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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 23: Luna, Kiyo, and William


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Luna shot down the hall giggling with mischief as clearly as the lack of clothes she wasn’t wearing. She was supposed to be having a bath after some hard playing, but she thought it would be a good idea to go on her own. She’d lost the caretaker who contacted her mother who was approaching.
As the little Neko turned she saw her uncle William there, and she put forth a burst of speed. “Hide!” she exclaimed to her uncle as she tried to use his body to hide, though her tail was visible.

William was throughly confused as his naked little niece shot past him and hid. He reached behind him and grabbed the youngling in a massive hand. Yet he kept the hand hidden behind his back.

"What the…?" He asked briefly as the ID-SOL heard the sound of foot steps coming from down the hall.
Luna blinked as the hand came from but she smiled, thinking he was helping hiding her. She thought she had the best uncle ever, though hearing the footsteps she covered her mouth as she shook with glee. The owner of the footsteps soon revealed themselves to be Kiyo.

She saw William there, and smiled “oh, hello big brother!, I’m pleased to see you again, by the way, would you happen to see an adorable but very naughty Neko youngling fly past here?” She asked him smiling sweetly as she noticed his hand appeared to be behind him. “it seems she was playing and had needed a bath which she was escaping from.” She told him.

William looked over to Kiyo as she rounded the corner. "Hey little sis. I haven't seen a little butt naked Youngling flying around the halls."
Turning his head left and right, he pretended to look around without turning his body and exposing Luna's secret. "Nope, no nakey younglings here." He said certainly.

Kiyo smiled as she watched him taking note that he wasn’t trying to expose his back. She hadn’t mentioned Luna’s state, but she knew it would be assumed. “Ah, I see…” she said and was about to ask why he seemed to be so concerned over trying to hide his back when she heard it giggling hysterically. “Big brother is your back laughing?’ She asked with a grin as she floated towards him.

Luna shook and laughed at how funny it was before she realized she was giving herself away and widened her eyes before she tried to escape again unless prevented from doing so.

His hand was not held tightly so it was fairly easy for her to make a break for it. William wrinkled his forehead and nose as Luna began giggling behind him. He silently cursed and looked back at Kiyo. "Where did that come from?" He asked.

Kiyo just smiled as she saw a blue-skinned youngling escaping. “From that naughty youngling, I think!” She said to William “Want to help me catch her?’ she asked, feeling some shock at how much energy Luna had.

William chuckled. “Of course, let’s go get her.” As he looked at her, he activated his gods eye causing his eyes to glow faintly. “Follow me, this will make finding her a little easier.” He said as he began walking down the corridor. His cybernetic eyes planned out a route that the youngling was probably taking. He also tapped into the ship's security monitors and began scanning for the youngling as they walked. It was nice having a cybernetic brain.

He saw a little neko fly by a corridor, then looked back to Kiyo. “You take this hallway, I’ll flank her from behind.” He said, pointing down the adjacent corridor.

Kiyo smiled as he agreed to help. She followed beside as William activated his god's eye. She saw his eyes glowing and having seen it in action she knew what its capable of. She thought she saw Luna fly by a corner and she nodded when he spoke. “Ok,” she said and hurried down the hallway, a smile formed on her lips at this game of chase her daughter was making them go on.

We’re going to catch you, sweetie She thought not telepathically sent.
William moved quietly down the hall, hoping the sound of Kiyo's movement would send the youngling right into him. Each of his massive feet hitting the ground was softer than a pin drop.

As he heard Kiyo nearing, he stopped at the intersection and waited as the pair were nearing.

Luna only saw her mother, but she didn’t know where William was. She’d heard him agree to help her mother catch her. She wasn’t worried naively, she thought she could take him, though it would be impossible. As she rounded the corner, she saw him there, and knowing that her mother was behind her, she couldn’t do much other than. She charged forward at William hoping she could grab at his arm or something.

William smiled calmly as the little neko charged right for him. "Silly Lulu…" he said as he quickly snatched the youngling out of the air and cradled her like a newborn. The way his arms wrapped around her she wasn't able to wriggle out. Pulling his beret from his head, he put it over her body to cover the naked youngling.

"Young lady it isn't polite to go streaking through the ship like a Jay bird." He admonished as Kiyo came around the corner.

Luna eeped as he easily caught her making her attempt unsuccessful. She watched as he began covering her up. She was completely tapped, but she thought she had an ace up her sleeve. She smiled so adorably at him. “Sorry uncle Wiliam!” She said as she saw her mother approaching.
Kiyo’s head shook “nuh-uh not gonna work this time missy!” She said to her daughter.

William laughed as Kiyo called out to Luna. "Uh huh. Not gonna work Lulu." He said looking over to Kiyo. "This little stinker needs a bath, don't you agree little sister?" He asked the blue neko standing next to him.

He then looked down to Luna and waved his hand over his nose. "What do you think your aunty Aiko would think if she found you all stinky?"
Luna pouted as her trick wasn’t working on the two of them, which meant she was stuck. Nothing she could do, but do what they asked. Kiyo had nodded ”Yes, the little stinker does need a bath,” She said, watching the interaction between the two.

Luna’s eyes widened at the mention of her aunt Aiko. “Nooo! not good!” She said, knowing full well that Aiko might not approve of her being stinky. The princess was always so clean and smells nice when she passed her in the halls.

