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New Race: Serpara'shan


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This is a race of so-called "Snake People" They are the only "human-like" intelligence on the planet Serpenia, a tropical planet with lush jungles and forests.

The Serpara'shan are a polite, if somewhat unemotional people; as they evolved from from snakes. They have a somewhat primitive culture and religious beliefs, and a somewhat low level of technology.


As they are related to snakes, the serpara are different in appearance. Some have more human-like appearance, some look like Nagas (human torso/ serpent from waist down.), some look like large snakes and so on. Such differences have separated the main two clans into subspecies.

(the two clans are: Venis (venomous snake-kin) and Constric (Constrictor snake-kin))

They all however tend to have the following:

Eyes are usually Yellow, Green, White or light blue
Most have scales on parts of their bodies that minorly change color depending on attitude (from blood flow under them)
Little to no body hair
Coarse hair (often drab sometimes brilliant depending upon species)

Life Cycle:

Egg--Young (Child)--"Ascension"--Adult

Ascension is their term for the metamorphic hibernation the young enter into to become adults. It lasts for 14 days after a huge feast; usually happens a set number of times per year depending on species. again.

((This is my basic set of Data for them, any help is welcome, even constructive criticism))


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Sounds like Yuan-ti. Other than that very good, intresting etc. The name is ... snake like. Which I suppose was your intention.


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Species: Separa'Shan (Broken off into two clans: Venis, and Constric)

Home Planet: Shingarin

Governments: Differs by Tribe, but usually lead by a council of elders

Population: Total: 1.32 billion

Appearance: The separa have little to no body hair, as their world is mostly tropical, having body hair would be more of a curse than a benefit. Since they evolved from snakes, they all have slitted eyes in the colors of Amber yellow, lime green, white, or pale blue, anything darker is possible but extremely rare. Most have scales on some parts of their bodies in their adult forms and coarse hair.

General Information: As not many people have studied the race, not much is known other than that they take their young very seriously, tampering with either the eggs or the ascension is punishible by consumption.

General Geological information: Shingarin is mostly tropical as the equatorial area of the world is vast, but there are temperate forests, mountains, rivers, oceans and such. One noteworthy aspect of the planet is the perpetually snowcapped high mountain ranges that melt at certain points in the year that form the race's favorite thing in hot days: the cool springs and rivers where they can go to cool off and lose heat.

Disposition and Culture: The Separa are a polite, if unemotional race; holding clan ties and tradition very seriously. They often believe in eye-for-an-eye when it comes to the eggs or young, but if say someone were to insult a adult Separa: they're likely to bite you and forget further grudges. They also an artistic people, enjoying performance arts and useful but still artistic objects like pottery and things like that. They have intricately built temples, like more of the ramps have a form of hieroglyphics along them that explain how it was built, it's name and the Separa who created and built it. They are big on appropriate accreditation of artistic creations.

Culturally speaking they are primitive compared to the YSA but they have a rich culture based on traditions and their beliefs, especially in their creation, believing a combination of evolution and creationism (though they don't call it that). They have the ritual "ascension" of the young, as it is a very important part of their culture as well as the ritual of egglaying, both of which are always done on a seasonal schedule.

Military: Tribal, clannish, but the clans do not have qualms of uniting against a common enemy. And the Giant Eagles of their world, the Separa are sometimes hunted by the aerial predators from the far northern mountains.

Politics: Llead by a council or elders who meet and discuss clan affairs and relations.

Industry: The Separa'Shan have a working barter system, usually anitem for an item of equal or lesser value or if for a greater value: a sworn oath of "I will return the favor" or "I owe you." is good enough as long as the favor is returned. They trade in foods, weapons, armor etc. Most weapons and armor are made of iron or in rare cases: steel.

((Race Withdrawn until further notice))


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Holy cow, I went digging and found a thread detailing some of the early stuff for the Separa. This certainly seems similar (admittedly different) to the final product I love. Totes reviving this for more than just myself, so people can see just how far one of the species on SARP seems to have come-around! =3=b