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OOC [OOC] Origin Industries

Cy83r K0rp53

New Member
Luca said:
Origin Frame Team Power Rangers, Assemble!


Red - Kelly, Leader
Green - Shinji, Lancer
Pink - Yoshiko, Big 'Guy'
Yellow - Taela, Smart 'Guy'
Blue - Meena, Chick
Black - Lucien, 6th Ranger
White - [Expunged], 7th Ranger (and drop-in helper)
Gold - Async, Token Freespacer


The Ultimate Badass
Game Master

Luca (the character)! =/= Lucien! (also a character!)

If Luca was on the field, he wouldn't be in a frame, and he'd be doing colossus climb attacks against the frames, with his FISTS!


Hey, Players. I need the help of my players to name something. Specifically, we need a better name for a reactor. You'll guys will be using it eventually, so I figure you should all pick the name.


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Well, we can go with a non-acronym name, like Carp or if we're going for acronyms we can do Weapon Energizer of Lewd Destruction or WELD.


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Ugh. It's come to this.

As you know, there's a shakeup going on; our GM Five's been banned, so hang in there for a bit while things are sorted over.

Sorry for the inconvenience, especially in the middle of combat!


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THat's probably for the best. Origin was a good run, but it's seeing a decline as it is, so letting it go NPC and leaving room for other new companies to grow I think is best.


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I'm perfectly fine with Origin going NPC, though if any players want to make content for it in the future, I'd be willing to advise. I don't think I'm hard to reach.


Game Master
Retired Staff
Just so people know, I am currently around to bounce Origin ideas off of. I can give things my input and/or blessings on whether it is something origin would make. Additionally, i may end up being around in a significant way to run Origin again in the future.
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Everything Is Magical
@Kai just wanted to run this by you just in case, but did Immortal talk to you or cadet about the Blade Works being transferred to me? afaik she thought Origin was going to end up being removed from the site so i wanted to check how this will work if you plan to stick around and do stuff with it again


Game Master
Retired Staff
Nobody spoke to me about it. I saw the thread moving it. Origin has always had the capability of making that kind of stuff but it was nice to see a more fleshed out version. Either way is fine with me if it stays or goes though