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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 21: Homecoming


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Wyatt finished doffing his Tarsa and hanging it in it's rack, the sleek suit's wing-pack was a twisted, sparking mess he'd need to deal with later but that was the last thing on the Operative's mind right now. The big half-elf's back muscles could be seen relaxing as he allowed his shoulders to slump momentarily, causing the frayed and damaged back section of his SAINT suit to rip a little bit more but Wyatt didn't care, his family was back safe and sound behind sturdy SAOY walls.

Wyatt sucked a lungfull of air into his lungs and straightened his back as one hand went to wipe away the damp patches forming under his eyes, it was surely just the acrid stench of burning electronics getting to him.

He was nervous, fingers rhythmically tapping against his suit's chest as Wyatt's muscular calves twitched and quaked, he'd done terrible things to people in the name of Yamatai and not had this much anxiety worming it's way through his system. Thankfully though the man's SAINT software suite was doing its job and taking enough of an edge off it all, keeping him from breaking down into a blubbering mess, no he needed to be strong for the rescued prisoners.

Especially since one was his wife, and another was his daughter.

Delaying the inevitable any further wasn't doing him any favours so Wyatt quickly toweled off his face, grabbed the spare uniform to get changed into along the way, straightened his back and made his way to the station's medbay at a brisk pace.

A few minutes later he'd cautiously enter the busy space, a neko with a closely-cropped shock of white hair directing him to the room the Fujiwaras were currently getting looked over in, he offered a little nod of thanks before entering.

"Hello~" was all he could muster initially, eyes going wide at the sight of the two blue-eyed nekos being poked and prodded by medical staff, he wanted to keep walking but all of Wyatt's joints locked up and froze him in place.

The scene Wyatt walked into was... strange. While she was clearly being checked out, Saya still somehow seemed to be in charge? She was in the midst of directing those medics that had her laid out on the bed. giving them directions as to just what needed to be done next, answering questions before they were asked, and going so far as to direct them as to what to do and why they were doing it wrong. It seemed Saya was being a meddler in a medbay not her own... But it seemed like she couldn't help it.

Tsubame for her part seemed impassive and stone faced as she sat on the table. The barely foot tall Neko blinked in her odd cadence at those that asked questions, offering a nod or shake when needed, though her eyes kept flittering back to her mother. She looked to Wyatt as he entered and narrowed those blues, a look of skeptecism that was almost never seen on Saya's face that looked wholy alien with those river blue eyes behind the look.

"Mother, who is that?" She asked, though it was half heard by Saya who seemed to be staying busy at the moment.

It was odd to see Wyatt standing there looking so awkward and uncomfortable, one hand reaching up to scratch at the thick, orange beard that covered his strong jaw. "I uh~ Hello Saya...Tsubame... I'm Wyatt, the... one of the people who helped save you earlier. I hope you two are doing okay~" he managed to get out eventually, telling himself he'd build up to telling the small Neko instead of it being the first thing he says to her, though truthfully he was trying to build up the courage for it.

The mini-Neko looked at the man before her, blinking again before she looked him over. "You are the one who was shot, weren't you?" She asked a matter of factly as she lifted into the air and hovered before him, much to the worry of the doctors around her.

"My armour was shot but yes, that was me, I only suffered minor abrasions and bruising thankfully~" Wyatt replied, smiling a little as he noticed just how quickly the mini seemed to have gotten a handle on the whole flying business.

The half-elf cleared his throat a little louder than was necessary and took a few more steps closer to his pink haired wife, eyes still locked on the floating figure of Tsubame.

He had to tell her sooner or later~

"...I'm also your father~"

"You are my father?" Again that off cadence blink... Before she drifted back toward Saya who blinked and looked over.

"W-Wyatt! Are you ok? Have you been checked out yet you were hurt right?" Saya pushed aside the others that had huddled around her, eyes on him now as she stood and moved over to him. The same soft blue eyes looed him over now as Tsubame landed on her mother's shoulder and tugged her ear.

"He said he is my father..." The Mini-Neko asked as Saya nodded.

"That's because he is Tsubame. This is Wyatt Fujiwara."

"Why is Fujiwara last for him, but first for us?"

"Because he is part Nepleslian."

"Then why am I like you?"

"Because I chose to have you as a Nekovalkyrja. As Nekovalkyrja we are capable of chosing how our younglings are born, dependent on who we have younglings with."

"But then if he is Nepleslian, why are his ears pointed?"

"Well that is because..." And on the two went, talking as Saya began to fall back into busy work, as if she were trying to distract herself from everything that had happened recently by staying busy.

