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RP: Origin [OIF Karakoram] Post Episode 1: The bestest of friends.


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RP Date
Late YE40
RP Location
OIF Karakoram
It was no real secret that Mo enjoyed tinkering with shit, be it her personal power armour or it's big sister that had been getting more attention recently, infact she was out trying to rectify that issue right now - or rather the mech team's no-shit Minkan would have been if the power supply unit hadn't decided to fnally crap itself after a few years of abuse. but rather than just replace it the ravenette had decided to go for an upgrade, opting for the power unit from some big Nepleslian armour because why not.

Even in her current state the team's bully seemed to look somewhat decent, a navy jumpsuit undone and wrapped around her waist with an orange tank-top covering her top half, Monica's dark hair was done up in a quick and messy bun and she had a grease stain on her chin but the buff girl still had that same overall "cactus flower" vibe going on.

Pretty to look at, but get too close and she'll make you hurt.

The thing in question was tucked under one strong arm as the Minkan began making her way back through the ship's mall, worn out sneakers squeeking slightly as she took a corner but Mo didn't give a fuck - that was her whole schtick afterall, a huff leaving the girl's ample chest as she hopped onto an escalator and sat down on the handrail to ride it down a floor.

One of her fellow companions on the armor team, Destiny otherwise known as Oracle, sat on one of the benches along the path through the mall. She was dressed in one of her more comfortable outfits, bandages wrapped from her feet to her mid-calf, a set of baggy pants that cinched tight to just where the bandages stopped up to her hips black in color. Her top was a more colorful mix of red, green, and blue cloth with the blue being a sleevless shirt and a open vest colored green with small red highlights in the stitching and buttons that were undone.

One leg was propped up over the other, a book rested on her knee as she sat there, her long white hair done in a tight simple braid that rested on her lap. Her blue eyes peered up to watch the woman walk closer, but she made little motion to catch her attention otherwise.

Mo popped up off the handrail at the end and landed with a quiet squeak, her own gaze flicking up to catch the Lorath's and deliver a bit of a scowl in return, a few more steps and the group's Minkan spoke up - never one known for her subtlety, "The fuck you looking at, toothpaste bitch, something on my face?" Monica asked rather bluntly, one dark eyebrow cocked up in defiance as both arms crossed under her chest.

Oracle winced a little as she heard the fairly crass words come from the Minkan and let out a small sigh as she looked up fully from her book. The cover shut though she kept a thumb in place as she looked to Mo with an expression like that of a parent sad with her child's words.

"Am I not allowed to look at who is coming closer with an indifferent look?" She asked and studied the woman before she spoke again.

"You should really try to clean up your speech too. It tells one a lot of your upbringing and intelligence level."

Mo's blue eyes narrowed a little deeper into that scowl, her weight shifting to favour one hip more than the other before the ravenette spoke her mind as the team would have become so used to her doing, "Looking at somebody is like pointing a fucking gun, you never do it without some intention, but don't you go thinking you can just insult me like that, toothpaste bitch," Mo smirked a little before continuing.

"Besides, how else are people supposed to know they're best off steering clear of me, hm?"

"So you feel that between the repetitve childish insults, the foul language, and you challenging everyone for simply looking at you, which you compare to pointing a gun at you, you feel this tells people to stay away from you for some reason?" Oracle asked as a single white eyebrow cocked curiously.

"I fear any psychiatrist that has to work out your issues for you years down the road." She added as she finally shut the book fully and withdrew her thumb.

"You seem like a ticking timebomb of anger that's going to burst at the wrong time and probably get someone hopefully just hurt and not killed."

"Don't bloody pretend you understand me at all, miss high and mighty, my reasons are none of your fucking business," Mo huffed as hands found their way to her pockets, clearly a little more ticked off than usual by the statements as she turned to leave, "Seriously, stick to your fucking books, only way we'll continue to co-exist is if you stay at arms length."

"Yes yes, run away, good idea." Oracle said in a call to the woman as she turned to leave. The Lorath woman waved her hand as if dismissing a servant and opened her book back up.

The Minkan stopped in her tracks and slowly looked back over one shoulder before turning back to fully face Oracle, clearly tensed muscles in her forearms indicating the raven-haired girl's fists were very much clenched even if still burried in pockets, "You snide c***... I'd stop right-quick if you know what is good for you~"

"Or what? Let me guess... You're going to punch me in my face?" Oracle asked as she shut her book again and looked up to Mo in the eyes. Her shoulders and neck seemed to get... Bigger almost as she put her book to the side.

"I've faced far larger and stronger than you, and not backed down."

