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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 23: The Jingle in July

"Thank you Boss." Delmira says and adjusts her duffle before she starts to float and fly to the designated area. For someone with natural ability to fly she never used it much preferring to walk. Delmira will look around as she fly's and with grace she lands on the ground and will approach the area. She spotted Chusa Teien Eden and apprached before stopping and waited to be noticed before saluting. "Santo Hei Lulie reporting."
Fabrication Workshop

Inside the fabrication bay, Eden poked her words towards Wyatt, "You should do as your daughter says. I don't think there's anyone on this base that could hang these as well as her." She smiled while giving the cheeky compliment before looking up to the new recruit.

Eden's own salute shaded her amber eyes as she looked on at her, "Thank you for making the journey out here, Santo Hei Lulie. I hope you fit in well with our crew. If you need anything, you can ask any of your fellow crew or myself. If you don't mind, I might ask something of you," Eden said, sidling to her left to give space next to herself for Lulie to get closer. She directed her gaze to the string and paper bellflower on the workshop table. "Can you put your finger right here in the middle of where this string meets the paper? I'll tie it over your finger and then you can slip it out before the knot is complete, alright?"

Stage Building Area

Hoshi watched with amusement as Chlorate picked herself up with the finesse only Chlorate could.

"Oh, ah!" The chusa laughed as she put down the hammer to grab and hop towards the garland from Nerai's upper body. "I've never seen such a festive Separa'shan, Nerai! Maybe you should keep these on," Hoshi joked as she floated up to get a height advantage on the tall snake's ornamentation. "Purple suits you!"
Wyatt had been lost in his daughter's blue eyes a moment before the big guy caught himself, blinking his own amber beauties a few times to clear his head before offering the small, proud Neko a firm nod.

"Absolutely, Tsu, go help Eden to your heart's content though be careful little one," the coppery man smirked a little before outstretching his hand, the splayed thing as big as his daughter's entire body as it sat dormant, ready to accept the precious creature's bundle.

"But yes I am okay, better even, it seems today's festivities have put me in a good mood," Wyatt declared as that slight smile remained carved into his handsome features, taking Tsubame's bellflower and carefully attaching it to his wife's pink hair with a chuckled breath, playfully bumping his hip against Saya's before the man began threading other bellflowers onto the transparent fishing line.
Stage Building Area
"Hpfmpfhmgphfbweh... pflt!! pflt!!"

With the help of Takashi and Hoshi, the squirming snake got that garland out of her face, spitting out little bits of branch that were stuck in her mouth. "Blegh... thanks. Purple might suit me but it sure tastes awful..." With that she took the garland and wrapped it across her arms and shoulders, striking a fashionable pose.

"Hm, is this what you had in mind Chusa? It would work pretty well if ir wasn't so prickl- ohwait..." Only now did she get a good look at Takashi, extending her hand for a courteous handshake. "I don't think we've met yet, Nerai'tha Theisilis, Systems and Safety operator."