve Rebels were locked in combat. The medic woman decided to follow after Mark, heading up top. Seeing the injured man, she got down and opened up her medical bag and started to see what she could do.

72 listens to Blade’s voice as it becomes more worrisome. He then says “Looks like you cut yourself on metal, must have been pretty sharp. I don’t think you’ve got tetanus, but just to be sure you don’t get anything nasty.” 72 empties the tube onto the wound and spreads it out to stop the bleeding. “Huh, you just won’t stop getting cut with knives. It’ll make a pretty nice scar.” He smiles up at Blade. “Who’s knife was it? I don’t see a dead guy laying around, so…”

Mark surveyed the roof as the sounds of a war zone were heard in every direction, “Gotta love my job.” he mumbles under his breath. There was no way they were getting through the skylight, so the roof access was their only option now. “72, can he walk? Is he capable of continuing?”, He asked as he unsheathed his knife once more.

Blade gave 72 a slightly irritated look. “I cut myself after that stupid chain overpowered me! At least I can still blast the fuck out of the door later…”

The medic woman pulled out a suture kit and administered a shot of morphine, then proceeded to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide. After everything was clear, she began to stitch him up.

The soldiers and militia below were locked in a stand still. Shots being fired form both hands.

“Mhmm” 72 says as Blade speaks, focusing on covering up the cut. “Well”, he continues, “That’s as good as it’s going to get as long as I’m on the payroll Draguun put me on.” He then hears Mark speak and turns around, as a woman slides past him and undoes the liquid bandage, throwing it away. “He looks like he’ll be able to walk, don’t expect him to run- I’m sorry, who’s this girl?” He asks Mark as she injects and applies more valuable and useful supplies than he was given when he enlisted, looking and sounding irritated.

“Militia, an ally. Can he continue, or not? We have to get moving, because as soon as we remove the target, the rebel’s chain of command should be thrown into disarray.”, Mark said as he thumbed the vibro function on again and gripped the handle in both hands. With a downward strike he plunged the blade through the metal, sparks flying as the vibrating blade cut through it with relative ease. He met a moment of resistance at the chain, but cut through it with a bit more force until he finally reached the bottom of the weld. Flipping it off and sheathing it, Mark slowly opened the door with Maverick drawn.

This was when the Militia started to make the push, the Reeve Rebels were being pushed back. They were beginning to be outnumbered by the militia. Or so they thought. When more Reeve Rebels pulled up behind the 309th Militia and started to pincer them in their fortifications, killing a dozen before they could get into cover.

72 then fully answered Mark’s question, saying “I don’t think he’ll be able to continue while under the effect of morphine. He’s got 20 minutes tops before he starts feeling loopy, unless...” He then turns back to the medic. “Have you got any stimulants, because if you do, then it’s best to use them so Blade can continue on with our MILITARY assignment,” 72 says, emphasizing the word ‘military.’ He then looks back to Mark who has a broken chain at his feet. “I’m pretty sure that’s the chain that ‘overpowered’ Blade” he says, looking back at Blade to see if he heard, not paying attention to the Rebels’ attack.

Mark watched the stairs before him that the door and chain had previously been blocking, “Wonders of technology my friend. If she can get him moving, we need him to, if not..We’ll have to leave him here with the medic. Every minute we waste, more militia and law enforcement die.”

Soon after being injected with morphine, Blade starts to feel more and more pain, but not an intolerable amount. “I figure I can keep up, if you walk slow. I can be the (rear) point guard, if it helps.”

The medic finished up and turned, “What now?” She asked as she got down from the gunfire now directed at them.

72 jumps down to the ground and yells at Mark to do the same. He then crawls over to Blade. “Stay down and try not to exert too much. If you seriously need to fight, use your Maverick.” He then gets up onto his haunches and scurries over to Mark as best as he can with a metal leg. “Mark, is the mission still on? Because if it is, then we should probably start now, they won’t expect us, hopefully…”

“Then let’s get going, I’ll take point. Blade will take rear point guard, and the medics will take middle. Watch your corners and keep tight, fingers on the trigger.”, Mark instructed before readying the knife in his other hand, and heading down the stairs. He waited at the bottom of the first flight for everyone to catch up, and had switched to his suppressed P2 Wraith pistol.

Blade crouched down, and waddled to the stairs, behind everyone else. At the end of the first flight, Blade whispers “Go all the way down, and I will wait here, to reduce the chances of the leader escaping. We should search all the floors at once, but we don’t have enough (trained) people for that.”

The initial group of rebels were now starting to flee from the combat scene, only about 5 of them left. Bodies littering the streets, as the militia turned their attention to the newer group. Who were now throwing grenades at the militia. Blowing up 5 of them, “WE NEED TO PUSH!” one of them shouted before getting shot down. It was looking now that the Militia was getting outnumbered.

