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[Origin] GR-series PA rifles


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Submission Type: Power Armor rifles
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Faction: Origin
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Notes: Three closely related PA rifles, which have been specialized for different purposes.


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I'm thinking the damage for all of these should probably be reduced by one.


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If I do that then there is absolutely no reason to have them and I may as well throw them out.

All of their damage ratings are reasonable for their purposes and backed up with stats that allow them to be the way they are- Honestly if I wanted different stats for these I wouldn't have bothered at all.

I am willing to make more changes to legitimize the stated DR ratings, but I do not want to change the DR ratings.


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For PA weaponry, these are fairly reasonable. I am skeptical about the sniper rifle's ADR 5 but ADR3 and 4 are perfectly legitimate. Nepleslia's HPAR runs at ADR4 and the AMP (a fire support weapon) is ADR 3. Yamatai's beam saber rifle and LASR are no different.

Even the Damage Rating puts power armor rifles in the 3-4 range. Mini-missiles are the only things that I've seen that are ADR2.


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The Sniper rifle's ADR5 comes about by giving it a considerably larger round, as well as a higher muzzle velocity.

Also, these are supposed to be military-only rifles and are not available to the public sector like their older brother the HGR is.


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Is there anything holding up this submission?

As stated before, I am willing to make changes to keep the current DR ratings, But I really can't back down on them, or there would be no real reason for me to have made them.


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My apologies for the delay, RL has been extremely insane making arrangements for my business trip to India.

Review will be complete tomorrow.


SARPaholic & Admin
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Okay, to start all three weapons are missing The in-character year of creation/manufacture

I am a bit dubious that you can accelerate the round to that kind of speed in 20+ inches, especially when you consider the round is 10 cm or 4 inch long

These are gauss weapons, there is no muzzle flash from a gauss weapon, since there is no burning propellant. But that slipped past the person who reviewed the rounds.

Using the GAU-8's depleted uranium round and then scaling down to the 8x100, your gun weights are a bit off. I estimated around 3.5 oz per round, OI-W26-1A just the cartridges would come out to 131 lbs.

Squad Support Gauss Rifle 3 ADR
Armor Service Gauss Rifle 4 ADR

Can you explain to me how the ASGR gets twice the muzzle velocity in the same barrel length as the SSGR?

As for the Gauss Sniper Rifle the round says it can be 4 or 5 ADR, so given the configuration of the weapon, I will not dispute it.


Retired Staff
I'll fix the missing year of manufacture, that was a mistake on my part, and the person I asked to look over these before seems to have missed that as well.

On the muzzle velocity, compared to the LASR, these make a lot more sense for how it is made; the coils are considerably larger and longer than those found in the LASR, yet the LASR seems to still be capable of 6,000 M/S, granted with a smaller round.

The muzzle flash isn't caused by the propellant; it's actually caused by the air being ignited by the friction caused by a round moving at several thousand meters per second. It's a very small muzzle flash, and I will admit that it's mostly included for style, but I think that it is a reasonable phenomena to occur.

On the weight of the rounds- I will admit that I have no idea how much Uranium weighs, and was simply guessing. I can change the weights to make more sense, if you'd like me to.

The ASGR gets a greater muzzle velocity by trading cycle rate for power; that's why the SSGR has a much higher rate of fire than the ASGR, it trades power for cycle rate.