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RP Munching on Asteroids

Yuka nodded, the project of building Port Jiyuu to her was more of a passion than a job. It was something she had made her own personal commitment since the project began. She figured it was time to get the eating underway and she took the first step by enjoying one of the scallops that had been prepared for the first main entry, "Mmm...interesting, never expected maple to taste good with seafood. Very unique, " she commented, then reached for her wine to wash the bite down well.

"I'm very happy that you came to Jiyuu, even outside of the importance of this deal it is nice to show someone around, give a boost to the impression of Tokyo. The city has changed a lot these last few years, it's almost unbelievable, " she said before she took another bite. She knew there was at least another course to the tasting menu and desserts. Hopefully, Kai Kenshin was as hungry as he looked.
Kai Kenshin was indeed as hungry as he had indicated as before. He ate a few bites of food to get his body to stop feeling so hungry before he would respond back to Yuka. "As I said, this is the first time I can actually look around this fine city. Though I was not under the impression it needed any boosting of reputation, even with the past history of this region." Kenshin responded back.
Yuka nodded and continued to eat, the sound of notification chimes could be heard - it was like everyone was all being messaged at once. She glanced down at her datapad and looked over towards Kenshin, "It seems our meeting falls at a time of great things everywhere," she said with a smile as she pushed the pad over in his direction the bold-font announcement of 'War Ends in Victory' was on the top of the screen.

The usual formal standard of Takeda House changed; patrons shared toasts and cheers about the end of the war. The waitstaff responded by bringing out free glasses of champagne and fine sake on the house.

The second course followed the first; the last step before dessert. "A delicious offering of braised short-rib with pickled and braised cabbage," the waitress explained as she set the new plates down onto the table them. "Dessert shall come when the last course is done, our chefs are preparing something special in light of the wonderful news," she announced and then bowed before Kai Kenshin and Yuka.
Kenshin's HUD got the same notification indication of the news. But he decided to ignore it, as he wasn't surprised. The Star Army of Yamatai were known for their tenacity and luck. He did politely look at the datapad when Yuka slid it over to him to look at. Giving it a respectful few seconds to scan the content, he then slid it back to her.

"I must say, Takeda House has some interesting cooking methods." he said when he took on some of the 2nd dish's content.

"I was just thinking we could shore up the old spacelane between Yamatai and this region. There is a trio of star systems that appear untouched since the 2nd Mishhu War that might be an excellent area to develop in." Kenshin said, carefully arranging the food before taking a bite of the braised meat.
Yuka took another bite of food, then gave a slight nod as she chewed and then swallowed, "I think they are very creative, young Tachiko did very well for herself in opening this line of restaurants," she said in agreement with his compliment about the food.

"I take it you mean the three; Akiko, Miu, and Ayano? Or the E-series of systems in the corridor?" she inquired, then added, "The three Akiko, Miu, and Ayano are supposed to be named after Katsuko and Akina's daughters; I'm sure that is as complicated as they are. The Empire did drop their flags from those worlds, I'm not sure what the story was really - then again, an opportunity is opportunity isn't it?" she smiled, and took another bite and another sip of her wine.
"Yes Akiko, Miu, and Ayano. E5 and E6 did not have much data I could find while in-transit, though they are in equally opportunistic positions. Though as close to the sector as they are, they are less ideal for mid-journey breaking points. I was curious if you had any additional information on these, but I suppose I will have to just call in a favor or two in hopes of finding out why and if the Motoyoshi Clan will call down Kamikaze on us." Kenshin continued, eating in a polite manner as he wanted to get it out of the way.

He was truly content with the meal thus far. Though he debated if he should talk about them with his wife. He could already see her going into a fit of rage she wasn't here as well.
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Yuka appreciated Kai Kenshin's company, the man seemed to be good at what he did. Both of their assistants had remained quiet, which was probably a normal thing almost everywhere but Jiyuu. It was actually a little strange for Yuka, then again she had become accustomed to the unorthodox approach of her clan. "I'll get you some information on those systems; I might have a bit more luck than you will. I'm retired Star Army and I have Ketsurui-Motoyoshi-sama's ear," she replied to his comments. She finished the last bit of her entree and then reached for her wine glass and took a short drink.

"You should consider the Mitsuya System, it has been relatively abandoned since the end of the Second Mishhu War. From what I understand it has a reasonable amount of resources, is in the active trade lane, and if the project is something you're willing to collaborate on I would be happy to submit some proposals," she offered, it was good her knowledge of the Sector was up to date, otherwise, she would have been ill-equipped for these expanded discussions.
"Mitsuya... that will likely be the best alternative. I will forward that instead, thank you. I speak only for myself at the moment, but expanding our regional operations to outside of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector is a natural evolution of events. There is a lot to explore and re-explore out there now that the war is over and someone is going to need to provide support." Kai Kenshin spoke after finishing the second course. Perhaps he was getting ahead of himself, but he could not help but feel a coming gold rush of civilian claims to buffer against the Kuvexians that still remained in the sector.

He just slightly smiled to himself as he thought about it all as he took a drink of his brandy. "We would be happy to collaborate more with the Yugumo Corporation outside of your territory." he said before he reached into his haori and pulled out a small datapad with the mon of the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan on the back. "My acquisitions colleague in Ryu Heavy Industries was curious if your corporation was interested in supplying the following as subcontractors in several upcoming designs." he said after he placed the pad on the table and slid it halfway.

On the screen of the datapad a list including escape pods, components of life support systems, and a wide assortment of additional small items could be seen.
Yuka looked over the items on the pad, she nodded slightly as she read over the list. "It is good to see that your company has thought things through, that you have a definite plan towards the future. We too are looking to expand beyond our focus area in light of peacetime," she replied to his statement as she considered the proposal for sub-contracting of certain items and technologies.

As Yuka was in consideration the waitress returned to the table with dessert. "And for our final course, a special from our chefs for the announcement of the Yamataian victory over the Kuvexians; a sticky toffee pudding with rum caramel, crystallized white chocolate crunch, and a banana's foster ice cream." She bowed after she set down their desserts and said in the offering, "Can I interest you in one of our tea selections? Or a digestif from our bar?" she inquired with them.

Rather than interrupting the opportunity, Kai Kenshin had to make his selection with the waiter, Yuka merely nodded and signed off on the datapad for the subcontract proposal, as that it was straight forward that Yugumo Corporation had no issue with providing that for the other corporation.
"I'll have a simple iced tea if you happen to have it or a green tea if you don't" Kai Kenshin said to the waitress before looking at Yuka. "Dealing with Nepleslians for so long, I have gotten accustomed to sweetened red tea. Especially if it has a hint of lemon in it." he said with a smile before he relaxed a bit in his seat.

"They would not have survived their bearish time period if they didn't have plans. If there was one thing the Kuvexians might have done good for the sector, it created an opportunity to rebuild and provide products others might not consider in an era of prosperity."

Kai Kenshin then finished the rest of his brandy. "The Ryu-Mizumitsu base their business on a Trade haiku written by a former clan leader, Ryu-Mizumitsu Yuna a century ago.

Amongst the forest
An oak tree, silent and strong
Enduring alone

We are amongst many and we rely on the quality of our designs to speak for our intentions. It took myself a little while to fully grasp that haiku."