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[Nepleslia] Hammerhead Fighter

I'd simply ask that you hold off a review until I have finished every part of the article. If you noticed... I haven't done the interior, or the weapons systems.

-As a reference, the original F/A 01 was equipped with the Vogel FTl system, and I've decidedly stripped away the Vogel-based weapons that were on the original. If the current build of the system is still an issue, I'll replace it with CDD.

-These are graviton beams, which, according to the Anti-FTL chart, acts as a kind of Anti-FTL, much like the "Pull" function on the PPG. Apparently, tractor beams slow down FTL.

-I was thinking, that if Transparent Aluminum exists now, and our Durandium is basically super Aluminum, it wouldn't be much of a stretch. The material was chosen, primarily, because Nepleslia lacks any source of Zesuaium-T.
Well, you're welcome to submit the transparent material as a separate article. I imagine it'd be approved.
I got around to posting Durandium-T

If it alright, I'd still like to hear what you've got to say on the other two points.
Hey Wes, Hey Exhack.... using google I found an old thread called:

"About Intediction Field related technology"

is that what you where talk about earlier Wes?

...Right now I am going to go over into the archives to see if I can pull something up......
..... Well, I couldn't find the thread in the archives and each time I try to pull it up using google I get I error....
.... "Sigh" so I guess this there is nothing I can do to help 😢 ...
except for maybe point out this :p
All those new missiles need to be posted for review as well.
Before anyone reviews this, please allow the Nepleslian GMs a little time to consider the application, as per our new moderation standards for new Nepleslian technology. We will get to this as soon as we can.
Alright, we had a few discrepancy:
A.) The Vogel drive on this should only allow it Hyperstream travel, as well as emergency distortion shielding. The bubble that would allow the Hammerhead to carry anything around it away with it during hyperstream should not be present.

B.) Those graviton projectors should not have the ability to disrupt FTL travel on anything bigger than the Hammerhead. I do not like the idea of a tiny fighter being able to stop a gunship from hyperspacing without using an interdiction torpedo or something, even with your "20 times the weight" limit. I don't know how it'll fly with the reviewers, but we would like you to tone it down the 5 times the weight, at the very most.

Okay...aside from those, this looks good.

1. We have the ability to make this. (nothing is remarkably new)
2. We have a *want* for it. (cold fusion, do want)
3. We have a *need* for it. (Nepleslia currently doesn't have a fighter-bomber like this, so yeah)

Tech approvers, you're welcome to begin tearing this apart.
- **Range:** 30 KM in Atmosphere, 150 KM in Space\\
+ **Range:** 1000 KM in Atmosphere, 3000 KM in Space\\

I don't like how you keep changing the weapons in mid-approval.
I'm still trying to find the right balance for weapons ranges in this setting. Many of the weapons on older craft have absurdly long ranges, which actually doesn't bother me all that much. I was just worried that the craft that I'm working on would be slaughtered because I was underpowering them.

The values have been lowered to more conservative numbers, and are final, unless they pose any problems at their current values.
Bump for sub rot? This is ready for a re-review.

EDIT LOG: A minor fix was made to Monoeye Sensors Range, raising max range to 6 AU. This is for consistency with other NAM designs, not a power increase.
Not approved. Speeds are too high, especially in water. Mach 2? In water?
Lowered underwater speeds to 240 km/h. And as for the other speeds, precedents have been set by previous craft, some of them power armors.

Note that any missiles and such that aren't approved will need separate approvals.