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RP: YSS Ryūjō Personnel Shuttle - Fyodor Vikenti Zima

Raccoon Shuttle

Navian replied to Kyo, "It means little to me, the NMX was defeated before I came into being." She paused for a moment, holding a finger up to her lips pensively, while she looked across at Fyodor, before turning back to the shuttle crew. "Though I am only recently of Elysia, it is an honour to represent my city."

The Kodian chuckled at the pilot's last remark. Before he could reply, Navian spoke up, and her comment confused him for a moment. How could she have been...created after the 2nd Squid War?

he thought, mentally going over his notes on the crew. This is the fruitcake Elysian? The 'I totally don't remember anything before being a Caesolan'? Huh, he thought, looking at Navian in the corner of his eye, doesn't look too crazy.

"I think we're all glad that the brass didn't do that," he finally replied to Kyo, looking in her direction.
Personnel Shuttle - Raccoon

Finally, the shuttle was away from the planet, and it engaged it's FTL drive, headed for the assigned rendezvous point, sector 1809, outside the HX-20 asteroid belt.

Having only come from Yamatai Prime, the shuttle, actually, arrived first. Kyo shut down the drive and raised the shields as she waited, impatiently, by the comm system, fingers rapping nervously on the control console. "I hate waiting."
Raccoon Shuttle

"I find it relaxing," Navian replied, just to make conversation. "Though, I've been told I have too much patience, a few times." Mostly with others, she recalled. It was difficult to get a good view of outside, so she shut her eyes while she waited, relaxing just as she said.

Fyodor nodded at both of his crewmate's remarks. "It's harder when you're the driver and can't distract yourself," he said, swiping the datapad to turn the page. Like reading, people watching, spying, etc. "Though I don't think there's such a thing as too much patience. Observations like that are just a symptom of another problem, either with the person commenting or the behavior being commented on. Obviously," he said, looking at the Elysian, "I don't know which one that is." I could make a guess though...
Raccoon Shuttle

"'Forbearance' would be another word for it," Navian replied, without further opinion or comment. Her smile suggested she quite enjoyed saying less.

The Kodian blinked, still slightly confused about the possibility that someone could have too much self-control and wondering if she was making a bear joke. If she is, at least this one is unique. Seeing that she was uncomfortable about the topic, he shrugged and returned to his book. Sometimes the interrogator needs to stop for their own sanity.
Personnel Shuttle - Raccoon

"Yeah well, call it what you want. I, personally..."

Kyo was interrupted when the shuttle shook action that just so happened to coincide with the deafening explosion that sounded when the unusual blasts hit passed right through the CFS and struck the armored plating of the craft.

"Someone has a ton of gall to attack us in Yamataian space!"

Kyo spun in her seat and activated the comm system and activate the distress beacon. "SAOY NJ-S9-01 shuttle A to any friendly craft. We are under attack by an unknown enemy. Immediate assistance needed!"

The co-pilot set the message to repeat and the two of them headed to the back. "Fyodor, I'd get in that armor if I were you."

Kyo rifled through the cargo on the opposite end from where they had been sitting. Navian was tossed a protective suit and a [url="]type 33 rifle[/url]. "That suit doesn't have wing slots, but it's a great deal better than nothing."

Another blast hit the engines and the power in the vessel flickered.

"That's it." Kyo said. "We're sitting ducks."
Raccoon Shuttle

Navian was on her feet by the time Kyo crossed the cabin, her hand on the pistol at her belt. Even so, when the environment suit was tossed toward her, she caught it, followed by the rifle, balancing it on the top. She tugged at the sleeve of the suit, and grimaced. Not only did the form-fitting garment not have wing slots, it was designed for someone at least a foot shorter.

Tossing it and the rifle onto the seats in the center aisle, she withdrew her service pistol while casting its holster aside, and swept over to the crate containing all her possessions in two swift strides. "Pardon the noise," she suggested, crouching to fire a trio of shots from her NSP across the crate at a low angle, to shear off the straps holding down her crate, disable the latches, and unhinge the lid. The third shot shot of the pulse barrage, finding nothing to shred itself on, remained intact to bounce across the side wall of the shuttle, and scattered itself against the interior hull in a shower of sparks.

