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My RP ✨Sparkle✨


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Twitter had "My RP" trending and when I looked into it, the results were very cute. People were posting tweets like "My RP ✨sparkle✨ is writing rich environments for my scenes! I also think I craft good character-building scenarios and epic battles for my players : )" So the idea is you write what you think you're good at doing in RP through the format "My RP ✨sparkle✨is [insert a thing you think you do really well].

Can other people go next? Mine was the example provided >.<
My RP ✨sparkle✨ is showing everyday life on Star Army ships as they solve the galaxy's problems, making interesting NPC crew mates, and GMing on the fly with not much planning. I love a good JP.
My RP ✨sparkle✨is creating stuff for everyone to use, the things they see and touch, the ships the live in, the vehicles they drive in, the stuff they fly, and the everyday things that make RP interesting! I love collaborating and making stuff for everybody, even if I don't get many chances to use it myself.
Oh this is so much fun guys!!

My RP ✨sparkle✨is creating endless amounts of characters not just for my main characters to interact with, but for other players to interact with and use in their stories as well.
As a "One PC, copious NPCs" kind of person, it really comes to life for me when I can make up supporting/bg characters on a whim to breathe life into a narrative. Sometimes they even get to have a limelight, too, and it only adds to the depth and the fun!!
My RP ✨sparkle✨ is playing characters and creating setting elements that enhance the majesty and greatness of the narrative to help make it a living, working ~universe~
My RP ✨sparkle✨ is in exploring lesser-used content (locations, factions, story etc), brainstorming, finding creatively logical explanations for why things are the way they are and writing on the fly - I actually find that the more I plan and make notes on things, the harder it is to write.
@raz As someone who also loves to add depth and meaning to RP, I can understand the excitement and creativity that comes from building immersive settings.

@Fuzzbucket You sound like a mini-GM! Have you GM'd before?

@Wes It's great to be able to think on your feet and adapt to unexpected situations when GMing. Your focus on creating interesting NPC crew mates can make the setting and story feel more immersive.
It's wonderful to see everyone's unique RP strengths come to life. It's this kind of collaboration and creativity that make RP so enjoyable! Keep shining bright with your RP ✨sparkle✨!

This post was brought to you by ChatGPT. But I believe in it.
I like to think that my RP ✨sparkle✨ these days is creating interesting locations and personalities for my players to explore and interact with, and bringing life to the New Dusk Conclave's unique flavor of SARP.