Mo just put the slight anatomical changes down to the significantly taller girl tensing up her muscles to seem more intimidating - anyone else and it might have worked but the Minkan stood there for a moment longer, ocean-blue eyes narrowing as a wicked grin began curling onto Monica's usually brooding features.

"...looks like the bitch is a boaster too, ladies and gents," quietly left Mo's throat before the shorter girl bent her knees a little, quickly springing back up to throw her head into Oracle's nose.

She had been ready for the fight, ready for a punch swung at her to the face, but not the headbutt. Thankfully with her thicker neck it stopped some of the backward snap of her head, but Mo would get a satisfying crunch and a warmth spread over her head from the splurt of blood. A solid open palm would slam toward Mo's chest to seperate the two, and regardless of whether it pushed her back or not, Oracle would stand to her full height and look down at her.

Another crunch as she reached up and fixed her nose, Oracle would flex her hands a little as she stared down at the smaller girl with a smirk through the blood on her face.

"It's been a while since I got to stretch out since I'd been awoken." Was all she said as she kicked off a foot and aimed a elbow at Mo's sternum, fist held up by the Lorath's ear to protect the left side of her face and her right hand ready to stop a counter from her right.

As Mo's chest was shoved there would have been a good bit of squish felt in her generous bosom before Oracle got to the tough pectorals beneath though the shove was effective and did separate the two girls a bit, though it was true the Minkan had struck first she too was reeling a little from having delivered the headbutt, clearly not as affected as her opponent but enough for Monica's guard to be sloppy as the elbow struck her sternum and a grunt of pain left her throat.

There was no doubting the Lorath was physically bigger, though the nature of Mo's synthetic body made the ravenette deceptively strong even without her additional muscle on top of that so as she tried to hook her right arm around Oracle's left and kick out towards the larger girl's solar plexus with the other arm raised defensively - it became clear that it would be a pretty even fight as far as physical statistics went.

Oracle pushed into the kick in an effort to catch the brunt of the blow before Mo could fully extend her leg for full damage. The shorter girl had power, that much the Lorath could admit as she felt some of the wind pushed from her lungs, but it wasn't enough. Oracle turned her body and tried to slam her elbow down into Mo's shin in the attempt to crack or break it completely as she put her considerable size and weight behind the blow.

The ravenette cried out in pain as she felt a hairline fracture run through her artiificially strengthened tibia, a few drops of spit flying out from beween the shorter girl's gritted teeth as she tried to use that pain to focus - sharpening her mind and adding to her resolve as the stubborn bull she was lifted the other leg off the ground, twisting her body sideways as Mo then kicked her uninjured leg forwards into the back of Oracle's knees with one swift motion.

Destiny hissed in pain as she felt her knees give out and found herself thud heavily onto the metal floor of the ship on her knees. Her hands found the fractured leg and gripped it tightly, nails turned to claws and dug into the soft flesh below the clothing as she tried to toss Mo a few feet away all while still on her knees. She needed space to get up even as she felt the backs of her knees begin to throb in pain.

Her brain registered that there was pain but adrenaline helped numb it as Mo was flung away, bouncing against the smooth floor of the mall once before the Minkan floated herself upright - executing a tight tumble before weight was put on her still good leg, digital mind informing her of the light bleeding that was going on.

"T... the fuck was that shit?" Mo couldn't help but wonder with a stammer, eyes going to the clawed paw that used to be Oracle's hand, widening slightly out of confusion, were her nails always that sharp?

Oracle grinned wickedly as she stood up and rolled her shoulders. Soft fur seemed to roll from the backs of her hands to give her a small coat up to midway of her forearms. More shifts, minor but noticeable as her legs seemed to grow thicker and tear the wraps on her legs, toenails now extended out into nails as well. Her arms grew a little thicker too as even her eyes changed to a slitted pupil.

"Never fought a Lorath before have you?" If Mo had, or knew anything of the Lorath, shapeshifting was certainly not a skill of the Fyunnen...

"Can't say I have..." Monica mused quietly, a far cry from the haughty Minkan's usual attitude as fear of the unknown crept into her voice - Mo took a moment to clear her throat and keep her arms raised defensively, still favouring the uninjured leg as she spoke, "I don't know what the fuck is going on... it'll be interesting at least eh?" Mo finished, fists clenched as the fire came back to her demeanour.

"Good girl." Oracle growled as she slowly advanced on Mo like a predator. Teeth bared to show sharpened fangs, Oracle's wings twitched a little as she grinned a little. How long had it been since she had a chance to really stretch out and get a good hand-to-hand fight in? Not since she had left her last home and been picked up by Origin, and even then the cowards had used guns instead of coming at her hand-to-hand.

