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Approved Character [P3C Nepleslia]Delmar Rey Morro

So there's only four skills listed. If you want to add 3 more to flesh out the character, that'd be fine. Characters can have up to seven to start with. In addition, if you're going to be in CQB, I'd like to have some more explicit mention of that in your Fighting Skill section.

Also, your finances section is incorrectly formatted. I don't have time now but if someone else can't help you with it between now and Saturday, I'll have a look at it on Saturday.

Also, @Wes I don't have any notification that you mentioned me. It's been something that I've noticed for a while now. Every time you tag me, I don't see any notification about it. And I've got the setting to alert me if I get tagged.
@Sigma I've worked out the issues you showed me. I'll be making edits and updates to this character as I have time but I think he's ready