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RP: YSS Kaiyō [OPEN RP] Aside: Tanjōbi

"And getting a Close Protection Specialist will lower the risks of that happening, Chusa. As you said, new positions of power. Positions that tend to attract unwanted attention when there is a sufficient threat to the Empire." Mikael says rather plainly, remembering all of the examples during the First and Second Mishhu Wars that caused the creation of the Close Protection "Corps" in the first place.

He then looked over towards Hoshi, not forgetting her offer for protection of himself as well. Little did he know just much he was going to be catapulted up in the near future.

"I have a feeling Taisho Mizumitsu is about to induct me into the Mizumitsu Samurai soon. I am not sure what the Ketsurui Samurai stance on them is, but if one of them is willing to 'fight along with me' I am more than happy to have them. More so if they are already are or willing to rejoin the Star Army as a close protection specialist. It is the only way I can think of for them to legally be around me in my current situation and position." a now fully dressed Mikael said as he walked over towards his food.
Putting clapping his hands together and then sliding them up and down a few times, he sits down and puts his hands together saying "Itadakimasu". He then starts eating by drinking the miso. Once that was done, he spoke again.

"Is it really passivity? I have just noticed there are just as equally important battles beyond the physical. The NH-series can have the glory of combat I suppose." Mikael said, the least Nepleslian answer there ever was. Ever since the Giretsu were disbanded and he was doing a wide number of tasks not related to his occupation, he has seen the wider world of the military.
"Those Samurai willing to join instead of remaining with the Ketsurui Clan already serve in the 777th," Aiko said, unable to ignore the exchange between Hoshi and Mikael as they grew closer and filled up what her elfin ears heard more than the background mutterings she'd picked up before. The princess had just swallowed another delicious bite of the magnificent breakfast spread when the second Nepleslian sat to join them. "And I am confident all among their number are pleased with the protection detail to which they are already assigned, whether in the Legion or as clan yojimbo."

Of course, Aiko was the sole Ketsurui other than Yui and the Empress herself to keep samurai guardians anymore regardless of what Star Army regulations said, and so her assessment would be difficult to falsify. But the princess mostly wanted to dispense with such official talk, not simply because it was her birthday but for Hoshi's sake in having hosted them all here. She knew her captain would prefer everyone enjoy focus less on Star Army business and more on the ryokan and memorial park beyond its walls, so had said something to which there could be no polite retort.

When Rei searched for Mao, her eyes would soon lock upon the junior samurai's gaze while she stood stoically behind Aiko along the wall across the table and room. Despite her steely samurai demeanor, Mao appreciated Aiko's statement and invisibly sent the telepathic emotion usually conveyed in a smile to the older yojimbo's mind. Their princess had done more than any other to restore the honor of all Ketsurui Samurai through her patronage of both the Legion and Samurai order itself, and by having Rei and Mao as guards by her side. And so Mao took Aiko's words only as a compliment in their strictest sense rather than doubly recognizing them as the princess' way of moving the conversation along.

"Two ID-SOL join us today and yet only I have delighted in Mikodimus' omelet," Aiko mentioned as she took another portion and moved it to the personal plate in front of her, adding a chunk of delicate Yamataian salmon atop the mess of bacon and eggs and veggies. "Here, Harris-san," she said, turning her chopsticks around to grab some more of the omelet and serve it up on Mikael's plate before giving another bit to William. "You must not disappoint our chef by refusing to try his offering!"
As everyone chatted amongst themselves, William watched on and took it all in. It was nice to see the old members of the Kaiyo interacting again. He had missed them all. He spent so many years with them all, and getting to see them all again had the marine reminiscing.

At Aiko's comment, William snapped out of his reverie and began to eat the omelet that was put infront of him. He wasn't gonna turn down more food. Taking a large bite of the eggs he murmured "Good stuff..." He then quickly inhaled the food in front of him.
Luna stood beside William or rather floated beside him to be on head level, as Kiyo positioned herself close but away from them. As the older blue skinned girl stood, she observed the Samurai, and she thought about how she was half way there. She had an Aether Katana like they had, but she didn’t have the body they did. She wondered if she should ask how one becomes a true Samurai but she wasn’t sure if they liked that.
It seemed like Hoshi was in a reverie. Rather than respond to Mikael or look up at Aiko's mention of the 777, her lids fell halfway over her deep oceanic eyes and she stood beside the princess looking like perhaps she didn't get enough sleep or perhaps she was hard at thought. It was hard to tell.

At Mao's little chibi in her HUD, Rei looked up at the other samurai anxiously, sending nothing in return as she normally would. Rei then looked at the members gathered with an even more strained expression. It was odd, seeing them all again. When she would see some of them next –if ever– she didn't know. It strained her heart to imagine. It reminded her of the heart rending she had felt when Aiko had returned from Kuvexian imprisonment. Albeit a more measurable ache, it was odd to feel the same strings of her heart pulled so. She didn't want to bid them farewell until she spoke to them in the way she preferred to.

Mustering the courage felt like pushing a boulder up a crumbling hill, but the samurai seemed to finally find the words in the silence after her adopted son had begun inhaling his food

"Would anyone like to train, anno..." Rei said with a shaky voice. "Train in the snow?" The samurai began inching towards the door, as if ready to do so herself right away despite what anyone might say in reply.
Mikael equally started to "inhale" his food as well as his augmentations demanded more of his body. But he stopped long enough to wipe his mouth and look presentable as a samurai would when he looked over at Rei. All his time with Taisho Mizumitsu had been polishing his rough edges little by little. The opportunity to duel with a Ketsurui Samurai that didn't involve you dying was rare and he did not intend to miss it.

"I would need to change back into my exercise uniform, but yes."
"Eeto... Dress warm for this," Rei murmured while halfway out the door. Then she was gone.

"Something tells me kimono will do." Hoshi said. "Or at least be an interesting challenge." Hoshi had looked to Aiko, who was dressed in her red furisode still. Her blue brows had raised along with the corners of her lips.