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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post mission 23: Kiyo's announcement to her family


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YSS Kaiyō II

After the mission to rescue the missing Kaiyō crew and being extensively debriefed by both SAoY and SMDIoN personnel, William found himself sitting alone in the galley. Finally he was home, he thought everything would go back to normal.

But why was he pushed into the corner of the room...

He got over a death, why couldn't he get over this. Looking at his arms, he saw hundreds of various scars. But he knew there were even more. All over his body. He felt them every time he shifted or his clothing moved.

He tapped his temple and sent a message. "Hey Kiyo... are you free?" He asked.

Kiyo looked over as she entered the galley, picking up a chocolate bar, and a bowl of pickles. “Yup, I am up,” she told him “just felt like eating certain food so thought I’d go and get them. More importantly, how are you Big Brother?” She asked, looking at him with concern as she opened the chocolate bar, and breaks it up, before putting that in the box, which would melt the chocolate.

Her eyes caught a glimpse of his Muscles, but she felt bad that she couldn’t help him with those. She wasn’t a medic, she couldn’t heal him. She hoped he was backed up or something. When she heard the ding she took the bowl of melted chocolate and then she took a spoon and began eating both the chocolate and the pickles like some kind of weird soup.

William looked up, and relief played across his face for a moment. Then a look of confusion. "Why are you eating chocolate and... pickles?" He asked, scooting over so she could sit with him.

He didn't answer her question right away, instead he wrung his hands. After a really long pause, he replied. "I... honestly, I really dont know." He said looking up at the lights.

Kiyo didn’t respond to his question either, because she was far more concerned about his well-being. “I can understand that, I mean you had to fight, against your will it’s a big adjustment to now, and you’re an Uncle twice, so that’s new too,” she said her mouth hidden as she said her next statement about him being an Uncle twice.

She sat beside him since he so kindly scooted over.

He nodded and rested his head atop her's. He silently contemplated her words. Fighting against monsters and armies. Not to mention being an uncle...

"Wait...twice?" He asked sitting up and looking down at her. "Who is pregnant?" William added.

Kiyo smiled when he seemed to process what she had said. “Yes, twice, and who is pregnant, good question, dear brother.” She said her grin widened as she looked up at him, one hand moved to her belly. ”Who we know is eating a chocolate and pickle soup right now, hmm… good question. I dare say,” she said to him with the same smile.

William's head cocked to once side, then the other. Then his eyes fell to her hand resting on her stomach. "You're pregnant...?" A few more seconds and William's face widened into a smile. "My little sister is pregnant!"

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug. Though William's hug literally pulled Kiyo into the air.

Kiyo laughs as she was picked up and smiled happily in the hug. “Yup! I’m pregnant!” She said with a smile as she looked at him again. “So yes, you’re an Uncle twice!” She said smiling happily “How’s it feel?” She asked, hoping that this bit of good news will be good for him emotionally.

He smiled and pressed his face into her shoulder. "It feels really good." William replied softly. He was truly happy that he would have another niece. Though it reminded him of Tsubame. "I promise I'm not gonna let anything happen to her." The ID-SOL whispered.

Kiyo smiled once more when he told her it felt very good, and her smile widened when he promised that he was not going to let anything happen to her. She moved her arms around him in a hug though he was huge. “I’m glad.” she told him as she remained there before she went back to her food choice. ”Though I could do without these cravings, chocolate and pickles, seriously. Promise me, you’ll help in introducing her to other foods?’

William nodded and set Kiyo back down onto her seat very gently. "I will I promise. I'll be the best uncle she can have." He replied. "Honestly though, pickles and chocolate? Even pregnancy hormones can't make that taste good..."

Kiyo smiled as she was set down and because of his promise. “You are the best big brother ever, you will of course be the best Uncle ever!” She said then chuckled”unfortunately, it’s what I want to eat, chocolate is good, at least the one I’m using but pickles though.. “ She shook her head “poor Wulf has to go and get it, oh gosh, I don’t think he knows! I’ll have to make sure to tell him, unfortunately I just realized this but with the mission to rescue you all, I got distracted.

He listened to her explanation, then smiled softly. "Thank you." William replied. When she mentioned Wulf, the ID-SOL cocked an eyebrow. "Wait he doesn't know?" He asked.

