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RP [Pisces Station] And All the Rest

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((This is meant for people who aren't in the conference room itself to do things on the station. Enjoy!))

In an empty section beyond the Albini gravity well a small fleet of ships blinked into existence against the star lane. The largest ship, the YSS Nadare identified the command escort group as there to help defense of the station during proceedings, and as honour guard. A Takumi was also present, with several Ayame, Yuuko, and a squadron of six Nozomi.

A smaller ship, signaling as a private Ketsurui yacht came from the Chiharu. About half of the smaller craft formed up around it as she approached the berthing she was assigned by coincidence next to another Ketsurui yacht. It docked, and the vanguard returned to find rotations and stand sentry away from Pisces in case of altercations or need of support.

The fleet staff of the Fourth had already been given instructions. For the most part the station was their oyster while various parts of the conference were underway. All parts of the station were starting to bustle with the busy business of such an undertaking, and the options the market held to buy oddities from all corners of space. Akina went straight for the ongoing greeting ceremony in formal clan wear, a robe she had only worn on a few occasions.

((in other words exit Akina, go everyone else!)
After the Nadare had docked with Pices Sation, Aoyama Jessica had been quick to leave the ship, still wearing her standard jumpsuit, eager to examine the designs of the station, the technology, and not to mention foreign ships. Not that the Engineer expected to even get close enough to get any details on the ships, but at least the design itself could perhaps inspire ideas.


Less cheerful was, uncharacteristically enough, Mishima Setsuko. The runty Nekovalkyrja appeared slightly grumpy as she exited the ship, having recieved quite strict orders to limit her scientific and medical experiments while on the station, and remain on stand-by in case Shimizu-Taisho had need of her medical skills. A major buzz-kill for the usually overly cheerful and bubbly medic.
Honoka's mind was buzzing with this and that. She had to make sure nothing went wrong, unless she wanted some other nation to take offense or something. It'd be her head on the chopping block if something happened with any of the Fourth's personnel did someting stupid.

The aide paced slowly on the station, paying just enough attention to where she was to make sure she didn't go somewhere she didn't belong. The neko's eyes looked ahead in a blank stare. Her mental capacities were more focused on being nervous at just about everything else.

She needed some fresh air, although that was a bit hard in the emptyness of space. Honoka pondered on whether a drink might! How could she think that? The last thing she needed was to come out of a drunken daze, in a cell, after doing something horribly wrong. And why was she even thinking about getting a drink?

Finding a seat, Honoka plopped down and rubbed her eyes. She really did need to calm down.
Arkase Oshiro left the ship as soon as it docked, close on the heels of the engineer.
He was wearing his duty uniform, the only clothing he really had that was 'formal' and felt marginally uncomfortable.
"Itto Hei," He said, trying to catch the engineer's attention, but not yelling or attempting to be rude. It was merely a loud whisper, though, and so he repeated himself, louder "Itto Hei."
He grimly thought it would have been better if he had learned her name on the ship, and nearly ground his teeth in exasperation.
"Hurry it up, Calero. Goddamn, I'm walking on mechanical sticks and I'm moving faster than you."

Drake Regnier grumbled a bit. He had originally planned to not attend the station but he had gotten pushed to come with some of the other senators. He finally conceded after much fussing over everything to not fall apart in his short absence back in the Malasia system.

The 'mechanical sticks' he mentioned was of course referring to his somewhat outdated cybernetic legs, in which the word 'skeletal' sprung to mind when looking at them. His left arm was much the same except it was covered in medievalish armor with a gauntlet that had pointed tips at the end. (Supposedly to make it easier to grab things somehow.) And of course, the most noticable thing about the Nepleslian were his two glowing yellow eyes. It looked like there was just as much cybernetic parts to him as there were organic. Whatever happened to him was unclear.


And what came up trotting behind him? His kitten. Yes, he had a cat and he had brought it to Pisces station. (Hey, no one said he couldn't!) The little black kitty happily ran along the corridor in an attempt to keep up with Drake. "Of course you're faster than him. You're probably faster than most of us, you little fuzzball." The name was said in jest. His cat, Abby, was probably one of the few actual friends the man had. The cat responded with a contented "Mrow."

