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Interest Check NSS Highlander - Scuto Opus


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There's no reason not to do my part- I've done a lot in the background for Nepleslia, so I'm eager and willing, with the help of my co-gm @paladinrpg, to announce that we'll be running a new plotship for the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia (and the Lorath, but they count as part of and separate from that.)


The NSS Highlander is the second ship of the class of ships of the same name, a pair of experimental stealth gunships intended to perform the same role as Yamatai's Plumeria class of ships while testing the integration of Lorath technologies seen on the Scythe onto a larger frame. The ship was supposed to launch first in late YE 41, but its sister, the Chieftain, was rushed and handed over to the IPG, before vanishing into the black.

The Highlander itself still isn't completely finished, but that doesn't mean it isn't moving out: the war situation's changed, and the ship is needed. That doesn't mean straitlaced Captain Joe Franks is happy about that, or the crew he's got. Y'see, the Chieftain got the 'best and the brightest' from the LSDF, NSN, and NSMC; he's had to settle for, well? The skill of his crew isn't in question whatsoever, they're still the best. The problem is that BuPers only cared about their skills when filling out his crew, leaving him with an eclectic mix of personalities. Even his Executive Officer, while talented, is a Lorath con-woman at best.

There have been worse situations, though. And the Highlander's a good ship, with a good (if quirky) crew. And what better place to test it than at war. Afterall, the motto of the ship is "Scuto Opus"- Action is our Shield.


So if you haven't picked it up from that blurb, the NSS Highlander is one of a pair of experimental stealth gunships made by Nepleslia using Lorath tech, with a mixed crew of Nepleslians and Lorath manning it. And thanks to admirals opposed to the project (not enough to stop it but just enough to interfere) and the IPG's influence, the ship's stuck with a talented if quirky crew, often those who are too useful and good at their jobs to kick out but too troublesome to put elsewhere. Oh, and its being force to leave port without conducting space trials, or even before the entire ship is finished.

But don't worry about all of that, because it has the best crew: Whoever joins! And there's plenty of room for players on board, in the same vein as good ol' Yamataian gunships like the Sakura or Eucharis or Kaiyo: There's a captain and XO (The very 60's Space Captain style Joe Franks and a con-woman of a New Tur'listan for an XO), and a few others around the ship, but it has room for all manners of players.

the plot is generally going to be fast to medium paced, with, if we can wrangle it, a ton of JPs.

Wanna take a bridge chair and take part in the ship's suspenseful stealth action? Go ahead!

Wanna be a pilot, dog fighting Kuvies and striking ships! It has a hangar bay.

Wanna be a marine? We got room for that too, go on away missions on alien worlds and hostile ships.

Scientist? Well, a ship as long ranged as this, it'll have to go out, discover new worlds and new civilizations too.

The opportunities, while not endless, are still there! Be Inspired!

Speaking of inspirations, I should talk about my inspirations for the plot: Starship Troopers (book) remains big in there, but its tempered by anime like Nadesico and Yamato 2199 (SPACE SUBMARINES) and the 'happy' Tomino shows like Xabungle, Games are in there too, like Ace Combat 4, Ace Combat 5, Ace Combat 0, Ace Combat 7, Freespace 2. But there is a ton of MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE (MOVIE) and TV in this: old 50's and 40's era sub movies like "Operation Petticoat" and "Run Silent, Run Deep", along with more recent films like The Hunt for Red October and Crimson Tide; accompanied by Star Trek TOS/TNG/DS9 and Stargate SG1

The plot will have a lot in common with submarine stories when action is happening, as the Highlander relies on stealth and striking while undetected to win fights; but in other aspects will take a lot from Star Trek and SG-1. The plot likewise won't be entirely serious 100% of the time: sure it will be serious when serious stuff is happening or on the line, but the quirkiness of the crew and ship itself ensures that things won't be grim and brooding the entire time.

Oh, and this:
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