Kiyo shook her head ”no, and I am a little nervous, though Wulfs a smart man, he’d have figured it out since I’ve been asking him to go out at night to get me things I’ve been craving. I’ll go talk to him when leaving here, I think He’d want to talk after the mission and so on.”

William pat Kiyo on the head and softly played with her hair. "It will be fine. He loves you, and I am sure he will be ecstatic." He replied. "Nothing to worry about little sister." He then smirked. "And if he isn't, he has to come talk to me. We will have to have a little chat then." He teased, poking Kiyo in the side.

Kiyo felt him pat her on the head and felt him playing with her hair. “You’re right,” she said in reply and smiled as she felt calmer now. William was right, she was certain that Wulf will be happy he had a daughter. She laughed when she was poked and she looked up at him “Ok, I’ll bring him to you if he needs to talk to you.” She told him smiling as she ate her food. “On a different note, have you been sleeping well, no bad dreams?”

He paused, looking away as she asked the question. In truth, he hadn't. His sleep was just as bad, if not worse than when he had been killed for the first time. Execpt this time, instead of reliving his death, all he could dream about was being kept in his cell. Everything thing was dark, and he could hear screams. Some of them Aiko and Saya's. He shook involuntaryily. "Umm... No not really." He said as he squeezed himself tighter into the corner of them room. His back pressed up against the wall, like a cornered animal.

Kiyo frowned, though she knew her caretakers will be able to protect her child, but she hoped that she could help him like before and that it wouldn’t interrupt her caretakers. She began floating up so that she can place her hand on his shoulder. “Have you spoken to the ship’s counselor? ‘ She asked him “I can try and do what I did before, but I’m worried that that might not help.” She told him as she looked at him with concern.

William shook his head softly. "I haven't. Not yet." He replied, the shaking slowing. "I don't know where to even start. I can't stand being in the dark. I don't wanna be alone. I feel like unless I'm with people or in a brightly lit room, I'm back in that cell. And then I hear the screaming..." He replied softly.

Kiyo listened as he spoke of the things that were wrong with him. She knew he would not be able to sleep in a brightly lit room. “Might need Saya’s help, and maybe technicians help too, but the Ships Counselor might have some ideas on how to help you unless you’d like us to go through that world again, where I connect with your Mindware.” She said before she moved in to hug him.

He rested his head against her once more and tried to hold everything in. "I... I might..." he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I need help." He admitted softly. Nearly a whisper. "But I don't know if I can talk to Saya... I wasn't able to protect them..." he added.

Kiyo realized when he finished speaking, that he must be holding onto guilt, and she remembered both Saya and Aiko were there. She remembered seeing the vids and what she saw in person. She knew about how William and Aiko had been fighting in the arena. “You feel guilty that you couldn’t prevent them from getting captured?’ She asked for clarification and realized, perhaps it might help him to hear that they don’t blame him for that.

He nodded. "I was supposed to protect them. And I failed... the only thing I can hear is the Warden's words. He told me that I was a poor guard. And he was right..." William replied solemnly. "I failed, again..."

Kiyo looks at his head, frowning as he spoke of his guilt. It was bad that it happened, but bad enough that He had failed again. “I think we should talk to Aiko, and Saya, I don’t think they blame you for failing to protect them. You and Rei Sensei have the same guilt too I think.” she told him as she gently moved her hand on his shoulder, gently rubbing it.”

He sighed, "I don't know of I can face them yet." William replied. His eyes looked like they were glassed over. Even though he fought with Aiko over and over, he still felt guilty about there capture. When he heard Rei had felt the same way, he looked up. Tears barely contained behind his eyes. "I didn't know Rei felt that way..." his eyes looked to the side. "Mom... I mean Sensi Rei had nothing to do with our capture."

Kiyo figured he might not be ready yet. “We’ll talk to them when you’re ready,” She told him as she took note of the glassed over eyes look, and finding herself not liking that at all. She went down to grab a napkin to whip his eyes. “She didn’t say it in, words out loud, but during training, I got the feeling from her sword, that she felt guilty. She knows she hadn’t had anything to do with it, but I think as a mom, and Aiko’s protector it made her feel guilty.”

