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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 19: A New Member on the YSS Kaiyo II


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YSS Kaiyo II

Saya stretched a little in the medbay, a small yawn escaping her lips as she looked back at the complex chemical formula before her. Over her shoulder rested her bubblegum pink braid, hair done in its normal immaculate french braid with two long bangs that framed her face. She had started to get bored with the formula and frankly frustrated with it as well. For weeks now, and multiple trials, the formula had escaped her best ability to fix it, and for now, she needed a distraction.

She pushed back from her desk and spun in her chair to look over to the medical bed where Thorndack, her pet Drake lay under the heating lamp that had been installed in their ship for the Separa crew mates they had. She rolled over and ran her fingers along his fake red scales and smiled as he purred.

Ahh... The disadvantages of being a pure human and joining then having to deal with long travel times in space. Four months for Alexander Mathews to get to the YSS Kaiyo II, but due to him being human and no modifications at all, he had to go in for a physical at the medbay.

Alex stoped outside of the medbay, and peers at the door, then lets out a big of a sigh. He doesn't really like this, but it is orders. He reaches up with his right hand, and knocks firmly on the door if it does not open for him. At this point, he is just standing outside out the medbay, being patient.

The door would slide open after the first knock to reveal the spacious and modern medical bay. Inside next to a decently sized bed with a few small screens that hovered in mid air was a smaller Neko. Lithe body that showed hints of definition under her uniform, bubblegum pink hair that was a bit longer then mid back, and a matching fluffy pink tail, her blue eyes turned to see the new comer.

It took a moment of thought for her to recognize just who it was, but Saya's eyes lit up as she stood.

"You must be Matthews-Hei! I am Fujiwara Says, the medic aboard, welcome! I assume you're here for your medical?" She walked closer and gave a small formal bow, her words and personality as bubbly as her hair.

Alexander blinks in a little bit of surprise, but does not show much more than that when the door opens from the first knock. He looks around the medbay for a brief moment before his eyes land on the woman already there. "Yes maam. I am here for my physical after a long flight." He does not appear to be out of shape in any way or form. Apparently all the muscle definition has not gone away during that long flight.

Alexander gives Saya a light bow in return when she bows to him. He is not really all that used to Yamatais customs as of yet, but he is sure he will learn them at some point. He has not been a Yamatai citizen for all that long. "Where would you like me, miss?" He asks as he looks over to where the drake is laying on the medical bed, watching it for a few moments.

The Drake looked to the intruder in his domain and growled a little which earned him a whack to the head. "Thorndack! Be nice!" The Drake whimpered a little and flapped his wings to take off the bed and head up to the top of the cabinets that lined the wall. This in turn let Saya turn back to Alexander with a smile.

"Just sit on the bed and we can start!"

Alexander did not flinch at all when the drake growled at him, but he did smirk a little bit. That smirk went away when Saya whacked him. He sighs a little bit when that happened, then looks back to Saya. "I am sure he will get used to having me around, maybe. Depends on how much I get hurt though." With that said, Alex makes his way over to the bed to have a seat, hopping onto it gently as if he was worried he will break it. He is pretty built for someone that is only five foot, ten inches tall.

He makes himself comfortable before looking back to Saya, then waits patiently for his next order.

"Thorndack is a big softy. His growl is worse than his bite I assure you." Saya looked up to her pet before she tapped a few screens and walked off to the cabinets. She began to pull a few things out as the bed hummed to life.

"Well, hopefully, you don't visit me for anything serious. While I am the ship's medic, I do double as a psychologist and counselor for the ship. If you ever have issues, please do not hesitate to find me, I am available at all times."

She came back with a few needles and olaced them in the bed beside him. "Do you have any pre-exsisting medical conditions I should be made aware of?"

"I was not worried about the drake at all. It is not like I was going to try to do anything stupid, so I did not think he would do anything. I just found it cute, and understood what the growl was for." Alexander says with a very slight smile as he looks to Saya.

"I do not have any experience, so I might make a few mistakes, but I will use my training to the best of my ability so that I will not have to see you very much, or if at all. I say that in a good way, not in a way that I am trying to avoid you." Alexander takes a bit of a deep breath, then looks around a little more as she goes to get a few things.