"...because I was born in Kyoto to a Nepleslian and an Elf, I adopted your mother's surname when we married," Wyatt interrupted to hopefully cover a few of Tsubame's no doubt endless questions quickly before he moved in to peck his lips against Saya's forehead briefly.

"I am fine, I promise it's nothing like what happened to my hand, mostly superficial damage that will sort itself out in a few days but... h-how are you two?" he spoke unsteadily, swallowing thickly before quickly wrapping the two girls up in his muscled arms, burying his face in Saya's free shoulder with a few whimpers the big guy choked back down.

"I was so worried~"

Saya tensed as she was hugged as her eyes began to rapidly shift back and forth, but she quickly enough fought herself back under control. Tsubame though, spotted it and began to worm her way in between Wyatt and her mother. "She can't breath. Relent on her a little." The little one explained as she huffed.

"I'm fine Wyatt, I promise. I just want to get back to my medbay... to get some normalcy again. I dislike all these medics poking at me." She explained as she wrapped her arms around Wyatt for a moment.

"It was no worse than the Mishhu wars, or the battle of Yamatai. I made it through just fine." She explained and gave him a warm smile as she looked up at him.

Wyatt's head emerged and he gave the medical personnel a look that made them agree to filter out of the room and give the family a bit of time to catch-up, though the Fujiwara women would both be able to feel him shivering slightly, stress and the man's usual intensity had lead to his already low percentage of bodyfat having been almost entirely stripped away.

"I can understand that... we'll work on making this all feel normal again soon, I am just glad that you two both seem to be in a relatively good condition," Wyatt responded with a little squeeze of Saya's hips before he eased up a bit, allowing their daughter to float between the two more comfortably, cocking his head slightly as he looked down at the little neko.

"She's... certainly ours isn't she? even talks like us," he chuckled a little, offering Tsubame a small though kind smile, he knew it'd take some time for him to grow on the young lady but that was okay.

"That she is. Blank faced like someone..." As if to prove her point, Tsubame floated up beside Wyatt as she watched the two, blue eyes flitting back and forth for a moment before she let out a breath.

"I guess I can see the resemblance a little... My hair starts to fade more toward his." Tsubame admitted as she looked him over for a moment before she eventually touched down onto his shoulder with her feet.

"Thankfully it seems to be less wavy and more like your mother's... I grew mine out when I was younger and it liked to knot up a lot, was more hassle than it was worth," Wyatt admitted as he felt the gentle weight of Tsubame resting on his shoulder, casting a glance between the two Nekos before continuing.

"Is there anything either of you wish for me to go get? fresh clothes? something from the mess hall?" he asked, one ear twitching slightly as Tsubame's small tail brushed up against it ever so slightly.

"I would like ice cream..." Tsubame told Wyatt as he asked. "William told me about ice cream back in the pits and he said it was delicious. I want to test this claim." She told him as she looked to her mother, who just smilied a little and nodded.

"I'm fine, maybe some water but otherwise I'm ok Wyatt, thank you."

"Ice cream and some water? I can do ice cream and some water," Wyatt nodded as he felt Saya's infectious smile creep ever so slightly onto his own lips, his hands moving to encase his wife's soft mittens, completely dwarfing them with his own tanned palms.

"I'd offer to show Tsubame some of the ship though given what I've been told I imagine you two would prefer to have some quiet time here for a bit before even considering that~ if you'd kindly dismount my shoulder, little one, I can go fetch what you asked for," he continued, Wyatt's head slowly panning to the dimnuitive Neko perched on his brawny shoulder.

As asked, Tsubame floated from her father's shoulder and drifted down to Saya's lap where she came to rest. She peered up at him with the eyes that matched her mother's and blinked in that strange off cadence blink before she spoke. "I will await here father." Saya couldn't help but smile, but she had trouble hiding the small tremble in her hands.

"I'll be fine... just go, get her some ice cream." Saya cut off any chance of a worried statement from Wyatt at the tremble as she slipped free from his grasp after a second or two and waved him off.

His digital mind may have been full of the programming needed to catch these subtle queues but it was Wyatt that took note of this and cast a slight look of doubt towards Saya before offering an understanding nod, knowing this would take time, his big orange eyes telling the medic he'd stick with her through it all.

"Alright, you two take care, I'm sure your mother will keep the other Medics in line," the Minkan offered with a stiff little wave of his own before backing out the door and going on his way.

Saya smiled a little as she watched him walk off as Tsubame blinked once or twice and looked up at her mother. "You love him?" Saya giggled a little and nodded. "I do little one."