Navian ignored the damage, and knelt to lay her pistol down on the floor, wrapping her left arm firmly around the crate. She twisted the lid, and tore it wide open with her right hand. A flick of the wrist and a muffled clatter of metal later, she swatted her Aspis shield away from the top of the heap in its packaging, and pulled her own AMES out of the crate from under her duffel bag. Laying the components before her, she began to don the suit with all the speed and surety of the thousand drills that she'd performed, for this emergency.

"I need twenty seconds," Navian intoned. Fifteen had already passed since the first strike hit the shuttle.

By the time Fyodor was ready, at his own pace, Navian would have placed her pistol in her AMES holster, jammed loose items from the shuttle and her kit wherever they could be securely stowed, brought the rifle she'd been given within easy reach, and at last, begun strapping her crate down again, with her Aspis in place of its former lid.
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After the initial impact, Fyodor rolled his eyes in irritation. Why don’t I ever get down time around here?

“Yeah, yeah,” he said to the pilot, making his way to the other side of the shuttle. Sure, let’s get in my armor…which I definitely can’t get in normally in here.

Annoyed at his lot and the quick procedure of the Elysian, the Kodian kneeled down on the deck, unpacked his armor, turned it over, broke all of those safety procedures and overrides, and finally got into the M10 Helga.

After half of minute of tightening the armor on and checking seals, the SAINT looked past his feet and asked, “Can someone open the door? I’d really love to stand up soon. Oh and shoot something.”
Personnel Shuttle - Raccoon

One more blast from the attackers rocked the small craft, and the lights inside flickered. Each of the pilots secured themselves in an environ suit and readied their weapons.

"Secure in!" When everyone was strapped in who needed to be, Kyo continued. "Alright, everyone, here we go!" She reached over and hit the button for the door, which depressurized the cabin immediately. Loose items Navian hadn't managed to secure flew out. Her Aspis shield was sucked out, but hit an invisible barrier and ricocheted back into the cabin.

A shattering sound was heard when the shield bounced back, followed by an outrageous, otherworldly scream. The stealth system on the creature's suit flickered and, for a moment, a protective suit with a bird-shaped helmet appeared. The face shield had been shattered. Yellow bodily fluid floated about the now dead creature's head. The stealth system re-engaged.

The occupants would have very little time to process what they'd seen. Streaks of plasma blasts flew by from unseen sources.

"Oh wonderful!" Kyo shouted. "They can fire while stealthed!"
Personnel Shuttle - Raccoon

Once the danger of being thrown into space had passed, Navian freed herself to vault across the shuttle and catch her shield, in the aftermath of the shuttle's rear door opening. She hadn't called the shot, and credit for the kill had to go to the foe's own impeccable timing. Still, she doubted the enemy had meant to help her cause.

She strapped the shield to her right arm and hunkered behind it, inching away from the doors, aiming her rifle one-handed, braced just under the blade of her Aspis. Precision would not be of much use, here. "Not equipped for suppression fire." Navian fired a few bursts through the doors to cover Fyodor, but only for a few seconds. Her rifle was half-empty, already.

Fyodor was tempted to ride the escaping air out into space, but thankfully decided against it. “Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained,” he said, pushing off the shuttle’s deck and flying out of the open door.

Twisting as he flew, the Aether Shock Arrays extended from their recesses in his shoulder blades and started tracking to where he was looking. Catching another blast of weapon fire, the Kodian bracketed where he thought the target was with bursts of fire from the Arrays.

After his first salvo, the SAINT agent moved back to the shuttle, settling on the Racoon’s roof. “Can one of you ladies get up here and watch my back?” he asked, scanning the skies and readying his forearm weapons if he got swarmed. “Can't turn very fast in this thing," he said, then continued, "I got an Aether Saber and a LASR if you want a weapon change," he said, after double checking that the dorsal storage module was indeed there. Yay, I'm not a complete idiot.
Personnel Shuttle - Raccoon

Kyo double checked her own gear before heading out after Fyodor. A round of burst shots nearly hit her as she emerged from the ship. She took a step back just as the Kodian came back in, and nodded to his request for covering fire.

"I've got you, Fyodor. Let's get 'em"