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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 19: YE 41 Year End Celebration!!


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The crew was used to using the VR room on the YSS Kaiyō II for a variety of purposes, but none had yet used a program like the one Hoshi had made. A truly winterous wonderland had been created. To those that had left Yamatai aboard the Kaiyō, it would remind them a bit of the small town they had set off from. Or, perhaps to the more veteran Kaiyo crew, comparing it to Ralt before the Temple of the Stars had been visited would be more fitting. Regardless, today -the last day of YE 41- it was set up to have wintry peaks of mountain ranges surrounding a small camp set against a steamy lake whose warm waters in some parts were crystalline enough reflected the mountains, evergreens, and a crisp sky laden with buoyant clouds. The piney trees near the camps were each decorated and a few wrapped presents nestled in the snow underneath their white-laden boughs. An ice box held beers ready to be pulled from it while below, in the snow, were placed some Lorath wines of the hallucinogenic varieties and assorted spirits that should not be chilled. The camp itself had a few popup tents, plaid blankets, foldout chairs, and a larger than normal chair. The entire area shone with a warm, welcoming glow, in part due to a central fire pit bundled by rocks and in part due to the warm atmospheric controls of the VR room and mood lighting.

As first officer, Eden should have known that the Yule party was not a "sexy" dress-up party but more of an "ugly sweater" dress-up party. Regardless, she could be seen entering the encampment in a string bikini with a reindeer tail, pale spots surrounded by otherwise darkened areas of her hips, back, and chest, along with a shiny red nose, and antlers protruding from her black hime cut hair. Hoshi ribbed her as she walked past the XO and Eden bent to talk in her ear.

"I thought this was supposed to be-" The chusa trailed off when she saw Hoshi regard her and laugh. "You're dressed like that and everyone else is wearing real clothes!"

"Woops," Hoshi said beneath her Father Yule beard of white curling hairs. Her smile made the curled white moustache push up her cheeks to her shining blue eyes. "You look cute. Own it," the little Neko said with a wink and Eden nodded, but wasn't done.

"I should have given you coal."

Hoshi replied, "Thanks for setting up the presents. They look cute with each tree decorated for the crew member they are for."

Eden smiled, "I love this holiday. The ship was launched not long after Year End. It's sort of sad we didn't get to celebrate it that year but at the same time, I don't think we would have known how close we would become. How close the ship brings us," Eden had slowed her words, tearing up. Hoshi lifted herself in the air to give her a hug. Eden smiled through her welled up eyes and said, "Thanks, Happy Year End, Hoshi-san."

"Thank you, Eden-sama." Hoshi said, back on the ground with a hand over her plumped up belly, clothed in red velvet and white furs. "Let's sit, shall we?"

Eden nodded, moving to join in near the fire and sit at a fold out chair, grabbing a beer along the way.
YSS Kaiyō II VR Room

The Azure skinned Swordkitty entered the Vr chamber wearing a beautiful dress that moment, though this wouldn’t be a real one, but a volumetric one which soon disappeared as she lost focus due to the beauty of the environment. The 2-year-old Neko observed he snow before she stuck her hand in to see if it would react like real snow, and when it did, she laughed before she looked at the only two currently in the room, her Captain and the first officer.

On spotting Eden’s clothes it told her the dress code variation she could have worn but she didn’t think much of it more as the beautiful dress came back, though modified somewhat. An idea popped into her mind, about a certain winter game she could have played, and the thought occurred to her to toss a snowball at the unsuspecting captain and first officer.

“Konichiwa, Captain-sempai, Eden-sempai.” she greeted the two, having instead chosen to be the sweet girl that she was.
“This place looks so beautiful,” she commented as she moved to sit down the seat made a sound as her weight was placed on it. “Goodness, year-end already, it seemed only yesterday I was stepping out of the tank. I am really honored to be on board the Kaiyo,” she told the two of them.
Indira entered the VR room, looking like some kind of tiny Santa Claus. She had been told she was expected to dress up. Most of the images she had found had maintained the same jolly, red-suited man with a big white beard. Getting the costume together had been something of a hassle, but she had decided that she would do her best.

