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Galactic Entertainment News Origin Industires - When it comes to quality, look to the start - Origin Industries! Quality products since YE 30!


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A title card plays in with terrible late night infomercial music, showing the name of the show to be ‘Origin Spotlight!’. As the title card fades, the view of an expansive deck spreads out before the viewers, along with a man in a decently pressed business suit. A bit on the older side with palish skin and brown eyes, his hair has clung desperately to the sides of his head which he combs over in a poor attempt at hiding the fact that he is balding. He smiles and nods to the camera before he launches into a pre-rehearsed speech.

“This week on the Origin Spotlight! We bring to you the brave men and women of the Karakoram. These fine folks are out in the far reaches of space testing all sorts of new products for our wonderful customers! From various everyday products you see in our Origin Market stores, to our realistic simulator pods that help not only military training, but civilian, to our entertainment products on the massive entertainment deck here. As you can see we have a number of the cr-”

The camera is suddenly jerked to the side as it struggled to focus on a pink haired woman. A big grin, red eyes and obvious metallic parts along her body, she forced the camera man to follow her to a spot on the deck where a show was just about to start.

“HEY! HEY HEY! You guys comin to check out the deck? C’mere check this out! I’m just startin one of my shows! Look so it’s all about this crew of fighter pilots that protect the edges of this massive shoreline from monsters comin from the ocean. They get all sorts of people that come and go, and they gotta fight off people and they all have different mecha with different powers an-”

Two Nepleslian girls suddenly burst into the frame, nearly tackling the Spacer. Both with brown hair of varying lengths, they had their backs turned to the camera man.

“Hey! Nora whatcha watchin?! You watchin those dumb mecha animes again?”

“She’s totally a mecha weeb look at her! She works on a ship with them and watches cartoons about them!”

“What a ner-”

The footage cut quickly enough to another spot, one of the Mecha bays. In it they could see the various technicians running about as they performed upkeep on the Mecha in the bay, though one blonde kid floated in front of his suit. A video game could be seen in front of him on a volumetric screen projected for him, a Mecha that resembled the one.

“Here, you can see some of the Mecha that Origin is currently testing in space to make sure they are ready for production. On top of being a normal testing ship, Origin allows families to stay close together. One of the mechanics children are on board and staying close by, wonderful proof that Origin truly cares for their employees and their families.”

The camera would zoom in on the blonde child as he got more and more into the game before he spotted them. Eyes wide in sudden shock, he would dart into the open cockpit of the Mecha before him much to the chuckle of the host of the show.

“Little scamp is shy, well I guess he is of that age where he wants to be seen as cool… Moving on!”

Just before the scene cut out, the young blonde boy could be seen scrambling out of his cockpit in sudden haste, clawing at the air in front of him to get away quickly as the two girls from the first scene, both with brown hair, chased after him. A maniacal laugh echoed through the bay as they gave pursuit after him.

The feed shifted again, this time to the market place on the ship where a few various shops were. Women of all sorts moved through the shops, carrying bags and chatting with others. A head and a half above most stood one, long white hair with fading colors of red, green and blue in it stood at a shop with bags on her arm. In her hands, two children’s plush toys, one of a cute dog and another of some character from a show. She seemed to weigh back and forth the two toys as her small black wings fluttered a little.

“And here you can see the diversity of the program itself! Origin employs a wide array of various races, including the Lorath, Freespacers, Kodians, and Iroma amongst others. So long as they have the achievements and clearance, they can and will take anyone.”

The boisterous noise of the man and his explanations caught the attention of a few passerbys, including the tall Lorath woman. Just as she turned to find the source of the noise, her blue eyes scanning and scarred face shown, her head was ripped back. Yet again the twin brunettes were the culprits, one snatching a hefty handful of the hair which allowed the other to grab the toys. They seemed to laugh and poke fun at the taller woman over and over. As she regained her footing she turned on the two with a swipe in an attempt at retrieving her items and gave chase to the two as they took off, their cackles and laughter heard over the bustle of the busy and the curse from the tall Lorath woman.

“By Voxphine’s Shield give them back now!”

The scene shifted again, back to the mecha bay but this time it showed a sullen man sitting in his cockpit, arms crossed and chin tucked to his chest. Beside him, the twin brunettes again who were in the process of poking his face and sides to get some sort of reaction from him.

“That’s not to say everything here is work work work. There is plenty of time for interaction with their fellow crew members and downtime. Some tend to keep themselves in reflective thought while others seek out their fellow crew in an effort to deepen their bonds. These three, pilots all of them, are here to familiarize themselves with their suits and better understand their equipment so they can give detailed information to their mechanics, who in turn can make adjustments. The Karakoram is an efficient machine, every person with a job to make sure everything runs smoothly!”

Eventually the man had gotten fed up by the twins and began to flail his arms, the twins cackling and shooting off right at the camera. The scene would cut out just as the two made contact, face full of laughter and grins.

It cut to a scene of a woman who seemed to drag her feet through the halls of the residential area on the ship. A baggy white t-shirt, black sweatpants and no shoes on, she looked disheveled with her long brown hair that hung mid back, transitioning from the brown to a bright platinum blonde. In her hands was a bag of chips, and a box of cereal.

“As you can see, many here on the ship often work themselves to the bone to make sure that Origin brings you only the best products, so much so that when they are off, they tend to relax to the best of their abilities. We can see here one of the employees enjoying a snack during her rest, a chance to recover and gain back a bit of that Origin spirit they need to keep working hard.”

Unfortunately, the brunette would never get back to her cabin with her goods. The twin nightmares that seemed to be in every shot appeared yet again to steal the prizes and run off with laughter, followed by the heavy footsteps and a blur of white, red, green and blue. The camera turned, only to see the large winged woman from earlier chasing the twins and barrel through the other woman that had been basically sleepwalking.

“Ouch, poor girl…”

The cameraman kept the shot on the woman that had been tossed aside as she shook her head groggily and tried to wake herself up enough to realize what had just happened before it cuts out again.

This time the camera came upon the image of a pair of legs that flailed in a pitiful attempt at freeing the rest of the body from what looked like… well, like a hole.

“Not everything works out here though, for whatever reason whether it be miscommunications or oversights, but the teams here work tirelessly to help and fix things around the clock. Never ending is the constant product testing and maintenance that the teams here perfo-”

"When I get my hands on those two, they're -beep- grounded! I don't care if it hurts our combat ability, they are not flying for a month! Now get me the -beep- out of here!"
The man couldn’t help but laugh a little at the colorful outburst he heard as the team around the woman stuck in the hole continued with their efforts to extract her. A variety of tools were strewn about the floor, all tossed aside after probable use, and in the shot again the twin terrors of chaos ran past, both holding onto a side of a large container of what had the words “Industrial Lubricant” on. Two more team members chased after the pair as they ran past laughing. The man just shook his head as the camera cut out again.

The final scene, with just a voice over from the man, showed the twins in a heap on the floor, snoring like angels. Slowly the camera panned out on the shot to show first feet, than legs, until finally the bodies and faces of the people that surrounded them was shown. It was each of the people the twins had terrorized that day, all ready, it seemed, to exact their revenge on the pair.

“While they may work hard to bring you the best product possible, they also live and play together. Truly, Origin brings the best products to the market, not because they are the best company, but because they are a family. And remember-”

The title card came back in, the Origin logo in the background plastered over the sleeping twins as the words began to crawl across the screen as the man spoke them.

“When it comes to quality, look to the start - Origin Industries! Quality products since YE30!”

The logo and slogan held for a few more moments before the video cut out.