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RP [Monarchy of Dovania] The World Before Peace


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RP Date
YE 40 | 1 Month after the formation of MoD
RP Location
Xuno | Ex-Reeves
===== Xuno | Ex-Reeves | 13:27 =====

It was a warm day in Dovania, spring .The vast green fields of Xuno, out for everyone to see. A rural landscape, an open field for miles around. This cottage that the old man resided made of the wood from trees. Log walls and the simplistic design of a typical Reevean. Calm and quiet, the breeze was slight, the weather fair for this time of year on Xuno. The candles he had lit flickered and danced as they burned their wix.

A car began to approach from down the road. The driver was a young man, barely 17. He was on his way to see the old man. Wanting to speak to this man for, knowledge. Craving for knowledge, he eventually arrived at the cottage and parked beside the staircase to get to the front porch. Stepping out he wore his Dovanian Dress Uniform. Stepping up on the stairs, he approached and introduced himself.

“Hello sir, my name is Tristin Douglace. I am a student at the Reevian Military Academy. Could I please have a moment or two of your time?” He asked in a collected and ernest tone. Obviously showing the stature of someone whom was trained and studied there. His Xunok was perfect, punctuation was on point of one whom was taught respect, dignity, and humility.

The old man looked up to the young man. Observing his features. He was young, has short cut brown hair. Hir eyes were an emerald green. His skin tone fair. The marks of a true Reevean. While the old man had short grey hair, his face bared scruffy hairs as he hadn’t shaved that morning. The old man’s eyes were an emerald green as well. Being himself Reevean.

At last, when he finished inspecting the young Douglace. He nodded and extended his hand, withered and covered in catalysis. “A pleasure to meet you young man. I am William Szekely. What would be your purpose here?” He asked after his formal introduction, and his hand being meet by Tristin’s hand. The two individuals meet eyes, as Tristin grew the smile on his face.

“Splendid! Well, I have to ask. Would you mind being interviewed? It’s a project that I have to do for my class and I-” His sentence was cut short by William. Holding his tongue as he made his own statement.

“You may.” He spoke in a simple and calm tone. Finding the company to be, oddly comforting. As the old man has not spoken to many since after the 5th Great War. Not even participating in the now called, “War of Liberation”. Where Kyro claimed power and gained control over the planet. It was this odd bliss that made the man welcoming to the young Tristin. Allowing what he refused many news reporters to do in the past.

Tristin didn’t waste any time and ran down to his car. Opening the back right door and grabbing out his issued tablet, along with a pencil, pencil sharpener, and a notebook. All before running back up and sitting next to William. As he set himself up, he began to start asking questions. “Would you mind re-introducing yourself sir? I would also like to know what you are or have done in your past and present.” He finished getting ready.

William nodded as the young Tristin set up the camera and began the interview. “My name is William Szekely, Colonel of the Reevean Armored Corps. Retired as of 3 years ago. Reasoning was because of medical issues. Honorably discharged.” The message was given with the same tone as his commanding officer told him when he was on that medical bed in Tulho. Way back when the war was still raging. This brought back memories of his time in the military. All of the friends he made, even the love of his life, lingering in those tucked away memories of a time not that long ago.

Tristin checked the camera, then jolted down the information that he was given. He asked his next question, “So, I heard you were in the 5th Great War. Also known as the War to unify Xuno. Do you have any comment on this?” Preparing himself for a long response.

William took a breath as he thought, ‘Damn, always with the complicated or long responses.’ Finally after a moment being ready for a response.

“I was a young man like yourself. It was, forty some odd years ago when I was brought to the very military academy that you stated you attend. I was, maybe sixteen. The world was a powder keg, and all the great leaders were smoking cigars. A single spark could ignite the entire world into a massive war. Representatives gathered for the Frenx Summit. The council that leaders and representatives from all great countries gathered together to see if they could resolve conflicts without war becoming a reality. Of course, this wasn’t the first attempt at this, many have tried before. All failed, there was no one stopping the rivalry of the nations.” He started, giving a bit of light on how the situation was.

