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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: ZHS [OVA 18] Conflicting Goals

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Everything Is Magical
RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
Late Night
South Dorms

Keiko sat quietly in her room in the evening hours, her book discarded to one side as the red neko was lost in thought. It had been nagging her for a while now since the wrestling night and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it by herself. Keiko thought about going to the source but quickly shook her head, that could come after, first she would try someone else.

Which is how the girl happened to stealthily appear outside Hoshiko’s room that night and knock softly.

A soft scrape, repeated over and over was drowned out by the music that played in the room. Keiko would hear the muffled noise behind the door, almost popish in it's composition, though no real words were heard. Her music wasn't so loud that she couldn't hear the knock at the door and as she did, she turned her head to the knock. A knife in hand and hidden behind her back, she lifted up and floated towards the noise dressed only in her underwear and used the peep hole to see who was there. After a second seeing that it was Keiko, Hoshiko opened the door.

Keiko would be greeted by her smaller teacher who stood there in the standard service underwear and looked her student over for a moment. As her hand came out from behind her with a wicked looking knife in hand, volumetrics presented some sleepwear that shimmered into view. "Yes my Queen? What can I do for you?" She said, though the inflection of the word Queen, it seemed more of a poke at the title than any sort of supplication.

“Oh you don’t have to call me...” she trailed off realizing that it was some kind of joke or tease, hanging her head. Seeing another neko in underwear was hardly a rare sight especially at this hour but the knife was definitely on her mind. “May I come in Miss Hoshiko? I’m sorry to intrude so late but there has been something on my mind which I’d like to ask you about before I make any moves.” Though it was nowhere near a battlefield Keiko still valued intel before action and it showed in moments like these.

Hoshiko simply stepped aside and held a hand out to give her access to the room. As Keiko entered, Hoshiko would follow in behind her and lead her to a rather minimalist living room area. A television, two couches, and a table just in front of the couches, sprawled out over the table were various knives, six in all, with several whetstones some rags and a small cup of water beside them. Most of the knives looked fairly plain in their design, though each carried a wicked edge to them, save for one that looked ceremonial. A gold handle, sky blue wrap, and words etched into the metal that read "In service of the empire."

On the couch was a rosewood box with the engraving "Lilium" on it, the lid closed. It was propped up in the far corner of the couch against the arm rest. As they both entered, Hoshiko would turn down the music until it was a nice undercurrent and sat down on the larger of the two couches, near the box.

"What is on your mind?" She asked bluntly.

Keiko bowed slightly and moved in to take a seat on the other couch, smoothing her night dress down as she sat neatly. “Well, it’s about Gunnhild. I believe she might be romantically attracted to me but I can’t be certain, and I don’t know how to respond to those feelings she may have for me.” It was clear that she was conflicted about the whole situation as she grasped and released her dress repeatedly while looking around but never at Hoshiko. She’d noticed the box and the name engraved upon it along with all the knives. “Again I’m sorry to disturb your evening with such matters, but I couldn’t talk directly to her about it, I might say something to upset her like last time and I don’t even know what it was.”

"And you came to me looking for advice on...?" Hoshiko asked as she crossed her arms and watched the girl. She wasn't used to this sort of question, most of the time her romances were a one time fling, though her most recent one had... promise. She looked Keiko up and down with a bit of a discerning look as if to see just what the problem was before she let out a small sigh. "Do you like her?" She asked, yet again fairly bluntly. Hoshiko wasn't one to mix words.

“I, don’t really know. That’s what I wanted to ask you about. I value her as a friend and comrade but I’ve never been interested in furthering relationships in that way. I am scared that it would interfere with my training and my ability as a soldier, you’ve been a SAINT agent for a while. Did you hold a serious relationship during that time?” It had been Hoshiko who gave Keiko the idea of aiming for SAINT and now she was seriously considering it.

"I've never had a relationship that lasted more than a night... though it is not frowned upon. I know of several agents that dated during training as long as they could keep it separate from their duties, but there is no issue. Understand that your love life and your work life are separate and you will be fine." Hoshiko said as she picked at her leg with her finger.

"Understand though, that love is tricky. It can make you do stupid things, like kiss someone you usually wouldn't." She explained.

“I see, so it could be a burden.” Keiko mused to herself, apparently more concerned about her performance than her friendship. Keeping two lives apart sounded like it would be difficult, although she supposed she did already keep her extra duties at school secret from her friends. “What do you think Gunnhild would do if I told her I was going to stay committed to my schooling rather than follow a relationship?”

