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Closed Nepleslian History Museum

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Believe it or not this is a future side project of mine.

It requires i dredge through a lot of old lore for the history and events, and compile a lot of characters so neps can kind of know who their heros are so its not something ive made an effort to start, however.

It will be a thing sooner rather than later, however. And is going to be a location when i get back to updating the nep-places on the wiki.

It is a big shame, however, that some events and characters are simply gone from the setting so would only be a passing reference at best :(
I found an ancient "painting" of Emperor John hitman during the ancient Nepleslian era (OOC: 1995-1997) or Kennewes era. Maybe we could put it in the museum?


John Whitman is the guy in the middle, wearing an armored vest and breathing helmet. The tall guy is a high-ranking Uesureyan, and the guy in the back is, uh... (I need to think of a SARP name for him lol).

OOC these guys were all action figures, I think the Uesureyan was Jack O'neill from the Stargate film toys, Whitman was Blizzard (GI Joe), and there's Hoth Luke Skywalker and Han Solo disguised as a stormtrooper (in the back). But they've all been customized with flak vests and other accessories.

Some of them are also in these ancient ruins:

I'd still like to see this happen. If nothing else, let's get my WIP article submitted and approved and expand on it later.
Due to lack of interest and help, I'm abandoning this suggestion.