“Not long after everyone gathered, President Erwin of the Reeves and King Questberg of Thullo had come to a disagreement over controls of the Rift Islands. This sparked into a full divide between us. The Reevean and Ichikan representatives and leaders in a full on argument with President Yui of Fahen and King Questberg. The Prince of Nojah, remaining silent during the entire affair. This did not bode well, as President Erwin threw his glove at President Yui. A challenge, one she didn’t turn away from.” William grabbed the bridge of his nose, “Those damn fools. Personal glory over the state of our nations. Over eighty percent of us didn’t want this war. That all changed when the Fahen 7th Armored Army charged into Reevean towns. Burning down our homes… My parents did not survive the invasion.”

A long silence was present, only the sound of pencil against paper could be heard. As Tristin looked up, he waited silently for William to continue. His expression was of pity, ‘This man has been through the most tragic war of them all. Lost his family, his friends, everything. He has more reasons to hate the world more than anyone does.’ Tristin thought as he saw the frustration and melancholy in William’s expression through body language. His tone being rather tame and calmed.

As it turned back to William, a memory of the past crossed him. The fields of war were ravaged from artillery and tanks. He stood in the trench, baring his rifle, cleaning his bayonet. The sandbags were in need of repairs, and the trench was flooded 3 inches deep. Trench Foot was a common thing, making most of the men in his platoon having prosthetic feet. His own, still intact, a luxury not many in his platoon still kept. By now, it was five years into the war. Too long was this war, too many men, women, children lost. Millions lay dead, from the 4 billion that use to live of this great world. It had been diminished to 3.4 Billion within the first 5 years. Most of those being civilian deaths.

William was a Lieutenant, a far cry from inexperienced, and reinforcements not expected for the next 3 months. The calm was broken by the roaring sound of engines, as the planes of Ichiko flew over head, assaulting the Fahen line, the charge had begun. Rallying his men, he prepped the line. This was a charge through ‘Hell’s Garden’, the vast empty fields only filled with craters, barbwire, and bodies of the dead. An army of the dead, no humanity left in these men. Their faces had the look of no mercy, no remorse, no surrender, only war. Till every Fahen and Thullok were dead. Would there finally be peace.

“Men at the ready!” William gave the command, prepping the line. “Bayonets Fixed! Munitions secured!” As the line began to fix their bayonets to the ends of their rifles, grabbing their ammo and strapping it tightly against them. They were ready for the charge, all that was to come, was the sound of the whistle.

It was a heavy instrument, at least at the time. The whistle had a meaning behind it, many would die at the sound of its song. He pressed it against his lips and blew, *WHOOOOOOO* the whistle sung. As the men charged over the trench and onwards to the enemy line. The Fahen machine guns lighting up, mowing down men as they charged, William joining in the charge. A masterpiece fit for a war film, the view of such a charge, the sound of the men shouting as they charged, and, the eventual charge into the trench. The charge dissolved into a chaotic melee. Bayonet against sword, shotguns firing at point blank and sweeping the trenches.

William did not fear for his life, no anxious feelings. A grin grew on his face as he impaled a Fahen medical officer. Her face of a monstrous creature shrieking in pain, before death. Turning with his pistol and firing upon the fleeing wounded. His orders were clear, ‘No one survives. Take no prisoners.’ His men, though malnourished and savage, slaughtered and cleaved into the trench. Taking it within the hour.

Turning the defences to turn the other way, they had to brace for a counter attack. William gathered his men for a counter charge. Mud on the enemies front slowed them, as the Reevean forces mowed down the charge, William manning one of the machine guns personally. This amazing feeling rushed over him. Killing the monsters that charged the line, all of them deformed and unholy. “Die you filthy demons… back to hell to the lot of ya!” He shouted as his men repealed the attack. Fahen soldiers littered the fields, the haunting reality soon would dawn onto William...