She could do without the itchiness of the beard.

When she entered and saw that everyone else was not dressed like Santa Claus, she had panicked for a moment. 'The man is in nearly every picture, surely-'

The sight of Eden gave her comfort. It was a bit more risque of a take on a reindeer than Indira would have dared for, but it looked like the diminuitive Iroma had been on the right track. Hoshi's appearance only confirmed it. She hefted her comically large sack and moved over to join the three near the fire.

"Eh-hum," she said, clearing her throat into one fist. "Ho-ho-ho, Merry Yule." Her delivery was as icy and monotone as ever, but something about the sound of it and her appearance made the entire thing altogether comical. "I am glad to see that my clothing choice was appropriate."

She then nodded to the blue neko sitting next to them. "Kiyomori-san," she began, nodding her head in greeting. "I do not remember seeing such a dress in the ship's files."

The statement lingered for an uncomfortable moment. "It looks lovely."
YSS Kaiyō II VR Room

A once familiar face walked through the halls of the Kaiyo II. The shuttle that had dropped him off, left just as quickly as it had arrived. He walked back to his old room and set his things down.

It hadn't changed since William had left it several months ago. He quickly changed from his formal NSMC attire and changed into a tshirt and some track paints. The shirt had his name and rank as well as NSMC was printed on the left breast.

He was full of nervous energy. It was the first time the crew will have seen him since his change...

He looked down at his body. He was now 8 feet tall and some change, his frame was massive and his muscles were tight under his skin. William then looked in the mirror. His features had become slightly more rugged. He hadn't shaved since graduation either. He had a full, thick beard now.

He took a deep breath and grabbed the presents that he had brought with him from Nepleslia, and headed straight for the VR room.

As he reached the door he crouched down to slide inside, where he was greeted by those assembled. William smiled broadly as he saw them all and he set his bag down. "I'm home. Who made the ship smaller?"
YSS Kaiyo II
Cabin 4

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Gravity, with a face of pure focus, tossed her communicator onto her bunk and began making preparations.

It was Yule.

VR Room

Outside, the sounds of music could be heard, growing steadily louder.

I don't want a lot for Yule Tide,
There's only one thing I need,
I don't care about the presents,
Underneath the Yuletide tr-

"HAPPY YULE MOTHERFUCKERS!" Gravity screamed out aggressively as she charged into the room, holding a handle of tequila in one hand, and a large speaker under the other. "All I Want For Yuletide Is You" was blaring from said speaker. Gravity was dressed in an immaculate elf suit, pointy hat and shoes included. Each one of her steps jingled from the little bells on the toes. It looked like it had taken a lot of effort to make.

It had. Gravity really loved Yuletide. Aggressively loved it, you could say.

Behind her, and not looking pleased at all, were the ship's three dragons. Starlight, Valkyr, and Thorndack begrudgingly dragged in a large sack that seemed to clank with the sounds of glass bottles bumping into each other. The dragons themselves looked as if they'd been stuffed into reindeer costumes, complete with antlers and glowing red noses. Thus the reason Gravity had fresh claw-marks on her cheek was made clear.

The first thing Gravity did was aggressively slam her speaker down on the nearest clean surface. Then, she aggressively reached into the bag carried by the dragons, and pulled out a huge bottle of whiskey, to go with her bottle of tequila. Finally, she marched straight up to Will, looking extremely dangerous at the moment. When she reached the eight foot tall behemoth, Gravity did three things:

She floated up to him, as she was very short, and slapped him across the face. Once she'd gotten her revenge for the shit he'd put her through with his martyr act, she leaned forward and smacked a long kiss to that same spot she'd slapped with her full, blue lips. Finally, she roughly shoved the bottle of whiskey into his hands and floated off to Hoshi without saying a word.

