Pancakei, ladies and gentlemen.


The Breakfast Baron
Jan 2, 2017
What do you call yourself?
Pancakei (for future reference , pronounced Pan Cake Eye) .

How'd you find Star Army?
My friend Speeeder01 told me about it , linking me to the wiki .

What interested you in joining?
I love group writing, and with the last group of was in decaying, I wanted to up my writing game .

Ever done this text-based roleplaying thing before?
Yes, with a group of friends and strangers from the Robocraft forums . We had a good run but it started to decay .

Any previous experiences you want to share?
I have previous writing experiences , and love writing. I can DM, and I'm notorious for being able to turn players careless actions against them (yes I may be evil). I also oversaw the creation of a race known ss the Arcadians, mildly oppressive bird-people similar in physical build to the Elysians.

I also draw!

Now for the questionnaire!

Do you prefer:
  • Playing male, female, or other-gendered characters? Mixed, with more females of all roles.
  • Spontaneous or planned RP? I'm more satisfied with improvised RP , but I fan get overwhelmed.
  • Military or civilian characters? Both! Sometimes both at the same time!
  • Humans, androids, anthros, or aliens? Birds. ovo
  • Being on a starship or being on a planet? Never done long term starship RP, but I'd love to give it a whirl.
  • Roleplay via forum posts or in real-time? Forum posts .
On a scale of 1 to 3, what's your preferred level of these in your RP:
  • Language: 3
  • Violence: 2
  • Sexuality: 1 (Flirting and relationships are completely fine but I won't RP anything actually lewd)
What's something cool you'd love to RP?
I don't know, I'm ready to give starship based RP a try, as well as real combat RP. I still prefer casual RP over entirely combat, but it'll be a new experience.


Captain Hoshi
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Jun 18, 2016
I hope to see you with Speeder on the Kaiyo! I'm sure you'all keep on having fun here, as well!


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Jan 27, 2003
Atlanta, GA
Oh yeah, I think you (and your buds) are going to excel here. Just keep in mind that Star Army is kind of like a huge toolbox, players provide the action for each other, so if more needs to happen, don't necessarily wait for it when you can make it happen. The best thing you can do to be successful here is to be active and perhaps a little loud in the community. There's a lot of history here -- this RP'sbeen going since 2002. Fifteen years! -- and while the lore matters, the players that matter most are the ones who are here now and making an impact now. Which means that very soon you can have every bit as much leverage as a veteran. And before you know it you will be a long-time veteran player too. Star Army has lasted a long time and I plan to keep it going as long as I can, so it's probably not going to implode like many, many, other RPs have. So I feel pretty safe in saying that this is a place you can kind of invest in. Best wishes and welcome!
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