Needles, no one said anything about needles.. Alexander looks to the needles for a moment then back to Saya, "I am guessing I need a few shots for dealing with diseases?" He leans his head to the side a bit, curious. "Also, no medical conditions to make note of."

"Diseases? No, Yamataian ships are sterile because of the filtration systems. There no worries of diseases on the ships. And most of the time when we deploy it's in a Mindy, and they handle pathogen filtration for you

The medic seemed versed as she took a pad and rubbed at his elbow for the moment, the skin growing wet before she deftly jabbed the needle into the vein. "I just need to take some blood samples to check out some of your levels." One then two vials were filled and put aside, and the needle was replaced by guaze and a bandage.

As she finished the blood draw, a ping was heard as she looked to the bed. "It looks like everything is perfectly in line, good and healthy! Now, do you have any questions? Anything I can do to help you get acclimated to the ship?"

Alexander listens to everything Saya has to say all while keeping his eyes on those needles. He even watches her use the alcohole wipe to sterilize the pitt of his elbow before she goes to stab that vein with a needle. It is easy enough to do as she would find out. Once the needle is in, he turns his attention back to Saya.

After a few moments, Alexander just seems to relax naturally. Once Saya says he is good and healthy, he seems to relax a little more. He shakes his head a little bit, "No questions to really think of at the moment. The only thing I am wandering about are my duties and where my bunk is going to be so I can move my stuff there." He sighs a little bit at this though. "I should probably just walk around the ship to get used to the layout as well." He moves his left arm a little bit, bending it letting the bandage and guaze form to his motions a bit.

"Hm... Well what is your field? Are you infantry? Science? Medical?" At this last one, she seemed a little hopeful for some reason, but she waited for him to answer as she cleaned the space and reorganized everything in place. The room was immaculate, even for a medbay. Everything seemed to have a set place and was lined up neatly.

"Well, if you like I can help? I need a distraction from a chemical formula I was working on and didn't seem to be going anywhere, and I don't have much else going on now."

Alexander blinks a couple of times at her question on what his field is supposed to be. He smirks a bit, "It is infantry." He hops off of the medical bed, and stretches a little bit as Saya starts to clean up the medical bay. He even looks around a little bit more as she does so.

"Sure, I do not mind a little bit of company while walking around the ship." Alexander seems to be treating Saya like he would anyone else at this point. "I would like to learn who the ranking officers, NCOs and enlisted are as well when I get the chance."

"I might try to move on to something else besides infantry in the future, but I do want the experience in fighting in the front lines. It just seems a little important to me I guess." Alexander walks over to the door before turning to look to Saya, waiting to see what she is going to do at this point.

Saya smiled as he accepted the offer for her to accompany him and whistled once. A flap of the wings found her shoulder weighed down by the fake drake, who sat up and proud. Displayed in his chest was a large thick crystal that pulsed with a faint light, a modification to the Drake.

"Well... We have a few warrant and actual officers. Our warrant officers are Abart, who is infantry like you. Gravity, eho is our pilot. Madoka and Muyomi, both Infantry, Wyatt who is a SAINT agent, Deio, who helps with sensors, and Nerai who handles safety and Systems monitoring."

Saya tapped her chin as she looked to the ceiling and listed off another group. "And our actual officers... There is Mikael wh-who... Who is an officer in training..." Her eyes narrowed a little at the name but she shook it off easily enough. "Aiko, who is of the Ketsurui family. She is our public relations officer. Alistair, who is our second officer and wonderful! Very friendly and helpful. Then you have Eden, who is the first officer. She seems a little cold and aloof, but she is very nice. And of couse our captain, Hoshi! She is a wonderful captain to be under and very kind."

Alexander turned his head a bit to watch the drake, and inspected the creature. He noted the crystal for a moment before returning his attention to Saya. He seems pretty intent on listening to her, "So I have quite a few to remember. This is going to take me a bit to remember all of their names." He laughs quietly to himself, then sighs a bit. "This should not be too much of an issue."

"Is there anything important on the ship that I need to know about on the ship? Any special rules or anything of the sort?" Alexander turns his head to look back at the door behind him, then back to Saya, "Mind if we walk and talk? I need to get a little bit of exercise.." He does not seem to want to stand still at the moment, "I need to move around a little bit if you do not mind."