"Hey, a reindeer! Can I ride it?" Gravity asked Hoshi upon seeing Eden's costume? She stuck out her tongue playfully before taking another swig of her bottle. She pointed back to the dragons/reindeer, who were tugging the sack towards a safe corner out of the way and added: "Oh, I brought some refreshments."

Those refreshments had been acquired through Gravity's smuggling network. Hoshi probably already knew about it, but Gravity liked to think it was a secret.

Hoshi seemed to be distancing herself from Indira and was in a good spot to say to Gravity, "Oh, each person has their own tree. You can put each person's present under their tree-ah, oh... It's all booze." The captain gave a short laugh before adding, "That gift is truly a gift to all! I think I'll have some of that specialty stuff... Only one glass, though!" Her butt was wiggling slightly to the music as her fisted hands pushed back and forward, a small dancing motion she herself wasn't conscious of. "That reindeer hasn't been ridden in a year or so. Might be too wild of a ride for you, Gravy..."

Eden had meanwhile attempted to get up to see William, but sat back down when she saw Gravity's display to the new SOL.

"I've never seen this much green in one place," she said to him when he seemed to have a free moment. "Glad to have you back. You look like you're ready to be a Nepleslian Admiral with this look! That beard..." she gave him a sly smile, "or maybe Premier! For now I am happy to have you on our ship. The Kaiyo's first Nepleslian exchange officer, too!" She took note of Kiyo's earlier statement, "I am honored to have you all on board, too. You don't have to be eight feet tall to catch my attention." She gave Kiyo a bright-eyed look before giving her a side hug, one hip pressed into Kiyo's while she smiled. "Indira, you might want to apologize to Hoshi for stealing her look before she tries to tell everyone you're not the real Father Yule!"
YSS Kaiyō II VR Room

William was not sure how Gravity was going to react when he saw her, but the full blown slap was out of the blue. However he took the blow, not budging from his spot. It had hurt like hell, but he didn't complain. The kiss was also a shock, much nicer than the slap. A nice red hand print could be seen on his cheek, but thankfully was partially covered by his blonde beard. He then took the whiskey, cracked the top, and took a nice large swig.

He leaned down and pulled a bottle from his bag. "Gravity, my apology gift." He said tossing the bottle to her. As she caught it she would see that it was the strongest alcohol Nepleslia produced.

He then turned to Eden as she approached and William's smile softened significantly. He knelt down to her height and wrapped her in his arms hugging her close. "Long time no see Aunty Eden..." he whispered in her ear. He held her for a few moments before he released his grip on her.

"I have one for you too." He said pulling a box from his bag. As she opened her gift she would find a replica locket. One that was exactly the same as his. Inside was a picture of him and her with an inscription that simply read "My Aunty."

"I hope you like it." He added, as he returned to his full height.
VR Chamber

Not owning any civilian attire outside of his own condo on Yamatai, Mikael arrived wearing his formal Type 35 uniform, the proud black panel of SAINT on display. While his face was bright and joyful, anyone looking hard and long enough would see micro expressions of something else in his eyes.

He was not fan of the holiday, but it was something that he just had to endure for the sake of blending in. He would much rather celebrate the Nepleslian way with loud techno music, booze, and competitions of marksmanship. But he was "Yamataian" now, so he would just have to do that in private. So everyone just gets presents from him under their trees.

He gave Eden a curt bow of his head and did everything to ignore what she was wearing. He smiled and shook hands with various members of the crew. But then he saw William walk in.There is a mixture of happiness that the idiot was truly okay and anger from the idiot's actions. Most of him wanted to just float right up and chew into him like a drill instructor. But that would just ruin the mood of the part. Thus Mikael opts to just knife hand at him for a moment and beats retreat to the tree marked with his name.

"Compassion, Ship's morale, compassion..." Mikael muttered under his own breath as he went.

