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RP Concluded Operation Jungle Bag


Office of post cheer.
Convention Veteran
RP Date
Late YE 43
RP Location
Southern Frontier
Unknown Planet - Southern Frontier.

There is something about the calm before a storm. The rush of the air, the force before the hit. It is surreal that we can experience that calmness before all goes sideways. This was the feeling the ranger had in the jungles of this unknown world.

Holding position with nine other at the designated evac point their was silence as they held their ground. As he scanned the troops under his command he saw the package his team had secured, a left over from the Kuvvie war, a war criminal who had escaped justice. It was a waste of time to attempt to secure the vip in his humble opinion, when the quicker most efficient way was to eliminate the target. Unfortunately command wanted a show instead of liquidation and so 10 soldiers from the special forces command had been summoned to this world.

The mission so far had gone smoothly. The insertion onto planet using the cover of a meteor storm allowed them to evade sensors. They quickly found the target in his villa and they quickly secured the area. After capture they where able to make it to the evac site before the other enemy forces had locked in. Then when the perfect op was about to be finished the inbound shuttle was now late.

The ranger let out a sign and looked to the ranger to his right. A blue hair Neko that served as the squad's communication officer looked nervous. Quietly speaking out to her "Anything from the Vengeance?". He wanted to utter a swear when she shook her head back in forth. It seemed for now they where on their own and this world was going to be coming very hostile.

Over the squad channel he heard from the Elysian "Contact Contact bearing 331". Peeling his rifle in the called out direction he saw what looked to be a forward element of the enemy vanguard. Knowing that it was only a matter of time till they discovered them Wulf called out onto the squad comm "Pick your targets carefully and let them pull in close then engage on my mark". As he watched 5 Kuvexian mercenaries walk forward in a almost neglectful way trying to check their surroundings Wulf almost felt bad.

As they closed in further he let out a simple command "Mark". In unison 10 shot range out and the 5 wandering hostiles dropped like 5 assorted meat bags. What followed was silence, not even the wild life that hummed just moments ago would attempt to break this unnatural calm. Then it seemed like the jungle it self was pondering what to do next shocked at the quick death of the 5 mercenaries.

It seemed the universe would allow some irony as the blue neko next to Wulf spoke up. "Eh sir they finally got back into contact we will have evac in five". Wulf couldn't help but laugh as it seemed the jungle to light up in fire spewing up a angry roar of vengeance as plasma rounds started hitting near their position. Chuckling "Tell them we will attempt to hold out that long but they should expect uninvited guests". Ducking under the cover of the log he was using he heard a few hits of heated plasma that already started burning away the little bit of foliage that still covered it.

As he looked to his squad in their concealed positions he saw them eager to return the favor. Opening up the squad link "Alright Ladies and Gentlemen lets show them how soldiering is really done, Return fire!". Compared to the angry thrashing roar that was from the jungle the return fire was precise and lethal. As the ten rangers started opening fire the fire that was coming at them seemed to die down ever so slightly.

It looked like the ranger team would hold until he saw what was coming next. Though he had seen it before he always hated this, rushing ahead and into the open was a wave of Rixxikor that where attempting to close the distance. Armed with a scavenged array of weapons each one was a dangerous unknown and as one exploded he also saw some where strapped to the brim with grenades. Not wanting them to get too close he shouted on the comms "Frags and rockets now!" in response half the squad lobbed a volly of fragmentation grendies into the incoming horde while the green hair neko in the back perked up. She shouted too eagerly "Back blast clear!" as Wulf could feel the heat from the rocket wash pass over head. What would follow is the mostly beautiful orchestra to the rangers ears as a chain of dentations went off.

The incoming Rixxikor paused as they began to panic, their previous glee gone as most of them had been cut down. They dove to cover and tried to setup in the newly made shallow craters. It seemed the enemy attack was delayed but he knew this couldn't be kept up. He knew even now the enemy would attempt to envelop them and bring more numbers to bear.

Almost as a answered prayer he could hear the hum of a engine. Looking above he could see it a Ke-T7 Racoon shuttle already moving into a quick landing. Smiling as he stood up switching his rifle to full auto "Alright everyone our ride is here use all that you got now!". Hearing the happy grumbles and a few curses as he saw the squad instead of firing carefully just unleash a torrent of fire suppressing all who might dare oppose their escape.

As the shuttle touched down, one by one the team pilled into the now open hatch way. The vip still bound and gagged was also unceremoniously throw on board as the rangers piled in. Wulf scanned around making sure his team had made it aboard before stepping on the boarding ramp himself. Slapping the side of the shuttle three times and shouting "All aboard so punch it!". In response the he felt the shuttle lift and the boarding ramp quickly slammed shut. He could hear small arms ping off of the armor of the craft just before it lurched forward. Heading towards the the front of the shuttle he saw that all of his squad has made it unscathed and their mission was complete. Taking off his helm to speak to the assembled rangers "Alright first mission down, not bad for a training run I might even remember your names after today". He heard a few chuckles and even saw the green neko give a playful middle finger to him.

As he walked his way to the front he remembered the Kaiyo and though he wasn't on her right now this at least reminded him of those good days.