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Art Plastic Crackheads Anonymous (Image heavy!) (Post your own stuff!)

Been thinking about the old user Born-on-Board lately. Anybody else here into painting, modelling or kitbashing stuff?

Also using this thread to look for alternatives to 40k. Know any good 'use anything' sci-fi tabletop wargames?

Feel free to post your own stuff here! In the words of a giant floating head, "Show me what you gottt!"

-PP Stuff-

Just getting into Maschinen Kreiger. The sculpts are awesome even on the cheapo gatchapon figures (pictured vs MKIII Space Marine for scale). Half the price of terminators and twice the size!


Attempted the Gundam Skirmish game for a while, but the community just isn't really there yet. Bandai makes *super* nice and highly posable stuff, though. The 1/144 stuff is light years ahead of the Gundam Wing stuff from the 90s! I was kinda shocked! Have some zeeks;


Still playing Mordheim with a friend;


Also still have this absolute horde, though I barely play the game at all these days;


Actually have a few more things, especially in progress, but that's probably enough for now.

No idea if there is anybody else here still that shares the interest, hah.
I do love my warhammer, building painting, using my spare parts and all to make other things, just some of my newer stuff.

An old Metal beastlord that I have repainted for Age of Sigmar.

And my Tervagon for my 40k Nid army.
Nice. I like the older metal style chaos stuff, my skaven have a lot of it. And the paint on that Tervagon looks pretty nice, the claws and hooves especially...

Yeah, really *want* to like modern 40k more. I collected it for a good 15 years. GW's business practices just suck, and I'm really sick of supporting them. Not even talking about prices; I'm talking about nerfing whatever gets too cheap on ebay. Not being able to use non-store terrain anymore. Monopose plastic characters that are hard to convert and just straight up inferior to other companies' stuff.

Rant over, but yeah, I would recommend spanning out to anybody and everybody! There is so much good stuff out there!

Are you working on anything new at the minute, Scar?
At the moment I have a Magus the Red, um got the rest of my beastmen, including a metal bray shaman, karzak the one eye (now just a beastlord) and morghor (now just a great bray shaman) because a lot of the named characters got murdered.

I am also looking into doing other things, but not many people around here do other things. in 40k I am working on Nids and an imperium army with a sisters of battle mainline.
*PP thinks he has a big army with nine imperial guard tanks*

*Sees an army with a baneblade, eight land raiders, two sicarans, and at least sixteen other tanks*

That's a pretty insane collection, dude. More than I've ever seen in one place, and pretty well painted to boot. I'm impressed. ;I

@BloodyScarlet ; Yeah, the same thing happened to Skaven. The lore is still there, though, I guess. You could easily try out Mordheim using the same models though! The rules are pretty easily available online and it's easy to get people involved. Basically old world necromunda/kill team. It's a lot of fun.

Sisters of Battle are rad, I just wonder when they are finally gonna release that new plastic stuff.
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I don't do 40k, and don't have any pictures of my old big Skaven army. So here's some Gunpla.


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It's my favorite 00 non-gundam MS. It really looks like something a military would build, and some variants even run on diesel!
Hurm. Would be really cool to see the results of that.

Apparently you get a really crudy 'layered' effect with some of the cheaper 3D printers, but there are ways of fixing it.
Oheck, a model thread i missed? This will not do!
Just gonna drop these examples here then! :D

In order of appearance:
1. HGAC 1/144 OZ-06MS Leo "Orange Vanguard custom", first proper attempt at battle damage and weathering.
2. HGIB 1/144 McLaren's Schwalbe Graze, a Schwalbe Graze given a classic Mclaren/Mercedes paintjob.
3. HGAC 1/144 OZ-06NMS Leo Nassault, a leo themed with the dutch lion and acustom made 3D printed backpack.

I have more but i've posted quite a bit already, so here's the more recent ones. o3o


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All of this is making me want to buy and paint a Mechanicus army. >.< Otherwise I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing all the careful detail and hardwork you guys are putting on your minis! :)
Actual sculpting i mean. At that size my printer cannot print finely enough to get proper detail in, sadly. and finding an alternate, smaller nozzle isn't gonna be easy for this older model printer. :(

Also sweet Ma.K :D