Meanwhile, the ship's clerk Yoshinaga enters the VR room. She just raises an eyebrow at the huge hunk of man meat presented in front of her now.
"Apologize?" she asked, looking at Hoshi with a mildly puzzled expression. "My research clearly indicated that there was more than one Father Yule; sometimes even in the same place. The logistics alone ... Also, their heights and weights varied drastically and - "

She paused. Eden was trying to give her some useful advice, not suggest a debate. Indira reigned herself in. She removed the beard carefully and tucked it away; the thing had taken some amount of work to fabricate, but not enough to upset her. A tap at her wrist caused the wrest of the costume to shrink and suck in towards her body, leaving her with a modestly exposed midriff, red shorts, and thigh-high black boots. She'd seen this iteration of the costume a few times as well and liked to be prepared. She didn't have the Neko's volumetric tricks, after all.

Indira took a few steps over towards Hoshi. "It would seem that I gave you reason to be offended. I'm still learning about Yule customs - my family didn't really participate. I hope this serves as sufficient apology." She motioned to her change of outfit.
YSS Kaiyo II
VR Deck

The squeal of pure joy that emanated from the door to the bay was childish and delightful. Saya's big blue eyes shone with wonder as she looked around the room and took a few steps in, they same eyes quickly grew watery as she thought back to the few times her friends had been around to celebrate the holiday back on Yamatai. She rubbed her eyes off on the over sized sleeve of her terrible holiday sweater, a gaudy thick red and green sweater that was about three sizes to big for her and looked more dress than anything. The design on the sweater had small characters that chased one another, and had the words "Merry Wintersfest!" on it, probably some call to her favorite game she had roped many of the crew into playing.

In her other hand were a few bags she had brought with her to place under the other's trees, presents to give them for the holiday though they were forgotten for a moment on the floor as she spotted her drake, Thorndack all dressed up in his adorable costume. She shot over to him and scooped him up in a hug to which he struggled a bit. In a bit of a startle to some of the other crew, Thorndack threw his head back and shot a gout of flame straight into the sky, something the little drake had been without for a while after setting multiple fires to both the ship, and Saya herself.

"Thorny! What have I told you!" The little drake cowered for a moment and looked displeased in his outfit, but let out a little grumble and relented. As he was placed back down, he immediately found himself to Valkyr's side to sulk near the other drake. The bubblegum medic turned to gather her gifts up and as she bent over to grab what she needed, she spotted the recent return to the ship. "W-William!" Even next to Eden, it seemed as though she had forgotten a bit of decorum and shot over to hug the much larger man around the waist from the side. As small as she was it was difficult to get much higher than that unless she took to Gravity's route and floated, but she opted not to and instead hugged him. It took a moment before she blinked and spotted Eden and in quick order her eyes went wide and face turned a lovely shade of scarlet.

"M-Ma'am! I apologize for interrupting! I j-just got excited seeing him return... And I felt guilty not being able to bring him back for us here on the ship..." She frowned for a moment before she shook her head. "No! No sadness, today is happy! It's Yule and William is home!" She smiled and just as quickly darted off to save further embarassment, and instead began to place different bags under all the different trees to busy herself until Wyatt arrived.
YSS Kaiyo II
VR Deck

Kiyo turned her head as she heard the doors open and in walked Indira, who was dressed similarly to the Captain. Her smile disappeared, replaced by shock and concern when she was spoken to, there was a file?! “Oh.. My batch sister sent me pictures, she said that it would look cute on me and that I should wear it during the ship’s Yule celebration,” she told her before she found herself smiling when she was told it looked lovely.

Kiyo blinked as her ears picked up music outside the Vr chamber, and she had a sneaking suspicion she knew what was going on, and it was proven that she was correct when Gravity walked in. Her eyes then caught a glimpse of her sister’s scars, they looked like scratches that she new that Dragons could make, and that’s when she caught a glimpse of Valkyr in an adorable Raindeer outfit!