72 continued down the steps right next to the medic as they descended the steps. He turned back to Blade, and targeted him as a patient, meaning that 72 had free range to shoot anybody who posed direct threat to him. He then turned to the medic, asking in a hushed tone, “Could I have some of that morphine, just in case this happens again?” The building shook and dust fell from the ceiling as a war raged on outside.

Mark lead the way until they reached the floor that the suite was on, peeking through the cracked open door, he looked around for any guards. There were only two as far as he could see, guarding the door to the suite itself. He assumed most of them had either gone downstairs, or off to fight the militia. He turned back to the others and made hand signs to note the two targets and where they were. Mark turned back and began to slowly open the door wider as to not make it creek.

It did however as he raised the P2, one of the guards looking their way as he fired off three rounds, the 10mm rounds detonating in plasma in the guard’s chest as his buddy finally reacted. He gave a cry of surprise and a panicked spray of bullets before two rounds ended him in a similar fashion to his comrade.

Blade felt somewhat useless, but knew he could be of no help. Blade stood back from the doorway, aiming his pistols down the stairwell, before turning back to the roof to check that everything was clear.

The medic with Blade turned to him and asked, “Can you do anything but fight? I can use your help dragging the wounded into the alley. Away from the crossfire.” She pleaded to him, needing the assistance.

Meanwhile, the fight still carried on in the street. Fighting still was a stalemate, as they were evenly matched, only appearing to be in the Rebel’s favor.

72 continued down the stairs until Mark shot the two guards in front of the entrance. With this, 72 raised his shotgun up higher when facing the entrance to the suite, at about an average person’s head level. He proceeded closer to Mark, and whispered to Blade, “I think that’s a good idea, what the medic said. If you can still lift, that is.“

Five minutes crept by as they slowly approached the door, another five to thoroughly sweep the suite itself. Other than the sleazy effects of it being apparent a mob boss lived here, there was no one occupying it at that particular moment. Mark cursed as the mark was nowhere to be found. Stepping back into the hall he waved 72 back towards the stairwell. It was time to hit the next floor down, “This floor is clear, proceed to the next floor. We’ll clear each room, one by one if we have to.”

Before the 10 minutes of waiting started, Blade shook his head at 72. “I doubt I can lift anything. Better focus on this right now, anyway.” After that, Blade focused entirely on guarding the stairwell and hallway.

While the fighting continued, it was clear that the Militia was running out of munitions, and had ran from the fight. Leaving the Rebels to be able to grab the remaining law enforcement, and execute them. They then made their way to search the town for the remaining resistance against them.

72, listening to Blade’s answer, said “Okay, whatever will keep you from splitting your sides, literally.” He then listened to Mark and headed down the stairs with his shotgun pumped and he checked if his safety was off for the fifth time. Damadian was very nervous, as even though he has killed many people in his lifetime, he has never killed anyone in the span of his refracted memory. “Hey, Mark, any bogies on the next floor?”

“How would I know that? I know we have 30 hostiles to potentially deal with in here. I killed two on the last floor, so we have hopefully at most, 28 left. They could be half and half on the next two floors. Gathered on the first floor, drinking, or whatever for shits and giggles. Or they could all be on this next floor having a fucking coffee break. Whichever lovely scenario it is, we need to be ready for a fight, or for shit to hit the fan.”, Mark answered back in a low tone, not liking how blind they were to circumstances. Usual ops, he had intel, and support units on station from OSI. Here he had a guesstimate, and a prayer that they weren’t about to be screwed in the next five minutes. “Just be ready.”

Mark finally neared the door to the next floor, and with a steady hand slowly opened the door. It was quiet, unnervingly so, but he saw someone pass by at the end of the hall. Putting his ear closer to the opening, he heard muffled chatter from somewhere, but too far to make out.

During the past 20 minutes, Blade has felt his pain slowly increase, and now he had to keep himself from vomiting.

72 slowly crept behind Mark and peered over his head and looked through the door. “Holy (Freefolk word for shite).” He whispered fairly loud(in a whisper sense). “Well, I guess it’s been nice knowing you boys. I’ve never killed a man, but I still will have honor among gangsters.” 72 then pulls out his scalpel and slowly cuts the fungi growing from his right arm, hoping that this pain may counteract the Hippocratic Oath program.

Mark let the door lazily swing open, giving a soft creak as it did. “Hmm, what was that?”, came a voice from down the other hall that ran perpendicular to the one they saw down before, but on their side. “Fuggg.”, Mark said before diving through the door, his pistol aimed towards where the sound was before firing a couple suppressed rounds. His aim missed at first, but thanks to the man shooting back at chest height he missed, before Mark’s rounds killed him. There was the sudden sound of shuffling boots in a hurry as rapid footsteps could be heard down the hall from before. Mark rolled to a crouch behind the corner before switching to the Maverick.

