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Waiting on Submitter [Nepleslia] Sforzando Class BlackOps Frigate.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🎖️ Game Master
A modern replacement for the malchick, disguised as an old but mass produced tramp freighter found in the sector. Without using meta stealth materials it does what no other stealth vessel in the sector can do; Land on a planet or dock with a station without everyone who looks in their direction immediately identifying a clearly military vessel.

@SirSkully for Nep FM stamp.
I have been curious about Mercurite as well. I see it referenced in a lot of old articles, but I guess the article for it was purged.
Nepleslia has its own Starship Speeds which I have gone off of for quite a while now not for the first time as not only this vessel but many of the past nep vessels with the only speed changes being made to them in the better part of 10 years being me allowing Alex to change the cruiser speeds from 3.75 to 3.70 and the scout/escorts to be changed from 3.70 to 3.75 as having cruisers be faster than frigates made no sense.

nep starship speeds.png

Im aware that there is a rule about not referencing old-submission as justification but it's more me trying to say i'm not trying to sneak anything in anywhere and this has been the nep standard but nobody other than me, Alex once, and Ame once has made a starship except legix who also used this standard.

I've fixed the service and Medical requests with the latter having its article medical bay but just shortening it to medbay which people will know either way.

The last one, mercurite shielding, is just fancy flavor text I found on a lot of old nep ships and kept running because it's what they have. Nep doesnt have sub-articles for everything as I am still the main wiki contributor for nep by about 90% for the better part of 5+ years now~
(double post, sorry. but @'s dont show up on edits.)

If the starship speeds are suddenly an issue I would ask that it be something discussed and decided with @SirSkully as to what neps standard is now that it is no longer in my hands. If going forwards nep should fall more inline with the absolute average of the speed standards I will change it i that is what he and you want, but i'm just going off of what my predecessors made and am not trying to sneak stuff in or try to hold some hilltop for the sake of speeds that dont really matter IC tbh.
Wanted to ask this earlier in the day, but I'm curious if you were the one who made the Nepleslian Starship Speed Standards Wes? You were the earliest listed made by a user back in 2012.