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RP Concluded [Plot Event - Month #1] Cabin Fever


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RP Date
YE 45.1
RP Location
YSS Mazu, YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City

Plot Event - Month #1​

Event Ends: 2023/01/28
Weight: Contest Winner (20 Points), All Participants (10 Points)

YSS Mazu​

The Soggy Hole

A poster has been placed on the wall near the bar.

Welcome to your home away from home! This goes out to Alpha Team (All player characters). Due to a change in the crew population to shuffle personnel in preparation for the launch of the first Tanya-Class in the fleet, all members of the Alpha Team are able to have an Officer's Cabin. Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi want the crew to settle in, as we have a long journey ahead of us. To help encourage personnel to feel more at home on the YSS Mazu, they are holding a contest to see who can customize their cabin space (within reason) in the most creative ways. Members of the Alpha Team will have a limited amount of time to prepare their cabins for inspection. The ship's fabrication units will have allotted time for reasonable production of furnishings and other items.

Cabin Assignments are as follows:

YSS Mazu​

  • Deck 9 - Cabin 901 - Alina Shanui, Santo Hei
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 902 - Maestitia (Mae) Ladriellem, Shoi Kohosei
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 903 - Mazu Mazumi, Nito Hei
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 904 - Motoyoshi Inari, Taii
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 905 - Motoyoshi Kazumi, Shoi Kohosei
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 906 - Savannah Madsen, Shoi Kohosei
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 907 - Radcliff Yingzi
  • Deck 9 - Cabin 908 - Yamada Himeko

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City​

  • Deck 45 - Cabin 4501 - Motoyoshi Tachiko, Chui
  • Deck 45 - Cabin 4502 - Ayenee Lisse, Yonto Hei
  • Deck 45 - Cabin 4503 - Mikael Harris, Shosa

Grab your trunks and bags and get started!

  1. Remember you must post in the main mission before you are eligible for this event.
  2. Wiki Pages should be created in the namespace for the ship. They should also meet quality standards (This is a plotship thing so they do not need to go through the NTSE)
  3. Designs should be reasonable (Avoid outrageous stuff)
  4. The co-GMs (Andrew, Yuuki, and Miyako) will judge the designs on 2023/01/28. (There will be an IC story post in this thread of the officers in question judging the designs)
  5. Bonus Points and Prizes will be given to those who RP out the design story for their cabins in this thread.
  6. Base Design - Standard Star Army Officers' Cabin on Star Army Space Roleplay
  7. If anyone needs anything generated AI-wise, let me know the specifics of what you want and I will see what I can do.
  8. Remember to update your cabin assignment in the struct for your character!
Good Luck!
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YSS Mazu, The Soggy Hole
Mazumi looked at the poster and smiled as she found the idea interesting. She’d done something similar or her lounge, so she thought it would be easier for her to do the same for her cabin too. As she worked, her mind thought about the design she wanted for her cabin. The Tennyo knew she was still a soldier, but she thought of having a non military look to her cabin.
YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City
Deck 45

Tachiko was not normally one for ostentation or conspicuousness, but she did want her own space to practice her martial arts and cooking in serene seclusion. She chose the Admiral's Suite as a base floorplan, but none of the sumptuousness of the basics. Instead, it would be gutted and turned into a traditional Yamataian dwelling, with a proper professional kitchen, of course.

YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City

Lisse had been at a loss regarding what to do with her cabin for the past few days. Of course, the first thing she had done with the room was bathe it pink. After that, she had added a miniaturized armory after seeing the one in Mikael's room. Then, there was the oil painting gifted to her by Fukada Masaru during her virtual tour of Fort Minori—she had placed that on the wall behind her bed. However, the Sprite couldn't shake the feeling that her room still needed something to tie it all together. She had placed a candle on her desk in an attempt to remedy the sensation, but to no avail.

At the very least, her room would smell good.

In order to clear her head after a long shift, Lisse worked to a sweat in the dojo, focusing her attention on a Sora-Mai kata routine with an emphasis on acrobatics and leveraging her Nekovalkyrja abilities. After finishing her sixth round of the evening, she made her way to the water station to refill her bottle, passing by the dance area as she did.

Then, she saw it.

The Sprite very nearly gasped as she came to a sudden halt, her caracal-like ears going upright as she spun around to look back towards the dance area. Her luminescent gaze widened as she took in the very thing that would finally round out her cabin, a device to satisfy her need for pleasure and fulfillment in equal, exciting measure.

A dancing pole!
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YSS Mazu​

Main Laboratory

The CM/S/O found herself with some time on her hands. She began to run another modification series model on modified trees for terraforming in the future. The idea of what to do for her quarters was still in the back of her mind, but it took her an hour, as that process began to wander to more ephemeral places in her mind. The whimsical side of her finally burst out in a lull of another model running when it became quite clear what she had to do.

Orders went out for a lot of plants and high-quality volumetric projectors, as well as atmospheric controllers, fans, and an assortment of other kit she knew she needed.

Cabin 911

Opening the door to Ayano's cabin feels like stepping through the looking glass into another dimension. This is one of magic. One of playful creatures and the bounty of nature wrapping itself around you in an enchanted place with anywhere from a pleasant warm rain shower, a sunny day with the rush of wind through the trees everywhere, or a hazy blue night filled with the dancing lights of the Fae stopping to take interest in the newcomer to the almost sacred space.

When she finished, real plants became a feature of the room, and with enough volumetric installations, it became second nature to assume any of the spaces in the green were just paths deeper into the enchanted glade of the fae.

"Oh yeah, it's all coming together."