Blade pushes past 72. “At the very least, I can help keep them away for a bit, while you get away.” Blade then points both pistoles down the hallway, and focuses on the target that is going to appear, like he was trained to do. Quickly, Blade forgot about his pain, worries, and every other distaction.

“There is nothing they can do now. They shall fall to us.” The Reevean ex-commander stated. Commander Frans van Tanner. His voice was rugged and low. As he stepped in with his men in thick plated armor and large guns. “Surrender now. Or you shall all perish.” He stated in Xunok. His thick Reevean accent being quite distinguished.

72 steps out the door as he starts to shake with anticipation, until something clicks in his inner lobe. A memory of distant path, of pain, of grade. The screen on his left eye starts to flicker, and he puts the scalpel in his right hand and grips it with his left as he struts out the door cockily into the room with a commander and two guards. “Hey, hey, it would be wise not to shoot” he said to Tanner, holding his pristine unshot scattergun tightly. “We’re from the army, and since the rebellion, we’ve got a nuke pointed directly at this place. I mean no disrespect sir, but maybe YOU should surrender, before you and all of your other 26 guys go down with you.”

The man scoffed, “You Dovanian dogs are full of shit. Get on your knees and surrender, and I may just let you live as an example.”

Mark chuckled, “That is an equally unbelievable lie. We aren’t here to die like dogs for you, we’re here to kill you, and we’ll make sure we do it before we go down. So fuck you!” He leaned out of cover and depressed the trigger on full auto as more men came around the corner. The flash of plasma as rounds detonated on impact.

Right after Mark finished talking, Blade fired both his pistols at the leader, on full auto, shooting to kill.

The armor did not break, the man stood damaged however. This was not normal steel. It was stronger than the one that has been previously encountered. “Then a slaughter shall befall you all.” Tanner stated before the two heavy soldiers next to him opened fire upon them, the large .35 caliber rounds firing out at rapid speeds. Tanner managed to run from the area as the rest of the Rebels also pursued upon them.

72 kicked his right heel against the floor and dived backwards. He crawled over to the nearest cover and started dispensing rounds into the direction of the enemies blindly as he ducked behind the low bearing cover. “Holy (Six Cog swear word)” he repeated over and over, a true sight to behold as a medic wildly screamed, shooting over his head, and letting out modem sounds. He tried to focus on the pain that coarsed from the lichen in his arm in order to not lose the sensation of true freedom he had then.

More men began piling into the hallway, a fact that was angering as he dropped a now empty magazine. Slapping in a new one, he pulled a grenade from his jacket, a little last resort backup. He figured this outta count for exactly such an occasion. Thumbing the digital arming trigger, Mark tossed the plasma grenade around the corner before a round slashed across his upper arm. “Fire in the hole!”

Blade presses himself against the wall, and took the rifle parts for his rifle out of his duffle bag, all the while shooting bullets down the hallway, and slowly making his way to covor.

The explosion from the grenade launched one of the heavies back, and vaporized the one closer to it. The rest of the rebels took cover and continued to focus fire at the group. Two of them lobing molotov cocktails. Setting ablaze upon impact. The shots from Blade knocking one down, and another wounded critically in the stomach. As well as 72’s shots hitting and killing 4 of them.

72 looks above his cover and sees the many bodies around the room, some filled with the pellets from his shotgun. Despite him not seeing nor knowing that he killed these people, he felt a sense of guilt, not from the fact that these people weren’t bad, but because they were alive, and he had killed them. During this thought process, a blast of green reverberated in 72’s mind as he again dived backwards and bits of ash and goo splattered around his dazed, laying body.

Mark ducked back as his corner of the wall was set ablaze, the flames causing him to sweat from the intense heat. Plaster, dust, and smoke were beginning to choke the air as the debris was kicked up in great volumes. The mix of molotovs, plasma munitions, and exploding rounds, was tearing up the building’s interior. His body was now beginning to become caked in all of it, the acrid smell of burning construction materials almost choking, as they burned his nostrils. He wheezed as he leaned around the fire, opening up with more plasma .455 cartridges at full auto. The gun clicked empty once again before he ducked back to swap mags yet again.

This, this was where he was meant to be. This is what it was like back then, amongst fire and ash, as bullets hunted for his life. Mark felt calm and at ease, the sensation of the possible end of his life a comforting one. If he was to die today, it would be fighting through hell until the end.

Blade finally got his Maverick assembled as a rifle, and he pressed himself against the floor, ignoring his wound, and opened fire down the hall, shooting at where the chest of a man would be if they were crouching down in the dust. ‘I’m finally back!’ Blade thought to himself. ‘In combat, able to just react, and ignore all ranks and restrictions!’