She giggled, then gasped when she saw William entered, he was back, and her sis was slapping and then kissing him. She smiled before turning attention to Eden, as she replied to her statement, and also she was given a side hug. She felt pleased to hear her words, and she turned her head to the next to arrive which was a loud squeal from Saya.
She saw the reaction when she saw Eden, who appeared to be vastly different from Gravity who wanted to ride the Raindeer and Saya who appeared to be blushing. She took a quick photo of Valkyr before she moved to William. “Hey big guy, I am glad your back,” she said to him “tomorrow I am hoping your one of the two that could help me with something,” she told him.

Valkyr was displeased with the outfit, she felt humiliated and it felt ridiculous to her, but at least she wasn’t the only one, so when Thorndack had approached her, she comforted him with her wing. At least they had gotten their revenge on aunt Gravity.
YSS Kaiyo II
Deck 2

Sakura was taping her foot waiting out side of Wulf and Kiyo's cabin. Looking at her silver watch she noted they where going to be late and it was Wulf's fault. Knocking on the door and shouting to the closed door "Come on Wulf we are going to be late!". She signed though it was also partially her fault. When she first got her she was abit surprised to see Wulf was going alone, it seems that Kiyo left but it seemed it was cause the ranger was preparing his uniform. When she first saw him he was in a freshly press uniform and looked more like he was ready for a parade then a fun party night. After making him about face back into his quarters she told him to grab a more casual suit. Almost half regretting her choice till she heard the door open.

As she saw Wulf step out of the cabin she let out a whistle. Seeing him in a black suit with a matching tie suited him a lot better. Seeing one thing that needed adjustment she took a step and adjusted his tie for him. Speaking softly "See this is much better, I know if I was Kiyo you wouldn't of left the cabin if I saw you like this". Smiling with a wink she took a step back and grabbed her bag filled with gifts "So are you all ready Mr. Soban to spread some holiday cheer?".

Wulf not use to people getting so close was still blushing and gave his timid reply " Erm yup ready for this new holiday". Grabbing his own bag he followed the blue dressed neko. Sakura looked inquisitively back at Wulf as they walked "What do you mean new holiday ? You never celebrated Yule Tide ?". Shaking his head and giving a embarrassed reply " No we only celebrated the end of the year and the empress's birthday honestly". Sakura stopped and looked at her friend to make sure he wasn't pulling her leg at all. Seeing no hint of mischief she let out a sigh and patted his back a few times "I swear more and more I hear of your upbringing I swear you were a early neko like my self". Wulf could only nod not sure how to respond "But I mean for Kiyo's sake I did read up on the holiday so i'm at least some what prepared". Sakura could only shake her head as they stopped in-front of the door to the VR chamber. Letting out a sign then standing right in-front of Wulf "Ok first off your too serious and you shouldn't have to research the event". Giving a serious glare and tapping her foot "Second Yule Tide is a time to let down our hair and to celebrate so if you don't drink and be merry I will do horrible things to you, I might even steal Kiyo!".

Wulf stood straight up and saluted "Yes Ma'am I promise to be merry and bring cheer". Sakura could only looked flabbergasted at her friend before slapping the back of his head "Baka!". Adjusting her dress and calming her self "Come on none of that here, so lets enter before you doing anything else frustrating". Hitting the controls for the door Sakura lead Wulf into the vr chamber. As they steeped into the winter wonderland they both smiled at the scene.

For Sakura it was seeing the crew assembled and having fun. For Wulf it was the feeling of home and the mountain side he missed. Not wishing to miss the fun she encouraged Wulf "Come on lets joy the crew thankfully we are not the last one here!". Taking a few steps forward she didn't hear Wulf following along. Turning around she saw him slack jaw and stunned into happiness. Following his gaze she saw Kiyo in a wonderful outfit. Chuckling as she walked back to Wulf "Ok I see why your brain broke but first". Pushing his jaw up and then grabbing his bag of gifts "Don't stare or drool like a newborn kitten, now go up and compliment the fine lady". Heading over to the crowd of people and leaving Wulf to regain his senses she couldn't help but have some bounce in her step. She was with the crew and nothing was cuter then young love.
YSS Kaiyo II
VR Deck

William smiled and returned Saya's hug, somewhat awkwardly though as she was only at his hip. "It's good to see you to Saya." He replied as she stepped back. The Nepleslian was flooded with joy and relief to see everyone again. He had missed everyone severely after his death and rebirth.