It was not till William’s blood lust subsided, that when he returned to see the corpse of the monstrous woman, he instead found a young girl. Holding a medical pack, tears still remained on her face. She looked no older than 14, he has killed a young girl, mistaken for a monster. He grabbed his head and screamed in pain, as he was distraught for killing the children, the ones that were escaping, the wounded. All children. When his soldiers came in to see what was wrong, he stood and shouted, “How could this be acceptable! We’re slaughtering children! That is all the enemy has left to muster! Push them for surrender! Please I beg on you…” He cried as he collapsed to his knees. William’s mind broken and shattered, the war had finally crept onto him.

“It was not a pretty attack. They assigned me after the commander caught word of the event. However, that didn’t prevent them from putting me on the front lines…” William stated, as he had explained the memory that came to him. Those memories from so long ago, still having the same effect on him as if it were yesterday. His voice still remained calm and collected, though tears now fell down his face in the pain of remembering.

Tristin wrote down everything that he was able to write, having flipped through 7 pages already. It took him a good minute, but he finished jolting down all the information. The penmanship he had was outstanding. Having wrote in Xunok so perfectly it could practically a professional novelist. Given he was part of the literature club, he was responsible for writing reports, essays, and documentations. He gave a solemn look at William, not knowing how it must have felt to live through that in person. As he has only minorly affected by the War for Liberation. Opening his mouth, but stuck on the words, he pauses a moment. A long moment of silence settles in, when Tristin stands and leans against the wooden pillar behind him, thinking of a follow up question, which took another minute before he could formulate another question, “You state you were stationed in combat again. What happened? Were you placed back on the Fahen front? Or were you put somewhere else?” Readying his pencil to write more.

William looked up to Tristin, thought inducing, as memories came back. A war to reset the world. The total destruction of a generation of adults and elderly. Only so many left remaining, from what it use to be. A war torn planet, just now having it’s entire civilization catapulted from the brink.

Suddenly, another memory caresses his mind, taking him back to the war…

It was a cold day. Winter, year 18 in the war. William was a Commander now, stern and heartless. Emotion was a pleasure he would possibly never feel again. A soldier, killer, murderer, hero, savior. No matter what title they gave him, he would fight on.

The enemy he now faced was Thullo, in the mountains. A ferocious nation, despite their lack of population, fighting in the mountains was strongly recommend against by other commanders who had the position of Thullo before him. Though these warnings did not scare the now 34 year old Commander, William was determined to storm Thullo. “Impenetrable Nation my ass, I’ll conquer it myself if I must. Even if it cost me everything, not like I have anything to lose.” In a sense he was right, his family was killed, his friends either left him, were killed, or killed themselves. What could he lose, other than himself.

This forced him to head into the trenches, making his way to the officer’s bunker. Upon entering, he was greeted by the Lieutenant there, Lieutenant Franks von Halbert, “Greetings Commander, How was your recess from planning?” He asked, hunched over the map, looking up to him and away from the battle planning.

William showed a grin, ‘A capable leader, I can always count on Halbert.’ He thought, “Ah yes, it was quite relieving. Thank you for asking Lieutenant, have you made any break through plans?” He asked curious to see if there was any progress.

Halbert scratched the back of his neck and chuckled nervously, “Well, one would imagine that 3 weeks of planning, and superior scouts, we would have an attack plan by now. However, I’m just as stumped as you sir.” Due to the fortifications that were visible on the map, anyone could see it’s a hellstorm.

William sighed, “Of course, it’s because they were given time to fortify. Well, at least we know where they are. Maybe if we found the weakest fort and assaulted it with enough men… we could break through the Devvo Line.” The Devvo Line being an intricate system on fortifications and mounted turrets along the Thullok, Reevean, and Ichikan border. Making it almost impossible to assault without a mountain of casualties. “The nowe issue is if we even invade or not. To be completely honest, the Thulloks are playing strictly, and religiously a defencive war. Making it highly unlikely that they would be attacking us any time soon.” William also pointed out, frustrated at the reality of the situation.

Halbert then stated, “It’s almost like it was on purpose that they put you here. To figure that out and find a way around it. Who knows, maybe just air dropping in troops from plains would do the trick.” He said not knowing the genius behind such a plan.