William leaned in to her hand. "I need to talk to her... The hard part about her being a Samurai, is that she can't show any physical affection in public." He confessed. "I used to hug her all the time, but one time I tried to hug her at restaurant and she pushed me back." He said reminiscing. His lips turned up, but only just. "She wasn't trying to be mean, but it was the first time i had done it in public. She had to explain the rules." He added.

Kiyo nodded ”so in private then, in her quarters,” she told him as she worked. Her mind processing the rule Samurai had to deal with, namely not showing affection in public, that had to be hard. Her work now done, she allowed the napkin to fall onto the table, she’ll deal with it later after they were finished.

He nodded. "I'd need to talk with her in private." He affirmed. "I haven't given her a hug in quite a long time. I feel bad about that. We haven't had much time to talk like we used to. When I was her pupil, we would train after school with her. And after we finished I'd give her hug. She never would wrap her arms around me, she was always tense. But, she always just let me hug her. She never stopped me, just let me hug her." He explained.

Kiyo widened her eyes as she realized she hadn’t hugged her mother in quite a while either. “Ok, you definitely should go see her, after we both leave, I think I am gonna go and talk to Wulf, and after that do some Maintenance on my Mindy.

He sighed and nodded softly, wiping the remaining moisture off his face. "You're right. It has been too long. And I think she needs a hug, now more than ever." He said, the beginnings of a smile on his lips. Maybe speaking with her, the person on the ship he trusted more than all others, could help him with his own demons. "Thank you baby sister." He said, placing his head on her shoulder once more.

Kiyo saw the beginnings of the smile which pleased the blue-skinned Neko to no end, but she knew that William will need help to get over what happened. This would be a long process too, and one that can’t be forced. She rested her head on his shoulder as she hugged him. “Your welcome Big Brother,” She said smiling into his shoulder.
Kaiyo 2 Mess hall

Kiyo walked into the Messhall that moment with the decision of food she’ll be eating, mainly chocolates and pickles which seemed to sate her appetite. Poor Wulf had to get up at night to get her what she craved too. It was when she finally checked herself did she realize why. She was with child; there was a youngling inside her. She couldn’t quite see her daughter’s appearance; she knew there would be a mix, of Wulf and her.

She grabbed a whole chocolate bar, broke it up, and then melted it to its liquid form using a bowl. “Chocolate soup, odd sure, but it’s what I want.” She said to herself, as she mentally prepared herself. She knew she should tell Wulf about her news. She knew he’d been concerned, especially during the mission when they had rescued their crew members. She grabbed some pickles and put that into her soup before finding a seat to use.

Wulf was yawning as he entered the mess hall. Usually he was the first to get there but between late night mess hall runs and the grind of the day he couldn't help himself. Thinking it was easier doing those late night marchs in full kit then the grind. Though in honest he couldn't complain too much he had a wonderful woman in his life and if it meant a little less sleep he was okay with it.

As he grabbed his usual meal he was already looking around. Taking a moment he spotted a familiar blue neko. Making his way and sneaking up beside her he took a seat. As he sat down hoping not to spook he couldn't help but notice the bizarre creation Kiyo had created again. Speaking softly "Erm Kiyo darlin what weird blend have you come up with today?"

Kiyo’s ears picked up on the yawn as he entered. Something about being a new mother and needing to protect her child improved her hearing than before, but she knew this man. He wasn’t a thread because he was an ally and her lover. She grinned at him when he spoke “oh, chocolate soup with pickles” she told him as she carefully stirred the pickles into the melted chocolate. “It’s different, but good, though I am glad you’re here,” she said to him as she kissed him on his cheek.

She took a spoonful of melted chocolate and ate it before turning to him. “Wulf, you, uh, probably notice that I have been eating odd things, and even making you go out and getting what I want even at night, among other things. The reason for this... Wulf… I am pregnant, you're going to be a daddy” She told him smiling and waiting to see his reaction.

In life they say there are moments you will remember. They will shock you to the core, make your soul shiver. A race of emotion and lost thought. Kiyo dropped one of those on him, here in the open when his guard was down. Feeling both utter joy yet fear at the same time as a soldier of the empire he spoke in whispered tones at first. "Wait really? Are you sure?"

