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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 16: The Hour of Separation


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YSS Kaiyo
Sacre and Gravity's Quarters.

Sacre sat on the bed, looking at the tablet with her new orders. Ophion lay across her lap as if to comfort her. Her bags were already packed, however, it was a bitter pill to swollow. She loved the Kaiyo and the entire crew, and now she was going to be forced to leave them all behind. She wouldn't even have the time to say goodbye to many of them. She was trying to figure out how she was going to explain this to Gravity. Getting transfered away wasn't somthing she had seen coming.

Just then, the door hissed open, and in sauntered the pilot in question, freshly showered from a workout session and carrying Starlight across her shoulders.

"So! Shore leave coming up! Probably gonna be lengthy considering we've been crammed in this tub for nearly a year. Let's go downtown and get dangerous with some bottom shelf!" Gravity rambled without missing a beat. She tossed her dragon onto the bed and proceeded to fight Ophion for precious lap-space. She had that predatory look in her eyes that she usually got right before making a bad decision.

Sacre looked up, finally distracted from her reverie. She looks at Gravity with tears in her green eyes. "I'm not going." Sacre said simply.

"C'mon! Don't be a grumpy noodle! Saya and Kiyo are coming... too..." Gravity trailed off with a little giggle as she looked up to meet Sacre's gaze. Her cheerful grin slowly faded and her eyebrows furrowed with worry. A sickening feeling formed in the pit of her stomach as she began to do the math, starting with the packed bags. That feeling began to spread through her limbs as a cold weight. The neko stared at Sacre with a blank look that masked all emotion.

"..." Gravity soundlessly reached up and pulled Sacre to her, as if the gesture would prevent her from being taken away just like Apollo had. "No."

Sacre let herself be pulled into Gravity's hug. She needed the touch, the feel of Gravity's warmpth against her. She wanted to feel safe, to feel loved, in the face of the news that was devistating the world she had come to build for herself on the Kaiyo. The tears started flowing again. "Their sending me away." She choked out as she desprately held onto her girlfriend. Ophion shifted, trying to comfort it's master.

"N-No!" Gravity growled defiantly, pulling tighter still. Her hands clenched into fists as her own eyes began to burn with hot tears and she fought down sobs. Everything she loved in life got taken from her at some point, but not Sacre! "No, no, no!"

Sacre wrapped around Gravity, her long tail pressing the two together. Sacre didn't know what to do, or what to say. It had never even entered her mind that something like this would happen. Now that it had, her whole world was colapsing. The two held each other for a very long time, not wanting to let go. Sacre leaned back on the bed, so they could lay side by side as they held each other. "It's not forever, we'll be together again." Sacre whispered, trying to console herself more then trying to console Gravity. However, they were both soldiers at war. Even if you had a back up, which Sacre didn't, it could mean you were gone forever if your ship went down as well. There were no truely safe postions for either of them to be in. If the Kaiyo, or the ship Sacre was boarding was unlucky, this could be the last time they saw each outher. Sacre kissed Gravity on the forehead, "We'll be together again." Sacre said, and hoped that time didn't make her a liar.

Gravity's blood boiled and her vision began to burn red. She wanted to scream, to lash out at something and tear it to bloody shreds in a vain effort to prevent this attrocity. She let out a feral roar that was choked off halfway through with a sob and kicked out with her feet, denting the bulkhead.


Gravity's scream morphed into a mournful wail, and the energy left her body, and she lay limp in Sacre's arms once more, weeping openly like a youngling.

"...I won't let them...!" Gravity whimpered pathetically into her medic's final embrace.

Sacre held Gravity, gently accepting her trashing untill it calmed. Everything wrapped in her embrace calmed eventually, the question is how hard she needed to squeeze. That thought came unbidden to her mind and was just as quickly dismissed as Sacre tried to figure out how to explain everything to Gravity. She loved the Neko's energy, her ferocity, traits that Sacre sometimes found lacking in herself. There weren't really words for what Sacre wanted to say. "I love you." Sacre said, with a second kiss.

"I love you too..." Gravity choked out in return, still desperately gripping the separa. She was silent for several long moments before muttering: "I hate this universe. I want to leave."

"Well, I heard there's one next door where you don't have to pretend angry Separa'Shan are dragons. You can tame real ones instead." Sacre said playfully, kissing her.

But Gravity, for once, wasn't in the mood for games. She looked up at Sacre with a desperate gaze.

"Stay alive. Do whatever it takes to survive until the end of your contract. Come back to me, and let's escape before the next war." Gravity all but commanded.

Sacre didn't know if she was going to survive. It wasn't the sort of thing they could guarantee. "I will, and we'll get a little next to a big cliff with a great view and a valley for you to Train Dragons in. I'll have forge, where I'll make knives and Starlight and Ophion will chase each other around." Sacre promised.

"You'd better." Gravity huffed, seemingly mollified by that oath, but deep down she knew that there were no guarantees.

Sacre cuddled with Gravity gently for a moment. "I want you to be safe too. I'm not going to be around to protect you." Sacre said moving around slghtly so she could reach under her uniform and pull out Vera. There were many knives that Sacre had, but Vera was diffrent. Vera was the fighting knife she had bought to protect herself. It was the knife that was always within arms's reach. It was etremely well designed and made out of the nigh impossble to obtain Zezuaimum.

"I want you to have Vera. It's served me well, and it will serve you as well." Sacre explained.

Sniffling, Gravity reached out ans gingergly accepted the knife as though it might shatter into millions of pieces. As soon as it was in her grasp, the knife was tissed aside so that the neko could return to squeezing the life out of her girlfriend. Sacre held Gravity, wrapping her in her coils and unsure about what the future would hold for them.