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OOC New Plot - [Yamatai] YSS Kōun


🎖️ Game Master
Hello my SARP friends. I have a very exciting new plot that I am looking to launch in the near future. The main theme of this plot will be a focus on diplomacy. My hope is that this will allow for cross plot and more interaction with the different factions around Yamatai. This will also open up the chance for players characters from different factions to be hosted on this ship. It can be a guest star or can be considered for a permanent position. One unique property of this plot will be the mixing of JP with single post. Due to the nature of diplomacy being a conversation I see JPs being integrated into the larger single posting of the mission.

My hope is that the plot can strike a serious note while also being light hearted. Combat will not be a main focus however it will not be avoided. Due to player actions it is not out of the question for combat to take place. For example a faction may judge diplomacy based on a feat of combat.

Feel free to provide feedback as I am open to hear how we can make this the best plot ever.

Plot Page
I'd see starting out at least every two weeks. Might be faster depending on how quickly people can post.
This sounds like it will be interesting. I might have something once Qin Chuntao is fully converted from a planned NPC to a PC.
I'd be happy to throw in a Starship Operator/Ship Sprite.
To give further details on what this plot is going to be about, below is a short run down of the first mission.

YSS Kōun - Mission One - Taking One for the Team

The first mission for the Koun will be to do a diplomatic trade with the Kuvexian Empire. Many have been captured by the Kuvexian slavers and freeing captured Yamatai is of the utmost importance. Counter intelligence reports hostilities are still tense between our factions. Care will need to be taken as we work out an agreement to free our people.
Just so ya know, Miko. According to the Battle of Glimmergold's epilogue, the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia collapsed entirely. Their space is three months away. There are, of course, Kuvexian groups still out there but they lack a cohesive, overarching structure with which to do nation-to-nation diplomacy. Negotiations can still be conducted with any individual group, but yeah.

The destruction of Glimmergold caused the total collapse of the Kuvexian Kingdom. King Kalapom was ousted, then assassinated, and his heirs had died on one of the planets destroyed in the attack along with trillions of others. Without pay, the Kuvexian Navy struggled to operate at all and soldiers abandoned their posts. Thousands of worlds' economies were left in shambles and hundreds of species were freed from their Kuvexian yoke. Yui and her Star Army would eventually become the monsters and barbarians Kuvexian parents told stories about to scare their children into behaving. The battle also set off a wave of poverty throughout a certain section of the galaxy, causing great migrations as desperate peoples struggled to find their way through the chaos left behind.
And based on what Raz had to share the first mission is either a great success or complete failure. Back to the drawing board since this one sounds like it would be too shallow for a mission.
So it was brought to my attention that people were thinking this first mission would be going into Kuvexian space. That is not where the mission will take place, it would focus on the areas that turned natural when the war ended which is near Yam space.
Thanks for the clarification! Sounds great to me then!
Just a quick update that I have been working on the story board for the first mission. I am looking to get this kicked off in the coming weeks. If your interested in joining please put a character name in your post. I am going to add them to the ship roaster for the mission.

As a side note I see this plot being very open for guest star to drop in and out of the plot. If your not down to commit full time, will still be the option to drop in to say high (and maybe cause some trouble).
I think you should make this plot the Yamatai side of the Sood Zadra RP. It's technically active at that point.
Just wanted to give a heads up that I removed warrant officers from your available positions list on the plot page. The reason for this is because the Star Army phased out the warrant officers and promoted them all to regular officers in YE 43.