As he stared into her eyes it said it all. He knew it to be true and for once the more reserved man couldn't help but hold her hands and shout "HELL YES!!". Before looking around and letting out a quick "Sorry everyone" as he distrubed a few of the crew.

Again speaking in a whisper "Like since when?"

Kiyo nodded her head to show that she was sure. The blue Neko smiled at his reaction and she couldn’t help but giggle a little in response. She could see there was happiness, but of course, there would fear in him. This would be their first child, and that would always be scary. She felt confident that they will be great parents, after all, they were great owners of Valkyr.

She continued to smile as he apologized to everyone for his outburst, showing his consideration for others, and letting her know he will be a great father to their child. “Remember when Saya told us she was pregnant? I couldn’t help but think how lonely it might be since there weren’t other younglings on the ship, though there are our Drakes, so I thought I wanted to do something about that, which was why... I wanted to have sex with you that one time. But with everything that happened, I forgot until my cravings got bigger. I checked with my caretakers, and there she was, a developing baby.” She told him as she ate some more of her odd soup. “I had read a book, that told me the reason why I wanted to eat this specifically.”

Wulf knew he had to keep his cool abit, this was a lot to take in. As he listened intently to Kiyo he was getting a picture. As he saw the picture he took a deep breath. "Okay a lot to take in and we did talk post war but I can run with this". He needed info and he had to plan, this was abit hard to do since well they where deep behind enemy lines "Okay when are you due?"

Kiyo nodded, she would agree, it was a lot to take in, especially when she tells him her due date. “Well, since Tsubame’s back, I suspect it will be within a few days, perhaps a week from today, or sooner, She appears to be fully formed, so I guess only time will tell,” she said to him nonchalantly as she ate her brown soup. Her tongue felt the pickles, and she knew there would be a lot in her soup. Which reminds me.. I’m thinking I may get Gravity to make that spear for her like she had for Tsubame, or would a little Katana be better?” She asked.

"A few days ?" Wulf gasped. Normally he would have contingency plans for almost anything but he was feeling underprepared. The follow up one "Okay wait isn't it too soon for weapons like you know just being born". It was becoming apparent Wulf still wasn't full up to spec about Neko's.

Kiyo nodded” yup, judging by the fact Tsubame is here, it probably will be a few days, since I originally wanted our daughter to grow with her.” She said before he aired his concerns. “Should be fine, I mean sis gave Tsubame that spear... Though it had been a few days since she was born, unfortunately, so maybe it would be better to wait a tiny bit, but I want her armed in case we get boarded. “She said to him before a thought occurred to her. “Oh, we should tell Sakura, since she will be our daughter’s aunt.”

Wulf had to close his eyes a moment. Thinking to the old mantra, slow is fast and fast is slow, this was going abit fast. Replying quietly "Okay lets sort the weaponry bit once she is born I think we will be safe for abit". Then adding to the next one "Yes we should tell Sakura and of course Gravity and the lot though before all that". He paused thinking of all the steps "We do have to inform the captain and also figuring out arrangements and". The Rangers mind was drifting off, the list of tasks was growing.

Kiyo nodded to the weapon park, he was right after all. “I already told the captain, I started talking about kids, and she figured out that I was pregnant,” she said, before adding “the only one who doesn’t know is Gravity, I think Saya knows... Cause she kicked when I hugged her” She said, then glanced over” as for arrangements, it should be fine if our daughter sleeps with us, at least until she turns two months old. Once she reaches puberty, then, she might want her own bed. “ She said to him before slurping melted chocolate.

“Speaking of our daughter, we should come up with a name.” She told him when she looked up at Wulf and imagining how their daughter will look. She thought with their features, their daughter will look beautiful, and she couldn’t wait to see what unique features she will have.

Wulf again was caught off guard, just how many people knew? He couldn't help but wonder though again Kiyo was like a race car getting ahead of him. Arrangements done, Captain told, some kind of plan was here. Wulf couldn't help but feel flat footed.

Then she grounded him again to the moment. As he heard she asked about a name he took a look. So now it was a level playing field and already he felt the excitement rebuilding. It hampered him abit as he thought. "I mean we are so over the moon already I mean a name I wonder?". Then it clicked like a gun going off "That's it! That is it!". His mind again going to far ahead "Over the moon its perfect".