The man wore his old marine outfit that he had in the long years of his military career. It was a bit worn, but otherwise kept in good condition. He decided to forego the headpiece since it really only irritated him. Regnier rubbed his face a little bit in fatigue and brushed the rogue strands of brown hair away from his eyes. Hopefully Calero had remembered to bring the drinks. From what he heard of Yamatain liquor, he may as well just drink water at that point.

((Yes, Sub, Calero. Get your ass over here. :D))
Calero rolled his eyes at Regnier's chiding. The Nepleslian strode in his usual dignified manner down the concourse after his colleague. And, of course, the small detachment of IPG guards escorting the two men.

"Where are you and your damn cat taking us, anyway?" The Senator asked, hurrying his pace somewhat to catch up with the other representative. The man was dressed in a fancy-looking black pinstripe suit, a bit out of place with the wealth of military uniforms in the area.
"Fuck if I know, I haven't been here before. Supposedly though this is the way they keep 'refreshments' or whatever they call it here. Probably should keep Vanderhuge away from here in that case if he isn't already here." Drake stepped around the security that he passed by, almost all of them giving him a bit of a dirty look, which could be any number of things that Regnier is or was doing. "I hope you brought some drinks, Calero. Because I hear what they have here, if any at all this time, is pretty weak."

His cat's ears flattened and she backed away from a Neko security that she passed. Probably recognized the feline qualities but was likely confused by the size and posture of the guard.

"I still can't believe you guys talked me into coming. Oh well. At least I don't have to entertain more cats out of a lack of things to do while we wait for our turn to throw in our two DA." Drake rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck boredly as he neared the waiting area. The fact that there were several other senators from other factions already there seemed to meet his disapproval. He shook it off, "So who convinced you to come, Calero? Hopefully you weren't bitched at till you gave in like I was."
Shika wrestled with his gear off YSS Kuma's cargo gangplank. The starship operator staggered slightly under the weight of two heavy crates, a standard-issue duffel bag stuffed with his numerous personal effects and a volleyball rated for high-gravity play. It made for an interesting challenge to wrestle with his gear while not trying to be too amazed by the space station's foreign inhabitants.

"What the hell is that?" Shika's eyes goggled. A blue, fish-like humanoid alien of some sort had just walked by a pair of YSS Kuma enlisted men carrying supply crates off the ship.

Aoi politely coughed into her hand. "That's an Azorean, and it pays to be respectful."

Sanada Aoi was the ultra-professional security officer aboard the YSS Kuma, the thankless supply ship on which Shika had hitched a ride to Pisces. His stomach had been abuzz with butterflies ever since he left Yamatai; not because of her, but the prospect of his first deployment. That said, on a normal day, Shika would have probably tried to pry her communicator number and maybe make a self-deprecating joke or two, but he was just too excited by his opportunity to join the Fourth Fleet staff to have even rated it a thought.

Speaking of communicators. Shika almost reddened at the realisation that he had left his communicator in the bottom of his dirty duty uniform's back pocket. With a sinking feeling, Shika remembered that that uniform had been shoved into the bottom of his duffel. Shika winced; it would be unbecoming of him to simply rummage through all his effects in the midst of Pisces Station's inhabitants; especially in front of the YSS Kuma. He almost broke sweat at the memory of a particularly terrifying Star Army instructor who had drilled the importance of representing Yamatai with dignity and respect through endless calisthenics and vomit-inducing runs.

"Uh, Sanada-juni," Shika began hesitantly. "Could I use your communicator?"

Aoi gave the tall starship operator an exasperated look as if to say you really are hopeless, you know? She primly produced a white communicator from her belt, which Shika accepted with a gracious thanks. Setting down his heavy volleyball, Shika rapidly entered Hakumei Honoka's number.


"Is this my communicator?"

"You left it on the bridge." Aoi's lips were pressed into the slightest hint of a smile. "Good luck, Akechi-hei. If you use those brains of yours, you'll probably won't need it." Sanada-juni saluted professionally, turned on her heel and headed back to the YSS Kuma.

Shika put a hand to his communicator's speaker and turned to Aoi's retreating back. "Sanada-juni!" He said loudly, even as his communicator continued to ring for Hakumei-juni.

