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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission 17: Ex Viscera


The Gunman
ID-SOL facility

It was dark… so dark. It was hard to think. Flashes of memory flittered by quickly. He saw a young man charging towards a group of Kuvexians. He remembered looking down to see a body riddled with holes. Was it his body? He then remembered someone screaming a name… William? Was that his name? That sounded right. More memories flew by in rapid succession. More of his life before he had died. ‘I died… That’s right.’ He thought to himself as his mind began to regain what was lost. ‘Is this the afterlife? Why is it so cold…?’ He wondered. After several long minutes, as memories flashed by, he began to hear voices. “Mind transfer was successful. No abnormalities detected.” A female voice announced. “Good. Is the body ready?” Asked a male voice. “Yes sir, we are ready to begin.” “Commence revival procedure.”

William felt a jolt through his entire body. His eyes flew open, only to be met by a blinding light and fluid rushing past his eyelids. He quickly squeezed his eyes shut, more to stop the light than anything else. He then felt the sensation of fluid rushing past his body. His fingers and toes flexed as did his arms and legs. He cracked his eyes once more and saw that he was in a tube of green liquid. A tube that was quickly draining. As the process continued, he felt tubes that he hadn’t realized were there begin to retreat from his body.

Then all at once, the tube opened and William spilled out onto the floor coughing and retching. He felt hands on him and he tried to shake them off. “William, it’s me! Calm down.” Said the female voice. She did sound somewhat familiar… He turned his head towards the sound and opened his eyes once more. The face that greeted him was none other than Dr. Jamie, his personal cybernetic physician. William tried to speak, but only found himself coughing up more of the green fluid onto the cold metal floor. “It’s alright William, take it slowly.” Jaime said as she put a hand on his back. William’s body felt weird. Either Jamie’s hands had gotten smaller or his torso had gotten substantially larger. He reached a hand up to his face and was met with flesh and bone fingers. “What…? How am I… alive?” he was finally able to get out. Even his voice sounded deeper and more gravely.

“William… you died. We saw your memories. What you did was heroic and extremely stupid.” Jamie said as the male voice returned. “Doctor, what is the apgar score?” “He has a perfect score.” Jaime quickly replied, only giving the male physician a fleeting glance. She then continued “Your mindware sends frequent memory backups to me back at the hospital, by order of the Premier. When it told us that you vitals had flat lined, we initiated this emergency protocol.” William turned and sat down, then looked down at his body. He was HUGE. His body was ripped, muscles on muscles. His legs, also flesh and bone were much longer and larger than his former legs were. Jamie continued “After your father reinstated the ID-SOL program he feared that something like this would occur. So he had a body set aside to be your backup if you ever kicked the bucket… which you then proceeded to do.”

William looked up at the doctor. “I am an ID-SOL now?” He asked astonished, looking himself over once more. “Not just any ID-SOL William. You are a pure ID-SOL. They had me come in and consult because your new body needed a mindware installed. We also installed two cybernetic eyes, how are they working by the way? Any glitching?” She asked. William concentrated and generic HUD popped into view. “No, everything is fine.” He said as he felt the back of his neck where the ports were. “Good. Now let’s get you up and into some clothes.” She said as she and the male doctor helped William to his feet. As he stood on his shaky legs, he realized he was substantially taller now. He had gone from being 6 feet tall to at least 8 feet. He towered over the doctors as they led him to a locker which contained an NSMC tunic, which William quickly put on.

As he walked he was greeted by another figure, rushing into the hall. It was the Premier, Gaelan Sanders. “Boy, you went and grew on me.” Gaelan said with a sigh of relief. I came as soon as they said the revival process was underway.” The aging premier said, looking up at his much taller son. William couldn’t speak, but finally said. “It’s good to see you dad.” He said with a warm smile.