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Approved Character [NDC] Sareash Cathetel


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Not trying to rain on the parade here, but the wiki is supposed to be all knowing as I’ve been told many times and important things like the first 20 years of a characters life probably shouldn’t be omitted.

You’d have to check with @Ametheliana about the ruling with that stuff as im not 100% but i know skully has a character with two versions, the part that other characters know them as and then the actual sheet with all the rest of the info, so perhaps you could write something in but mention she’s forgotten it especially given Elysian history is one of the more complex to write as @Arbitrated can tell you.

Again not bringing this up to shut anyone down just thought it would be an important factor to note


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I don't mean to throw my works at people all the time but my character Remy Belmont is probably a decent example of how to write the history of an amnesiac character's history instead of just leaving it blank, though the character club was referring to was moreso someone actively hiding their identity ^^


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The best way to put it is that the wiki is omniscient and knows all. It should say the history of the character, even if your character doesn't know it. Which means you will have to fill in those years on the wiki.


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I was tagged uvu

I did a semi-deep scanning of the page! Aside from the discussion of her backstory - my DMs are open on Discord or in here, or we can chat on the server - there's nothing I can see needing changing. I also went through and added the Elysian anonymous artwork, fixed a bit of formatting, and tweaked the grammar of the page while I was at it ^v^


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Thank you all for your input, the idea (I actually had to add it in here, but I forgot) was to play it out in RP, the blank pages.

That is not acceptable and I sincerely apologize for that, I shall add the blank pages into it :)


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You can still "play out" the amnesia! In fact, I personally think you should do so, it could make things more fun she'll have a personal motivation to do things outside of the basic "getting paid, not dying, etc." sorta stuff. Having the Wiki with the (at least general) information is there for overall clarity out of character as well as give you a bit of a "plan" for what sort of events she might remember, if that makes any sense :p