"Don't bother asking for my number, I'll call you. If I feel like it," Aoi called back over her shoulder.


Shika gritted his teeth as he returned his attentions to his communicator. He was quite determined to make it to the YSS Nadare, dead or alive. Whether he would with his dignity intact, was likely a different story.

"Hello, Hakumei-juni?"
Honoka looked up to see... a kitty! Being carried by some nepleslians. Oooo kit-

Ring ring

'What's that sound...?' she thought in a moment of confusion.

Ring ring

...OH! Honoka fumbled around on her belt looking for her communicator. Just as she grabbed it off her belt, it slipped out of her grasp and fell to the floor. She scrambled to pick it up, and promptly answered.

"Uh, moshimoshi. Hakumei-juni desu ga. Dochirasama deshou ka?" she sputtered out. Oh geez... what if it's someone that doesn't speak Yamataian. "Er... sorry. This is Hakumei-juni. Who's calling?"
Breathe, breathe. Make a good first impression!

"Tenki ga yoi, Hakumei-juni! Akechi to moushimasu." Shika replied in a confident tone that belied his nervousness. "Shimizu-taisho has given me orders to meet you in person in relation to my possible transfer to Fourth Fleet staff, ma'am."

Shika was so nervous that he totally missed the passing YSS Kuma crewmembers' quizzical glances which flitted from volleyball to the starship operator.
"Ooookay. Where would you like to meet?" Honoka asked. Shimizu-Taisho certainly left her in the dark about someone contacting her. Oh well, nothing could be done about it now. She downloaded and viewed a mental layout/map of the station.
"Oh, that's strange," Shika replied politely. In truth, he wasn't surprised at all. Someone of Shimizu-taisho's stature would have little time to spend on a lowly santô hei. "I'll forward Shimizu-taisho's orders to you now, ma'am."

Shika quickly relayed the relevant message with a series of deft presses on his Type 29, then promptly propped his communicator in the crook of his neck. With his now-free hand, he picked up his volleyball and threaded his way towards the station proper.

//S. Encryption//



To: Santô Hei Akechi Shika

1. You are ordered to report to the Pisces, for an interview at her highness' earliest convenience.

2. Fleet Aide Hakumei Honoka will be your point of contact during conference deliberations. Look for her upon your arrival.

Princess Taisho Shimizu Akina

Shika barely avoided a Azorean diplomatic aide and a Yamataian Star Army liaison in heated conversation as he valiantly juggled his various personal effects.

"Uh, I have no clue where things are on this station, and I have my hands literally full, ma'am," Shika answered honestly. "Do you have any-"

The young operator turned a corner, whereupon his eyes were immediately drawn to a harried-looking warrant officer. She held a communicator to her ear, and she appeared to be listening to a person on the line.

"Uh, actually, I think I see you, Hakumei-juni." Shika waved energetically. "You have green hair and blue eyes, yes?"

He deliberately omitted mentioning how tired she looked. Shika presumed it probably wouldn't have done him any good. Instead the starship operator tried for a wan smile and ambled towards the warrant officer with all the confidence he could muster. Shika wished he could tug at his uniform and neaten his collar, but his arms were too busy juggling his belongings to even brush at stray strands of his fringe.
Arkase sighed, giving up on trying to catch the Engineer's attention, and turned to look around.
Stopping the urge to stare at the other races, he continued along the corridor, looking for anyone else from the Nadare crew.
"I think this is going to be a very boring day..." He sighs, saying it just low enough so that only people listening would catch it.
((Yes, I'm back, and yes, I'm doing this since Sub is dragging his lazy arse. :p))


"Oh ok, fine. Just don't stray too far."

The black kitten raced between the chairs, well on her way to the new adventure to explore this strange new place. New sights, new noises, new people! Hopefully not as creepy as that one that about stepped on her tail in the hallway...

Still, apparently her wierd metal friend was hanging around, so she could always go back if she got bored. Perhaps she should have jumped up on his shoulders or something to get a better view... she could get lost here! If she didn't have a sense of direction that is, ha!

The other people here, though... they had an odd scent about them. Well, what better way to learn more than to gain their attention? She was good at that. Who to start with... who was looking at her earlier? Let's see...