“You crazy son of a bitch, You cracked it! We just need to get behind them and cut off their supplies. Then assault the fortifications, taking them out systematically. How have we not thought of this before?” He asked Halbert how such a simple idea could have formulated in his head.

Halbert just shrugged at the question, “Must be the work of God sir, sending a message though my words. Must be a sign for you to take to action and assault the Devvo Line.” He claimed as if he were a priest, making William smile at the man for being overly religious. Halbert being known for being very zealous, in a conversation. Frequently claiming things were by either God’s will or the way of his path, set by the winds of fate.

The zealous behavior was mostly ignored by William, as he didn’t see to punish him for it, nor listen to his overly religious babble either. It was humorous and very filling to hear someone not depressed or dead. Lieutenant Halbert often also raising the moral of the troops, either by touching their hearts with the words of God, or making them laugh at his babbling. Either way he was a good man to keep around, and this plan was worth taking a shot. “Well Lieutenant, let’s get to work then shall we?”

William chuckled, “Of course, we didn’t win the war, but I did manage to capture a few select forts on the Devvo Line. An accomplishment held by only myself, as no other man was capable of pulling off such a plan.” He explained to Tristin, after saying his other memory.

Tristin wrote down everything that was said, not on page 23, “Well, I think this is a lot from just two events. I’ll have enough to write a full report on you Mr. Szekely. Thank you again for allowing me to have this interview with you.” He smiled as he began to gather his things. “I’ll make sure to visit you again sir. It was a true honor to meet a man of legend!”

William gave a smile, “You’re welcome young man, you take care now.” As Tristin got into his car and started it up, William felt a sinking feeling in his heart. He wanted to say more, he didn’t want to be alone anymore. “Wait! Young man! Hold for a moment!” He called out, desperate for him to stop.

Tristin just managed to hear him, putting the car into park and stepping out, “Is everything alright Mr. Szekely?” He asked confused by why he was being stopped, but once he saw William stepping down to the road, he had an idea. “Would you like to accompany me sir? It would be a great honor to have you participate in my demonstration.” He took pity on the old man, not wanting him to be alone in this world.

“It would mean the world to me young man.” William smiled as some tears rolled down his cheeks. This wholesome feeling, filling his heart and chest. It was welcoming, it eased his pain.

They both got into the car and Tristin drove off. William looked out the window, still amazed by the view he saw. “This world, I hope it does not have to go through such a war again. Too many died, and now that we are unified, maybe peace will reign for a while.” He said, Tristin having a smile on his face.

=== The Funeral of William Szekely | 4 weeks after the interview ===

Tristin was dressed in his Dovanian dress uniform, surrounded by fellow classmates. As well as men whom served with William. They were outside, in the Dovanian Cremation Center. The mood was solemn and quiet, no one had the will to speak.

This was broken by Tristin, he wanted to say one thing at least, before they cremated William. “From what I could tell… Mr. Szekely was a kind hearted man. He did some very bad things in his life, however he knows what he had done and repented. There is no greater man that I would wish to give my thanks, than to Mr. Szekely.” He then fell silent.

The soldiers were just about to enter William into the the flames, before Halbert spoke up, “Now hold please for a moment!” They stopped, as Halbert collected himself, an old man himself now. His wife stood beside him as he approached William’s body. “William Szekely, it has been a true honor and privilege to serve under and with you. Through the hellscape of war, through the aging and torturing pains of the mind. God has finally given you mercy, allowing you to finally join your wife and friends in the skies above. May the final days you have be in peace and without pain. I bless you friend, I bless you.” Halbert cried as they finally entered him into the flames.

The saga of just one man will live in the hearts of many. A war torn world before, only so many could give the story, the whole story. William Szekely, though dead, lives in the hearts of everyone he had meet. Now he lives in heaven, where he can spend his days of immortality with his wife, friends, and family. Long Live Dovania, For King and Country. Rest in Peace William Szekely, we’ll always remember you.