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Approved Submission Neithorngom-Class Battleship


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New SMX Battleship for the Third Mishhu War.

Actual RP example. Ignore the one in the box - New Threat Spotted (Not sure why it would not post as the RP example, might have to wait for the news post to be approved).
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Just an update, submitted some weapons as sub-articles. Changed the loadout for the ship. @Alex Hart feel free to check my calculations,


Oops, posted the wrong one. Fixed

Maybe @Wes would be willing to grant an exception so the DR can be boosted to match the Sharie?
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@Alex Hart feel free to check my calculations,
Running the math, it could actually just about get away with another main Aether Shock array. The Sharie's its own can of worms since it's got a few eccentricities due to being grandfathered and non-compliant, but another main array would give it the teeth it needs to stand up to one in a fight.

8 is only the limit for weapons the same tier as the ship, there's an additional 2 "points" worth allowed for weapons lower tier, giving you a total of 10.
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Thank you @Alex Hart . While I'm figuring out what to do, @Wes What do you think? Should it be kept in spec, or can it go over to match Sharie?
I say just go for it! When nation X makes something to challenge nation Y specifically a giant hand only seldom comes out of the sky to rip some of its weapons off. Considering the mishhu arent a player-faction but an RP tool the limits shouldn't apply as stringently because the squids being meta or OP doesnt matter from an OOC perspective only an Ic one which will be overcome (or not) by players.