"...whatever," Mo breathed out as she gave up on trying to pin down what was going on, instead flying forwards with one clenched fist swinging up in an arc towards where a human's liver would be, the knots of toned muscle and tight tendons in her arm and shoulder pressing out against her skin as the Ravenette made her move.

As Mo moved in to attack, Oracle made no motion to block but instead launched an attack of her own. A vicious downswing of a clawed hand sadly faltered short as the shot connected and sent a bolt of pain that blasted through her body. With a grunt she stumbled back a step or two from Mo and clutched her side, teeth bared in anger.

A wicked grin curled Mo's features as she felt her punch hit home, taking a few limping steps back to offer the Lorath a very purposeful middle finger from the hand that had just connected.

Oracle let out a huff of anger at the woman and stood tall again before she made her move. She crouched for a moment, almost like she was going to try and tackle her, before she leapt straight up and twisted her body to throw two heavy feet right at Mo's chest in a drop kick.

Monica had braced herself forwards to hopefulyl counter the tackle but that only made the impact of Oracle's feet feel so much worse as a small crack formed in her sternum, air leaving the shorter girl's lungs in a huff before Mo fell back on her shapely ass with a thud - winded with a loud groan though still managing to somehow crawl backwards slowly through the haze of pain and confusion.

Oracle crashed to the floor which jarred her a bit, but she would find her feet and try to close on the girl on the floor. She moved to first stand over her, then sit on her midsection. If she could secure her position she would throw a punch or two for the girl's chest. They were fighting, but she still somehow had the compassion to not damage her to much.

The fog began to fade away from Mo's vision just in time for her to see Oracle's larger frame lumber over to pin her, giving the tanned girl just enough time to move up a foot and make the Lorath's job just a little bit more difficult before she was halted, one arm attempting to slog Oracle in the jaw from this awkward angle with a hiss

Oracle growled as she felt the hit connect, but thankfully she had used her arm and shoulder to take the brunt of the attack. The girl below her wouldn't give up it seemed, even pinned as she was. The Lorath woman reared an arm back before she launched a straight punch right for Mo's nose.

If the satisfying crunch wasn't enough of an indicator then the spurt of blood and sudden change in angle of Mo's nose would be a damn good indication it was broken, a sharp grunt of pain as black spots began to dance around the corners of her vision, eyes clearly a million miles away but the Lorath would still feel the fading girl's fingers try and claw into her forearms.

There was no pleasure in beating someone who was so out of it. Oracle stood and with a thought, spat a bit of blood on the girl's chest. "Just because you walk around and think you're hot shit cause you were the big Xulrath in your little pond, don't think it'll be the same in the sea."

"M...muh face..." Mo spluttered out, eyes remaining closed for fear of vomiting as blood-stained teeth slowly curled up into a wicked grin rather unbefitting of her situation.

"...still has room for your feest... furry bishe..." she finished, a cough turning into pained laughter as Monica laid there for a moment, either not getting the Lorath's little phrase or choosing to ignore it entirely, knowing Mo it was definitely weighted towards the latter.

Oracle huffed as she let her shapeshift fade away and stumbled a little as the pain of the fight hit her. Her ribs and side ached where the liver shot had landed, and her own face was covered in blood from below the nose. She stared around at those that had gathered during the scuffle and glared at them as she reached up. With a sickening crunch and a growl of pain, Oracle fixed her nose somewhat and blew out some blood.

"I started it, I finished it, understood?" She said to the onlookers who could only nod at the voice laced with authority. She spared another look over at Mo before she stalked off, her book forgotten on the bench.

No more quips or snide remarks from the Minkan, she was out cold, nose ever so slowly sliding back into the correct position on her face as one of the concerned onlookers began calling up the ship's medical personnel - when Mo woke up she'd certainly be sore and feel like an idiot, but she'd also have more than a few questions for the Lorath and even more of a hard-on to whoop the taller girl's ass next time.

For now, though Monica just lay there on the ground blissfully unaware of how embarrassing the whole situation was, darkness being the only thing her unconscious mind knew.

A few minutes away from the scene of the brawl, a pair of ship-based security officers had found the somewhat unsteady Lorath woman who was leaned against a wall. The two looked a little exasperated as one held out a pair of cuffs. "Come on, you know you can be doing that on the ship. It's what the pods are for..."

Oracle just grunted and nodded as she held her hands out to be taken off for the time being. She figured it was better to go along with them rather than fight and argue about it. No need to run from her consequences.

Monica would soon enough be swept up by another group of security, cuffs on her hands and helpful hands that guided her to the medical deck to get her patched up before off to the brig for her part in the fight.