10 more of them fell from the gunfire, the once knocked down heavy turned his gun to 72 and opened fire. Despite the fire and losing battle, they still fought on. Determined to died for Reeves. Since victory was not within their grasp. The Rebels continues their volley and in a fit of desperation, threw shrapnel grenades up top. A total of 9. As the heavy didn’t have any.

The faint sound of sirens could be heard from outside, as the fire department was already being deployed to the bar. Though would take a while before they arrived.

72 tried to dive and crawl out of the heavy’s onslaught of lead, and fired 3 shells in his direction. 72 was panicked and distressed(symptoms which he diagnosed himself) and would’ve broken a gallon of sweat if he could. He felt as if he wasn’t in the battle, but he was a celestial apparition looking down at a war movie. The feeling as the recoil went into his arm, however, was uncomfortably familiar, and so was the blood that blasted on the walls behind them. 72 was taught to prevent such carnage, but at this moment, he felt like he wasn’t forced to heal.

Mark cursed as he dove away from the corner, the frags detonating, causing searing sharp pains to rack the side of his body. Something warm ran down the side of his face, and he could smell the metallic scent of blood. Looking at his side, the outer layer of his undersuit was shredded, but there were spots where blood leaked as some of the shrapnel had punctured all three layers. He gave a cry of pain through gritted teeth as he tried to get up. The pain was immense, and he grit his teeth through it as he leaned against the degrading wall for support. With one hand clutching his injured side, and as blood turned the vision in his right eye red, he raised the pistol and unloaded his last mag at the heavy who was suppressing 72. “Come on you sons of bitches, is this all you have! Kill me! Or are you just pathetic cowards who can’t accept change!”, He shouted in anger.

Once some of the dust died down, Blade aimed at the neck of the heavy solder, and double tapped. Immediately after, he aimed at the throats of two other soldiers, and fired in rapid succession. Now, Blade was in a state of mind where he and the target are the only things that matter. He ignored all other distractions while making the shots. He felt empty, devoid of all emotions.

The heavy and other two fell to Blade’s gunfire. The ceiling above collapsing and crushing the remaining Rebels. The entire building now a maze of a fiery inferno. Sirens now being more audible, as the fire department hooked themselves up and started to charge into the building, wielding axes. When they encountered a Rebel still alive. One of them chopped off his head. “We don’t need more of you…” They stated, “Come on! Fang City Fire Department! Where are you!!!” The five man team rushed to go find the group.

72 heard the yells of the Fire Department as he lay on the floor from the physical and emotional(at least the emotions ‘spacer’s have) strain. He got up and limped over to the voices as with the last fall, his right leg started sparking and spasming. He raised his hand over his eyes and yelled, “We are from the MoD Military! We’re here!” through the fire and debris as the building started to collapse.

Mark still anger coursing through him, but he knew there was one last target left. He made a run for the door that lead to the balcony over the bar area on the first floor. The door was on fire, but barely held in the frame as he rammed through it and the heat. His clothes smoking, he ran close to the railing as he looked below. The commander was making a run for the exit, and he couldn’t let that happen. Not caring if he even broke his leg, Mark swerved as he pulled his knife. His boot was on the rail as he thumbed the vibro function and leapt off the rail. The first floor quickly rose to meet him as he fell towards the rebel commander, moments before feeling a jarring landing as he landed on the armored man. His knife kicked up sparks as the blade pierced armor, and as Mark thumbed the for a full discharge of the charge from the shock function’s power cell. The electricity shocked him as smoke rose from the puncture in the man’s armor. With a grunt, Mark rolled off the now dead man. “Fuck you, you asshole.”

Blade tried to get onto his feet, but a wave of very intense pain instead stopped him on his knees, and Blade felt very sick. Moments later, he vomited on the floor before collapsing unconscious on the ground.

After the Fire department team dragged out Blade and aided 72 to get outside to the ambulances. One man spotted Mark beside the dead commander. Walking over he grabbed his hand and helped Mark up. It was the Law Enforcement Sergeant from before. “Thank you for aiding us sir.” He stated in Trade. Giving him a hug. Before picking him up and helping him over to the ambulance.

72 laied down outside the collapsed building as they pulled out the two others from the raging inferno. He looked down at his sparking leg as it thrashed around uncontrollably. He put his head against the floor, staring up at the smoke that danced out of the large building, and smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

“It’s what I signed up for, now I hope you have a stiff drink in that ambulance. Ugh, and a bottle full of aspirin, because I feel like how I must look right now. And I’m probably going to have a lot of explaining to do for a young lady back at base on that too.”, He chuckled with a strained voice as he still clutched his bleeding side. The pain was almost enough to make him pass out at this point, if it were not the choked feeling in his smoke stricken lungs. He was covered in blood, ash, burns, dust, and cuts. The debris and blood practically caked him and his clothes like he had been buried in it.
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