"I suppose there are a few yes, but MEGAMI can help you with them." Saya nodded and began to lead him through the ship. "Well we have a couple of decks. We have a VR room, which is really nice. We have a dojo for training and sparing, and our cargo bay doubles as a running area. Special rules? None really, just follow the duty roster and daily schedule, and everything runs pretty smoothly. Oh! And if you want, we have an intership messanger service we usually talk on during the day."

Alexander follows and listens to Saya as she talks, and he even looks around a little bit. He manages to give her plenty of space while following behind her as well. "The cargo bay seems like a good area for me to spend the next few weeks getting my endurance back." He sighs lightly, "I need to try to build up as much endurance as possible. No enhancements here."

"The ship has five decks, correct?" Alexander seems to think for a moment, "I can not quite tell what the gravity of the ship is, but it should be enough to get proper exercise, right? At least what I am used to. I am from Kennewes." He looks down to Saya for a moment, waiting for a response to his question or questions.

"Yes! Five decks, though the fifth deck is twice as tall. Plenty of room. And I'm in the cargo bay often as well, running. One of the old medics aboard started me on a program and I can't seem to kick it." She giggled a little and looked around. "The gravity is normal, just a standard one g. And Kewennes? I heard it was dangerous there... I had some old crew that told me about a trip they took there once and it didn't sound fun."

"Well, I guess I will be another person in the cargo by doing some cardio. Cardio can save your life I am sure." Alexander will likely stick to those words.. "Kennewes..." He says in a slightly annoyed voice, but he shrugs a bit, "Kennewes is a little dangerous, but no one really messed with my family. I mean, who attacks the people that feed you, right?" He smirks a bit, "My family just did farming. My mother and father were never a part of the military either. They were against me joining the military, but when I broke it to them that I was going to join the Star Army.." He shakes his head, "I did not hear the end of it."

"Is there a weight room aboard as well, or is that something that can be set up?" Alexander asks.

"I believe the weight room is in the cargo hold as well. We do have one aboard though as we have quite a few people who work out." Saya nodded though seemed confused. "We have a few Nepleslians here aboard, and plenty within our military. Why were they so against it?"

"That is good, and about my parents? I guess they just dont feel right with me joining the Star Army. They would rather me join the marines." Alexander shrugs lightly. "Other than that, I cant really explain why they were so against it. I never really bothered to ask as I already made my own choice in life." He walks up next to Saya, "I would like to meet everyone on board at some point."

"It's a small ship and we tend to have a decent amount of time between missions, so I'm sure you'll meet everyone." Says giggled a little as she thought on the antics the crew got up to on a daily basis. "They chat a lot on the messenger too, so you can talk to them all there." The Medic smiled, though idly did wonder what it was like to have a family at the same time.

"That is good then, and no.. I did not wander what it is like to have a family at the same time." Alexander tilts his head to the side a little bit. "Are you saying that the ships crew will be my family?" He does not seem surprised about this at all. "I only had a couple of friends back on Kennewes, and they werent really close either. My mother and father were the only family I had, but I dont think they are all that happy with me at the moment."

"I will get set up on the medsenger thingy though. I am sure I will get to know them a little bit through that as well." Alexander seems to be a little bland for the most part at the moment, but then again, he is in a new environment. "If I sound rude, I do not mean to.."

"Not at all! I understand it's tough to get used to a new place. When I first came aboard the medic was throwing knives and angry in the medbay, and thought I was there to deliver supplies... I miss Sacre." Saya giggled and looked to the side down a corridor. "I need to go catch up with someone, but get on the messenger and we can chat there ok? And if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask ok!"

Saya waited to see if he needed anything else before she headed off.

Alexander blinks a couple of times, and thinks throwing knives and other stuff in the med bay might be a little on the dangerous side. "You are the medic now, so I guess you will have to be the one throwing knives." He teases a little bit, but it does not sound like he is teasing when it comes out. "I will see you later then, and sure, I will get on the messenger thing." He does not seem to need anything else at the moment.

Saya giggled a little and gave a finger wave, "Then I will see you later! And welcome to the Kaiyo! Hope you have a good time there." With little more, Saya turned and headed into the ship corridors.