At Honoka's feet, Abby stared back up with wide yellow eyes. Her tail twitched as her head tilted to the side in curiosity. Now who was this? She seemed familiar in the kindred sense... why? She wasn't sure. But maybe if she stuck around she'd find out!
"Ah?" Honoka looked around and spotted the person on the other end of the line. "Okay, ya. That'd be me... Akechi-hei. I see you too, so I suppose we don't need to use the communicator now." She put the communicator away deeming it unnecessary now that both parties were basically in the same room. But then, she heard a... was that a meow?

She looked down and saw, KITTY! The aide reached down and petted the small feline and Honoka couldn't help but giggle. It was a nice distraction. But, alas, it wouldn't last. Honoka did have to meet with Akechi-hei, and she couldn't waste all her time with a kitty, no... matter how... cute... it was.... If the kitten was on the station, it obviously belonged to someone, so the aide couldn't just pick it up and cart it off.

"Sorry," Honoka whispered to the kitty as she stood up. She started to scoot off towards the new addition to the Nadare crew.
"It's fine, Hakumei-juni," Shika answered. "That's a cute cat."

Shika blinked. He looked somewhat bemused at the improbable sight of a pet prowling about the Pisces.

Shika cleared his throat. "Uh, awaiting orders, ma'am."
Abby purred contently when Honoka pet her. But then she left... Hey! She wasn't done yet! How dare she? Well, we'll just see about that! She glanced back over to her metal friend. As long as she came back, she was certain it would be alright. He could never stay upset with her anyway. He said so himself.

And so with another mew, the cat trotted along at Honoka's feet, keeping up the best she could. Whenever she stopped moving, She would rub against her leg. This lady seemed nice, why shouldn't she follow along?

Then there was someone else in front of her... A new friend perhaps? There were all kinds of wierd strangers here! Though were exactly was she...?
"Eh..." Honoka started, finding it hard to ignore the kitten rubbing her leg. "Well, Shimizu-Taisho has instructed her staff, us, to represent the Fourth and to act as security as needed, if I remember correctly. We can buy stuff from the market when we have free time, and if someone wants to set up a meeting, to contact the Taisho or myself." Was there anything else? Oh, right. Honoka brought out her communicator, and forwarded the information about Tio. "In addition to that, if you spot someone matching this description, contact Shimizu-Taisho immediately, or me if she can't be reached."

Honoka then bent over, picking up the kitten. "You just won't leave me alone will you?" She held the the small feline close, petting.
"Got it!" Shika nodded energetically. If anything, Hakumei-juni's mentioning of the Fourth Staff's secondary function as security made him all the more self-conscious of his abysmal marksmanship.

Shika almost reddened at the thought of his last shooting prac. Hopefully if anything went downhill, the others assigned to the Taisho would prove to be enough to get the job done.

Shika couldn't get at his communicator. He had stuffed it in one of his boxes of military starship magazines. "Who's this ... Tio?"

He had utterly forgotten about stowing away all his gear. He was too excited by his new surroundings and the prospect of working with the Fourth Staff to notice the burdening weight of his personal effects.

"Is he dangerous?"

"By the way," Shika cocked his head quizzically. "Is that safe, Hakumei-juni?"

After all, who knew where the cat had been! Shika had been drilled in avoiding contact with creatures external to the crew as a matter of hygiene and safety, even in lieu of the enhanced Yamataian immunity to disease. Shika peered at the cat.

Even so, he was a cute little bugger, alright...
"No, it isn't. Insult her and she'll claw your face off, kid."

Abby looked over Honoka's shoulder and mewed happily at the sight of her friend. Regneir stood behind the neko, watching her meet his kitten. It was an odd contrast. From the cute and sociable kitten Abby to the maimed and grumpy senator/retired marine Drake. His mechanical yellow eyes flashed brightly between the reflection of the stations own lighting and the gradually brighter glow eminating from them. He didn't say anything further, just watching his kitten intently along with those she interacted with.

As for the cat, she was quickly warming up to Honoka. When she was picked up, she mewed again and rubbed her face up against her cheek. She seemed perfectly happy with the attention she was recieving. And so far, Drake didn't seem to have any real objection to her befriending new people.
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