Again the ranger may of looked like a mad man. Looking back into Kiyo's eyes he saw the confusion "Us being over the moon, I mean why not Luna?". He smiled "I mean its beautiful in the midnight sky and a expression of our love right?"

Kiyo was all smiles as he spoke, saying they were so over the moon already, though she began to think he might have trouble with thinking of a name until he acted what she thought was a crazy person. Over the Moon was a long name, and she was about to mention it when he clarified for her. Her confusion disappeared and was soon replaced with a grin. “Of course! Luna will be the perfect name for our little girl!” She said, hugging him, then her smile widened when he felt something. Their daughter gave another kick and this time he would feel it.

“I think she likes the name,” She said then turned her head to her belly ”Hey sweetie, your name is Luna, and your father and I are excited to meet you, right Papa Wulf?” She asked him with a grin.

“If you want to put your hand to my belly you can,” She told him.

"Wait shes?". Looking at Kiyo's belly then gently putting his hand on it. Though nothing at first then a little pressure as a quick followed by a second. Keeping his smile "Shes energetic isn't she?" before another followed. "Or is that just Neko hello?"

Kiyo smiled as she watched him place his hand on her belly. Her grin widened as she felt the kick and knew he would too. Words couldn’t describe this moment she was having with Wulf.” haha yeah, that could be a Neko hello! But I’d settle for an energetic youngling. “ She said smiling before she went back to eating her chocolate soup. “Hey, know where Sakura is? I’d like to tell her too, I mean since she’s our friend, she’ll be Luna’s aunt.”

Wulf had to ponder and remember the duty roster. Remembering finally "Ah I think shes on exterior repair duties today". Before adding "Though I know when shes done we can follow up with her"

Kiyo nodded her head “ahh, then we’ll meet up when she’s done,” she told him and pondered how Sakura will react, though knowing Sakura’s personality Sakura’s reaction would be loud, and full of happiness. It wouldn’t surprise the blue Neko if Sakura squealed. She gently licked then whipped her lips. “So what do you think, Luna, gonna be a daddy’s girl or a mama’s girl?”

Wulf pondered at the question. Replying slowly as he thought "I'd hope for a daddy's girl though thinking of your batch". Remembering all the conversations they've had "I mean pretty sure she will be a mommy's girl I mean Its in your batches genes I think".

Kiyo laughed “Yeah, it’s possible she’ll be a Mama’s girl, but I’d be fine and happy if she was a daddy’s girl. So long as she’s learning from us both, I don’t think there will be nothing she can’t accomplish.” She told him. “I hope the end to the war will be over soon, that way when it is, and she grows up, all she’ll need to worry about is patrols, no major combat.”

Wulf nodded "Well it is in the air the end of it all, I mean can feel it in your bones". Though he wished for her not to have to he remembered a previous conversation they had. Taking a moment "Hopefully not even that, maybe a behind the lines contract far away".

Kiyo smiled as Wulf told her that it was in the air, the end of the war with Kuvexia. The memory of Tsubame fighting came to mind, and she hoped that only when Luna matured, she’d have to worry about that. Kiyo turned and got up from her seat once her odd soup was consumed. “Did you know, my desire to eat that food was because my body wanted dairy, , there’s that in chocolate.

Wulf chuckled "No I didn't even have a guess". Pausing before joking "When I asked Sakura about it she just said she might be just a quirky batch and well I mean there is gravity so". Hoping to keep the mood light.

Kiyo laughs as he made a joke. ”Well, it’s true, there are some quirky ones in my batch, but Gravity’s is from a different one though, but still there’s quirky.’ She said with a grin and soon she finished her food as it were and got up. She carried the tray over to where it needed to go, then she took his hand and gently leaned into his arms, and walked out.

As they passed, they spotted Sakura, who was smiled at ”Hey Sakura, I’m pregnant” she said to her friend and walked on by calmly. “Luna Soban has an awesome way about it,” she said to her boyfriend with a content smile before they were to separate and go about their duties.

They heard a shriek behind them which kept the smile on Kiyo's face.