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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: YSS Eucharis [Post-Mission 28] Year-End Holidays, YE 40


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A chorus of singers could be heard outside of the cabin and, as the sound approached, Majime set down her rocks glass on the mantle and simultaneously smushes her palm over the tumbler so that the volumetric projection disappeared from view. Her light blue eyes looked even more severe and her look of determination became overshadowed by one of pending concern. A team of carolers with colorful velvet and white fur-trimmed clothing drew nearer and, much to Stella Glass' surprise, they walked through the doorway and into the cabin. Majime's face was pained, but she held up a hand to the crew, as if this was expected.

All of the singers held red and white candy canes at their centers with both hands. The song was new and cheery and the tune was fun and whimsical. It ended shortly before a duo of similarly dressed women walked into the cabin. The carolers parted for them. As they did so, they handed their candy canes to all of those gathered, smiling cheerily and said nothing as they departed, now empty-handed. Their chatter was excited and buoyant as their heels clicked away and, once they seemed to close conversations, their caroling started up once more as they had found a place in a nearby area to belt tunes. It was far enough away that their song was muffled slightly by the distance, though the previous jovial attitude carried through their melody.

Only the two were left as they knelt before the captain. In both of their hands, it could be seen that they held a gleaming red saya whose corded hilt was befitting a ninjato-style samurai sword.

"A gift for Hanako-Shôshô, from Ikigai Majime-Taii," said the woman nearest the hilt. Both of them looked to Hanako and pushed the sword a few inches upwards at its horizontal angle with flat palms.

Majime shook her head and sighed, then looked to Hanako, "There was a script. It was supposed to be anonymous. Hopefully it is a fine replacement for the one that came before it." She closed her eyes, "It was easier procuring a blade of Zesuaium than finding carolers with clearance to come here." With another sigh and the opening of her pale eyes, she added, "This gift comes with it the knowledge of your people that the weapons you wield, you wield with love and kindness. I don't think you doubt the virtues within you, but if you do..." Majime closed her eyes and looked away before she breathed out and looked back at Hanako, "Don't."

Ikigai Majime looked about ready to cry until her face turned to confusion. Her eyes had fallen on the filled tree stand as she now saw that some of the carolers had returned to set up a tree a little taller than the captain, herself. Her eyes softened as she looked to the golden-eyed Nekovalkyrja and added to her previous statement with a tone of contentment.

"Thank you for imbuing those qualities in those around you, Hanako."
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Arria simply observed the goings-on. She took her candy cane and unwrapped the long end, sticking it in her mouth and slowly sucking on the peppermint treat. She liked the sword that was being gifted - it was quite a beautiful piece of work, expertly made. The words were a little... Flowery, though. A bit too much, really. It reminded her of the recruits who sucked up to their officers for better placements, easier training, or... Whatever other sort of advantage they'd get.

Regardless, that wasn't really a problem here... The snowy elysian leaned back a bit in her chair, closing her eyes. She needed to think of how to keep people talking, anyways...

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Finally, Matsuvo took a turn to answer the question that Setsuya had asked. He thought for a moment about it before giving his answer. "Well, being a couple is kind of nice, because you know someone will always be there for you when you need them, and it doesn't hurt when they're really pretty and nice. It's a little more difficult when you're split up though, like Meissa and I have been for a while. I'm staying in the same room as Arria right now, which is kind of weird."

Realizing that the last part of his answer had been kind of rude, Matsuvo offered a poor attempt at mending his perceived error. "Not that you aren't pretty and nice as well, Arria."