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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 17: Moving on up! To the Gold Side!


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For a while now, Itto-Heisho Mikael Harris had been thinking about his career. Promotion-wise, it tends to dead-end at Joto-Heisho since he had no special skills to warrant going warrant officer. His recent death had only increased his desire for a new path in life.

Would he focus more on the infantry side of his training? Nah, he knew SAINT was for life. They would never let him go join the rangers or join on of their SOFT since he was a mere lowly Minkan. Maybe go join a Giretsu Century. They seemed to be the closest he will ever get to direct action that he yearned for.

He just kind of frowned, wearing his black paneled class b uniform, approaching the captain's suite.

The door to the ready room of the suite opened and Mikael could hear the end of Taiyou Hoshi's order to Boss to open the door from behind her desk. She stood- not much of a height difference from sitting, and pulled down her type 35 jacket with a single stiff tug as she moved from behind her desk to bow curtly to Mikael.

"Heisho Harris, what can I do for you?" Hoshi asked as she sat again.

Mikael entered. He assumed the position of attention and saluted. "Chusa, I am at an impasse of sorts regarding my career within the Star Army of Yamatai. I require your guidance." He said, still saluting. Mikael did not pay too much attention to her height. All Nekos were largely the same to him. Except for those Type 33As. Now they got his interest. Almost to the point of if the option to go to one was offered, he might take it.

"Please, sit," Hoshi said as she looked off, as if to a distance. "You're a good combatant and a good operative. A great crewmember in my opinion." She looked back at him. "You would make an even better officer if I had to guide you anywhere."

"Officer?" Mikael said as he began to sit down in the offered chair. "I never really thought about that." He sat there for a moment trying to carefully determine the next set of words to come out his mouth. With some exceptions, he had always thought officers avoided doing their jobs. But maybe he just had terrible SAINT handlers in the pass since Hanako, Hoshi, and Eden were excellent.

"Why do you say that, Chusa?"

A knuckle met Hoshi's cheek as she tilted her head to rest on her propped up hand and spoke pointedly at Mikael. "I have never known you to do what was easy. When it is time to think, you think. When it is time to act, you act. It's an important trait to know when to keep those separate and meld them, and you know how to do those things. I could go on, but you have what it takes, as they say. Officers are not born when a Neko is born. Officers are not born when Nepleslians are born. Officers are made through experience. The right ones, the wrong ones. All of them. They can shape us into more than we once were or they can destroy us. I believe your experiences have shaped you. I would be happy to see that growth continue."

Mikael sat there for more moments after listening to Hoshi. He certainly knows of some people that would disagree on officers not being born into it. But those are the same people he does not put much stock with their opinions. He rubbed his chin as he thought of himself as an officer. It will take some getting used to, but he supposed if Hoshi thought he was ready then he was ready.

"Very well, I will go that route. Thank you for your wise words Chusa."

"You have to want it, Mikael." Hoshi's brows furrowed as she went on, "Leading... It is not easy. It is not fun. It means putting your duty before your life in a way that sometimes hurts you more than you ever thought you could be hurt. It's a reward in itself to do a good job, but a good job is a thankless job."

"Aye Chusa, I understand. I did not expect William to thank me when I flung him backward and saved him from his stupid actions. SAINT is a thankless job unto itself as well. Which is fine. It is just the thought of entering the commissioned ranks that will take some getting used to." He said to her with a bit of a smile. But she should be around him long enough to know it is largely a manufactured one for politeness than genuine. The rest of his body language changed to a total commitment to the idea though as he straightened himself.

"Well, that action will get you a combatant lifesaver award," Hoshi said. "You saved his life until he flung himself over your body to get himself killed. He is going to become an exchange officer but is still in Nepleslia for training. You can give him the earful I know I would want to when he is back in a few months. Regardless of all of that," Hoshi looked about, then grabbed a datapad. "I am glad you understand where I am coming from and have lived it to an extent. We'll see how things go and take training month by month. In the first month, I would like to see you every afternoon during rest periods, except weekends and mission days. I'll have a chance to brush up on laws and rules of engagement in a more hands-on way than a digital read and you'll get the extension work of Kyoto War College." She set down the pad, looking at Mikael with a harsh expression. "It is fine to have never thought of being an officer, but what goals brought you to the Star Army in the first place?"

Mikael raised his eyebrow a tiny bit upon hearing William was still alive. He made a mental note to make use of contacts within Nepleslia and the use of his cryptography skills to send a small message to William. He then took a moment to think, not as if he needed it since it was so simple.

"To be perfectly honest Chusa, I was too much of a Yamatai sympathizer. Once my parents died during some rioting and my brother disowned me, there was not a reason to remain on Nepleslia anymore." Mikael said in response to the question. He then nods to the first part of meeting him for training. "Aye aye Chusa."

"Well, that's as good of a goal as any." Hoshi said. "We'll begin our studies tomorrow. For tonight, read the first two chapters of all of the text material I will be sending your way. I like to keep promotions after non-planned combat to a minimum, but the rank of Shoi Kohosei comes with being a student of the Kyoto War College. Your role is acting ensign and there are a few responsibilities that come with that. Despite it technically being a learning role, your crewmen will look up to you more from now on, though they are not obligated to do so." The captain smiled, "It just works out that way."

"Aye aye Chusa!"

Hoshi stood and moved to bow as she had before, then extending her hand to shake Mikael's. "I am looking forward to your training, Harris-Juni."

Mikael got up from his seat to bow to Hoshi before shaking her hand. Probably for the first time, a genuine smile could be seen sneakily replacing his manufactured one. A new journey was about to begin. He stood at attention before saluted once more and about-faced his way out of her ready room.