He nodded. "That's right aunt Aiko wouldn't be happy." He affirmed, though knew it was a stretch. Aiko would more than likely be just as amused by the younglings antics as they were. Scratching Luna's head he walked over to Kiyo and passed her stinky child over to her. "Well let's bring her back then."

Luna felt her head scratched as she was passed over to her mother who held her securely. She knew she couldn’t escape if she wanted to so she remained still allowing her mother to carry her naughty child back to where she needed to be. Luna was passed to the caretaker who she helped with giving a bath and soon a nice and clean Luna was out of the bath.

“All nice and clean!” She said though she thought of telling her aunt that they used her name like this.
William waited outside as Kiyo assisted with Luna's bath. He rested against the bulkhead, his knee bent and foot pressed against the wall. Looking over to Luna as she came out, he smiled and opened his arms. "But are you squeaky clean?" He teased

Luna giggled and nodded”yup! squeaky clean too!” She said as she flew up to his arms so that he could hold her and she snuggled. “mommy’s washing her hands.”
He wrapped Luna up in his arms and gently ran his fingers through her wet hair. As she snuggled into him, he had to laugh as her hair made wet spots on his tunic. "You got me wet." He said, tickling the youngling as they waited for Kiyo.

Luna grinned at him as she noted she got him wet. “Yup! That’s for-Eeek! no tickling!” She said giggling and squirming as she tried to get away from him. “I’m gonna.. gonna tell mom on you!” she said as she try to fly out of his arms.

"Oh no you dont." He said wrapping her up a little tighter. Pulling her close, he tickled her for just a but longer, then gave her a break. Allowing Luna to catch her breath he smirked. "That is for thinking you could take your uncle head on, Lulu."

Luna continued to giggle and squeal, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t escape him. “I’ll… I’ll do it again, when I am bigger and older! you got the advantage cause I’m little and small.” She said not realizing that as an ID-SOL he’ll always be bigger than her.

William let out a bellowing laugh. "Try again when you're bigger. But just remember your Uncle has been doing this for a very long time." He said as he stopped his tickling and just held his niece. "Besides it's fun while you are little. Enjoy it for now." He added.

Luna began to relax when he stopped tickling her. “Ok, then I’ll try again when I am bigger, and I’ll make sure I do this a lot longer than you too!” She said to him as she began hearing the door open behind her. “You’re the best uncle, though you can be bad, Uncle William!” She said.
“Aww, that’s cute!” Said Kiyo as she left the refresher and approached her big brother and daughter.

He chuckled again at Luna response. "I'm not bad to you." He teased. "I just like to tickle you is all." He added as Kiyo walked out of the room.

He smiled passing the now clean youngling back to her mother. Luna probably wanted to get away from her uncle for a minute anyway.

Luna was soon passed to her mother making the youngling feel pleased that she was able to get away from the tickle monster. Kiyo held her close though she knew that Luna can fly, but she wanted to be safe.

“William is a good Uncle, who really cares about you, and I have to admit, tickling younglings is fun,” Kiyo told her daughter who looked up at her.
William nodded in response. "You'll understand when you are older. It makes adults happy when younglings are giggling and happy." He replied

He reached over and scratched behind her ear. It really was true. He cared deeply about his niece.

Luna smiled after a while. “Happiness is awesome!’ She said as she felt him scratch behind her ears. Though she wasn’t an anthro if felt great.
Kiyo smiled ”yes Happiness is awesome!”

William nodded, walking back over to the wall and resting back against the bulkhead. "What shall you do now miss not stinky?" He asked Luna as Kiyo held her.
Luna smiled up at her uncle ”gonna... Sneak attack you! Oh, by the way, I wanna make sure I don’t hurt you, so... is there anything I should know?” She asked ahead of a laughing Kiyo. “Sweetie, I don’t think you can sneak attack someone when you tell them you’re going to,” she said to her little blue daughter. She held Luna closer.

William laughed as well. "Yes Luna, sneak attacks only work if they don't know you are gonna attack them. Also don't worry about hurting me. Just dont come at me with any sharp objects." He said looking to Kiyo. "I have lots of training to do with her when she gets older." He said rubbing his chin chuckling.

Luna blinked and then widened her eyes when she realized her mistake. But at least she found some important information since she didn’t want to hurt her favorite uncle. However, his statement to her mother caught her attention. “Training?’ She asked.
Kiyo nodded ”yup, I wanted to make sure you can defend yourself, so William is going to train you to be able to defend yourself.” She told her daughter and Luna smiled happily ”yay!”
William nodded. "I'm gonna train you to defend yourself. So no little boys can mess with you, and if they try you can teach them a lesson." He said giving Kiyo a mischievous smirk. "Luna will be the deadliest tech in Yamatai."

Luna smiled as she was told that he will train her so that little boys couldn’t mess with her and that if they had then she can teach them a lesson. “Sounds good, Uncle William!” She said as Kiyo smiled “good, as long as no bad boys mess with her that will be great.” Luna nodded ”yeah bad boys are bad news.” Kiyo nodded with a grin.
William had to stifle another chuckle. When children attempted word play it was always comical. "Yes bad news all around." He added.
Kiyo tried to stifle her laughter as her daughters adorableness came through. “Yes, agree.” she said and held Luna close. “Never change sweetie”