He had no idea that he would be revived. He thought he'd never see the crew again. The people that had grown to be his family.

He bit down on his tongue to control his emotions. He couldn't show weakness anymore. He was a marine now.

It was at that moment the karate chop hit him. The dull thud broke him out of his reverie as Mikael walked past. He nodded softly to him when Kiyo walked up. "Long time, no see Ms. Kiyo. Sure thing, let me know what you need." He replied as Wulf walked in. He moved so Kiyo could go see Wulf, he could catch up later.

He took a second to go around to all of the trees and placed his own presents underneath them. He had spent his first months stipend on buying year end/ apology gifts for everyone.

He then moved back to Eden and sat down in the snow, which brought himself down to everyone else's height. He took a swig from his bottle of whiskey gravity had given him and silently watched as everyone filed in.
YSS Kaiyo II
VR Deck

There was a distant flicker in Wyatt's eyes as the coppery Minkan eventually made his way to the ship's VR deck, presenting himself in a simple grey athletic sweater, some possibly tailored khaki pants and a pair of rugged looking boots - though despite the rather bland and non-descript choice of clothing his blessed, sculpted physique still managed to press through the material in a few places.

Finishing it all off though was the wooden handle of a pistol poking out from the holster on his hip and the stuffed-to-capacity Type 31 backpack that was slung over one shoulder, the out of his element Saint Operative composed himself and put on a brave face before entering, offering a few nods and half-smiles to anyone who caught his gaze as the bronzed and knife-eared Minkan made his way over to the group Saya was currently a part of.

Quite the contrast to William's scruffy beard, Wyatt's face looked smooth and recently maintained as he made his presence known by clearing his throat with a quiet cough, knowing full well Saya hated when he accidentally snuck up on her.

"Greetings, all," Wyatt opened with rather bluntly, free hand moving to rest instinctively on Saya's shoulder before continuing, "William~ it is good to see you up and about, I'd welcome you back but I imagine there's only so many times you can hear that before it begins to irk you~" the Minkan finished with what almost looked like a half smile up towards the mountain of a man.
The Drunk Dancing Squad

"Eh, you're probably right," Gravity giggled and joined in on the dancing. "Plus Sacre would stab me to death... again."

She lifted Will's gift to her lips and took a sip. She'd always wanted to try Nepleslia's best. No sooner had the scorching liquid gone down her throat did she feel the buzz rush through her body.

"Oh, sweet Wes above, I'm going to have to kiss you again, Will!" Gravity called back over her shoulder as she allowed her body to twist and turn to the beat.
Roslin and Adama Reunited. Felt right to play it.
YSS Kaiyo II
Deck 2

Wulf Soban

Wulf felt the gentle mental push as he snapped back to reality. His friend was right and he knew he had to say somthing to the wonderful Neko he loved. Slowly walking up to Kiyo and the rest of the of the crew. Thankful everyone seemed to be distracted by the antics of gravity and some tall Nepleslian he couldn't recognize at first he carefully walked up to Kiyo. Hoping he caught her eye he straightened his suit one more time before speaking softly "Hey Kiyo".

As he stood so close to her he couldn't help but admire the woman he loved right there and was almost stunned into dumbstruck again. Trying to speak and blushing "You look..". Having trouble articulating his brain "I mean you are just so...". Silently cursing him self as he felt redder in his cheeks "Kiyo you have just stunned my brain into little bits I'm having a hard time saying how beautiful you look".