"Why not try?" Hoshiko asked as she played he devil's advocate. "Give it a chance, see how your performance does, and tell her that upfront. If it affects you, break it off. If not... well I will say a bit of sex is always a good stress relief." She told the younger Neko as she looked to the ceiling with a grin.

“I, that's not really what I was thinking.” Keiko replied blushing ever so slightly, proving she could be embarrassed. “Do you think that’s what she wants?” The red neko whispered, her mind wandering somewhere it never had before when she shook her head and cleared her thoughts and her throat with a small cough.

"She's a Neko, so are you. We are great at two things, fighting and sex." Hoshiko admitted as she thought back to her first personal run-in with Gunny. There had been questions of... 'bumping uglies' if she remembered it right but shrugged a little. "If that's what you want, if you ever want it, then go for it. Like I said, good stress relief. Otherwise don't, and set the boundaries."

“I know it happens to be a favourite pastime for many of us but I’ve never been too partial to that idea.” Keiko admitted, she had stress relief in more tame practices like meditation and reading. “Well, thank you for listening, you’ve helped me to realize what options I have. But if I may intrude further, who does the name on that box belong to?”

Hoshiko's ears tilted a little as she heard the question and she looked to the box. Her eyes seemed to study it for a moment before she picked it up gingerly and cracked open the lid. She took care as she drew out a small doll, porcelain white skin, deep black hair, and red eyes. She wore a Gothic dress of black with white trim on it, and seemed a little under a foot and a half long. She set the doll on her lap and placed her hands in the dolls lap and took a moment before she spoke.

"This... is my companion Lilium. She... advises me on things, and keeps me company when I'm lonely." She told the girl, and for the first time there seemed to be a hint of affection and warmth in her eyes as she looked down at the doll.

"She is happy with my interest in you by the way. She sees worth in you."

Keiko gulped and gave a polite smile. She could understand having an item of sentimental value but this seemed different. “Oh I see, well I’m flattered that she approves of me, she is quite pretty in that outfit.” Keiko complimented sincerely, she’d always been a fan of gothic style even if dhe never had the courage to wear it herself. “I’ve always had my books to keep me company and in a way they advise me on things too.” The red neko said, leaning a little closer for a good look.

"I can make you one if you like." Hoshiko said in response as she looked to Keiko and seemed... different. She seemed much more relaxed and comfortable, less deadly to be around with the doll in her lap. Her feet even kicked a little on the seat as she looked around for a moment. "I think I brought my sewing things with me... Not sure, but I'm sure I can find something."

“Wow really? I couldn’t accept that’s too generous.” Keiko replied, waving her hands about slightly before composing her character. “Is there some way I could repay you for one?”

"She says just succeed. Do your best, and strive to win." Hoshiko told Keiko as she gave her a smile, feet still kicking a little.

Keiko nodded. “I can do that, thank you very much Miss Hoshiko.” The red neko said politely. At this point she was a little lost, she’d done what she came to do and their conversation seemed to have reached an end but. This teacher was definitely a strange one, Keiko didn’t quite feel like she should leave her alone like this.

Hoshiko moved to put Lilium back in her box after a few more moments but left the lid open now as she looked back to Keiko. Her expression and demeanor seemed to shift back slowly to her calculating look, like she was sizing up a piece of meat at the market. She looked to Keiko expectantly. "Was there anything else?"

“I don’t think so, no. I will see you in class tomorrow then Miss Hoshiko.” Keiko replied, standing up and giving a small bow once more, she sounded more like her old self again now at least, hopefully nothing happened overnight.

Hoshiko stood to her feet and began to lead the younger Neko out toward the front door. As she made it to the door, she turned to look back at Keiko as she gripped the door handle. "You understand, that you tell no one who you met tonight... Yes?" Her voice and look gave meaning to the words as they both took a dark tone to them.

“Yes, of course.” Keiko replied, nodding seriously. A secret was definitely something she could understand, and one like this one needed to remain that way, she would tell no one but the reaper if anyone actually existed in the afterlife.

Hoshiko shut the door was Keiko left and found her way back to the living room where Lilium rested. She took a long look at the doll before she just smiled and nodded. "I agree. She is interesting isn't she?" She allowed herself in the quiet of the room before she turned the music back on and returned to sharpening her knives.

The red neko exhaled after the door was closed, she could hear talking and decided to get back to her room as fast as possible, she may be the Tiger but that woman was a deadly and mysterious viper. In the morning she would confront Gunny and have a good long chat.

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