Turn it Up or what I feel like Gravity is going to play later.
YSS Kaiyo II
Deck 2

Sakura Sjet

Sakura had waited for the larger crew member to put his items down before the sneaky cat had placed her and Wulf's. Chuckling saw Wulf bashfully try to speak or the crew engaging each other. She was happy to see all this and was glad to be on this ship. Sneaking up on the crew seemed easy for the mischievous neko as she slowly made her way. Seeing if there was any way to sneak up the crew she was abit disappointed she couldn't sneak up on any one. Finally making her way to the crew she gave a big smile as she spoke "Salutations and Merry Yule everyone!". Looking at the assembled crew members she was abit surprised at everyone's attire. Eden was eye catching and heart stopping outfit with the captain being a sharp contrast. Quickly adding "Not sure if i'm over dressed or under dress I must of missed that memo". As she paused her tail seemed to moving up and down to the beat of music.
YSS Kaiyo II
Deck 2

Kiyo watched as the target of her affection and love, and one of the prime examples of manliness in her opinion had approached her, the blue-skinned girl had thought it was about time he started moving. She knew if he hadn’t she’d start, moving towards him. She smiled at him as she was greeted “hi Wulf” she said and then listened as he spoke or tried to speak.

She saw he was having a hard time, was her outfit causing this? Clearly, it was due to what he was trying to say. “Aw, thank you, honey, you look beauty, uh handsome too, ” she said, then moved in for a hug and a gentle kiss to his cheek now that everyone was distracted. “Did you see? William is back,” she told him happily.
Hoshi's smile lifted to her cheeks as she saw Indira's change.

"I didn't mean- Er, I didn't think you should," the captain stammered to Indira. "I think I have to accept other people will pretend to be Father Yule like me," she finally accepted. "At least now Eden's not alone in being dressed so sexy!" There was a genuine looseness to her laughter as she looked about, then to Indira. "You think you'll be able to equal the revelry going on, too?" She wanted to join in on the dancing more officially, but didn't know if there would be a better time to talk to the hard-to-reach scientist and wanted to take her opportunity while it presented itself.

Eden took the gift from William with a smile, thinking oddly on the state of Nekovalkyrja extended families. This may be her only chance to be an aunt, even if in nickname only. She set the present down under the tree decorated for herself and patted William on the back. She stood a foot and a half shorter than him, but he was the first person she had been around that was taller than her for at least a year, so she welcomed his sitting height gladly- though she was looking forward to seeing his feats of strength of other capabilities.

The raven-haired woman announced loudly: "We'll open presents a bit later. I see most of you brought some for others so put them under the tree to whom they belong to. Each tree has some ornaments with pictures of the present receiver. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves until then!"

To the ID-SOL, she said, "For the first time ever, I am thinking about how I would like to spar with you, William! What is your weapon of choice, the same as before?"
YSS Kaiyo II
VR Deck

Saya still couldn't help but jump a little as the hand rested on her shoulder, but she smiled and let out a quick breath. Wyatt still somehow managed to make her jump but not that it was bad, instead the Neko turned into her Minkan lover and wrapped a hug around his midsection, one of the smaller in the group currently as she giggled a little. "He got so big! It's going to be tough to do exams on him on the medical bed now. "

Saya listened to Eden and William speak for a moment before she spotted Gravity. She watched the blue neko dance about and giggled a moment though in truth, wished she had the bravery to just start to dance about. She had never been one for dancing, always fearing her lack of rhythm or any real athletic skill which frankly was strange for a Neko, but in truth was just her own awkwardness that got in her way. Blue eyes followed the Blue neko as she smiled and giggled toward her.
"S-s-sexy?" The dour Iroma's cheeks reddened, her eyes widened, and she looked away. Indira didn't think of herself as anything but a researcher - her body was just something she used to get from point A to point B.

At a loss for words, she decided to move on. She shook her head - partially to clear it and partially in response. "I'm uncertain. My idea of a good time usually involves a book or a databoard." Still, she put on an unpracticed smile as she looked to Hoshi. "I did work on a few things. I hope the crew will like them. I wasn't sure what most people would want."

Indira gave another forced smile, trying to be cheery. She felt out of place among all the festivities, but she wanted to be here.

"Forgive me for keeping you, Captain. I should deliver my gifts."